Red panda report for ariel hyers


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This was a report that I wrote about the red panda, I wrote this to someone that goes to school with me and her name is Ariel.

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Red panda report for ariel hyers

  1. 1. Customer: Ariel HyersAnimal: Red PandaReport by: Felicia FerentinosRed Panda ReportThe Red panda is an omnivore which means that they can only eat plants andother animals. Just like their cousins the giant panda the food that they eat mostis bamboo, but they eat more then just bamboo they can eat other foods to andthose foods are berries, roots and they also eat grasses to. These animals can alsoeat meat to and that means that they can also eat other animals and the animalsthat they hunt are bird eggs, small birds and they can also eat mice to. The redpandas diet is known to have a really slow energy content that is most of thereason why they more so slow and they spend a lot of their time sleeping so thatthey can save their energy. The foods that the red panda will mostly eat arebamboo, grass, roots, fruit , grubs, bird eggs and they can also eat really smallmammals like mice, chicks and they can also eat lizards to. The bamboo that theyeat consumes about 1.5 kgs (3.3 lbs.) of the red panda’s diet. When they areeating on fresh leaves then their diet consumes about 4 kgs (8.8 lbs) this is howmuch food that a red panda gets to eat for per day. They can also eat fresh shootsto and they can eat as the some of amount as they do when they are eatingleaves. The red panda spends a lot of hours eating bamboo. But they only eat theparts of the bamboo like the leaves and the tender shoot parts of the bamboo.The red panda has an second thumb just like the giant panda does. This specialthumb is an wrist bone that help the red panda to grab the bamboo. When thered panda is in the world then they will eat a lot of bamboo, fruit, grass, roots,acorns, insects, eggs, baby birds, small rodents and they will also eat lichen to.When they are in captivity the keepers will activity feed them Marion leafeaterbiscuits, grapes, coreless apples, mixed fruit, but they do not feed them melon,they do eat bamboo when they are in captivity but they will only eat them whenthe season is good enough for them to eat. Bamboo is not a good food to eat inthe really cold seasons fruit is also not a really good change to eat when it gets
  2. 2. cold out to. The red panda does eat the whole bamboo it only eats the leaves. Thered panda will eat the bamboo when the spring season come. They can also eatfruit but they can only eat that during the summer and they will also eat acornsand flowers during this season to. These animals have really special diets becauseof the bamboo that they eat that is so unusually for a mammal, but it is true thatthere are only a couple of animals that rather eat bamboo and those animals arethe giant panda, red panda and the lemurs that live on the island of Madagascar.The other animal that will also eats bamboo this animal is a rodent that lives inChina and in Southeast of Asia and this rodent is called the bamboo rat. The redpanda will spend 13 hours of the day looking for bamboo. The red panda cannotdigest cellulose, so that means that they have to a lot of bamboo so that they canstay alive. Most of their diet consists mostly on bamboo but they can also eatother food materials to. The other food that they eat is mushrooms, roots, acorns,lichen and they can also eat grass to. The red panda is known to have a reallyspecial diet that also means that they can also eat other animals to like baby birdseggs,really small rodents and they can also different insects but they only huntthese types of animals on occasions. When the red panda is eating bamboo theywill only eat the leaves, they will also eat other different foods like berries,blossoms, bird eggs and they will also eat various plants but they will only eat theleaves off of those plants. These animals have really broad teeth an reallypowerful jaws that can help them to chew the bamboo’s really hard leaves andtheir stalks to. On their wrist there is a really small and bony projection that canhelp them to grab the bamboo stalks. The red panda is not the only animal thathas a thumb-like adaptation the giant panda also has this to.The red panda lives inthe dense, temperate mountain forests that are in the south of Southeast Asiathat have the altitudes of 1,800-4,000m (6,000-13,200 ft.). When it is time forthem to rest then they will start to make nests that can be find in tree holes,branch forks, tree roots and they can also use thickets they use these materials tomake their nests. The time that they will mostly rest is during the day becausethey will be really active when evening or when it gets dark out and they will needa lot rest if they are going to stay up all night. The red panda can be found in theHimalayas that is in the south central of Asia that can be located in the southernpart of China. The type of habitats that these animals will live in is really high
  3. 3. elevations that are in the cold temperate bamboo forests. The red panda can alsobe seen in the foothills that are high up in the Himalayan Mountains that arelocated in Burma, Tibet, Nepal, and they can also be found in China. The typeareas where they live in are really cold, wet mountain forests that have a mixbetween coniferous and deciduous trees and that has thick bamboo that can begrowing under the ground. The red panda will mostly spend a lot of their timehanging up in tree branches. They like to live up there because so that they will besafe from predators and another reason why because they are not really good atrunning. The best place for the red panda to live on is a place that has highaltitude temperate forest. The red panda lives in the really cold temperatebamboo forests that are in the Sichuan and in the Yunnan and they will also live insome parts of China they will also live in the Himalayas and they will live in theMyanmar to. They will also share some parts of their range with the giant panda.The red panda can be found high up in the mountains in the Himalayas that canbe found in the west part of China and they will also live in the northern part ofMyanmar (Burma), and Laos. The most common place for the red panda to live inis in the steep mountain slopes that can be covered with two different forestswhich happens to be coniferous forests and the deciduous hardwoods, they alsolike to live in places where there is a lot of bamboo and that has lots ofrhododendrons to. They rather live in places that the altitudes between 5,000 to15,000 feet. The red panda likes to live in areas that have the climate has to be(10-25 C) that has little annual fluctuation and they like to live in places that hasmountain forest areas that has the elevations of 5,000 to 15,700 feet (1,800-4,800meters). The red panda is known to be a cavity nester. They will use rock dens andold hollow trees. They will spend a lot of their time dropping over really big treesbecause they can be really active when dawn and dusk comes that will be thetime when they start to eat to. The red panda can be found on the mountainforests that are in Nepal, India, Bhutan, China and they can also be found inMyanmar (another word for this place is called Burma). The size of the red pandais 7 to 14 pounds, 20 to 25 inches that is how long their body is. The size of theirtail can be big as 14 to 19 inches. The body length of the red panda is 20 to 25inches (51 to 64 centimeters). The males can weigh about 10 to 14 pounds (4.5 to6.2 kilograms) and the weight of the female is 6 to 10 pounds (3 to 4.5 kilograms).
  4. 4. The length of their tail is 11 to 19 inches (28 to 64 centimeters). The normal bodylength of the red panda is 44 inches long that also includes their tail that can bebig 19 inches and they can weigh about 7 to 13 pounds. The red panda can be 2feet (60 cm) long that also means that their very long tail which can be big as 1.5feet (46 cm) long. They can weigh about 12 pounds (5 kg). The length of the redpanda is 31 to 47 inches ( that will also mean their tail which the tails length isabout 30 to 60 centimeters/12 to 24 inches). These animals can weigh about 6 to15 pounds. The length of the red panda is 50 to 64 cms( 20 to 25 inches. The tailcan be big as 28 to 50 cms (11-20 inches). These animals can weigh about 3 to 6kgs (6.5- 13lbs). The size of their head and body is 20 to 26 in (50 to 65 cm). Theirtail can be big as 12 to 20 in (30 to 50 cm). They can weigh about 12 to 20lbs (5.4to 9 kg). The average length for the red panda is 56 cm and their average weigh is4.5 kg. The red panda looks like it has the same size as the raccoon and they canweigh about 20 to 26 inches long and their tail can weigh 12 to 20 inches. Whenthe red panda is in the wild then they can live about 8 to 10 years and when theyare in captivity they can live about 15 years. The are some people that are sayingthat the red panda can life about 12 to 24 years but their average life span isreally 8 to 10 years that is their life span when they are in the wild and when theyare in captivity they can live about 14 years. They can also life about 8 to 14 years.There are some red pandas that can live for 13 years. When they are in the wildthen they can live about 8 to 10 years and when they are in captivity being takingcare of by humans then they can life about 15 years. When they are in a zoo thenthey can live about 14 years and when they are in the wild they may live for 7 to 8years.Never look at any red pandas during the day they will only be really activeduring dawn and dusk. The best time for them to sleep is really during the reallyhottest part of the day. That will be the time when they start to lick their pawsand they will also clean their fur and the rest of their body to. A person can see ared panda lying on a tree branch and they will also lay on a hollow tree to. Theywill start to cover their face with their really long tail. The red panda is reallyknown to be nocturnal and they are also crepuscular to. The best time for the redpanda to be really active is at dawn and dusk. So during the day they will spendtheir time sleeping high up in a tree. The red panda is totally an arboreal animal.They will spend all of their time high up in the trees. When they are high up on a
  5. 5. branch then they will normally rest on the trees. The time for the red panda tolook for food is really during the morning and the evening part of the day, butduring the day than that will be the time when they are resting high up in the treebut they do not just rest in trees they can also rest in other places to like they canrest on tree branches and fallen logs. The red panda moves really slowly whenthey are on the ground but when they are up in the tree they can move really fastand this where they spent all of their time in.The reason why they rather sleepduring that time so that they can safe their energy for when they go out to lookfor food when the evening comes and so that they can be wide awake when theydo it. The red panda will also be active during morning to. When the night comesthan that will be the time when they start to run really fast high up in the trees sothat they can look for food. When the night comes that will also be the time whenthe males will mark their territories at this part of the day and they will marktheir territory by using urine from their secretion for their anal glands. There isabout two subspecies of the red panda. The first subspecies is called theAilurusfulgensfulgens this one is known to be the biggest of all of the red pandasubspecies and they have a really light color on them. These red pandas can befound in the Himalayas and they can also be found in southern Tibet. The secondred panda subspecies is the Ailurusfulgensslyani. These red pandas have the moststriking facial markings and they can be found in the southwest of China and theycan also be found in the north of Burma. The red panda will sleep for 15 hours in asingle day. The red panda has an very low metabolic this can make the red pandamove so slow it can be as slow as the slowest animal on the planet the sloth.These animals are amazing climbers. The tree is the perfect nest for a red panda.To help thme to keep balance on the tree they will use their very long tails to dothat. They have to keep their balance when they are scale for steep heights. Thered panda is not related to the giant panda they are more related to the raccoonthat a really big black and white bear and the other bears that is in the bearfamily. They will also use their tails so that they can keep themselves warm whenthere are some days that are really cold so to get warm the red panda will use itstail to stay warm. They will also eat on the trees to. The only time that they willcome down from the tree is when the evening comes and then the red panda willstart to look for food in the darkness. The red panda is a really territorial animal
  6. 6. they can mark their territory by droppings of their urine that has come from theirmusky secretion that is from their anal glands. The red panda can easily be foundin the holes that can be in trees and they can also rest high up in the trees to. Theplace where they will eat is mostly on the ground. These animals are really goodat leaping they can leap as far as 4 feet. They can also move really fast to and theywill also really good at climbing a tree. The red panda shares their habitat withother animals to and those animals are the Takin, golden monkey, blue sleep,gibbons, civets, tapirs, rhinos, elephants, giant panda, snow leopards, goldensnub-nose monkey and the Asiatic black bear. These are the animals that sharetheir habitat with the red panda. The western and the Styan’s red panda canclimb a tree by using their claws to help them to get to the part of the tree whereit wants to be. The red panda can protect their territory or if they are feeling likethey are in danger then they will stand on their hind legs and they will also usetheir very sharp claws so that when the danger comes to close to them then theywill strike at the danger . sometimes that does not work on predator but the redpanda does other things to protect it self these animals have a really strong odorthat comes from their scent glands that located on their tail. Red pandas can useso many different sounds to talk to each other and those calls are shrill cries,whistles, and birdlike chirp. The red panda will use their claws to climb a tree. Theclaws happen to be really sharp that are known to be semi-retractable. On the redpandas feet there are soles on them so that they can protect the wooly hair thathelps when they are really hot are when they are in danger of falling out of anreally wet branch. The red panda has 38 teeth and they have an really powerfuljaws that are used to crush on their favorite foods which is bamboo. The redpanda has an bone that is located on the inner side of their wrist this acts a like a“false thumb” this helps the red panda to hold the bamboo leaves and the poles.The red panda does not live in a family or in a group which means that theseanimals are solitary animals, They are also known to be really shy and really quiet,but when they do come in contact with each other they can communate witheach other by shrill cries, repeated whistles, peeping and they can also be an chirpthat sounds like a bird. When they are feeling like they are in danger then theywill start to hide in a rock crevice and they can also hide in trees. They can alsotalk to each other by using body language if they want to. The black and white
  7. 7. marks are used as camouflage from predators that want to eat them. The redcolor on them it looks like it is the color moss which can be found on the treeseven through they live high up in the trees. The black color that is found on theirstomach this makes predators really hard to find them especially the ones thatare on the ground.When they are high up in the really cold mountains with thereally cold climates which means the red panda is made to keep themselves warmand to do they will use their fur to form a blanket like tail. Even through on reallycold days the red panda has been seen sunbathing way up high in the canopy sothey can warm themselves up when they are sleeping in the day time. In the yearof 2001 there have been 79% of red pandas that were found in 100 meters innearest body of water. Even through that is a really good water source that mayalso be able to be really great for their really strict habitats. There has been someevidence that are saying that the red panda reproduction rates is starting to bereally declining which is starting to believe that they are related to the types offood that they eat so that they can survive and so that they have babiessuccessfully. Scientists are always arguing for years about the red panda and thegiant panda because they do not know if they are activity relate to each other.That is because the red panda and the giant panda share a really commonancestor that lived millions of years ago. The only differences between the twoare that the giant panda is really big and there are some biologists that wroteabout the red panda and they call it the lesser panda. So the red panda is notreally related to the giant panda but they are activity related to the raccoon,kinkajous, and the coatimundis. The red panda is more in the raccoon group thenthe it is in the bear group because that is where the giant panda is in. The redpanda faces a lot of predators and the animals that would love to eat a red pandaare snow leopards, Martens and humans are the creatures that can kill a redpanda. The red panda faces a lot of predators and those animals are the snowleopard, clouded leopard and wild dogs. These are the types of animals that willlove to eat a red panda.The red panda will start to mate in the mouths of May andJuly after the gestation period is done which will take about 112-158 days. Themother will normally have 1 to 4 cubs and they will be born in a nest that is madeout of moss, leaves, and other soft plants that can be found on their habitat. Themoment that they are born than the cubs will start to weigh about 110-130 g(3.9-
  8. 8. 4.6oz). The red panda cubs will start to open their eyes when they are about 18days old. The cubs will start to leave nest in 12 weeks. When they are 8 monthsold than that will be the time when the cubs will start to drink their mothers milk.The babies will stay with their mother until the mother gives birth to new babieswhich will start to happen in the following summer. They will a full-grown redpanda when they are about 12 months and they will reach maturity when theyare 18 months old. The gestation period for the red panda is 134 days. Theaverage litter for a red panda can have is 1 to 4 cubs that is the total litter of cubs.The babies will only stay in the nest for 90 days. They will stay with their motheruntil mating season comes back. The average size for an adult red panda is 12months. That will be the time when they start live their lives all of their ownwithout any help from their mother. The red panda does not have a very longmating season. The female will start look for a nest and those places happen to bea hollow tree or a rock crevice these are some of the places where they aremaking their nests. There nest is being lined up with the leaves and the bamboo.The gestation period can take more than just 19 weeks. The babies will be bornwith red fur that is covering their whole body. In a about a few months then thatwill be the time when they start to look like miniature adults. The babies will startto leave the nest in about 3 months. They will not leave their mother until oneyear that is the time when they start to look like a full-grown red panda. They willstart to reach maturity in about 18 months. The male and the female will start toreach maturity in 18 months. To get a mate a male will usually fight for the femalethat it wants to mate with. When they are doing these dangerous fights the firstthing that they will do is arch with their backs and then they will start to maketheir heads really low. Than the step that they will do is they will stand on theirhind legs and they will beat each other with their forepaws. The winning male andthe female will start to mate during the winter like in the mouths of January andin the mid-March. The gestation period for a red panda is through 90 to 150 daysthat also means a long period doing implantation. The babies will start to be bornin the June and in the late July. The mother can have as 1 to 5 babies that is howmany babies that a red panda mother can have. But there has only been a pairthat has been born out of the mother. Right before the mother starts to give birththe first thing that she has to do is look for a good place to make a nest and that
  9. 9. good place maybe in a hollow tree and in a rock crevice. The first time that theyare born that they will have a full set of fur on them but there are completely bindand they are totally helpless. Their eyes will start to open in about 17 to 18 days.Then they will start to leave their nests for the very first time in about 90 days in aage. That type of day that they will usually leave the nest is when It gets dark out.The babies will start to look like adults when they are 12 months old. The babieswill stay with the mother in only for one year or the next time that she has a newlitter of cubs that are about to be born. The gestation period for the red panda is98 to 145 days or after they are done with implantation. The mother will normallyhave 2 or 4 cubs in a littler. The babies can weigh about 3.85 to 4.55 ounces (110to 130 grams). They will be a mature adult when in 18 to 20 months. The femalemother will only give birth to only two cubs and they will start to be born in themid-May and in July. When the female is ready to have babies then she will startto make a nest that is made of hollow trees or rock crevices. The moment that thecubs are born than they will be full with fur all over their babies and they will notbe able to see really well to and they are totally helpless to the moment that theyare out of their mother’s stomach. The babies will start to open their eyes in twoor in four weeks that will be the time when they start to see really well. For themother to make milk for the babies she will have to consume 3 times more therather quantity for her very low nutrient diet for bamboo. The red panda babieswill be ready to eat rather bamboo when they are about 5 months old. Theyoungers will stay with their mother in only for one year. The mother will be inpregnant for months. The cubs will live in a nest that is made out of twigs andgrass. The newborn babies will all be covered with thick gray fur and their eyesand their ears are closed. They will start to come out of the nest in about 3months of age. They will stay with the mother until the mother is ready to haveanother baby and until the mating season comes back. The red panda is under theanimals that are on the list of being threatened that means that they are knownto be reallyvulnerable. This list is called the IUCN Red list of Threatened Species.The reason why they are on the threatened specieslist is because people aredestroying their habitats because they are cutting down their forests habitats sothat they can make towns and cities. There are about 2.500 adult red pandas thatare lifted on our planet today. The reason why these animals are in trouble
  10. 10. because their habitats are being destroyed that is because of deforestation fortimber, fuel, and agricultural use. The red pandas that live on the western side oftheir range almost became in extinct that is because people are cutting downtheir forest habitats so that they can make room for houses and roads. Thebiggest threat to these animals is loss of habitat. Today the red panda is on theIUCH Red list these are the types of animals that are in trouble that is going on intheir national environment are animals that are really threatened becauseextinction is harming their future. There are about seven species of that areknown to be threating with extinction that is due for their future. There are somescientists are saying there are about 3,000 red pandas that are still in the wild thatare in really small protected areas which is also called as national park. There a lotbreeding programs that are in Asia, Europe and in North America and they allhave a huge success on their work. The reason why they are in trouble becausethey are victims of deforestation. The red panda’s habitat is not looking so goodbecause there is not a enough space for red pandas to live on because people arecutting down their forest habitats and their habitats will get destroyed because oflogging and they are also in trouble because people are spreading agriculturearound in a area where red pandas roam. The big reason why red pandas are introuble because people are totally clearing out their forests homes becausepeople are farming and grazing on them. People are also hunting them and theyare also getting sold as pets. Lots of people do not know how much there is in thewild but lots of people are saying that there are about 2,500 red pandas that arelifted on the planet today. But there is some good news and that is there a lot ofconservation efforts all over the world that are set to save the red panda. Theirhabitat is not the only thing that is putting these animals in danger people arealso killing them for their fur so that they can make clothing out of them like hats.The biggest threats to these animals is that their habitats are starting to disappearbecause of logging, agriculture and people are also collecting firewood. The redpanda is also being hunted for meat and for fur the reason people are kill themfor meat and for their fur because so that they can make clothes out of them.Hunting is a really big problem in China. The red panda is being protectedbecause people are making laws that can be found in lots of different states thatare known to be really protected areas for the red panda, but these problem is
  11. 11. still going on for the red pandas that do not live in a reserve because people arestill hunting them and their habitat is also not looking very good either. There area lot of people that are working very hard to save the red panda from being goneforever. They are still trying to protect the habitat that is still lifted for theseanimals and there are laws that are being set to help with their survival. We mustdo something to save these amazing animals. These animals need all the help thatthey can get. Red pandas have the right to continue living on this planet. They aredoing their part in nature and we should find a place in nature to. This is a reallybig planet that is fall of wonders and discoveries that are just waiting to be found.We have to make this planet safe for us and for the other creatures that we shareit with. This is our beautiful homes it deserves to have a second change to live onfor the next generation on this planet. There is a really big, bright and beautifulfuture if we find a way to protect our planetwill be much safer place to live on.This is our world and our home will be happy and clean place to live on. We haveto make room for other living creatures to. God made animals for a reason justlike he made us. That is what I know about the red panda. If we all work togetherwe can save the red panda and other animals that live on this planet to. Togetherwe can make a difference in our beautiful planet that we all share