Frog report for uncle tommy and aunt debble


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This was an frog report that I wrote for aunt dabble and my uncle Tommy. The reason why I did this research was because in their home they have frogs on where they live so my uncle asked me what do frogs in the winter. So I wrote them a huge animal report on frogs.

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Frog report for uncle tommy and aunt debble

  1. 1. Customer: Uncle Tommy & Aunt DebbieAnimal: FrogsReport by: Felicia FerentinosFrog Report______________________________________________________________________________Frogs are Carnivores that means that they only eat meat. These animalshavean really big appetite. They can eat almost anything that can move andthat it is easy for them to swallow and those animals happen to be animals thatare invertebrates and they can also eat vertebrates that mean that they caneat mammals. Birds, reptile’s fish and they can also eat turtles and even otherfrogs. The frogs that happen to be really small and that have an medium sizedthen these frogs will mostly eat insects. They can use their sticky tongues so thatthey can snap up the bugs. The bugs that they will eat are grasshoppers, moths,mayflies, dragonflies, worms, aquatic nymphs and larvae and they can also eatgrubs. The really big frogs will normally eat worms, small snakes, fish, mice, babyturtles and they can also eat other frogs and they can also eat insects. Frogshelp keep the insects population down. The frogs that are small and mediumsized will normally eat flies, mosquitoes, moths, dragonflies. The frogs that arebigger than the smaller species will mostly eat the bigger species of insects andthese bugs happen to be grasshoppers and worms. There are some big frogsthat will normally eat really small species of snakes, mice, baby turtles, and theycan also eat other frogs to. There are some frogs that will normally starvethemselves right before they start to eat dead animals and insects. The foodsthat they will normally eat are insects and they will also eat really small animalslike earthworms, minnows, and they can also eat spiders. Frogs will normallycatch their bugs and other food with their very long and sticky tongue. The otherfoods that they will eat are really small fish and worms. The other food that a frogwill eat is flies and other bugs. They will also eat worms to. To catch their preythey will have to jump really high. They can jump really high by using their verylong back legs. The other foods that a frog will eat are snails, slugs, and they canalso eat earthworms. They can catch their food by using their very long andsticky tongues. The types of bugs that a frog will usually eat are the ones thatcan destroy farmer’s crops. The bullfrog can eat so many different types ofinsects, mice, snakes, fish and they can also eat other really small creatures to.These animals will also hunt at night so that means that these animals
  2. 2. arenocturnal. They will have to wait for their food very patiently so that they canwait until something shows up and so that they can figure out if the animal thatthey are trying to catch will make a really good meal. They will have to make avery powerful lump so that they can lunge with their prey and then they willopen their mouth really wide. Then after they have caught their prey then theywill start to gulp down that will be an unlucky gullet that really seems to be reallytasty for a frog then the creature will start to go down the frog’s stomach. Theseanimals will also eat really small rodents and they can also eat small reptiles andother amphibians to. When they are living at a zoo then they will eat crickets,worms, fruit flies and they can also eat mice. A frog can swallow their food byusing their eyeballs they can do this by blinking and then the frog will push thefood down its throat. There are lots of frogs that choice their favorite food likethe Madagascar mantilla frog their favorite food are ants. Lots of the ants thatthey eat are usually known to be poisonous. This will also make the frog’s skinreally poisonous to. Frogs can be found on every place on earth but they do notlive on Antarctica. The biggest concentration frogs are usually located are in thewarmer tropical climes. The bullfrog likes to be near freshwater areas like ponds,swamps and lakes. The bullfrog rather be near banks than to go out into openwater. Bullfrogs also like to be in warmer areas then to be in colder areas. Thebullfrog can be found in Nova Scotia and in Central Florida. They can also live inthe western part of Wisconsin and they can live on rocky areas that can befound in British Columbia and they can also live in the state of California. Thebullfrog likes to live in an area that has lots of vegetation. These frogs also like tolive near freshwater like in rivers, ponds, and lakes. There are lots of frogs that liketo live near places that are wet and that are cold like ponds, swamps, and theycan also live in lakes to. There are some frogs that live in the desert areas theyare usually can be seen under the ground so that they can stay cold and sothat they can be wet. Not only they can be found in lakes and ponds but theycan also be found in marshes that are located in Nova Scotia, In Canada andall over the United States and to the south of Mexico and to Cuba. Theseanimals have also been spotted in Europe, South America and in Asia. Frogs willalso be found in really damp places that can be found on land. The otherplaces that they can be found are near any place that has plants. The otherplaces that they can live are in ponds to. They will go back to their waterhabitats when it is time for them to lay their eggs. These animals can live onevery continent on Earth but they do not live in really cold places likeAntarctica, Arctic and in Greenland. The habitats that they live in is every typeof habitats except the places that have snow and that have very dry locations
  3. 3. to. The American bullfrog is found on every place in North America. The placesthat they can be found is in the United States, Canada and they can also befound in Mexico way up high in the Rocky Mountains but there are found in lotsof different locations around the world besides the United States. They can befound in Europe, western of the United States. A bullfrog can weigh about 1.1lbs.Their average size is about 18.11 in. The biggest frog in the world which is theGoliath frog these frogs live in West Africa and they can grow about 12 inches(30 centimeters) long. The American bullfrog can grow about eight inches (20centimeters) in a length and they can be over three pounds (1.4 kilograms) in aweight. The smallest frog in the world is the gold frog and they can also growabout 9.8 mm (0.30) in a body length. The goliath can also weigh about 32 cm(12.5 in). Their body length excluding to their hind legs that can length about76.2 cm (30 in.) The goliath frog can weigh about 3.3 kg (7.2 lb.). The length ofan bull frog is 9 to 15cm (2,5-6 in), there was one bullfrog that can be big as 20cm (8 in). The length of their legs is 17 to 25 cm (7-10 in). A bullfrog can weightabout 500g (17, 5 oz.). The biggest species of frogs can length about 6 inches(15 cm) and they can weigh about 1.5 lbs. (750.g). The females are bigger thanthe males are. The American bullfrog can be really big. They can sometimesgrow as big as eight inches long (20 centimeters) and they can weigh about 1.5pound (0.6 kilograms). There was one python that was big as 30 feet long. It willtake like 8 people to reach that tall. The Blind snake are one of the smallestspecies of the snake species and they can also be really short and they can alsobe really thin that has an toothpick. The size of an adult female bullfrog is about3.5 to 6in (9 to 15 cm). This frog can weigh about 1.1 lb. (0.05 kg). The biggestspecies of frog is the Goliath frog and they can be big as 13.5 inches (30centimeters) the smallest frog in the world is the fold frog and their length isabout 0.39 inches ( 1 centimeter) The Goliath frog can weigh about 6.6 pounds(3 kilograms). When they are in the wild then they can live about 7 to 9 years thisis how long that they get to life for when they are in the wild. All frogs and toadsboth can live about 1 to 30 years. The Average life span for the American bullfrog is 2-4 years. When the bullfrog is in the wild then they can live between 8 to10 years in the wild and when they are in captivity then they will the ability to liveabout 16 years. Bullfrogs only like to be in warm weather so when it gets coldthen they will start to dig down into a mud so that they can hibernate. When thewarm weather is back then they will start to come out of hibernation and theywill come out of the mud. The frogs that will usually go through hibernation areusually the aquatic frogs and those frogs are the leopard frog, and theAmerican bullfrog and they will hibernate at the bottom of the water. They will
  4. 4. mostly do the same thing that aquatic turtle’s do they will dig into a mud thatcan be found at the bottom of an pond or in a stream. These frogs will easilysuffocate if they are digging up mud in an extended period of time. Whenturtles are getting ready to hibernate then that is when the turtle’s body will startto shut down when it starts to be really strong so that the turtle can get to themuds meager oxygen supply. The Aquatic frogs that will normally deal withhibernating there are near any oxygen rich water and then they will start tospend a lot of good portion for the winter they can do this by just lying on top ofan mud or if they are buried. These frogs will also be really slow swimmers whenthe winter comes to. They may come out for a swim for time to time. The frogstongue are located on the front of the frogs mouth they do not have a tonguein the back like humans do. When it is time for them to catch a prey thenthey will throw their sticky tongue right out their mouth and then they will start towrap the prey around the tongue. Then the frogs tongue will snap their foodright down their throat. Both frogs and toads are all characterized about howtheir small, ridged body and their really wide head, really big protruding eyesand their really noticeable eardrum that can be found on both sides of theirheads. Their ears are always alert for when is their next meal going to be. Thefrog has a really big mouth that has an really long and sticky tongue this caneasily help them to get their prey. These animals can do this without using anyteeth that do not have the ability to chew so they the only way that they eattheir meal are to swallow it whole. There are some frogs like the Americanbullfrog they have teeth that can be found on the top of their mouth and theyhave a really strong tongue that is used to grab food and bring them into theirmouth. Frogs and toads may look the same but they are a total different animal.The difference between a frog and a toad is that frogs have a really moist anda really smooth skin. The toads have an really dry and bumpy skin. Frogs havereally big hind legs that can easily jump over great distances. Toads have rallytiny hind legs and they can only use their legs to make really small hops becauseof their jumping ability. To escape from a predator or from anything they willalways try to flee from any danger that they face. When a toad faces dangerthen they will usually squat down and stay motionless. There are a lot ofpredators that will eat frog and the toad does not have a lot of predators likethe frog does the reason why the toad does not have a lot of predatorsbecause when they are threatened then their skin will start to excrete themoisture that is it has an irritate that can be located in their eyes, mouth, andthey can also be found on the nasal membranes that all different types animals
  5. 5. have even humans also have this to. THere are so many people that do notknow how to tell the difference between a frog and a toad. There is one thingthat they have in common and that is they are both in the same animal group.The difference between a frog and a toad is that frogs need to live near water,they have smooth, moist skin that can make them look like they are slimy, theyhave an narrow body, they have an higher, rounder, bulgier eyes, they havereally long hind legs, they can jump really high in the air. The last difference thata frog is different from a toad is that frogs have a lot of predators that they face.Now the differences between a toad and a frog is that the toad does not needlive near water to survive, they have really rough, dry and bumpy skin, they havereally wide bodies, They have eyes that are really small and their eyes areshaped just like an football. They really small legs that are known not to be reallypowerful. Toads do not jump they will usually run or take really small hops. Toadsdo not have a lot of predators that is because their skin is known to have a reallybitter taste and smell and they will usually burn predator’s nostrils and their eyesthis is just like what a skunk does. Frogs and toads do not give a person wart thatis just a myth. There are so many predators that will usually eat a frog and mostof these animals happen to be birds, fish and they can also be reptiles. The frogsthat live in the rainforest usually have really sticky hairs that can be found righton their fingers and on their toes to. They also have really loose sticky skin thatcan be found right on their bellies. All of these skills make these animals reallygreat climbers when they are trying to escape from a predator. To stat safefrogs will often climb up really big trees so that they can escape from apredator. The other skill that a frog will do is that they will use really goodcamouflage so that they can blend into their environment, this is makes thepredator really hard to found the frog. There are some frogs that also know howto change color of their skin so that they can have a really better way on hidingin their surroundings so that will be really hard for the predator to find them. Bothadult frogs and toads both have two different main color schemes. Each ofthese animals both has different signals that can come in handy for survival skills.These really bright colors are usually weaning on the poison and the dart frogs.These frogs are really easy to see and they are also really easy to warn predatorsto back off and the predator can tell if a frog is known to be a poison frog. Thefrogs that usually use camouflage to help them from a predator. The frogs thatwill usually use this skill are the hoppers and these frogs happen to be the colorgreen or brown. Camouflage is a really handy technique that can help theanimal to hide in their habitat so that their predator does not know that it isthere. To make the predator think that it is something else. Toads protect
  6. 6. themselves a lot different than a frog does because they have an totallydifferent survival skill to protect them. If a predator is nearby then the toad willstart to puff themselves up so that they can act like they are too big to beswallowed. There a lot of toads that can have an secrete burning milky toxinthere is an gland right behind their eyes. When they go under the water thenthey will close their nostrils and then they will start to continue to absorb lotoxygen that can go through their skin. The American bullfrog will use their skin forthe Buccak Cavity and their lungs to do a respiration skin. The gas that is reallyexchange is really important for all the animals that are in the amphibian group.These frogs are usually named by the calls that they make they are known to bereally loud, that is located in their throat bellow that can carry a very long distance. Thisgives this frog an impression that a frog is a lot gibber then it already is. The bullfrog hasa baritone call that is known to be really deep and resonant. The sounds that thesefrogs make it kind a sounds like a cow mooing. This sounds is called a hence. The onlyone who gets use this sound is the male bullfrog. The sounds like a Jug-o-rum bellowand these choruses can be heard all night and all day long. Every species of frog hastheir own set of their sound that they make to commute with each other. The male frogis the only one that can be makinga croak sound. They can make this sound becausethey have a really small sac that can be found in their throats and that can vibrate upin the air. They will usually ley their air come out them really slow. Frogs can also make asound that looks like they are not using any sound at all. There are some species of frogthat knows how to chirp, whistle, croak, rabbit, peep, cluck, bark and they can alsomake a grunt. The only frogs that can make sounds are the males. They use their call sothat they can attract mate. Frogs can produce each other’s sounds by inflating theirvocal sacs into their throats and then they will start to vibrate right through the air. Theycan really take their air out of them really slow. There are some species of frog that willusually inflate one very big vocal sac. The other species they are known to have reallysmall vocal sacs. The call of a male bullfrog can be really loud and it can also be reallydeep. This is how a male will make his sound. Its sounds like this Jug-o-rum. There aresome people that think that they sound like a cow mooing and that is why this animal iscalled the bullfrog. If you ever walk near a pond you might just hear a whole chorusmaking these calls. This is when the males are telling other bullfrogs on where to find histerritory that he is located at. The breeding season for a bullfrog is in the late spring andin the early summer. To attract a mate a male will usually call out to the female. Thecalls that a male makes can really attract female to come to his territory. When thefrogs have finally has mated then the female will start to lay 20,000 eggs. The femaleswill usually lay their eggs in the water. After she is done laying them, then they will startto float right up to the surface. The bullfrogs eggs will start to hatch in less in a week.There will be more then thousands of tadpoles will start to come into view around bybring surround by water. The limbs of the tadpole will start to grow and then they willstart to be like adult frogs. This whole thing can take like 3 months are in 3 years. It really
  7. 7. depends on what type of area where the bullfrog lives in, A female frog will start to layhundreds of eggs in the water at one at a time. There is jelly all around the eggs. Thejelly is used as a protection for the babies when they are inside of the egg. An egg of afrog looks like they are round and they are really small. Inside of each egg there is ablack shape inside of it. The black shape will start to grow when the young frog starts togrow. A tadpole is a really a baby frog. Every single tadpole has an really long tail, Theywill use their tail to help them to swim through the water, but pretty soon they will start tolegs. The tadpoles will usually start to grow legs when they are 8 months old of age. Thatis the time when they start to grow in back legs. Their bodies can be really long. The legsof the tadpole are used to swim really fast. So that predators do not catch them. Sothat they can catch up with the others. When the frog is at 9 weeks old then that will bethe time when the tadpole will start to grow in front legs. Then the tail will start to getsmaller to, after the tail is gone now the tadpole is now transformed into a frog. A frogwill start their lives as a tadpole that will be hatched in the water from an really smallegg that can be covered with jelly. The mother will usually lay thousands of eggs in oneat a time. The jelly that is on the egg does not taste really good that is why it is a reallygood protection for the eggs but when they are hatch and out of the egg and nowthey are a threat to predators. Tadpoles are just like fish because when they are bornthey will gills on them. They need the gills so that they can breathe under the water.These tadpoles have areally big head and they also have an really long tail. Thetadpoles do not have an easy life because there are other animals whorather eat themas food. But it is a good thing that tadpoles are really fast swimmers so that it is reallyeasy for a tadpole to escape from predators that will usually come to a pond and try toeat them. The animals that will eat them are fish and water beetles. This is how a lifecycle for a frog is done. First the mother will lay the eggs in a pond the eggs will usuallybe floating, that is called egg masses. A female will usually lay 4,000 eggs at a time. Theeggs will usually hatch and live in the pond for the first moments of their life. When theyget a little bigger then they will start to turn into Froglets. This is the part when they arestarting to grow legs and their bodies will start to shrink. That will also be the time whenthe tail will start to shrink to. Then they will start to grow in lung and their back legs andthen after all of this is done then they will be turned into a frog. Every single amphibianthat is in this family must always shed their skin when they are growing. The shed skin willusually be eaten.There are some species that have wedded hands and feet. Frogs willuse their webbed feet and hands for so many different types of skills that they need tohelp them with their survival. Those skills are swimming, jumping, and these hands andfeet will also help them to climb to. Female frogs will usually lay their eggs in ponds, andeven in lakes. There are also other frogs that are known to lay their eggs in big puddles.A baby frog is called a tadpole. These babies are totally water based and they willcontinue to do that until they have grown arms and legs. After the male has finishmating with the female then that will be the time when the female is ready to have hereggs, She will usually lay them in the water. The eggs will start to hatch and grow into
  8. 8. really small creatures that are called a tadpole. The tadpoles are known to be limblessand lung less. The tadpoles live their wholes lives under the water until they are ready toturn into a frog. This process is called metamorphosis. The tadpoles will start to grow inlimbs and they will also grow lungs to, then they will finally become frogs. There aresome species of frog that can have as two or three tadpoles. The bullfrog tadpoles canbe big as 6 inches long in just in one week. So that they can climb out of the water.There are so many species like in the hoppers group. It’s the father’s job to take care ofthe eggs. The male every once in a while the male will put the eggs in a differentlocation so that they can be safe from really wet places. The male protect the youngby putting them on his back. The eggs will be carried in a pouch that can be found onhis belly or he can also carry them by putting them in his mouth. The other way that thedad can protect the Youngersby waiting for the eggs to hatch and when they aretadpoles. He will have to do that right before putting them into a wet place that canbe found on the land that has real water in that area. The dad is mostly the one thatdoes these tasks the mother will also do these tasks to. There are sometimes that bothparents babysit the babies but the frogs that will usually do this it really depends on thetype of species. The highly endangered frog that is called the Australian gastric-brooding frog. These frogs have the strangest ways to care for their eggs and for theiroffspring. What is so weird about how these frogs take care of their babies is that thefemales will lay her 20 eggs and after the male is done fertilizing them, Then the femalewill start to eat normal food that is because the eggs are growing inside of the mothersstomach. When the eggs are ready to be tadpoles then the mother will vomit them outof her and then she will start to eat again. The frog that will start the mating process isusually the male; He will be ready to mate by calling out to a female. Every differentspecies of frog has their very own special sound. This is like the same sound that thefemale makes to answer the male’s calls. There are some frogs that are known to bereally loud. There calls can be heard over a mile away. Frogs are known to be reallyloud and they make lots of sounds. There are so many different types of sounds that afrog can make and sometimes people will usually have a name for the sounds that afrog makes. Like for the barking tree frogs. This frog kind a sound like a pack of dogs thatis barking when they are on the hunting for food. There is another frog that is called thecarpenter frog and they sound a lot like a carpenters hammering nails. After the couplehas met each other then they will find a really good place to mate and to have a reallygood place for the female to lay her eggs. They will start the mating process by themale hugging the female from behind her and when she is laying her eggs. They willusually do this when they are in the water. That will be the time when the male starts tofertilize the eggs. There are some species of frog that will look after the eggs and thereare others that don’t look after them. There are frogs after they are done mating thenthe eggs are out all by themselves and they will start to survive on their own to. Afterthey have hatched out the egg then they will become a tadpole. If you ever go to thepond you just might spot a couple of tadpoles swimming in the water and you might
  9. 9. see an six-inch beasties. They are known to be a really young frog. Just like all tadpoles.They all live in the water Tadpoles also have lots of predators that they will have to face.The predators that will eat an American bullfrog tadpole will be fish, snakes and birds.These are the animals that will feast on a tadpole. When they start to grow legs andthey will also start to lose their tail. The tadpoles will be ready to come out of the waterin 2 or 4 years. This is when they start to be a full-grown adult bullfrog. Just like all theanimals that are an amphibian they also spend their whole lives near the water. Thatalso goes for frogs to them will also spend their life in the water to just all the otheramphibians do. The reason why they live near the water because they have to return toany water area so that the mothers can lay their eggs. The eggs are usually being laidin the water. When the eggs have hatched. After the eggs have been hatched thenafter is done then the next step is a tadpole. These little creatures will spend their timeunder the water so to help them to breathe they will be born with gills. The gills can helpthe tadpole to breathe when it is in the water. The tadpole can swim by using their tail.They will start to bury themselves when hibernation comes. Then they will start to burythemselves in a mud and in sand. They will start to hibernate when the cold wintercomes. The eggs will start to hatch in 4 days or even lesser then those days. The motherwill normally produce 20,000 eggs. This is how many eggs that a really big femalebullfrog can have. There are so many species of frog that can have as much as 20 toseven thousands eggs. An egg of an frog have an require moisture that will usually growa lot. The eggs will usually be laid under the water but the eggs will be apart from eachother and their be big number of eggs in their nesting area to. After the eggs arehatched then they will be a really creature that is called a tadpole these creatures areactivity born with gills and they have really long tails to. The gills that are on thetadpoles are extremely internal and they will often grow a lot and also they will alsostart to grow in lungs. They will be continued to grow for 5 to 9 weeks. That will be thetime when there really long tail will start to shrink and it will also start to disappear to.They will be all gone for 16 weeks. it is really hard to count the populations for frogs andfor toads that is because there are so many of them in so many different types ofplaces that can be found on anywhere in the world. But there happens to be a lot ofinformation about these animals to and thatstudied these animals are thinking that weshould worry about the year of 1980s. there are a lot of scientists that are starting to getlots of reports from anywhere around the world about the troubles that is happening inthe amphibian population even the ones that live in really safe areas are also gettingdestroyed to. The other big problem for these animals is that they are starting to losetheir wetlands and the other habitats that frogs live in. The reason why they are startingto lose their homes because of the human population is growing a lot now and alsobecause of industry. These are the greatest threats to these animals. The other threatthat frogs are facing today there are some frogs that usually migrate across differenttypes roads. There are some hoppers that will try to get across a really busy highway sothat they can get to their breeding pools so that they can have their babies. When they
  10. 10. do across a road or a really busy highway they will often get squashed by cars. Thefrogs that are known to be non-native like the trout and other frogs that lots of peoplehave been known about. The frogs that are nonnative will normally eat local nativefrogs. Frogs are also having troubles with their rivers and ponds being pout anted tobecause that will kill the frogs and the tadpoles to. One of the most dangerous threatsto a frog is really chytrid fungus this can totally be deadly for their skin. There are a lot oflocations of the world that will usually do this and the places that will normally do this isthe people that live in Australia, South America, North America, Central America, NewZealand, Europe and in Africa. There has been about millions of frogs that have beenkilled by these places, but frogs are not the only amphibian that is dealing with thisthreat. All the amphibians in the world are facing with this threat to. There has been 100of species of frog and amphibian species to go to extinction ever sense in the year of1970 years ago. This threat has been found on 285 different species of amphibians thatwill also include frog to) that can be found on 36 different countries. Another big threatthat these animals are facing is that the change of the climate this is also a big problemfor the frogs that live up on the mountain tops. These frogs are being hit a lot with thisbecause they totally contact on their moist leaf litter which can only be found in cloudforests. This where frogs find a really good spot so that they can lay their eggs, but whenthe temperatures goes far up on the sides of the mountain. When this happens then theclouds are starting to be pushed really far away this is destroying leaves when thathappens then the frogs will not have an really good place to lay their eggs. Frogs willusually migrate onto really high mountains this is where they have a huge problem andthat is because when they reach to the top of the mountain then they cannot goanywhere else. There are so many different threats that frogs are facing and thosethreats happen to be pollution, infectious diseases, habitat loss, invasive species,climate change, over-harvesting for pet and for food trade. These threats are allstarting to give the frog a really big future. It’s not just frogs but all the animals that are inthe amphibian group are also facing the same threats to. Humans will often kill thebullfrog for their legs. There are some states that have and compete hunting season forkilling the bullfrog. It is true that frogs really know how to take care of themselves. Theseanimals know that they have to avoid or even try to escape the danger that theirenvironment deals with. There are a lot bullfrogs that are being kept as pets today thereis so many people that are keeping frogs has pets that it is starting to be a reallycommon thing. The people that live in the south parts of North America they even eatfrogs as food. The bullfrog has been seen in lots of different countries all over the worldthis is where they are having anhorrible impact on the bullfrogs ecosystem. We must dosomething it help and save these amazing animals. These amphibians need all the helpthat they can get. Frogs have the right to continue living on this planet. They are doingtheir part in nature and we should find a place in nature to. This is a really big planetthat is full of wonders and discoveries that are just waiting to be found. We have tomake this planet safe for us and for the other creatures that we share it with. This is our
  11. 11. beautiful home it deserves to have a second change to live on for the next generationon this planet. There is a really big, bright and beautiful future then we can find a wayto protect our planet. This is our world and our home it will be a lot happier and cleanerplace to live on. We have to make room for other living creatures to. God madeanimals for a reason just like he made us for a reason to. That is what I know about frogs.if we work together we can save the frog and other animals that lives on this planet to.Together we can make a difference in our beautiful planet that we all share.