A report about lions


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This animal report is on lions. I wrote this report for lots of different people and the people that I wrote this report to was this person that works at my school Library and her name is Dr.Dray. The other people that I give this report to was this sign language interpreter and her name is Ms. Jennie. I also wrote this for my friend Lesley to. The last person that I give this report to was my art teacher and her name is Kim Zmarthie

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A report about lions

  1. 1. Customer: Dr. DrayAnimal: LionReport by: Felicia FerentinosLion ReportLions are carnivores which mean that they can only eat meat.The animals that they prey on are wildebeests, Zebras, impala,antelopes, gazelles, giraffes, buffalo, wild hogs. They cansometimes eat carrion; Lions can take down their prey byworking as a team. The lioness (female) does most of hunting. Alioness will bend in with her tan colored coat so that she canblend in with the long brown grass, so that the prey animaldoes not see her. A group of lions are easier to catch an animalthen a single lion can. Lions have to ambush their prey becausethey are not first enough to catch up to their prey that they aretrying to caught. The animals that lions often prey on areantelope, zebra and other hoofed animals. If the lions can’tfind the food that they usually eat then they will eat smallanimals like hares, tortoises, and even a porcupine. When a lionis really hungry then it will eat almost anything that it can find,Such as snakes, insects, peanuts fruit and sometimes they caneven eat wood. When a female is 50 feet away from her preythen she will start to attack sometimes lionesses can hunt alonebut if they hunt in a group then they can catch an animaleasier. A Big animal can feed the whole pride for seven days.Lions are predators that mean the animal has to kill for theanimals to live. Lions are on the top of the food chain thatmeans that they do not have any natural predators. Sometimesif the lion does not find any food then it will scavenge on otherpredators like hyenas, cheetahs and leopards. Lionesses missmore animals then they caught. A hunt will begin when thelionesses are spread out in a fan. Some members can walktowards their prey forcing the animal to walk towards the otherlionesses that are hiding in the grass. When the prey is closeenough to the lioness then the ambush will begin. The femalescan kill their prey by biting the animal’s neck so that the animalcan stop breathing. Lions usually take down the sick, weak and
  2. 2. injure animals because those animals are easy to cash then ahealthy animal is because they can easily kill a lion. Lions musthunt almost everyday and night so that they can look for foodfor 2 or 3 days. A lion can eat about 75 pounds of food in onemeal. A lion can go for a week with no food. The lionesses willspread into two groups. One group circles around so that shecan get ahead of the prey animal. When the first group is inposition then the second group will show itself and scares theprey then the prey stampedes right into the first group of lions.A lion can leap about 35 feet in the air in a single jump. Lionscan hold down their prey by using their sharp claws and teethto grab the animal. A lion can even take down a three timesbigger animal then itself they can even hold and knock downa three pound animal. The male lion always eat first after themales eat then the females can have their turn and then finallythe cubs can have their turn the cubs eat last because if theymove to close to the adults then they can get hurt. When thelionesses have got a meal then it is time to eat. The pride isalways hungry and always ready to eat they always rush to geta peace of meat. They will hiss and fight with each other wheneach lion tries to eat as much as it can. A big male lion can eatabout 90 pounds (40 kg) of food in one time. After a very bigmeal then the family will lick their paws and their faces. Lionscan also clean each other with each others tongue. Thetongue kind a works like a brush. Lions can also eat a babyelephant and a rhino. After the lions are done with their mealthen it is time for a cat nap. Lions have to get a enough sleepto inshore their enemy for hunting. They usually rest with theirheads on each other. Lions can also eat a warthog. An adultmale can eat about 15 pounds (7 kilograms) of meat eventhough lions can sit about for 60 pounds (27 kilograms) a mealin one sitting. Lions can also eat a topi, impala and an eland to.A lion has the best eyes then any other predator on earth. Alion can eat about 90 pounds (40 kilometers) of food a day.That is like us eating 360 quarter pound of hamburgers. Alioness can sneak up on the prey by hiding in the long tallbrown grass. A lion will continue to pause, crouch and hide until
  3. 3. it is close enough so that the lioness can make a good chase. Ifthe prey outruns the lioness like about 300 feet then the lionesswill give up. A male lion can also eat about 88 pounds of meatin one sitting. Lions live in some parts of Africa and in the Girforest that is in India. The habitats that the lions live on are thegrassy plains, savannahs, open woodland, and in Scrubland.Lions usually live on the African plains and on grasslands. Todaylions can only be found in some parts of the world. Lions live invery small locations in Africa and in a very small place in India.The African lion can be seen on the African plains. Lions alsolive on the African Savannah in an open country which iscalled a Shrub. They can also be seen near trees or in reebeds.They can also be found in South Africa in Sahara. They used tobe around the world except for Antarctica and in Australia.They usually live were there is easy places to look for food andthere is enough prey animals for them to hunt. The African lionused to live in every part of Africa. But today they can only befound in the South of the Sahara desert and in the parts ofSouthern and eastern Africa. The Asian lion used to live in theMiddle East though India now they only live in a small forestcalled the Gir forest that is in India. Lions live on grasslands andon the plains because so that their tan colored coats will blendin with the grass so that it can be a great camouflage. Theheight of a lion is about 4 feet (1.2 m) this is the height for amale lion. The length for a male is 5-8 feet (1, 5-2.4m). Theweight for a male lion is 330-550lbs (150-227kg). A male lion canalso weight about 400 to 500 pounds (180-225 kilograms) and amale can be over 9 feet (2.8 meters) long too. A lioness aresmaller then the males. A lioness can weigh about 275-135kg).The other length of a male lion is 2.7 m to 90 cm to the tail. Amale lion can also weight about 440 pounds and the lionesscan weigh about 330 pounds. The male lion with his mane canweigh about between 150-225 kg (330 -500lb) and the averageweigh for a lioness is 150kg (260-330 lb). A full grown male canweigh around 330 and 550 pounds (150 and 259 kilograms). Thebody length of a male lion is 56 to 8.3ft (1.7 to 2.5 meters). Thebody length of a lioness is 4.6 to 5.7 ft (14 to 1.7 meters). A
  4. 4. lionslength is 27 to 41 inches (70 to 105 centimeters) to theshoulder. The shoulder height of a male lion is 4 feet (1.2meters); and the females shoulder height is 3.5 feet (onemeter). The other weight for a male lion is 330 to 550 pounds(150 to 250 kilograms) and the female can weight about 265 to400 pounds (120 to 180 kilograms). The lion’s body can growabout 57 -78 in (1.4-2m); to the tail 26, 3 – 40in (63-100 cm). Alion can also grow about 6 feet (1. 8m) long and they canweigh for 420 pounds (190 kg). A lion’s body can grow about2. 3 – 3. 5 feet long to the tail. A lion can grow about 45 – 8 ftlong. They can also weigh about 3 .5 -4 feet to the shoulder.The pounds of the shoulder is 285 -550 pounds. The lion’s bodycan grow about 8ft (2.9m). A lion in captivity can live about 30years. A lion can live about 15 years in the wild. A lion can alsolive about 10 to 14 years in the wild to and they can live about20 years in captivity. Lions are not like any other big catbecause they live in a group that is called a pride. All the otherbig cats are usually solitary which means that the animal livesalone. No other cat lives like this. A pride of lions can have 20adults. Mostly all adults in the pride are usually lionesses. Theircubs also live in the pride too. A lion’s territory can be very smallbut it holds enough food to feed the whole pride. If there is notenough food then the would have to travel in far distances tofind food. Most lions in the pride are usually females. But themale lion has the most important job in the pride which is toprotect the pride from other males that want to take over thepride. A pride can hold about 3 or 30 lions. The females in thepride are really mothers, sisters and cousins. Male lions that arenot related to the females. A pride of lions have a very closebond with each other. All of the females stay in the same prideforever but the male lions will only stay with the pride for abouta few years. A pride can hold up to 4 to 6 lionesses. The otherfemales in the pride are also daughters and grandmothers. Apride can also hold 15 to 40 animals in the pride. Lions will doeverything together. They take care of each other and theyraise their young together, they hunt together. The bestteamwork is a pride of lions. They can even protect the pride
  5. 5. together. In the pride everyone has a job. The female’s job is tohunt for prey and to raise their young. But the male has themost important job in the pride and this is to protect the pride.The male lion is usually the leader of the pride. All the females inthe pride are usually related to each other. Every pride musthave no more than two male lions in the pride. Only the pridemale can mate with the females. No animal knows aboutteamwork then lions do. When all of the females are hunting.The male usually watches over the cubs and always make surethat the cubs get enough food to eat. When it gets night orday that is the time a roar of a lion can be heard all over thesavanna. By lions roaring this is how they stay in contact witheach other. The males will roar to warn other males to stayaway. Lionesses can use their roars to call their cubs, Lions canmake lots of sounds to communicate then roaring they canmoan, grunt, snarl, and they can also growl. A lion’s roar canbe heard over 5 miles away. Both male and female can roarbut the male’s roar is much deeper. A male lion will usually roarafter the sunset. A male can roar about five miles (eightkilometers) away. They can also use their roar to warn intrudersand round up the stray member of the pride. Lions are reallygood at climbing they can sometimes can go up a tree for agood view or place to get away. From the heat and flies. Lionsspend most of their day sleeping and relaxing. Al lion can layaround for 21 hours of the day. When lions get tried during theday. The pride will often lick each other this is called grooming.This helps keep their fur clean they can do this by licking andfleeing. They can also use serve a social interaction to eachother. Lions are also known as king of beasts because they areso powerful and strong predators. Human hunters think thatthey are competing with them. The lion is also on top ofAfrica’s food chain lions share their land with hyenas, Gravy’szebras, leopards, African wild dog, African elephant, Impala,Black rhinoceros, and the cheetah. The male lion wears amane because it can protect the male’s neck when he isbatting other males that want to take over the pride. The mostimportant job of a male lion is to make sure that there is no new
  6. 6. males that want to take over the pride. When there is a newmale in the current lion’s territory then the 2 males will battleeach other. These battles can cause injures and deaths. If thecurrent male lion wins then he gets to stay in the pride. But if thenew lion wins then the new male can easily kill the cubs of thecurrent male so that the lionesses can be ready to mate withhim and have cubs his own and so that they can raise his cubs.A lion can be a very fast runner they can run about 36 miles (58kilometers) in an hour. A lion can also run about 37 miles perhour. The lion is the symbol of power, courage and nobility onfamily crests, coasts of arms and national flags, in the lots ofcivilizations. Some lions can hold 25 lions in a pride. Their territorycan reach over 100 square miles (260 square km). A lioness willbe ready to mate when she is ready she will walk up to thepride male. The pride male will be the cub’s father. A lion cubcan weight about 3 pounds (1.5kg). In three months the lionessis ready to have her babies when she is ready she will leave thepride to have her young. She will hide near a big rock orbushes. After the lioness is done with mating process then thelioness will be pregnant for 15 weeks. Cubs are very small. Anewborn cub can weight about 4 ½ pounds the moment thatthe cub is born. A lioness will have only two or three cubs in alitter. The first food for a cub it’s the mother’s milk. When themother goes out to hunt she will hide her cubs to keep themsafe. In every few days the mother will remove them from theirold hiding spot into a different hiding place. The mother has tohide the cubs because so that a predator does not see themthere is one thing that is different about a lion cub then theadults. Cubs have spots on them to help them blend in withthe land. So that they can hide from predators when theirmother goes hunting. A newborn cub will weight about one-hundredth pounds. A lion cub will need a lot of loving care themoment that the cub is born. When they are born they can beblind and it is really hard for them to crawl. A newborn cub canalso weight about less then five pounds. In the first few weeksthe cubs will hide from the rest of the pride. When the cubs are2 months old then it is ready to meet the rest of the pride and
  7. 7. the mother will let the rest of the pride meet her cubs. The malewill be ready to show amazing tolerance towards the cubs. Thiswill allow the cubs to tug at his mane and play on the black tuftthat is on the back of the male’s tail, the cubs will practice theirhunting skills. They will also practice pouncing on anything thatmoves. This is what kittens do to. When the mother goes out tohunt then the rest of the pride will watch over the cubs. All ofthe females in the pride all give birth at the same time. A cubwill nurse with the other females and with their own mother to.When a cub is really hungry then they will ran over to one of thelionesses so that the cub can suckle her milk. When a new malehas toke over the current males pride then the new male will killthe cubs. So that the future cubs will have his gene instead ofthe current males. Cubs usually come together in a nursinggroup. A lioness will be pregnant for 95 to 120 days. A lioness willgive birth to 1 or 2 cubs. A cub will not be able to roar until itreaches 2 weeks old. Cubs are born throughout the whole year.All of the pride usually gives birth at the same time. A lionesscan have 3 or 4 cubs in a litter. She will give birth to them inevery 2 years. The weight of a baby lion cub is 2.5 pounds. For 2years the cubs will learn how to survive on their own. Cubs areready to open their eyes in 2 weeks. When their eyes start toopen then they will began to walk and play with the othercubs. In often the mother will not always be there to protect herbabies so they would have to be quiet until the mother returns.When the cubs are two months old then the cubs legs will startto grow strong then they will follow their mother back to thepride. The mother will let her cubs meet the other cubs in thepride to. All the members in the pride all help take care of thecubs. In six months the cubs will grow about one-fourth that iskind of the size of an adult lion. But they are still not ready tohunt yet so till then the cubs do hunting games that can trainthe cubs for the a real hunt. When cubs play they are doingtheir school time. The training lessons that they do are jumpingon each other. They will play games of wrestle, they can evenbite and grab leaves that are high in the air and hey canchase them. They can also chase the tails of the adults. Lions
  8. 8. used that to live in eight thousands years ago. Lions used to livein North and South America. In 2,000 years ago lions used to livein Europe to. In 200 years lions used to roam all over Africa andin India. The reason is that there are no lions in north and SouthAmerica and in Europe any more that are in other placesbecause they become extinct by human hunters. Humanhunters started to kill them in 1913. There are about 20 Asianlions left in India. But they are now being protected in only inone part of India. There are not a lot of Asian lion cubs beingborn. The African lion is okay for now. There are some parts ofthe savannah that are being protected in national parks and ingame reserves. But people are still making a big problem forthe African lion because people are building houses and farmsover their homes. People will let cattle eat on the grass that ison the savannah. If there is not enough space for the lions huntthen they will have a hard time looking for zebras or buffalo.The savannah is running our of grass to feed the zebras and thebuffalo and the other wild herds that live in Africa because thecattle is eating all of their grass. If there is not enough food tofed the wild grazing animals in Africa then the wild herds will dieout and if there is not enough food then the lions would havestart to eat the cattle and other livestock. Then people will getmad and start to kill the lion. Lots of people have hurt theAfrican lion in many different ways. Sometimes human hunterswill kill the African lion for sport. Sometimes people havehanged up a lion’s head. This threat is called poaching this iswhen poachers illegal hunt animals this is against the law. Bothspecies of lion are both endangered. They are endangeredbecause people have been taking over their homes. Thegrowth of the human population is starting to be a problem inAfrica and in Asia. If there is no space for lions to live on whichmeans they will have a hard time looking for food. This will alsomean that there is not enough food to feed the lions. But thereare some people that want to help save the lion and try to stopthe poachers. Some want to stop spreading the sickness that oramong the lions. People all over the world want to help the lionand the pride of the savannah. People want to help keep the
  9. 9. savannah big enough for the lions to live on. Now only this willhelp the lions still rule as king of the animals. The lion’s onlynatural habitats are in protected reserves they are doing verygood in there. There are a lot of lions that do genetic diversityand also prevent in breeding the movement between differentprides are starting to move limited. There are still being huntedin reserves. There are a lot of lions and so little space forrangers. Rangers often put females on birth control to reducethe numbers of cubs that are being born. Ranchers will evenpoison lions that try to kill their livestock. Lions have also beenhunted for trophies and for medicinal and magic powers. Thatis what I know about lions.