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Coolshop S.r.l. is a marketing oriented Information Technology company founded in 2005.

The mission of Coolshop is to help its clients make winning strategic, operational and organizational choices.

Our main asset is our customers, the Web, our ecosystem.

We are passionate about technology and innovation. This is why, we love Startups.

We work on a daily collaboration and partnership with our clients providing a solid knowledge of technology and a consumer-oriented vision.

We firmly believe in a problem-solving approach that supports our clients during uncertain times, because behind every moment of crisis, new opportunities arise and technology can be the winning card in your business.

We work with the client when there is a need to invest in technology to reach industrial economies; when it is useful to set priorities of investment, development, growth and profitability; whenever it is possible, an innovative communication is a must; when there is a need to gather and analyse information, data and statistics to become market leaders.

We guarantee the utmost confidentiality of data and private information as we assure our clients an absolute professional integrity to whom we always offer a process of technology support which allows the transfer of required skills to take advantage of the new tools offered.

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Coolshop Corporate Mission

  1. 1. Enterprise solutions! Company Profile
  2. 2. BECAUSE IT ALSO STANDS FOR ITALY We are based in Turin, Italy. ! Passion lives here, remember?! ! We leverage our country’s world renowned talents in creativity and design, ! and we apply that knowledge to coding. We develop elegant solutions,! on the User Interaction Design as well as the Code itself.
  3. 3. COOLSHOP
 COMPETENCES ✓ Intranet Applications ✓ Mobile Applications ✓ Web and Ecommerce ✓ Project Management / Governance ✓ Business Intelligence ✓ Safety Management Systems ✓ Rapid Prototyping ✓ Quality Assurance Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016
  4. 4. THE TECHNOLOGY SIDE TOOLS:! ✓ AngularJS ✓ Bootstrap ✓ PHP ✓ Amazon AWS ✓ PhoneGAP ✓ Java ✓ jQuery ✓ HTML5, CSS3   METHODS: ✓ Unit Testing ✓ Agile Development ✓ SOAP & REST WS ✓ UX design with A/B testing ✓ Redundancy and autoscaling Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016    
  5. 5. Some of our customers: Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016
  6. 6. OUR OFFERING Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016
  7. 7. Enterprise Applications We have experience in developing custom applications for our Enterprise customers.! We have shown multiple times how a direct approach with modern technologies! can solve many of the problems Enterprise IT developments incur into.! ! We bring expertise from marketing and ecommerce into designing internal applications, ! so that your intranet does not look like the ‘90s, while providing all the enterprise features! you would expect: unit testing, continuous integration, planned deployments, issues tracking, ! SSO integration…! ! We also deliver mobile compliance, offline capabilities, extranet availability with reduced effort. Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016
  8. 8. Web and Ecommerce We work on marketing and ecommerce projects leveraging the best open source tools in the market. We have a strong focus on facts-based design, so we work very hard to deploy solutions that are both elegant and effective.! ! There is a great design tradition in this town that we leverage greatly, working with design professors and advertising executives. But we do not stop there, we do usage scenarios analysis, use A/B testing strategies and do usability reviews to find the best design, and support it with numbers. Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016
  9. 9. Mobile Development We develop mobile applications, both Native and Cross Platform.! We have great experience with PhoneGap by Adobe,! and we use it to deploy most applications! in a cost-effective manner on multiple platforms. ! ! When the applications are more CPUintensive ore ! need more resources, we develop custom applications. ! ! We handle enterprise distribution, Over the Air deployment ! or Trade show deployments, including device rentals ! and personnel training when necessary. Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016
  10. 10. Concept and Mock-Up We support our customer developing new communication concepts through the adoption of new technologies.! ! Often in a complex environment to speed up the approval process of new concepts it is effective to develop a quick and cost effective mockup of the project with all the features included. A wireframe allows to focus on the features before focusing on the design. Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016
  11. 11. CASE HISTORY Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016
  12. 12. Business Process Manager We developed an AngularJS application,
 embedded into various Fiat Industrial B2C websites enabling an end user to configure a vehicle and request an offer from a dealer.! ! The application is live worldwide and works for 7 different brands, in a variety of languages. It can be embedded by every single dealer in its own website. It pulls data from SAP and ConfigIt environments and generates requests interacting with multiple legacy systems.! ! We embedded deep analytics: action tracking, positive and negative metrics aggregation and analysis (uncompleted configurations, common abort pages, ecc). Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016
  13. 13. Airport Safety Management System The air transport industry is filled with potential risks and unsafe conditions ! which cannot be all eliminated; despite the fact that operations must continue. ! ! The reality is that air transport operators and related service industries must generate a profit to be sustainable, which means as much a focus on earnings as on the avoidance of loss. Hence, safety is a prerequisite for a successful and profitable aviation business. Therefore, it is vital that SMS is implemented so risks and hazards can be identified and mitigated before turning into catastrophic and to realize safety pitfalls existing within the system. Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016
  14. 14. Factory Bi with Real Time Analytics and Production Planning In an aluminum foundry, we implemented real time data collection boxes from ! the PLCs thru a network of black boxes, gathering real time analytics on the production. ! ! The platform has production planning capabilities that matched to the data ! gathered generates a factory BI report the the top management. Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016
  15. 15. Mobile Competence Center Coolshop has been successfully engaged by FGA, ! working with KPMG Advisory,to help set-up from scratch! their Mobile Competence Center.! ! FGA Mobile Competence Center has been established as an IT team ! with strong ties to every part of the FGA organization that deal with mobile web ! and applications (Marketing, CRM, AfterSales, ICT).! ! We worked to create awareness and to analyze the unrelated efforts! at mobile apps that were going on in different part of the company, ! developing a set of guidelines and best practices. ! We supported the development of the first non-marketing applications, ! and cut down the average application cost by a third! with better IT overview of the projects. Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016
  16. 16. Business Intelligence - UI Coolshop has been succesfully engaged by CNH, to give a strategical support to the Business Intelligence Office in the development of new dashboards for the International Regions division.! The project is developing a business intelligence platform based on IBM Cognos and creating a new UI through the adoption of Fast Edit. Strategic support and PMO:! • Business Intelligence integration • Technology opportunities report • Report Design and Management • Cognos Business Intelligence Platform Design Technological support and Activity! • UI Development • SSA data management • Fast Edit development • Cognos development • Custom Solution data management systems Sales Forecast / Order Book • PPO Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016
  17. 17. Mobile apps for Customer Relations - FGA The experience with Fiat Group Automobiles has focused on the «Ciao Fiat» Mobile App, developing a case history presented to the Geneva International Motor show. The concept has been extended to 13 markets and to Alfa, Jeep and Lancia brands.! ! Activities: ! • Customer Engagement Strategy ! • User Interaction App Design ! • Development! • Quality assurance and App Store submission! • Geneva Motor Show Support Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016
  18. 18. Veichle Leads management for Dealers We developed an AngularJS application, with offline support used ! by dealers in selected market to manage leads, requests and ! create offers. We used web 2.0 / HTML5 technologies ! to guarantee access to crucial functions of the platform ! without consistent internet connection. ! ! The application has a strong costing component, ! where the dealer can handle customized calculations.   Focus • Mobile support • Offline data access • Html 5 • UI and UX • Deep Analytics • AngularJS, Bootstrap       Coolshop Srl – 011 5536789 / 011 5536793 – – – P.IVA 10253130016
  19. 19. Coolshop Srl! Vinzaglio 29! 10121 Torino!