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Media coursework

  1. 1. Chantelle Partridge A2 Media Studies Coursework
  2. 2. Print Media Key TermsMasthead: This is usually situated on the editorial page of anewspaper/magazine and gives the publications name and thenames of the owners and staff belonging to that publication.Strapline: A subheading in a newspaper or magazine.Cover Lines: A cover line is a catchy phrase in a newspaper ormagazine which catches the attention of the audience.Screamers: A sensational headline.Billing Block: A billing block is the section situated at the bottomof a promotional film poster, that lists the productionscompany, writers and producers ect.Tagline: It is a type of advertising slogan that is typically used inmarketing and advertising.
  3. 3. Target AudienceDemographics:Age – 15 years of age and over, this is due to the fact that the film will contain content of a more mature nature.Gender – Men may perhaps be more drawn to the movie, however it is aimed at a „unisex‟ audience.Class – aimed primarily at a middle class audience due to its content, but it is of course open for interpretation.Ethnicity – White/British, as the content within the movie may offend some religions e.g. Muslims
  4. 4. MarketingCampaign
  5. 5. Sherlock HolmesFilm: Sherlock Holmes (2009)Teaser: Features: The film has been featured in various magazines such asEmpire magazine; And also in Total film; ins: Sherlock Holmes is of course a well known novel written by Sir ArthurConan Doyle, which means there is already an established audience associatedwith it. There are also various video games that have been brought out, some ofwhich can be seen here:
  6. 6. Sherlock HolmesViral campaigns: The film studios „Warner bros‟ has set up a website dedicated tonews about the film on twitter -!/wbpictures. Also a facebookpage has been established which allows you take part in competitions and „like‟ thefilm - appearances: Therehave been many interviews throughout the films promotional period.Posters/ Billboards:
  7. 7. Teaser Trailer Analysis
  8. 8. The Sorcerers Apprentice••1.02 minutes running time•The genre is established withinthe first few seconds of trailer;fantasy.• the trailer is comprised ofsnippets of footage from thefilm, the majority of which have ahumorous edge to entice the atarget audience. Which in thiscase would be children/family.• It has a tagline saying “It‟s thecoolest job in the world”• At the end of the trailer the names of the main characters are mentionedalong with the production studios ect. This therefore complies with codes andconventions partnered with teaser trailers.
  9. 9. Despicable Me• =xEeTEoG1rQY• 1.08 minutes running time• The clips shown are not from the actual film.• As it is an animated feature film, this means it would have been easier to create a teaser trailer that did not give away the plot but left the audience wanting more.• The film itself is clearly designed to be popular among a younger audience, this is clear from the over exaggerated facial expressions given to the characters.• The theme within the trailer is very humorous.• At the end of the teaser trailer it is stated that the film is produced by the same executive producer who created „Ice Age‟ and „Horton hears a who‟, which gives the film credibility (shown above).
  10. 10. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix• VSmIxZLNcmA• 52 seconds running time• Shows scenes from the actual film• It contains flashes of many different clips – very fast paste; leaves the audience wanting to know more.• The colours and music used indicate the darkness of the film in contrast to perhaps the others in the franchise.• At the beginning the symbolic Warner bros emblem is shown – complies with the codes and conventions.• The font used is easily recognisable as „Harry Potter‟ – there‟s already a strong fan base associated with the series.• No real plot is given.• Nothing other the realise date is shown at the end of the teaser.
  11. 11. Magazine FrontCover Analysis
  12. 12. EmpireIconic Batman symbol. Strapline. Date and price. Website.The font used, reflects The use of neonthe ironic theme of fun colours shows theand games. irony of a murdering clown.Coverline, thatcatches the attention „Murdering Clown‟ –of the audience, it oxymoron.invites the audiencein. Follows the codes and conventions of aThe dark background magazine front in contrast with thebright colour s used. Emphasis on „PLUS!‟ to draw an audience in.Barcode.
  13. 13. Total FilmPrice, Date and issue Strapline catches thenumber. attention of the audience.This theme has beendesigned specifically Website.with the film’s theme inmind. This is clear from In photograph the actorthe use of colour which has been cast in shadowsuggests it’s quite a to induce a sense ofcold/dark film, as well as mystery.the adaption to the‘FILM’ in ‘TOTAL FILM’ ‘Re-boot of the year?’which has been The use of a rhetoricaldeveloped to replicate question allows thescenes from the film. audience an opinion – it makes them feelThere are various pieces important.of text that have beenemphasised to attract an The coverline has alsoaudiences attention, for been designed to createexample ‘FIRST LOOKS!’ intrigue. Barcode.
  14. 14. UnlimitedSomething that is Unlimited is „FREE‟quite odd for a magazine which ismagazine front cover marketed byis the fact that the Cineworld, which is aactor is not making nationwide cinema.eye contact with theaudience, which is The colours, andusually critical for theme are all ratherinviting the audience band, which in a sensein. makes the tone much more mysterious.Coverline used tocatch the audiences The focus on the frontattention. cover is the infamous character known asEmphasis on „PLUS‟ „Captain Jack Sparrow‟to draw in theattention of anaudience.
  15. 15. Film Poster Analysis
  16. 16. Zombieland The colours used indicate that this film will be some sort of horror, however the fact that font used „ZOMBIELAND‟ has been represented as a fair ground ride insinuates that this film will perhaps have an element of humour.Tagline „This place is There is no mention ofso dead‟ Ironic as the characters or actors is aboutZombies, hence the Indication of a viraltitle „ZOMBIELAND‟. campaign „follow us on twitter‟Release Date.Billing Block stating thepromotional companyetc.
  17. 17. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, SpyThe picture is one of afamous actor; Gary The pictures itself isOldman. By using a well comprised numbers andestablished actor as the letters. This gives thefrontman for the movie illusion of a code – andit gives the film codes are oftencredibility. associated with organisations such asJust below the actors MI5; therefore fits inleft eye there is white nicely with the filmstext imbedded within the theme and the title –„code‟ that reads „the „Tinker Tailor Soldierenemy is within‟ – this is Spy‟.called a tagline and isdesigned to give the The Billing Block givesaudience fluidity thethroughout the actors, directors, andadvertising campaign producers names asand to give them an well as showing theidea of what the film production companiesmay entail. logo.
  18. 18. Shrink The image displayed on the poster illustratesThe fact that the film is that this film is onestarring an „academy involving a man with aaward winner‟ gives the drinking problem –film credibility. however it also illustrates that this no average alcoholic as the tagline reads „the doctor is out‟, suggesting that heThe billing block show is in fact some sort ofcases everyone Doctor. This gives theinvolved with the movie audience an idea offrom the actors to the what the film maycostume designers. IT contain in terms of thealso displays the theme.various productioncompanies associated.
  19. 19. Primary and Secondary ResearchPrimary research consists in research to collect original data. It is oftenundertaken after the researcher has gained some insight into the issue bycollecting secondary data. This can be through numerous forms, includingquestionnaires, direct observation and telephone interviews amongst others.Secondary research (also known as desk research) involves thesummary, collation and/or synthesis of existing research rather than primaryresearch, where data is collected from, for example, research subjects orexperiments.
  20. 20. Primary Research
  21. 21. As part of my primary research I carried out a questionnaire which helped me to identifymy target audience. The questionnaire was handed out to 10 people. The questionnaireitself is shown below.
  22. 22. SecondaryResearch
  23. 23. BBFCWhat is the BBFC?The British Board of Film Classification is an independent, non-governmental bodywhich has classified cinema films since it was set up in 1912 and videos/ DVDssince the Video Recordings Act was passed in 1984.What different certifications are there?U, PG, 12, 12A, 15, 18, R18What are the main issues they are concerned with?Examiners look at issues such as discrimination, drugs, horror, imitable behaviour,language, nudity, sex, sexual violence, theme and violence when makingdecisions. They also consider context, the tone and impact of a work (e.g. how itmakes the audience feel) and even the release format (for example, as DVDs arewatched in the home, there is a higher risk of underage viewing).
  24. 24. BBFCWhat possible ways could the BBFC intervene?In 1988, Trading Standards Officers were given the power to seize illegal videoworks. More recently this has included DVDs, Blu-rays and video games. TheBBFC can provide evidence to help Local Authority Trading Standards Officers andthe Police secure convictions under the terms of the Video Recordings Act (VRA)1984.How many films did the BBFC cut last year?They cut 5 films last year. The information found concerning the BBFC was found on the following website:
  25. 25. Certificate 15Suitable only for 15 years and overNo one younger than 15 may see a „15‟ film in a cinema. No one younger than 15may rent or buy a „15‟ rated video work.HorrorStrong threat and menace are permitted unless sadistic or copied. Easily accessible weapons should not be glamorized.Imitable behaviorDangerous behavior (for example, hanging, suicide and self-harming) should notdwell on detail which could be copied. Easily accessible weapons should not beglamorized.LanguageThere may be frequent use of strong language (for example, „fuck‟).The strongest terms (for example, „cunt‟) may be acceptable if justified bythe context. Aggressive or repeated use of the strongest language is unlikely to beacceptable.
  26. 26. Certificate 15ThemeNo theme is prohibited, provided the treatment is appropriate for 15 year olds.ViolenceViolence may be strong but should not dwell on the infliction of pain or injury. Thestrongest gory images are unlikely to be acceptable. Strong sadisticor sexualized violence is also unlikely to be acceptable. There may bedetailed verbal references to sexual violence but any portrayal of sexual violencemust be discreet and have a strong contextual justification.These explanations taken from the BBFC website, give an insight into therestrictions that may be need to be kept in mind within the production stages ofmy teaser trailer, so that expectations are upheld for my target audience(Certificate 15). Guidelines taken from the BBFC -
  27. 27. The UK Film Council“Our Research and Statistics Unit (RSU) provides research data and marketintelligence to anyone with an interest in the UK film industry and film culture. TheUnit also exists to improve the UK Film Councils understanding of the economic andsocial context of film production, distribution, exhibition and ancillary markets (, TV).We aim:To gather and maintain up-to-date market intelligence on film in the UK andinternationally, and respond to enquiries about the data.To undertake research projects to support and inform UK Film Council strategicdevelopment.To disseminate research and market intelligence to interested stakeholders, includinggovernment departments, the film industry, the wider research community and themedia.To develop strong links, and effective working relationships, with UK and internationalstakeholders.” This information was extracted from the UK film Councils website
  28. 28. The UK Film CouncilThis table taken from the UK Film Council‟s website is hugely beneficial as it shows „thetypes of film that the general public typically enjoy watching‟. This is useful as it is of theupmost importance that you are aware of your audiences needs before attempting tomeet them.
  29. 29. The UK Film CouncilThis table shows further demographics that will prove useful within the planning stages of theproject, as it will allow me to aim for a specific audience.
  30. 30. Planning(teaser trailer)
  31. 31. Storyboard
  32. 32. Risk AssessmentA risk assessment is an overview of all the possible hazards that could occurwhilst a film is in production. This involves making sure that all hazards areeither avoided or prevented. It is often the production companies or producersresponsibility to ensure that at least the basic legal standards are met.A hazard is a something that can cause harm, for example – controlledexplosions, loud noises, or broken glass.Potential Risks within the production stages:1). A torch is need in order to illuminate face of one of the characters. Thiscould be a potential hazard as it could cause eye damage or perhaps evenlead to blindness if used inappropriately. To reduce this risk, it is vital that thetorch will not be shone directly into the eyes of actor.2). A desk lamp will be used to allow the lighting to be controlled. This could beseen as a potential risk, as the exterior of the lamp is comprised of mental andcould therefore cause skin damage (a burn) if touched. To avoid some a riskthe lamp must be placed in an area where it is not likely to harm anybody.
  33. 33. Props“A portable object other than furniture or costumes used on the set of a play ormovie”. - are many different props used within the teaser trailer, most of whichmake up the interior of Lily-Rose‟s bedroom. For example, posters, bedspreadsand books.
  34. 34. CastingActors are often chosen by a casting director. Depending on the budget andscale of the film this can either be one person who carries the title of castingdirector and nothing else, or it may be that the director or producer takes onthis job, to save time/ money.The casting director often casts actors through agents, or in some cases „openauditions‟ are held. However, some directors prefer to work with the sameactors, because it‟s easier than casting new actors all the time and they enjoyworking with one another. A prime example of this is Tim Burton(a director)who often casts Johnny Depp in his films, as they are good friends...Alice in Wonderland Sweeney Todd Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  35. 35. CastingIn my own film trailer, I am going to take on the job of director, actor andproducer, which will allow me to have control over both production and editing.This will be possible as it is only a small scale project, whereas if it had havebeen a full scale production, there would have been need for a significantlylarger production team.However both on the production poster and within the teaser trailer, manynames appear within the billing block that have simply been made up so thatthe marketing campaign looks complete and realistic.
  36. 36. Costume DesignCostumes play an important role in thefilm industry. Without them characterswould lose part of themselves;costumes show a characterspersonality. For example the characterof Albus Dumbledore in the renownedHarry Potter series wouldn‟t looknearly as impressive if he wore jeansand a t- shirt – it‟s almost as though hebelongs in long sweeping dress robes,and without them he is lost.Furthermore a costume helps to getactors into character, and aids in theirperformance standard.
  37. 37. Costume DesignThe main character (Lily- Rose) within the film is around my age, and so it wasnot necessary to provide a specific costume.The character of the „the shadow‟ however requires make-up, although theclothes she wears will be identical to Lily-Roses. The make-up will be used inorder protray the story further. The lines which will be drawn on using eye-linerrepresent each time the „the shadow‟ see‟s Lily-Rose, and so therefore is amajor part of the costume design.
  38. 38. Location ScoutSelecting a location to film in, can be a tedious job, but location is an importantaspect of a film, as it shapes the characters‟ actions and meaning. For examplein the Batman films a whole city is created – Gotham. Although the locations that will be shown in my teaser trailer won‟t be quite as extravagant as Gotham City (mainly due to budget) they will however relate to the Lily-Rose, and help set the scene. This will, I hope, assist in the audience‟s understanding of the trailer. The location for the teaser trailer will be set in Lily-Rose‟s home.
  39. 39. Magazine Front Cover
  40. 40. Draft
  41. 41. Finished Product
  42. 42. Film Poster
  43. 43. Draft
  44. 44. Finished Product
  45. 45. Production Logo
  46. 46. Teaser Trailer
  47. 47. Please follow the url link belowto watch my final teaser trailer.-
  48. 48. Evaluation
  49. 49. In what ways does yourmedia product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?
  50. 50. Teaser TrailerMy teaser trailer Harry Potter teaser trailerThe green screen is one of the many codes and conventions associated with the filmindustry, and so in order to make my own teaser trailer seem as authentic as possible, itwas therefore necessary to include one.
  51. 51. Teaser TrailerMy Teaser Trailer Harry Potter TrailerThe addition of a production company logo within a films promotional stages, gives a filmcreditability. This is an important aspect of the codes and conventions displayed by teasertrailers as it which allows an audience to make presumptions about the quality of afilm, before it is released. The Warner bros. shield for example is easily identifiable as ithas gained a positive reputation among audiences.
  52. 52. Teaser TrailerMy Teaser Trailer Harry Potter Teaser Trailersome of the key conventions that are often displayed within teaser trailers are the film‟s titleand release date. And so to comply with this particular convention , I too, included them.
  53. 53. Teaser TrailerMy Teaser Trailer Sherlock Holmes Teaser TrailerA billing block appears at the end of most teaser trailers, and so was an important conventionto consider when producing my own teaser trailer. As it was a common occurrence withinmany trailer, I decided to include it in my own.The only code/convention that I can think of that I did not abide by was any use of dialectbetween characters, or indeed any use of speech at all.
  54. 54. Film PosterThese annotations display the codes and conventions that were employed withinmy film poster, and shows how they are similar to existing products. Actors names Film Title Billing block Production company logoThe only part of my film poster , that perhaps challenges the codes and conventionsassociated with it, is the addition of a website address, which was pointed out within theaudience feedback I received. However this was due to an error rather than a consciousdecision.
  55. 55. Magazine Front CoverThese annotations display the codes and conventions that were employed within mymagazine front cover, and shows how they are similar to existing products. strapline Title Website Date and Price Coverline Barcode
  56. 56. How effective is thecombination of your mainproduct and ancillary texts (i.e. magazine cover/poster)?
  57. 57. Please follow the url link below to hearmy commentary about ancillary texts.
  58. 58. What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  59. 59. Audience research turned out to be hugely beneficial, in the sense that it allowed me tocorrect mistakes that perhaps I myself may have overlooked.To gain this all important audience feedback, a questionnaire was sent out to around 10people, and all the questions were regarding my teaser trailer, as that was the mainproduct, and so had the most marks to offer, meaning that it was essential to grasp asmany of them as was possible. An example of the questionnaire is shown below....
  60. 60. The question that I thought was of the upmost importance was questiontwo, which read – “In your opinion did the trailer fit in with the codes andconventions associated with other teaser trailers?”. The statistics thatfollowed this question made a big impact upon the teaser trailer, and canbe seen below.Furthermore, when the audience were asked for further explanations, it was suggestedthat things such as a green screen and billing block should be added “to make thetrailer look more authentic” - all of which was taken into account and rectified.
  61. 61. To see the full impact that audience feedback had upon the final product, I withheld a previousedition of the teaser trailer before it was edited.BEFORE: may seem particularly different about the two is the addition of a scream to the latterwhich was done so in response to feedback that I received regarding the lack of “scariness”within the trailer.
  62. 62. How did you use media technologies in theconstruction, research,planning and evaluation stages?
  63. 63. Photoshop was used in the construction stages as the photographs taken by the camera (mentioned previously) needed to be edited before they were positioned into the ancillary texts. ITunes was used in the production stages to convert audio files from mp4 to mp3.Windows movie maker was used , as it was necessary to edit myteaser trailer. And so was therefore used within the constructionstages of the project. This software was also used within theevaluation stages of the project .
  64. 64. YouTube was used in most stages of the project; it was used in theplanning/ research aspect of the project to watch teaser trailers thatwere already on the market, so that I decide which codes andconventions I would follow or deviate from; it was used in theconstruction phase the final teaser trailer was uploaded unto to it, togain audience feedback, but lastly so that it is easy to view and it fitswith the codes and conventions that most production companiesemploy – they upload a trailer to you tube. A Camera was used for the filming aspect of the production stages. It was also used for taking photographs, which were needed for the production of my film poster and magazine front cover. A headset was used in order to complete the evaluation stage of the project. They were used so that I was able to record myself talking.