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This is a bald eagle report that I wrote for my teacher and his name is Mr.Godfrey. I made this report for him last year. He was my English teacher last year.

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Bald eagle report for mr.godfrey

  1. 1. Customer: Britteny Boccohino Animal: Bald Eagle Report by: Felicia Ferentinos Bald Eagle Report ______________________________________________________ The bald eagle is a carnivore which means that they only eat meat. Bald eagles usually eat fish and they will also feed on small mammals. They will usually take down fish that are swimming close to the surface. The mammals that they eat are waterfowl, wading birds and they will also take down dead animals that are usually called carrion. They will also eat large birds. They are amazing hunters; they can grab a fish with their wings as they glide over the water. These hunters are also known to scavenge. This means to take or steal food from other predators, or steal what other animals have left behind. The bald eagle will easily steal a meal from other birds and also they can steal a meal from a mammal too. The bald eagle usually hunts during the day that means that they are diurnal. Bald eagles have very good vision they use this sense to look for their prey. A bald eagle can spot a rabbit from a mile away. The bald eagle can see in full color to. The bald eagle can chase their prey by grabbing it using their strong talons. Their diet mostly takes in is mostly fish. They can also hunt small mammals. They can also attack snakes they can also attack rattlesnakes and other birds to. They can also scavenge dead animals. This also means that they can also eat road kill. The bald eagle can use their beak to remove the indigestible feathers or the fur before they start to eat a bigger animal. When they are eating a small animal then they will eat the animal whole and regurgitate and they will eat some of the most important parts of the animal like their hair, their feathers if the prey is a bird or the bones. The bald eagle can eat so many different types of food they usually like to eat fish they will also eat small mammals like rabbits. The other animals that they eat are turtles, ducks, geese, and some other small animals. Sometimes they can eat dead animals too. The bald eagle is part of a family that is called birds if prey. This means that these birds have to kill and hunt meat. A bald eagle can eat about one-half pounds (220 to 675 grams) of food in a day. They food that they mostly eat fish they will sometimes eat dead animals which is sometimes called carrion. Carrion is a fresh dead animal.
  2. 2. The bald eagle usually hunts during the day. They will hunt with a perch. A Perch is a type of place where the bald eagle usually catches its fish they can do this without getting their feathers wet. The bald eagle can even catch things that live near the water like a duck, geese, and turtles. Most of the time the bald eagle can steal a meal from other birds and other animals to. They will often steal a meal from a osprey. They can also be called as the fish eagle. The bald eagle can steal a meal from the osprey by swooping down on a flying osprey that is carrying a fish so that they can scar the osprey so that it can drop its fish and so that the bald eagle can catch it. The bald eagle can sometimes use its talons to a fish from an osprey. The other food that the bald eagle preys on is different types of rodents and they can also prey on snakes to. The bald eagle can carry the prey to the perch when the bald eagle is at the parch it will start to eat its meal If the prey is too heavy for the bald eagle to being back to the parch then the bald eagle will eat it where it just killed it. The bald eagles beak is use to rip pieces off flesh from its prey. The bald eagle has no teeth so with no teeth so that means that the eagle has to swallow the pieces whole. The bald eagle can also eat small objects like rocks so that it can help the eagle to digest the food. These objects can swallow the food down into the eagles stomach this is called gastrulates. After the bald eagle has finished hunting then it will start to clean its feathers. The bald eagle can also do this sometimes during the day too. The bald eagle has a very special way to catch a fish when they spot one. When the bald eagle does see a fish then it will drive down and it will brushes over the water's surface. Then the bald eagle will get the fish by using their talons they use their talons to catch their prey and to catch fish. The bald eagle will dip it's talons into the water and then it will spear at the fish to caught it. Sometimes when the fish is to heavy to carry back to the perch. Then the bald eagle will swim the fish to the shore. Their talons can grab the fish and then they will prevent the fish so that the fish does not escape from their strong talons. These birds can only left about a hold of their body weight when the bald eagle has catch a fish that is to heavy for the bird to carry. If the prey is to heavy then the bald eagle will swim to the shore by using their big wings. The bald eagles favorite food is fish. The bald eagle can grab a fish by using their spiny scales and their sharp talons that is located on their toes so that they can grab slippery fish. When the eagle is hungry then it will wait on their favorite perch unit they spot a fish that is coming near the surface
  3. 3. then it will swoop down to the water and they will grab the fish very fast with their special feet they would have to hold on to their fish really tight so that the fish does not escape the eagle's talons then the eagle will fly back to the nest or in a convenient perch that is located in a tree so that they can enjoy their meal. They have a very powerful beak that is use to help the eagle to rip off the small pieces of the animal that they just caught so that the eagle can swallow it whole because they have no teeth. The bald eagles that live in Alaska they hunt salmon that are abundant. When the bald eagle can not find any fish in their area they go after other animals like rabbits, squirrels sometimes other birds and even a baby deer. They have been known to steal a meal from other birds to. The bald eagle is build to hunt for fish. The bald eagle is only native is in North America they can live all across America they can also live in Canada and in Northern Mexico. The type of habitats that they live on are in forests areas that are near water they can also live near coastal areas to they can live near big rivers and lakes. The other habitats that this bird lives on are in coastlines, lakes, rivers, swamps and near marshes. The bald eagle usually lives near forests that are near shores like rivers and lakes. The bald eagle range is around in North America in Florida and Alaska. The bald eagle usually lives in places where there is no humans to be seen or found. They like to live their water. Lots of eagles can make their homes in lakes and streams. Their home ranges can also be in south Florida and Baja and they can also be seen in California. The type of habitats that these birds live on and where they nest are near some coastlines, rivers, lakes, wet prairies, and coastal pine lands. The bald eagle can only be found in the areas of North America. The places of North America that the bald eagle can be seen are in Alaska and in Canada. Some other eagles can be found in Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, and in Wisconsin. The bald eagle can live near some coasts, rivers and they can also live near lakes. The adult bald eagle can grow about 7ft (2.3m). The bald eagles wingspan can reach about 3 ft (1 m) in a height. The adult bald eagle can weight about 9 to 14 pounds. The females are 30% bigger then the males are. The height of an adult male bald eagle is about 30 inches (76 centimeters) tall. The female’s height is much bigger then the males are they can grow about 40 inches (102 centimeters) tall. The male bald eagle can weight about eight to nine and one-half pounds (three and one-half to four kilograms). The females can very
  4. 4. big then males are. The females can weigh about 15 pounds (seven kilograms). The size of a bald eagle is usually 1 m (3 ft) to the height 2.3 m (7. ft) wingspan. The weight of a male bald eagle is 3.5-4kg (8- 9lb.). The weight of a female bald eagle is 4.5-6kg (10-14lb.). The size of a bald eagle is 32-40 in (80-100cm). The females can be 3 feet (1 meter) long and their wingspan is 8 feet (2.4 meters). The bald eagles length is 28-38in (71-96cm). They can also weight about 6 1/2-14 lb (3-6,5kg). The bald eagles body length is 29 to 42 inches (74 to 107 centimeters). The bald eagles wingspan is 5.5 to 8 feet (1.7 to 2.4 meters). The male bald eagle can weight about 6 to 9 pounds (2.7 to 4 kilograms). The weight of a female bald eagle is 10 to 15 pounds (4.5 to 6.8 kilograms). The size of the bald eagle’s head to the tail is between 28 to 38 inches. The wingspan of a bald eagle is 6 to 8 feet, 5 to 12 pounds. The bald eagles wingspan can also be about 8ft (2.5 ft). An adult bald eagle can grow about 30 to 40 inches from its head to the tail with the foot of 7-8 wingspans. Their average weigh is usually up to 8 to 14 pounds. The female bald eagle is much bigger then the male bald eagle is. The size of the body of the bald eagle is up to 34 to 43 in (86 to 109 cm). Their wingspan can also grow about 6 to 8ft (1.8 to 2.4m). The bald eagle can also weight about 6.5 to 14 lbs (3 to 6.5 kg). The length of a bald eagle can also be 79cm-1-1m The bald eagle can live about 20 to 40 years. The bald eagles wingspan can also be 1.7-2.4 m. When the bald eagle can live about 20 to 30 years when it is in the wild. When the bald eagle is in a zoo or in a park it can live about 50 years. The bald eagle can also live about 25 to 40 years to. When the bald eagle is in captivity it can live for a long time. Just like any other animal they can live much longer in captivity then they are in the wild. In a zoo they can live about 48 years when they are in zoo. The bald eagle can also live about 35 years old when they are in the wild they can even live even longer to. The bald eagle is really amazing swimmer. The bald eagle use its beak to arrange and to clean their feathers. This is called preening. The adult bald eagle has lots of feathers it has more then 6,000 feathers on them. Preening can take a very long time. Preening is really important for a bald eagle because sometimes the wind can ruffle the feathers. The bald eagle feathers are really important that it is smooth because so that the bald eagle can fly very will. The bald eagle will clean its feathers and will make it smooth with the help with its beak. The bald eagle has a very important organ that is located near the tail. This part of its body is used to produce oil. The bald
  5. 5. eagle can use it's beak to spread the oil around its feathers. This oil will make the feathers waterproof. The bald eagle will replace its feathers in every two or three years. This is called molting. The new feathers will start to grow and replace when the old feathers are gone. The molting has to take place more often because so that the bald eagle can fly and hunt. The bald eagle is very powerful and strong flyers they are strong flyers because of their larger wings make them strong flyers. They can fly about 100 miles per hour (160 kph) when they are driving. The bald eagle has thermals. Thermals are used for columns of hart in fort when it is in the air. The bald eagle will fly with its thermals high into the air. When the bird is soaring then it will fly about 50 to 75 miles (80 to 120 kilometers) per hour. When the bald eagle is flying then it will use its large wings to glide. The bald eagle also has air currents to help them fly to. An air current is a stream of moving air. When the bald eagle is flying into a current then it will stretch out its wings and then it will start to float when it is in the air. The bird will relax and float when it is in an air current. That will make the bald eagle help save its energy. The bald eagle can fly in the air for a long time like for hours they can do this without flapping their wings. When the bald eagle is flying the eagle’s tail will have the bird to stay in balance when they are flying. Their tail can also help it to change direction or when to stop flying. The bald eagles average speed when they are flying is about 20 to 40 mph (30 to -65 kph). The bald is eagle is a really good swimmer to even a good flyer as will. They can use their wings to propel themselves through the water. They like to swim because so that they can chase their favorite food which is fish. So that this skill comes in handy when they need to chase a fish. The reason why they called this bird the bald eagle because the real thing they are not really bald it is just covered with white feathers that is on top of their head. The word bald came from obsolete English which means for white. There are even white feathers on the neck and tail. The word bald is a really old English word that is another word for white. The bald eagle got its name from its feathers instead of a lack feathers. Lots of people call the bald eagle so many different names the other names the people call this eagle is the American eagle, the fishing eagle, Washington eagle and White-headed eagle. They belong to a special scientific group of eagles that are also known as the sea eagles or the fish eagles this also includes the Stellar's sea eagle. Benjamin Franklin wanted to have the turkey as our national symbol. Benjamin Franklin did not
  6. 6. want the bald eagle to be our national symbol because the bald eagle can steal a meal from other birds he thought it was a poor choice for the bald eagle to be a national symbol of the United States. The other reason why Benjamin Franklin want the wild turkey as our national symbol that is because it lives only in the United States and the bald eagle lives in Canada to. The people of the United States wanted a bird that can stand for strong and powerful they also wanted a bird that can soar high up into the sky that can represent freedom and that bird is none other then the bald eagle. You can see lots of pictures of the bald eagle on coins, stamps and lots more different objects. This bird of prey can only be seen in North America. The bald eagle is also on presidential seal, money and on stamps. Before the bald eagle was chosen to be the United States national symbol Ben Franklin though that the Continental Congress should pick the wild turkey then the bald eagle because Ben Franklin thought that the bald eagle was a bad moral character. The bald eagle shares there land with other animals to like the osprey, mink, and the snapping turtle. Other people of the United States wanted the bald eagle as our national symbol because it is a powerful animal. The bald eagle supposes the argument. The bald eagle start to be the United States national symbol in the year of 1782. The one of the amazing things about the things that nature gives is when a bald eagle will swoop down to grab a fish they can soar about 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) high. The bald eagle has amazing eye vision that can see where to find its prey. The bald eagle can see things lot better then humans can. They can see more colors then any human. Their good eyesight helps them when they are hunting other animals. That is the reason why the bald eagle has large eyes so that it can see its prey that is how they see will with their good eye vision. The bald eagles eyes give the bird good bigger and clearer images. Both sides of the eyes can move very separately. One side of the eagle’s eyeball can see what is coming on the right side of the eagle when the other side of the eagle is looking on the lifted side of the eagle. This can help the bald eagle to see things more then once. The position of the eyes can give the eagle better eyesight. The eagle’s eyes are usually in the front of the head of the bird. Their eyes can face forward and slightly to the side. This can help the bald eagle to see things in front of it. Animals that usually have eyes on sides of their head they can not see things that is in front of them. There are two different types of bald eagles one bald eagle is called the northern bald eagle and the other bald eagle
  7. 7. is called the southern bald eagle. The northern eagle lives in the north part of the United States they will usually migrate into warmer locations they do this in every winter. A migrate means to move to another place to another place. When summer comes then the bald eagles will return from their long trip. To help them find their way back to their nest they use familiar landmarks that can help them to find their way back home. Bald eagles usually return to the place where they were born. Scientists call this fidelity. The Southern bald eagle is a lot different then the northern bald eagle because they do not migrate. They usually live in warmer southern states. The bald eagle is one of the largest birds in North America. Even people can even spot a bald eagle with their white colored feathers. The bald eagle shares their land with other animals like the Turkey vultures, osprey, muskrats, sea lions, harbor seals, and they also live with their land with salmon. If a person says that you have an eagle eye take that as a compliment. This means that you can see things that other people at night do not have to notice. The Bald eagle can have the ability to see things that are far away this can help them to look for their food from where they are high in the sky or near a perch that can be on a tree or a cliff ledge. There is difference between our eyes to the eagle’s eyes and that is that the eagle can not move its eyes from different sides so that they can have a better look at their surroundings. To look the bald eagle would have to turns its whole head to see their prey. When a bald eagle will start to lose one of its feathers on one wing then it will start to lose a matching one that is on the other wing. They do this so that they do not lose balance when they are flying. There is 80% bald eagles population in the Southeastern of the United States it is really in the state of Florida. When the bald eagle is at a zoo then they will eat dead rats and chicks that have special vitamins and mineral supplement. The bald eagle does not have a sense of hearing it actually sees its prey then hearing where the animal is but there are sometimes that bald eagles can hear they can hear calls from other birds and other animals. When they want to hear there ears do not stick out of their bodies this can make flying a lot easier when it needs to fly through the air. Now they have to pick where the sound is coming from by turning their head to the location where the sound might be coming from, the bald eagle does not have a very good well-developed senses like their senses of smell and taste. They are not affected to taste and smell. This can help them to eat lots of different type’s food for them to eat.
  8. 8. Northern bald eagles can migrate during the winter not all species of bald eagle can migrate at the same place they usually travel to places that have lots of food for them to eat. Bald eagles often hunt and eat in a very big group. When the spring comes then the bald eagle will travel back to their national homes so that they can start to begin their courtship and mating. When it is time for the bald eagle to make the mating call. A mating call can sound like a high pitched and they can be heard over miles away. Both male and female will not be able to mate until they reach five years old. When they do this they will mate for life. They can only find another partner when their first partner has died. Before the bald eagle can start mating the bald eagle has to make sure that there is a lot of time for courtship before they can start to mate. Female bald eagles can build their nests out of twigs and leaves. The female can build a nest that can reach about eight feet across and they might weight a ton. There nests can be made way high up from the ground. They usually build their nests near big trees and on cliffs. Some eagles may build the same nest over and over again they can do this for years. Courtship is how an animal can win affection of each other. The female and male can do a special flying when they are in the middle of courtship. When the bald eagle is whirling that is a really weird courtship flying when they are in a flight then a male and female will lock their talons together then they will be able to tumble will be head over their feet that is headed towards the ground. When they go near the ground then they will be apart of each other. Then they will go up into a higher level when they are flying in the sky and they start to do this again. A female bald eagle will usually lay 1 to 5 (but they mostly have 2) eggs. For only about 2 or 3 days apart. The size of a bald eagle is 3 inches long and the egg have a white color on them. This job is usually done by both parents this can last about for 35 days. The babies will stay in the nest for 11 or 12 weeks or when the parents teach them how to fly. A baby eagle is called an eaglet when they are in the nest they will begin to know how to use their wings they also do this in a nearby branch they can do this for seven days. The eaglets will start in the nest for the next 6 weeks when their parents will continue to feed them and to teach them how to fly and how to hunt for their food all by themselves. They will usually return back to the nest when they reach maturity and when it is time for the younger’s to mate to. A female bald eagle will plan her nest in a forest, lake, or a river. They usually choose places that is unseen by people that way they can raise their eggs in peace.
  9. 9. When a bald eagle is building a nest it is called an aerie. Females usually build their nests in tall trees or on huge cliffs. The nest can be about 50 to 125 feet (15 to 37 and one in a half meters) off of the ground this can help keep their nest and their eggs safe from danger it is also easy to help when they need to go out to hunt. The bald eagle will spend most of its time gathering sticks to make the nest bigger. When the male and the female build a small structure. It can usually be three feet (one meter) wide and they can be three feet (one meter) deep. The parents will make the bottom of the nest out of branches and sometimes grass. They both carry a branch back to the nest and they placed in the nest very carefully. The parents will usually line up the nest with very small green branches and leaves too. Both mating pair both takes the same aerie in every year. A female bald eagle can have her eggs between December to March. The eggs will take a month or a month in a half until they are ready to hatch. This is called the (incubation period). Both male and female will help take care of the eggs that are in the nest. They will continue to feed their young until it is the time for them to fly. The incubation period will take about 31 or 45 days. The babies will be ready to reach maturity when they are 4 to 5 years old. The biggest nest that has ever been recorded was in the state of Florida this nest was about 9 feet (2.7 meters) across, 20 feet (6 meters) deep, and they weighed about over two tons. The bald eagle can build their nests high up in tall trees so that they can keep their eggs safe from danger. Sometimes after a year some parents will come back to the same nest. They make their nest out of sticks, twigs and grass at each time. One time in Florida a bald eagle nest has grown about (2.7 meters) wide and 20 feet (6.1 meters) tall and the nest will weigh about more than 4,000 pounds (1,814 kilograms). When the male and female will impress each other they will do a special courtship dance in the sky. Then they start to lock on each others talons and tumble and they will start to twist in the air. At the last second they will finally let go of each other just before they threat to the ground. If the bald eagle needs to be a good parent then it will need a very good home like where is the best place to look for fish a place that has big trees so that they can make their nest and a place that is away from humans. Every parent will help take care of the eagle chicks which are usually called eaglets. The mother’s job is to do most of the chick sitting so that she can keep her eggs warm. The job of the father is to gather food for the family. A female will lay her eggs about seven
  10. 10. days apart in once a year until they are ready to grow. It is a known fact that the largest eaglet will fight over the most food that they will get from their parents and sometimes they will even kill their younger brothers or sisters this is called a survival strategy for the bald eagle this will also tell which one of the chicks will have a better chance of living through adulthood. The eaglets look like they are fluffy and they have a light gray color when it is time for them to hatch. They will start to turn dark brown before they start to leave the nest. They will start to leave the nest when they reach 12 weeks old. Their head and neck feathers will not turn white until they reach maturely. Life can be very hard for a young eagle and most baby eagles do not even survive their first year. Lots of birds can make their nest that needs sort so that they can lay their eggs. The bald eagle is a really good nest builder. A male and female will make a big nest that can be high up in a sturdy tree but sometimes when there is not tree to be found they can sometimes make their nest on the ground and they will come back after year and after year so that they can add more twigs grass, moss, feathers and branches so that the nest can get very big. Sometimes over the years has pasted and the it starts to get so heavy over the years and it is supporting the branches and they will start to break and then the nest will start to crash down then the female and male will have to start building their nest all over again. When both of the eagles like the nest then the female will start to lay her eggs she will usually lay one or three eggs. The parents will take turns for keeping the eggs warm during the day and during the night until they are ready to hatch out of their eggs. In every year the mating bald eagles will always use the same aerie every year. In every year the couple continues to make the nest bigger they can do this by adding more sticks to their nest. The biggest bald eagle nest can be big as nine (270 centimeters) wide and 12 feet (360 centimeters) deep, Every mating bald eagle always guards their territory all around the nest. They will attack any birds that will try to enter into their nest. A female bald eagle will start to lay her eggs in the early spring. The eggs can weight three inches (seven and one - in a half). The female usually sits on her eggs so that she can keep her eggs warm. If the nest gets disturbed during the incubation period then the parents will start to fly away then the abandoned eggs will start to get cold when this happens then the baby eagles will die when they are inside the eggs then the eggs will never be able to hatch. The eaglets will start to hatch in 35 to 40 days. The eaglets will
  11. 11. remain brown and fluffy until they have grown their feathers. This coat is used for keeping them warm and to keep them dry. They will start to grow dark brown feathers will start to grow in three weeks after they are done hatching. Their head and tail feathers will remain brown until they are four or five years old. Then after those years they will start to turn into snowy white. The eaglets are brown and their beaks are the color of black and they will stay this way until they reach four or five years old. Then their eyes and their beaks will start to turn into yellow. During the first year of their lives they start to be completely helpless. They can not stand or even walk in the nest they cannot hunt for food until they are older. The is the job of the parents is to feed the eaglets the parents will bring their prey back to the nest so they can feed their babies. The parents will tear off the prey into small peaces so that it can feed inside the babies’ mouth. Feeding a baby bald eagle can be a full time job. The male and the female make a lot of trips to nest so that they can feed the eaglets. After the seven weeks of their lives they will start to move around in the nest they will spend a lot of their time eating and resting. They can build up their wing strength they can do this by flapping their wings and stretching them out. They usually play with the sticks in the nest. They will spend a lot of their hours of every day preening their feathers. A fledgling is a very young bird that has been gown its feathers and it is learning how to fly. The eaglets will start to fly when they are 10 to 12 weeks old. The easiest way that can help them to fly is when they can fly to a nearby tree or maybe near a rock. Then after they are done learning how to fly then they will return to the nest. The parents will take good care of them until they are ready to be strong flyers. Eaglets will spend their seven weeks of their lives learning their flying skills they also learn how to hunt food and learn how to feed themselves. Eaglets will return to the nest so that they can rest or eat. Some bald eagles babies will start to leave their parents territory in one or two months after they start to fly they will usually never move to far from their parent’s territory. Then the eaglets will start to live on their own. When fall comes the eaglets are ready to start to first migration. Lots of eaglets will start to die on their first year of migration. Only the eaglets that are strong enough can survive the first migration and that are able to travel in long distance and that they do not have a problem looking for food when they are in cold weather. During the winter some eaglets may die during their first year in the cold weather. The young bald eagles will have feathers
  12. 12. that have a mix of both brown and white. Bald eagles are not adults yet until they are 4 or 5 years old. Young bald eagles can travel very far locations. The bald eagles that live in the state of Florida have travel to Michigan and the eagles that live in California they have travel from California to Alaska. In the wild the bald eagle does not have any natural enemies which will mean that they are on the top of food chain. The bald eagle populations have dropped this means that people have done something bad to the bald eagles habitats that are in the wild. In the year of 1900's farmers start to use pesticides so that they can protect their crops from the insects. The farmers do not understand that eagles will eat fish from the bodies of the water that has been contaminated this is causing an overuse poison. Right now the bald eagle is endangered today. In the year of 1940 the government made a Bald Eagle Act. They have made a law that people can not kill a bald eagle. The bald eagle is now placed on the endangered species list they have started to be put on the list in 1973. An endangered species is an animal that is about to disappear from the planet forever. It is against the law to kill any animal that is on the endangered list. People would have to pay a fine and they will be sent to jail if someone has killed an animal that is on the endangered list. But these laws are not being obeyed people have been killing the bald eagle in every year. The bald eagle only has one predator and that is humans. Sometimes sheep rancher would shoot or even poison a bald eagle because they are being blamed for killing their lambs. The bald eagle is not responsible for the lamb kills. The bald eagle is very important for the environment because they eat dead animals this is good thing because they are cleaning up nature’s process. The bald eagle is also a very good hunter by them hunting this helps by keeping other animal population strong. They can do this by killing the weak, old and slower animals they leave only the animals that are healthy enough so that they can stay alive and know how to survive. The bald eagle is also in trouble because of pesticide. The United States government has banned lots of dangerous pesticides but there are some pesticide that are still being used today they are placed where there is water and soil. Pesticide is also being replaced by the fish that the bald eagle eats. In some states the bald eagle is making a comeback. One of the other problems that the bald eagle is facing today that is pesticides which is a better regulated now. The bald eagles that had made a comeback are now showing that all wildlife links are all together. Power lines are
  13. 13. also killing lots of bald eagle because sometimes they use the power lines as a perch. They use this as a perch because it has a good look when the bird is hunting but when the bald eagle toughs the wrong wires then the bald eagle is also losing a other battle of survival. The bald eagle is also being pushed into small areas where there is not enough food or room to raise their young because people are building towns and cities near their lakes and rivers. Scientists are starting to worry about that there will be no more room for the bald eagle and then they will have no where else to live. Lots of people around the United States are working very hard to save the bald eagle from extinction. The Untied States started to make a law that it is not an allowed to cut down any trees that is holding a nest of a bald eagle. Only the Native Americans can own and posses any where and part of the bald eagle because the bald eagle is very important to them in lots of different religions. The United States government can help the bald but other people can help to. In every year the National wildlife Federation sponsors a bald eagle count. Lots of volunteers have tried to help the numbers of the bald eagle. This can help scientists keep in track of the bald eagle population. So that the scientist can till the government how the bald eagle is doing with their population. This can help to preserve the bald eagle's place in North America's wildlife heritage. There is a way that people can help the bald eagle with its survival in the United States and not just the bald eagle and other birds to and that is to recycle paper this can help because so that there will be more trees left for them to nest. They are endangered and being threatened in very low 48 states this started to happen in 1994. This work has helped the North American wildlife heritage. Together we can save our national symbol and the bald eagle will still be flying over our heads. Together we can make their future bright. That is what I know about the bald eagle.