Horse about for brittney


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This was a report on horses I wrote this for my friend Brittney and she loves horses and she is even a horseback rider to.

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Horse about for brittney

  1. 1. Customer: Brittney Bocchino Animal: Horses Report by: Felicia Ferentinos Horse Report Horses are herbivore which means they eat vegetation and only vegetation. There are not so many wild horses living today. The ones that are living today are the zebras, wild asses, and Mongolian, All other horses are called domestic horses. A group of horses is called a herd this is how they travel though distances in search of food and water or to get away from flies and mosquitoes that plague them in the hot weather. Horses can live on grasslands and in small forests. The male horse is called a Stallion and a female horse is called a Mare. Horses are also very large running mammals. They can run about 25 miles per hour. Horse can eat grass, fruit and leaves. Their predators are Humans, Wolves and bears. A little horse is called a foal. A male horse is called a colt and baby female horse is called a filly. A young baby wild horse can run fast enough to keep up with the herd it can do this because their legs are very long for their size. If the young horse can not run fast after birth they could easily get killed by predators. The horses that are set free and escape into the wild they are called feral horses. When danger is near then the babies will usually stay close to their mother. The mothers will push their young by moving them to the center of the group and they are protected by all of the adults. They use their speed to get away from their predators. A pony is not a baby horse it is kind of like a small horse. A pony can grow about less then 58 inches (146cm) tall to the shoulder. Wild horses can only be found in Africa and in Asia. They eat grasses these animals are nomadic herbivores. Racehorses can gallop at up about 42mph (68 mph) is a short way on escaping predators. Horses can live about 20 to 35 years. The horses are close related to the zebra and the donkey. A mother can only have one foal at a time. The coat of a newborn foal is often a quite light color. After four and five weeks then their bodies will
  2. 2. shed and be replaced by a dark coat. Some wild horses can be found in Canada and in the West coast. Wild horses will usually stay in groups to keep each other safe from predators. A colt will become a stallion in about 6 years and fillies will become a mare when in reaches years as well. The mother will carry her young inside them for approximately for 11 months. A few wild horses are clearly the zebra species. Including the Cape Mountain zebra are endangered and are vulnerable the Mongolian was extinct in the wild for thirty years ago. Zebras are also in the horse’s family as well. Wild Asses are in trouble; too only the only horse that still survives in safe numbers is the kang horses. There are four hundred onager that are still left in the world today. They are probably the most critically endangered, that are being followed by the dzigettai, Kulan and the African wild ass. Horses can even eat tree bark then there is no grass to be found. A lead mare in the herd is responsible for finding the best food and water. Way to Often a young stallion will challenge the older leader, and the winner can take cancel of the herd. A Stallion’s responsible is to keep the herd safe. If the grass is unavailable preferably in an open pasture it can supplemented with hay. Then all members of the horse family will feed on grass and shrubs. They can also be seen in a open country and they are very fast runners. The last smallest horse is the prewaiski horses they still survive in small numbers on the Mongolian steppes until the 1960s during the 15 century’s. Horses are the calmest and the most loving animals around. All people have trusted and agreeable as long as they are not getting abused or beaten or shouted at. That is what I know about horses.