Kingston Maurward College Business Skills Apprenticeships


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Kingston Maurward College Business Skills Apprenticeships

  1. 1. Business Skills Apprenticeships<br />How will they benefit my business?<br />
  2. 2. How will an apprenticeship benefit my business?<br />Apprenticeships can:<br /><ul><li> Help you to recruit new talent or develop the talent of your current staff
  3. 3. Ensure your employees have a good balance between practical </li></ul> skills and qualifications<br /><ul><li> Allow you the flexibility to train your staff in a way that best suits </li></ul> your business needs.<br /><ul><li> Offer your business staff who are motivated, staff who are eager</li></ul> to learn and staff who will be loyal to the company that has <br /> invested in them<br />
  4. 4. What types of apprenticeships do Kingston Maurward College offer?<br />The Business Skills Apprenticeships currently consist of:<br /><ul><li> Business and Administration Apprenticeship
  5. 5. IT Apprenticeship
  6. 6. IT Advanced Apprenticeship</li></li></ul><li>Can Kingston Maurward College be flexible with the delivery of the apprenticeship program? <br />Yes! Before you sign up an apprentice, we can arrange a meeting to discuss what your business needs are, and how we can accommodate them. This could include:<br /><ul><li> More visits to the workplace (particularly if your apprentice is learning over the summer period when college attendance is not required).
  7. 7. Alternating college attendance between more than one apprentice (though college attendance is encouraged as often as possible).
  8. 8. Sharing an apprentice with another company</li></li></ul><li>Do I have to pay for the training?<br />Maybe.<br /><ul><li>If your apprentice is between 16-18 their training will be fully funded by the government.
  9. 9. If you apprentice is 19 or over, then a contribution is required.</li></li></ul><li>As an employer you will:<br /><ul><li> Give your apprentice a contract of employment
  10. 10. Pay them a minimum of £95 per week
  11. 11. Give your apprentice a full induction into their role and provide</li></ul> ongoing “on the job training”<br /><ul><li> Allow Kingston Maurward College reasonable access to </li></ul> apprentices and supervisors for the purposes of reviewing <br /> progress and recording achievements<br /><ul><li> Cooperate with Kingston Maurward College by ensuring your </li></ul> apprentice attends college (when required).<br />How does an apprenticeship work?<br />
  12. 12. How does an apprenticeship work?<br />As a learning provider we will:<br /><ul><li> Help recruit an apprentice, or support your existing staff into an apprenticeship
  13. 13. Provide apprentices with “off the job training”
  14. 14. Agree a training plan, and follow the apprentice’s progress to ensure targets are met
  15. 15. Deal with any issues where necessary</li></li></ul><li>COMING SOON!<br />Kingston Maurward College will soon be launching their Team Leading/Management Apprenticeships! We are also currently researching the possibility of an Accountancy Apprenticeship.<br />If these are something you feel your company could benefit from, please tick the relevant on your feedback form and Felicity will be sure to keep you updated.<br />