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Snake report for ariel hyers

Snake report for ariel hyers



This was a report that I wrote about snakes. I wrote this to a classmate that goes to high school with me and her name is Ariel Hyers and she loves snakes.

This was a report that I wrote about snakes. I wrote this to a classmate that goes to high school with me and her name is Ariel Hyers and she loves snakes.



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    Snake report for ariel hyers Snake report for ariel hyers Document Transcript

    • Customer: Ariel HyersAnimals: SnakesReport by: Felicia FerentinosSnake ReportAll species of snake are all carnivores that means that they only eat meat and that alsomeans that they eat other animals. The type of animals that a snake will eat is mice,birds, frogs, and they can also eat worms to, the bigger species of snakes will normallyeat goats and really small deer. Snakes cant chew their food so that means that theyswallow their food whole. These animals have really powerful muscles that can easilypush down the food very slowly down to the snake’s stomach. The other foods that theywill eat are rodents, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians, insects and they can also eateggs. There are some snakes like the cobra, viper, and the rattlesnake which are knownto be venomous and they will also kill their prey. They will kill their prey by forcingtheirpoison to come through their hollow fangs. There are other snakes like the boa andthe anaconda will kill their prey by squeezing them to death. Snakes do not even bitethe food and cut into really small pieces they just shallow it whole. There are somesnakes that will normally catch their food and just swallow it. The other food that asnake will try to catch are rats, mice and other vermin all of these food sounds reallytasty to a snake. If snakes were not around then we will have these rodents running allover the place. There are some species of snakes that will eat eggs, frogs and they canalso eat insects to. There are a lot of snakes that can even swallow a really big animal.They will also swallow animals that can be as big as they are. This will also mean thereally big species of snakes can swallow really big animals. There was one record bookabout an African rock python that can weight about no more than (140 pounds). Thispython has swallowed an animal that weighted about 130 pounds. There are somesnakes that are hunters and there other snakes rather ambush their prey. These animalsare known to be really sneaky and they will try to tick their prey so that they can cometo them. Like they cantellif a snake they hasan bright yellow tip that can located ontheir tails it looks like a worm. The snakes that live in desert habitats they will usually hideunder the sand so that they can wait for any prey to come their way. The smallestsnake is the Threat snake they will eat the eggs of ants and centipedes. The biggestsnakes which are the Python and Anacondas. These snakes have been known to eatdeer and pig. There are other snakes that will usually eat insects, rodents, birds, eggs,fish, frogs, lizards and they can also eat small mammals. Every species of snake all haveto swallow their food whole. Even through that these animals cannot chew or bite itdoes not mean that they do not have teeth. They will usually use their teeth forgrabbing, hooking and holding on to their prey. The Constrictors will usually grab and
    • hold their prey then they will start to wrap themselves around the prey and then theywill slowly tight in their coils then they will continue to squeeze every single breathe thattheir prey has and they will not stop squeezing the prey until the animal and their heartstops breathing. The snakes that are known to be venomousare cobras, Vipers andRattlesnakes they will usually paralyze their prey by using their fangs to sink into the preybefore they swallow the prey. Lots of people have always wondered how a snake canswallow a big animal without chewing it first. Snakes have really powerful muscles thatare found right in front of the half side of their bodies. Snakes will use these muscles tohelp them to move when they are swallowing. This is how this is done. First the muscleswill the food right down to their throat and then it will go down their very long stomach.It can take a snake 10 minutes in a hour to move the food through the throat and intothe stomach. It really depends on the size of the snake. The snakes that will mostly eateggsthat have really sharp rib bones that can help the snake to poke into the eggshellso that it can help the snake so that the digitation can go down very fast. The food thatgoes into the snake’s stomach will take about a few days in a month so that they canbreak up the digest. That can take a very long time for them to eat the meal. There aresome snakes that can only eat about a couple times in a year. Snakes will eat so manydifferent types of foods that will also include termites, rodents, birds, frogs, small deer,and they can also eat other reptiles. Snakes never chew their food they will just swallowit whole. They can even eat a animal that can be three times bigger than the size oftheir head that is because they have a lower jaw that is separate from their upper jaw.So that their prey does not escape from them. They can hold on to their prey by usingtheir rear-facing teeth so that they can have enoughstrength for holding onto theanimal. The snakes that are poisonous they will usually drive their prey into venom;theconstrictors will usually squeeze their prey really hard so that they can stop the preyfrom breathing and their heart. These animals do not usually hunt every day. Ananaconda and the pythons can go for a year without any food after they are donewith their very long meal. There are some snakes that will usually hunt when it gets dark.All different types of snake have their often very special diets. There are some snakesthat rather eat worms and other insects and there are other snakes that will normallyeat eggs or snails. Snakes prey on all different types of animals like mammals, birds,reptiles, fish, amphibians, very big invertebrate and they can also eat other snakes to.There are so many different types of snakes on this planet like the snakes that arepoisonous and the constrictors. The constrictors will usually wait really patiently for anyprey to come by so that they can grab it and then they will wrap themselves really fastaround the prey and they will start to squeeze the animal really hard so that they cankill the prey by making it stop breathing and by stopping its heart. When the deadanimal no longer breathing then this will be the time when the snake swallows it whole.They will have to swallow their food whole because their teeth are not made forchewing. The snakes that are poisonous will usually take a strenuous approach. They willdo this by using their fangs to kill the prey and then they will sit and wait for the prey to
    • die. These animals will only attack when they are hungry. Snakes have a flicked forkedtongue that can help the snake to pick up any scent that can be in that area. Whenthe tip that is on the tongue touches the Jacobsons organ and then the snake will beable to find where the smell is coming from. If they scent any sign of food than thesnake will start to stay really till and they will be ready to attack the prey. All species ofsnake all can swallow their food. There are other snakes that can kill their prey really firstbefore they swallow it. There are others that do not kill their prey like that. There are a lotof snakes that can easily kill an animal that can be much bigger than their own headthat is because they have an rigid jawbones that can be loosely connected and theywill start to thus so that they can grow even bigger. The body of an snake can also bereally bigger thantheir own prey that they catch. Snakes can be found on everycontinent in the world but they do not live in Antarctica. They can also live on everyhabitat to but they do not live in areas that are really cold. Snakes do not just live underthe ground. The other places that snakes can be found are in rivers, lakes and even inoceans. There are a lot of snakes that live in trees and there are some species that livein Southeast Asia over there these snakes will usually glide through the air. The dull colorsand the patterns on their body help the snake to disguise themselves in the sand. Thesnakes that have really bright colors they will usually hide in really lush tropical forest.Snakes live all over the world. There are a lot of different types of snakes that live inreally warm places that are near the equator so that it will be warm enough for them tosurvive. In really cold places that is where snakes usually hibernate and they will usuallyfall sleep under the ground and they will have to stay under the ground for all the wintermonths so that they do not freeze to death. There are some species of snake that canbe found on land some may live in trees, some snakes can live under the ground andthere are others that live in the water. Snakes can be found on every place in the worldbut they do not live in really cold areas like Antarctica, Iceland, Ireland, and Greenlandand also you cant find snakes in New Zealand either. There are lots of species of snakethat can also be found in tropical areas to. Snakes can also be found on all differenttypes of habitats like they can live in places that have water, forests, deserts and theycan also live on the prairie. Snakes live on so many different land and water habitats.The snakes that live in tropical rainforests are known to be really big. Snakes can befound on every continentin the world but they do not live in Antarctica. There are someplaces where snakes cannot be found and those places are Hawaii, Iceland, Irelandand they can also be found in New Zealand. All snakes like to live in really hot placesbecause if they get to cold then they will not be able to move. Snakes do not like to livein places that are known to have polar regions . There are some snakes that can befound in tropical and in temperate places that can be found on every place in theworld but they do not live inPolar Regions like Antarctica. Snakes can survive lots ofhabitats and those places will be in temperate forests, tropical jungle, grasslands,deserts, swamps. They can also be found in oceans to. The only places where they arenot found are in polar habitats. The smallest snake in the world is called the thread
    • snake these snakes are as small as a pencil. They can bebig as 4 inches (10.2centimeters) long and they can weigh less then (28.3 grams). The biggest snake in theworld is the Reticulated python they can grow about 20 feet (6.1 meters) or they caneven grow even longer. The size of a snake depends on what type of snake. There aresome snakes that can be big as 30 feet long. The reticulated python this snake is knownto be really big the threat snake is known as the smallest species of snake. A length forthe threat snake is in a length. The green anaconda is not really the biggest snake in theworld but they are known to be the heaviest of all the snake species and they cangrow about 550 pounds. The reticulated python can grow about 32 feet long. Thelength of a reticulated python is about 33 feet (10.5 meters). The shortest snake in theworld which is the threat snake and their length is 4.5 inches (11 centimeters). The greenanaconda can weigh about 500 pounds (227 kilograms). The size an average snake is13 cm (5 inches) that can be over 11 m (36 ft) in a length. There are some snakes thatcan length about 36 feet (11 meters). The anaconda can grow about 38 feet that is ina length and the blind snake which is known to be the one of the smallest snakes in theworld and it can grow about 2 inches long. There are some species of snake that canlive for 10 to 40 years it really depends on the size of the snake to live this long. Whenthey are in captivity then they get to live about 50 years. It is really hard to determinethe life span of asnake that is out in the wild. There are some species of snake that canlive for 40 years. On a snakes skin there are pieces that are on their skin that can bereally hard that is called scales. Snakes have scales because it helps them to hold ontothe ground better. The muscles that the scales have they will help the snake to movearound in their area. The sidewinder snake can move by throwing their body sideways.There are some snakes in the world that are really good swimmers. Snakes will use theirvery strong muscles so that they can move in a different direction. There are so manysnakes that can move forward in a straight line and they can do this by gripping to theground as they travel. There are other snakes that can also bunch their bodies togetherand then they will be able to straighten them out and then they will start to moveforward that is called bunching. There are some snake species that can move bythrowing and looping their bodies forward and over again. The snakes that live infreshwater like the sea snakes they can use their muscles so that they can wiggle fromdifferent sides sothey can glide through the water. The sea snakes have an paddle-shaped tail that can help them to swim. Snakes only have four ways to move around intheir habitat. Instead on having legs they will use their muscles and they will also usetheir scales to help them to get around. The first way that they will get around is calledthe Serpentine method. This is a type of motion that lots of people think about snakes.This is when the snakes are pushing themselves off of the bump of the other surface ofrocks, trees and etc. These reptiles can move in a really wavy motion. Then when thishappens then the snake will not be able to move over a slick surface like glass. There isanother name for this movement and it is called the lateral undulation. The movementthat they do is called the Concertina method. This one is way to hard for a snake to
    • move because this will effect on their really tight spaces. Then the snake will start tobrace when they are on their back portion that can be found on their bodies this canhelp them to push and extend into the front portion. Then that will be the time when thesnake will start to drop to the front portion that can be found on their body and thatcan be straight then they will start to pull to their back portion along. This is just like themalmost throwing themselves forward. The other movement that they will do is called thesidewinding this is a really hard motion to describe but there are a lot of snakes that usethis alone. They will use this movement on loose or on slippery different types of surfaceslike on sand and on mud. Snakes will usually throw their heads forward and then theywill do the rest of the body when the head is being thrown forward. The last movementthat a snake does is called the rectilinear Method. This type of movement is a really slowand straight movement to do this the snake will have to use some of their scales thatcan be found on their belly so that they can grip to the ground and then that will bethe time when they are being pushed forward with the other snakes. Snakes will usuallyuse their senses for hunting, to escape from any predator and also to find a good mate.There are some snakes that have a really good eye sight and they can only use it to tellthe difference between light and dark, Even though there are some snakes that do nothave a really good eye sight and then they will use their other senses to help themaround. The other senses that they will have is sense of touch and their sense of smellthese are the types of senses that they will use if they do not have a really good eyesight. Snakes may not have any noses but they do have nostrils that can help them tobreathe and they will usually use their tongues to smell what is around them. The waythat they smell what is around them then they will usually stick out their tongues so thatthey can smell on what is going on around them. The moist that is on the tongue cancollect any scent any small organism that can be found whatever the tongue touchesthat can be coming from the air that can be surrounding the snake. By the time thetongue goes back to the mouth then the fork will start to touch a really special sensoryorgan and this is called the Jacobsons organ that can be found on the hook of thesnake’s mouth and that can tell what the snake smells by the Jacobsons organ. On thesnakes lips there is an small notch that can be found right on their lips and that is howthese animals can stick out their tongue instead on opening their mouths. Snakes willusually absorb the vibration that can be coming from the ground and the size of theirprey or if there is any danger that they will have to face then they can tell how theanimal is moving and where the danger is coming from. The snakes will usually flicktheir tongue in and out and it continues on. Then when the tongue is doing that then itwill start to bring the air into the snake’s mouth. The places that are found in the snake’smouth are known for testing the air then that will tell the snakes brain what is in the air.Snakes have an really good sense of smell, but they are known not to be that greatthrough that is because of their nostrils that can go through the forked. Instead onhaving a nose the snake will activity use their tongue to smell what is going on aroundthem. The tongue works by picking up any Microscopic particles that can be coming
    • from the air and it can also be coming from the ground to. They do this because it isreally forked for the tongue to pick up any scent that can be coming from more to onedirection that can be coming from nearby and they can smell what is going on in alldirections in between. They can use their sense of smell to look for food. Snakes mayhave their eyes wide open but it does not mean that these animals can see well. Likethe gaboon viper their eyes can be found on both sides of their head and that meansthat they cannot focus well enough. But these animals can see well when they aremoving around in their area that they are in. This is how the prey can easily escape froma snake when they are standing still.There is no animal on earth that knows how to starethen a snake does. One of the snake species that is really good at staring is the bushviper. The reason why they are so good at staring because they have no eyelids so italways looks like it is always staring. These animals will also stare when they are sleepingto. Snakes are really known for having really good lenses that happens to be really clearto a snake. These clear lenses are really spectacle this happens to be one of thesnake’s scales. This will help the snakes to protect their eyes when they are protectingtheir eyes they will usually be protected under a shield. All over a snakes body is alcovered with scales. Snakes will usually use their scales to protect their armor if they didnot have this then it will be really hard for the snake to be able to move over really hotor on really rough areas like on a tree bark, rocks, and on really hot desert sand. Asnake scales and are also known to be waterproof and this helps them to get the waterout of their scales this goes to the snakes that usually live in water locations. Snakeshave really rough belly scales that can help the snake to keep their grip when they aregoing through really hard branches and then they will be able to push the surfaceswhen they really have to move. The scales that are on a snake all have layers of cells.All of these cells are all stacked on each other. The outer cells are used for dead or toprotect the living ones that can be found under them. In every few times in a year asnake will start to shed their dead skin. The cells that can be found underneath.Thenthey will be ready to take over the old skins place. When the snake is ready to havetheir eyes shed then they will be really cloudy and they will become really blinded. Theywill become blind because the snakes eyes dont have eyelids on them (this is also thereason why these animals do not blink) but instead on blinking they will be covered withreally clear scales that are called spectacle scales. When they are ready to shed theirold skin then they will start to rub against any rough surface like a rock so that they canbreak the skin that can be close to their mouth and then they will start to slide right offof them. It is just like taking over a sock. When a snake’s skin gets too small then they willstart to grow a whole new skin. To remove the skin the snake will start to rub on a rock sothat it can make a really small crack into the skin. The crack will start to get bigger. Theywill start to get bigger when they start to crawl. Then that is how the old skin will start tocome off in really small pieces. The snake will remain to grow in all of its live. But theouter skin does not last very long; they are also staring when they are sleeping to. Thesesnakes are known to have really good lens that are known to be really clear which are
    • really spectacle this is some of the scales that they have on their body. The spectacleis used to protect their eyes when they go under the shield. A snake will only shed theirskin seven times in the first year. The skin will start to grow really fast. A snake that is reallyold will normally shed their skin only once a year. When people think of snakes they thinkof poison but not all species are known to be poisonous. There are about 2,700 snakespecies that live on this planet. There are 400 species of snake that are known to bepoisonous and there are only a few of 50 snakes that are known to be really dangerousto people. Usually the ones that are poison will activity try to avoid any contact withhumans. There are some poison snakes that don’t really get any close to a really bighuman populated area. It is known for a fact that the biggest and the most dangeroussnakes will only cause a really few of human deaths that is because they are so used toliving in remote areas. The snakes that are known to be poison are the king cobra,black mamba, taipan, bushmaster, eastern diamondback rattlesnake and the gaboonviper; these are the snakes that are known to be poisonous. The snakes that are poisonwill activity use venom this can help them to catch their prey. Poison snakes do notneed to spend hours wasting their good energy for squeezing their prey and they alsodo not need to spend their time chasing it to. These snakes can catch their prey byforcing of them their venom and then they will wait for the prey to come to it. There areonly 3,000 different types of snakes that live on this planet. There are also 400 differenttypes of poisonous snakes that are on this planet. there are only 50 of the poison snakesthat can be very deathly to people. The other species of snake are really known to betimid and they can also attack a person if they get to close. There are a lot of snakesthat are oviparous this means that they lay eggs when they have babies and that willhatch later on. So that means that the mother will have to protect the babies whenthey are inside of the egg. A snake egg can be really tough and it also has leathers onit to. The young snakes have a really hard time breaking out of the egg because it is sostrong. There are some species of snake that will lay eggs and there are others that willgive birth to live young it depends on the species. There are some species of snakesthat will lay eggs and there are others that will usually give birth to live young it dependson the species. There are a lot of snakes that will lay 2 or 16 eggs that can be in aclutch. Even through there are other species that will lay 50 or even more eggs. Themother will start to sit on her eggs and then she will start to bury and wrapped themaround with their body. So that they can stay warm. There are some species in thepython group and the king cobra these snakes will protect their eggs by staying withthem to make sure that there are no other predator will come and try to eat them.There are other species where they have to leave their eggs so that they can hatch butthe parents do not take care of them or even watch them. That is called an egg-layingsnake and they usually live in tropical areas that have an temperate climate. Snakeswill start to mate in the spring after hibernation is over and the cold climates are gone.The mating process can happen at any time of the year. A male can attract a femaleby fighting with other males that wants to get attention from her, but they do not fight
    • to kill each other they just fight for the better of it. There are some snakes like the boas,rattlesnakes and the garter snakes they will activity give birth to live young. This meansthat snake babies will normally grow inside of the mother’s stomach. The moment thatthey are born then they will be covered with a thin membrane. It kind a looks like angoopy baggie. Snakes have an egg tooth this can help them to break out of themembrane so that they can wriggle themselves out of the egg. There are other snakesthat will lay their eggs in really safe and warm places like in a hollow log or maybe theymight even bury them under the ground. The difference between a snake egg and achicken egg is that the snake egg is not hard like a chicken egg is. It’s just that theireggs have more leather then the chicken’s eggs are. The babies can easily break theegg open with their tooth The Racer and the coral snakes will normally just lay theireggs and leave them out on their own and the parents will never return to the eggsagain. When the babies start to come out of the eggs then in a few weeks later thenthey will be out on their own so that they can hunt for food for themselves The kingCobras and some other species that are in the python group the parents will normallystay with their eggs and they will also keep them warm and so that they can protectthem when they hatch out of the egg. This behavior is called “brooding”, after themoment that they are out of the eggs then the babies will be out on their own. Thesnakes will start to lose their egg tooth right after they have hatched out of the eggs.Snakes will normally reproduce in every once year so there are some snakes that canproduce in every 3 years. There are a lot of snake species that will lay eggs and thereare other species that will give birth to live young. Snakes will usually lay their eggs inplaces that are really warm. There other species that will just lay their egg and havetheir young but the parents will not take care of them. Snakes will usually mate in everyonce year. After they are done mating which will take about two or three months thenthat will be the time when the mothers will start to lay her eggs. She will place her eggsin a place that is really warm and that is totally safe from predators that will try and eather eggs. By the time the eggs are ready to hatch then they will start to use a reallyspecial tooth that happens to be really sharp and that is called an egg tooth. This canhelp them to open the shells because the shells are mostly made out of leather. By thetime that they are out of the egg and now they are called hatchlings and then afterthat then they will start their lives all by themselves. There are some other snakes that willusually give birth to live young. These snakes will take like seven months to mate. Rightbefore the babies are born then the snakes will be in a casing. There is another word forthis to and that is called sacs. Snakes will leave their sacs really fast right over the babieshas been born out of the egg. Even these will be out on their own the moment thatthey come out of the egg. There are a lot of snake species that will normally lay eggs.There eggs happen to have leathers and these eggs totally do not have a hard shelllike a bird’s egg. The female will start to lay her eggs in a really good place to put hereggs in. Then the female will start to leave the eggs all on their own and she will not waituntil the babies are out of the eggs. There are only a few python species that will usually
    • watch over their eggs. It will take the baby a few weeks for it to grow inside of the egg.When the time has come for the eggs to come out of the egg. Then that will be thetime when the baby will start to clip their own way out of the egg and they can do thisby using a special tooth which is called the egg tooth. There are some snakes that donot lay any eggs at all. Instead on laying hundreds of eggs in a nest or in a really warmplace. They will have their babies grow inside of the mother’s stomach. The babies willusually hatch from eggs when they are still inside of the mother’s stomach. Then afterthey are out of the eggs that are inside of her then she will start to give birth. Thesesnakes are called live bearers. The snakes that just been hatched out of the egg. Thenthey kind a look a lot like adult snakes but in a miniature look. When the eggs havebeen laid then that will be the time when the parents start to leave their babies all ontheir own and the parents do not even protect them from danger. The babies do thatall on their own. So that means that the younger will have to find a really good placeand this location will have to be somewhere that is safe for them so that they can lookfor food all on their own. On the snakes scales that is on their skin happens to be reallytough so that means it is really hard for snakes to stretch themselves. When the snake’sstarts to get older then that will be the time when the skin will start to get really tight.Every single young snake must always be able to molt. The molt is oil that can bespread all under their outer layer of the snake’s skin. The old skin that the snake had willstart to split and it will also start to slip off of the body in once piece at a time. Then afterthe old skin is gone now it will be re-placed with an new and shiny skin that can befound underneath them. There are only a few species of snake that are living in theirnational habitats today. The reason why there is only a few that are living on theirhabitats is that because there are a lot of people that are starting to move on to areaswhere snakes used to live on. That means that their land is being cleared out andpeople are also cutting down trees so that they can make lumber out of the wood thatthe trees have. Snakes are not the only animals that are only living in this threat alsoThere are so many other animals on this planet that are starting to feel the threat thatsnakes are facing right now to. Another threat that snakes will face is that there are a lotof people that are killing them for their amazing skins. The reason why they are killing thesnakes for their skin because so that they can use it to make so many different items outof them like they will make belts, purses and they will also make shoes out of them to.There is another reason that people kill snakes that is because they are scared of them.Not all snake species are known to be dangerous there are some of them that can bereally harmless to people. There are so many reasons why people kill snakes. There areso many different types of snakes that will usually be caught and they will also be takento all different countries so that they can be sold as pets in different shops. The snakesthat are poisonous are being used for making anti-venom this is activity made from thesnakes venom and they will use this so that they can save a life from someone that hasbeen bitten by a snake. People are also killing the snake for their skin so that they canmake so many different items out of them and those items are shoes, purses and they
    • will also make belts out of them to. Even people will also kill a snake because they arescared of them. You know if these people learned about snakes they will start tounderstand them better. You know if you learn about something it does not seem soscary. You know learning can make a huge help in a person’s life because if they learnabout snakes they will know how wonderful and beautiful snakes are. These animalsdeserve to have a change to live on in life. The biggest threats to a snake is that theirpopulation. This is the same problem that so many other animals are going through to.The problem with this is that people are moving in onto their lands and if that happensthen snakes and other animals will not have a lot of room to look for food and to raisetheir young. The most biggest threat to snakes is that their habitats are gettingdestroyed. People are destroying their homes because so that they can make room forranches, farms and highways. The other threats that snakes are going through Is thatroads and their habitats are getting destroyed these are the two most dangerousthreats to a snake. There a lot of snakes that are known to be really harmless when itcomes to people, but people are fearing them today. People are being scared ofsnakes than ever before that is because there are so many people taking over asnake’s home when that happens they will start to roam into cities and other placeswhere people and snakes can easily see each other. There are some other placeswhere people have never seen a snake before until they find one in their backyard orsome other places where people can easily be found in. The people that live in citieshave never ever seen a snake in the wild before or even learned about them thatis thereason why people are scared of these reptiles.The people that lived before us, theyhad a really good sense in these animals and they always treat these animals withhealthyrespect even the ones that are known to be poisonous. But people must knowthat all snakes are all marvelous creatures. We all should learn the ways that ourancestors have learned how to trust in these animals like they did. There are so manysnakes all over the world that are dealing with these threatsone of the most dangerousthreats to a snake is that their habitats are getting destroyed and they are also gettingkilled for food. People are also killing these beautiful reptiles for their skin so that peoplecan make clothes out of them. Snakes play a really important role and that is to helpkeep the population of rabbits and rodents under control. There are so many scientistsaround the world that are doing a lot of studying on these reptiles. In some part of theworld the snakes that are known to be poison they are getting killed so that people canmake medicine out of them. What make a snake really important is that their size andcolor that they have on them. This is a really important role that is in the web of life.Every species of snake is really beautiful and people should be thankful for that not onlyfor their beauty but people should really respect these animals for what they are andhow much beauty that they have just like all the other animals on this planet have to.These animals only want is to be leaved alone and not to be bothered with humandrama. We must do something to help and to save these animals. These reptiles needall of the help that they can get. Snakes have the right to continue living on this planet.
    • They are doing their part in nature and we should find a place in nature to. This is areally big planet that is felled with wonders and discoveries that are waiting to befound. We have to make this planet safe for us and the other creatures that we share itwith. This is our beautiful home it deserves to have a chance to live on for the nextgeneration to come. There is a really big, bright and beautiful future if we find a way toproject our planet. This is our world and our home will be a muchhappier and cleanerplace to live on. We have to make room for other living creatures to. God madeanimals for a reason just like he made us. That is what I know about snakes. If we worktogether we can save the snake and the other animals that live on this planet to.Together we can make a difference in our beautiful planet that we all share.