Leopard report for Lesley and Debbie S.


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this was a report that I wrote for my friend Lesley and I also wrote this for other people to like Debbie S. This person works with my dad.

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Leopard report for Lesley and Debbie S.

  1. 1. Customer: Lesley MouradianAnimal: LeopardReport by: Felicia FerentinosLeopard ReportLeopards are carnivore which means they only eat meat. Theycan find any meat item that they can find. Leopards usuallyhunt monkeys like the baboon; they can also eat rodents,reptiles, amphibians, large birds, fish, antelope, cheetah cubsand even sometimes a porcupine. A leopard can hunt bystalking and stealth. They can kill their prey by chewing theprey’s throat or the back of the neck so that the leopard canstop the animal from breathing. A leopard is a stealthy hunter.The other animals that a leopard eats are carrion, hares,hyraxes, and a warthog. Nothing can be too small for aleopard. A leopard can eat anything that is made out of meat.A leopard will stalk their prey by launching a ambush on theanimal that they are trying to caught. They can kill an animalwith just a quick bite to the neck. Leopards are very strongpredators they can drag their prey up a 3 times their ownweight up into a tree. They can go for long periods of time withno water. They need to save their enemy for hunting. The otheranimals that they eat are gazelles, duker, eland, impala,wildebeest, jackals, insects, snakes, sheep and goats. Leopardsusually hunt during the night. That means they are nocturnal.Leopards have good eyesight and hearing. But they do nothave good sense of smell. Leopards can hunt by stalking andpouncing on their prey. They do not chase their prey. They grabthe prey by using their retractable claws to hold down theirprey. A leopard can kill a prey animal by a single bite to thethroat. Leopards are so strong it is often that they carry theirmeal’s up into trees to protect it from other predators that willwant to steal their food and so that they can eat there food upthere. They can carry it by dragging big animals up into abranch. Leopard’s can eat small or medium size animals. Whena leopard can not find the food that it normally hunts then
  2. 2. sometimes it will go for domestic livestock. Leopards are sostrong that they can carry a 2 or 3 times their own weight (like ablue wildebeest) up into a tree. Leopards will not hunt until itstarts to get dark out. When necessary sometimes leopards canalso hunt during the day time to. Leopards live on Africa, India,China, and Korea and in Siberia. The habitats that the leopardlives in are on open savannahs, forests, jungles and up in themountain areas. Leopards can also live on Asia. The otherhabitats that the leopard lives on are grasslands and deserts.The leopard population in Southeast Asia is starting to get reallysmall in jungles. Leopards can also be found in the rainforests, inwoodlands, on the plains and on shrubby areas. The otherranges that they live on are sub-Saharan Africa and in theMiddle East of China and in the Southeast part of Asia. Theleopard also lives in the western turkey, Arabian Peninsula tothe south east part of Siberia and in Malay Peninsula, Sri Lanka,Java, Kanga Island and almost everywhere in Africa. Aleopard’s habitats are also in brushes and in lowland forests.They can also be seen in Northeast Africa and in Central Asia. Aleopard’s favorite habitats are on rocky areas and in forestareas to. But leopards are mostly can be found on both placeswarm and cold climates. Leopards usually live alone thatmeans that they are solitary an animal that lives alone. Amale’s territory can be big as 5 to 40s sq miles). They can marktheir territory with their urine and they can be very defensive ofthem. A leopard’s territory can hold seven females in it.Leopards also live in jungles, hills, plains and in deserts; they livealso on islands that are in the middle of lakes. They can also befound in Africa’s forests. A leopard can grow about 60-110cms924-43 inches) tall to the tail. A leopards body length is 0 .9 and1 .9m (3-6.25ft) to the tail. They can also grow about 24-43inches) and they can also weight about 82 and 200 lbs). Aleopard can also weight about 37-90kgs (82-200lbs). A length ofa leopard is 3 to 6 feet (91 to 191 centimeters) to the tail 23 to44 inches (58 to 110 centimeters). A male leopard can weightabout 80 to 200 pounds (36 to 90 kilograms). A female leopardcan weight about 62 to 132 pounds (28 to 60 kilograms). The
  3. 3. size of a leopards head and body are 4, 25 to 6, 25 ft (1, 3 to 1,9m) to the tail. They can also grow about 3 .5 to 4 .5 ft (1. 1 to1.4m). A leopard can even weight about 66 to 176 lbs (30 to80kg). The Leopard is the smallest of all the big cats. The rangesize of a leopard is two meters (6 .5ft) long and they can weightabout 30 and 70kg (65-155lb). Some male leopards can growabout 90kgs (200lb). The females are more two-thirds smallerthen the males are. Then medium sized of a leopard is 3 .5, 5feet (1-1 .7m) long to the tail. The tail can reach about 2-3feet(0.6 .9m) long. An adult leopard can weigh about 65 to175pounds (30-80kg). The males are a lot bigger then thefemales. The length of a leopards head and body are 910-1,910mm (35.8-75. 1 in). The height of a leopards shoulder is 450-780mm (17, 7-30, 7in). The length of the leopard’s tail is 580-1,00mm (22, 8-43, 3in). The average weight is 28-90kg (61, 7-198lb,) A male can weight about 37-90kg (81, 6 -198lb,) and theweight of a female leopard is 28-60kg (61, 7 132lb,).They caneven weight about 140 pounds. A leopard can grow about28inches to the shoulder. A leopard can also grow about 24-75in (60-190cm). A leopard can live about 12 to 15 years in thewild. When they are in captivity then a leopard will live for 23years. In the wild they can also live about 10-15 years and theycan also live for 20 years in captivity to. When they are in zoosthey can live for 21 years to. When they are in the wild they canlie about 12 years and when they are in captivity they can livefor 20 years. Leopards are very good at climbing. Leopards usetheir climbing skills to climb up a tree so that they can hide fromdanger. Leopards use the branches for resting and sleeping.They can hold their balance by hanging their legs on differentsides of the tree branch. A leopard can eat in every few days.They can also use the tree to hide their food from otherpredators that would want to steal their food. They can evencarry their food up into a tree so that they can eat it. Leopardsdo not like to fight with each other. Instead of fighting they willavoid with each other then fight. Sometimes a male will fight toprotect a female leopard. Leopards are not like other catsbecause leopards are amazing and strong swimmers. Some of
  4. 4. the only cat in the cat family that often seems to like the water.Expect for the tiger and the jaguar. Leopards are also verygood runners their speed is 36 miles per hour (58 kilometers perhour), a leopard can leap into the air for about 20 feet (6meters) in a single bound. They are amazing jumpers. They canjump for (3 meters) up into the air. Leopards are very stronganimals. A leopard can climb high into a tree they can climbabout 50 feet (15 meters) high up in a tree. They can use theirstrength to carry a dead animal high up into a tree. They canhide their kill up in a tree they do this because so that predatorslike lions or hyenas would not be able to reach it. One leopardhas been known to hide a 220-pound (100 –kilogram) babygiraffe in a brush. The leopard is an amazing swimmer and avery good climber on tree. A leopard can carry a 3 times theirown weigh high up into a tree and they can place their kill inthe branches that is over 6m (19, 7ft) high. Leopards often tospend most of their lives in trees then on the ground. They canspend their days resting in trees branches. The other reason whythey spent their lives in trees because so that they can keeptheir meal safe from scavengers like the African wild dog,hyenas and lions will be able to steal a kill from a leopard.Leopards can hear as five times as better at hearing soundsthen humans are. They can even hear the ultrasonic squeaks ofa mouse. The species of a leopards coat fur depends on whattypes of habitat doe’s it live on. Usually a leopards coat can bereally short, thin, and warm. The leopards close relate is thejaguar because they kind a look like each other in a way. On aleopards skin there are special spots on the animal’s body andthey are called rosettes because they kind a look like roses.Scientists believe that these cats coloring spots can help themhide from their prey. Leopards are not like other cats becausemost big cats can roar. But the leopard makes a raspy coughsound. The sound is also a coughing type grunt and a raspingcough. Leopards live by their selves that mean that they aresolitary animals. An animal that does not live in a group.Leopards hate to be near other leopards and other animals.Every male leopard has his own territory. A male leopard
  5. 5. territory can be big as six square miles (15sq km). That is big as abig lake. Leopard is a nocturnal animal. A leopard usually restson a tree branches and sometimes they can relax during theday. Leopards are amazing at climbing and they can defendhead first when they go up into a tree. Leopards have beenknown to store their food in trees and by later they canconsumption. Leopards can be very strong swimmers but theydo not possess the same affinity of water then tigers do. Aleopard can run about 60km 1h (37 mph) and they can leap ashigh as 6 meters (20ft) horizontally and they can leap as high as3 meters (10ft,) vertically. When the animal is hot during the daythe it will rest in bushes, rocks, caves, and up in a tree. There isanother reason why leopards have spots for breaking up theiroutlines for forests and grasslands. Leopards have white spotsthat are on the tip of their tails and also on the back of theears. They use their spotted tails and their ears to find eachother in the tall grasses. They also use their spots forcommunication to. The species of leopards that live on drygrasslands they have a lighter color then the ones that live inthe rainforests the black leopards are found in Southeast Asia.The leopard is the fifth biggest cat in the world that is after thetiger, lion, jaguar and the cougar. Females will raise their youngalone. The females will make a safe den that she makes incaves and sometimes up in branches of a tree. A femaleleopard will give birth to two and three cubs. The moment thatthey are born they are blind and they can hardly crawl andthey are born with spots on their body. The cub’s mother willspend a lot of time with them. When she is with her cubs she willfeed her cubs milk. After few weeks then the mother will leaveher cubs to go hunting for food for them to eat. Till then thecubs have to stay hidden until the mother returns with food forthem to eat. Until then the cubs would have to be quiet andstay hidden if they don’t then other animals will try to kill them.A young leopard will start to hunt down small animals firstbefore it starts to take down big animals. A leopard cub’s coatis a smoky gray and their rosettes are not clearly delineatedyet. The mother will abandon her nomadic wandering until the
  6. 6. cubs are big enough to follow her. She will make her cubs safeuntil they are 8 weeks old. The cubs will be ready to eat meat in6 or 7 weeks. The mother will feed her cubs milk for 3 monthsand sometimes even longer. The gestation period for aleopard is 3 to 3 .5 months. Sometimes leopards can even havesix cubs in a litter. The other gestation period that has beenrecorded is 90 to 105 days. Some leopard mothers have 2 or 4cubs in a litter to. The cubs are born blind it will take 10 days fortheir eyes to open. In 3 months old the cubs are ready t o followtheir mother when she goes on a hunt. The cubs will stay withtheir mother for about 13 or 18 months so that they can findtheir own territory to live on. The males do not take any part oftaking care of the cubs. Some 40 and 50% cubs don’t make itto adulthood. A leopard mating takes place all year long intropical locations and on savannahs to. A leopards birthinginterval of approximately will happen in 2 or 3 years. When thecubs reach 4 years old then they will start to eat meat. Meatthat their mother being back to them. She will put their kill up ina tree or in a cave. When the cubs are not ready for a real huntthey practice their hunting skills by chasing each other thatmeans that they are playing. When the cubs are one and ahalf years old then they will start to hunt on their own. Thismeans that they can take the world by themselves. When thecubs are two in a half years old. Then the mother will leave herold tree and starts to live in a different tree to live on and shewill start to mate again and have new cubs. When a youngfemale leopard is two and half years old she will find a matingpartner to mate with and then to have her own cubs to takecare of. The size of a newborn cub is 1 pound (0, 5 kilograms).They will reach maturity when they are 3 years old. A femaleleopard will be pregnant for 90 to 112 days. When the mothergoes out to hunt then she will hide her babies from predatorsthat would want to eat them. Leopard cubs have in commonwith other cats is that leopard cubs love to play games witheach other. The games that they play are stalking, pouncingand chasing. When a cat creeps slowly to chase their prey. Thisis called stalking. Pouncing is a big jump in the air. Chasing is
  7. 7. when a animal is running after a other animal. Leopard cubsuse these behaviors to practice on their bothers or sisters andsometimes their mother. This is a good training lesson to helpthem to survive on their own when they get older. Maleleopards roam on big territories there are usually one male andseven females in a leopard territory. A female leopard will givebirth at anytime of the year, Females usually have two grayishcubs that barely have visible spots on them. The mother willcontinue to hide her cubs until they are old enough to play orlearn how to hurt for themselves. Leopard’s cubs will stay withtheir mother for two years. When the mother goes out to huntthis is the time when the cubs can be killed. The animals that willtry to kill a leopard cub will be from a hyena, jackal, lion, tiger,snakes and birds of prey will try to eat and kill a leopard cubwhen the cub is not being protected by its mother. The biggestenemies to a leopard are humans. Humans are the leopard’sbiggest threat because people are taking away their homes tomakes room for houses and farms. The leopard population isstarting go bad because people are taking over their homes.People are hunting the leopard because for their skin coat tosale at markets but this has been a legal for many years in thepast. People are sailing them secretly which means they aresailing them in secret. The leopard’s habitats are being cutdown to make building projects. Poachers have been killingleopards for their whiskers to make potions out of them.Leopards are also being killed because they are killing thepeople’s livestock. They are also being poison becauseranchers are trying to protect their animals from them. Allsubspecies of leopard are all being threaten and endangered.The leopard is the symbol for wisdom. People kill the leopard tomake ceremonial robes and coats that is made out of theanimal’s skin. People use the different parts of the leopard’stails, claws and their whiskers to make fetishes. The leopard’spopulation is starting to be endangered especially in Africa.The biggest threat for the African leopard is that humans aretaking over their land. People often hunt them for their fur andthey also kill them for sport that means for fun but it is also
  8. 8. against the law to do that. People also hunt the leopardbecause it is killing the farmers and rangers livestock. When thehuman population keeps on growing then it will create a bigproblem for leopards. If the human population grows less andless land for wildlife so the land and room is a computation.There is a really big hunting game in Africa. Leopards havebeen one of the most sought-after animals for human huntersto kill. In some locations leopards are being hunted for trophy.This is called trophy hunting. This means that they are killingthem to make trophies out of them. People usually huntleopards to make meat and for their beautiful fur. Farms seethese creatures as pests because they kill their livestock. Butthere are some people that are trying to help the leopard andother amazing wildlife that come to Africa to pay localcommunities this will lead lots of protection for the leopards tohelp save them. The U.S. Endangered Species Act and theCommission on International Trade for endangered species.They will try to help leopards in wildlife parks that are in theleopard’s home countries. The U.S. Endangered Species Act isdoing whatever they can to protect these amazing creative’sfrom leaving out planet forever. They are doing their part. Nowit is our turn to help. There used to be 700,000 leopards thatused to live in the past. Now today they are fewer than 50,000leopards lifted in the world today. That is what I know aboutleopards.