LinkedIn 101


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An online marketing educational guide that teaches members of the alternative health industry how to create a dynamic profile on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn 101

  1. Create a killer LiNkedIn Profile Guide for Creating a LinkedIn Profile for the Alternative Health and Wellness Industry FeelGoodNow about your LinkedIn professional profile!Thursday, April 5, 12
  2. Yeah, we know... LinkedIn isn’t exactly, um, sexy.Thursday, April 5, 12
  3. But for what LinkedIn lacks in sex appeal it makes up for in PRACTICALITY “Ooooh!” “Ooooh!” “Aaah!” “Aaah!”Thursday, April 5, 12
  4. So, the question is: “How the %#*@ do I get started?!?!”Thursday, April 5, 12
  5. Good News! It’s a piece of cake! (...and we’re here to help!)Thursday, April 5, 12
  6. So, let’s get started! Step one: Step TWO: Go to Create an AMAZING ....and sign up! profile! Here’s how...Thursday, April 5, 12
  7. TIP #1: Present yourself in your profile, as you would if you were meeting someone for the first time. no! Yes! Since LinkedIn is a professional network, you want to make a great first impression!Thursday, April 5, 12
  8. TIP #2: Upload a PROFESSIONAL & RECENT Photo for your ProfileThursday, April 5, 12
  9. TIP #3: Make a Great Headline You have so, 120 Make characters to describe ‘em Count!! whoYOU are.Thursday, April 5, 12
  10. The more specific you are, the more exposure you will get! GOod Example: “Licensed Acupuncturist Using Five Element Techniques Specializing In Anxiety”Thursday, April 5, 12
  11. Tip #4: Create a Dynamic SummaryAVOID THE COMMON MISTAKE OF MAKING YOUR PROFILE LOOK LIKE A RESUME. BORING!Thursday, April 5, 12
  12. Instead, Wow! use that 2,000 word limit Interesting! to describe and highlight Neat! your industry expertise!Thursday, April 5, 12
  13. So now, your summary is ABSOLUTELY MIND-BLOWING! But the truth is, not everyone wants to read it. (Sorry!)Thursday, April 5, 12
  14. Tip #5 That’s why LinkedIn provides the SPECIALTIES SECTION H INT: th is is w h ere you ca n lis t k ey words th at de sc ri be you r sk il ls & ex pe rt is eThursday, April 5, 12
  15. Example: What makes the specialties section especially awesome? It’s WAY easier to read It makes you more than a 2,000 word SEARCH ENGINE summary. FRIENDLY!Thursday, April 5, 12
  16. Tip #6 List Your Professional Website your potential clients will know where to find you! Pssst! You can only list a maximum of 3 websites, so choose wisely!Thursday, April 5, 12
  17. Tip #7: Customize Your Labels VS. Lame Not LameThursday, April 5, 12
  18. Congratulations! You’ve completed your LinkedIn profile!Thursday, April 5, 12
  19. Want to learn more?! For more online marketing help check out our other ebooks, tutorials, videos and presentations at: or via Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Now, you Feel Good about your LinkedIn proifle!Thursday, April 5, 12