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  • Going into detailEach key point is anchored with a question. I find posing a question to the audience relative to each key point engages them to proactively think and apply the ideas to their own situation vs. just listen to what I have to say.  Slide Notes:Place the title of the first key point where it says “People” and also in the box in the upper right.This may seem redundant, but the repetition is important. The “subline” in the upper right hand box is for a one or two word anchor to the first key point.In my case, the subline for “People” is “Happiness” – it’s the people you surround yourself with in business who impact your happiness.I’ll then carry the “box” in the upper right hand corner, color-coded to that section, to additional content slides in that section.
  • Short MoviesIn addition to photos, I use several short movie clips in my presentations to demonstrate various skills (showing a team leading a daily huddle) or highlight mini-case studies of growth firms applying our tools and techniques.These videos add credibility to my presentation, letting the audience hear from executives like themselves and how they’ve applied andbenefited from using our tools and techniques. Slide Note:The image on this slide is a picture. Delete the picture for a media placeholder into which you can insert your own movie.
  • Key PointsFor certain key points, I’ll simply place a few words on a slide without any other visuals,especially when I can’t find an appropriate picture and I want the words to linger in the minds of my audience.Again, I’ll always tell a story that brings the key point alive for the audience while I keep the words on the screen, effectively “burning“ an image in their mind.
  • Actionable endingI always want to leave the audience with an assignment – some action they need to take.In this case, I’ll ask which of the four decisions do they feel their company needs to focus on the most?Then I’ll give them a few minutes to note their answer and to outline three actions they’ll take when they get back to the office. Slide Notes: If I use photos, I often change the contrast and brightness so that the words stand out. To adjust brightness and contrast for a picture that you set as a slide background, hold down CONTROL, click the slide and then click Format Background. Find brightness and contrast settings on the Adjust Picture tab of that dialog box..To adjust brightness and contrast for a picture on a slide, select the picture and then click the Format Picture tab. Under Adjust, click Corrections to access brightness and contrast options.
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    1. 1. The New England Journal of Medicine Dabigatran versus Warfarin in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation FEDERICO FAILACH N. M.D. RESIDENTE II AÑO MEDICINA INTERNA UNIVERSIDAD DEL SINÚ.
    2. 2. METODO• The Randomized Evaluation of Long-Term Anti- coagulation Therapy (RE-LY)• Patients were recruited from 951 clinical centers in 44 countries.• Blinded fashion, fixed doses of Dabigatran 110 mg or 150 mg twice daily• Unblended fashion, adjusted-dose warfarin.© your company name. All rights reserved. Title of your presentation
    3. 3. CRITERIOS DE INCLUSIÓN Y EXCLUSIÓN.• previous stroke or transient • Severe heart-valve disorder ischemic attack. • Stroke with- in 14 days or• Left ventricular ejection severe stroke within 6 months fraction of less than 40% before screening• New York Heart Association • Condition that increased the class II or higher heart-failure risk of hemorrhage symptoms within 6 months • Creatinine clearance of less before screening than 30 ml per minute• Age of at least 75 years or an • Active liver disease, and age of 65 to 74 years pregnancy.• Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, or coronary ar tery disease
    4. 4. TABLA 1.© your company name. All rights reserved. Title of your presentation
    5. 5. StrategyFilm Title© your company name. All rights reserved. Title of your presentation
    6. 6. Strategy Make your point. Keep it simple.© your company name. All rights reserved. Title of your presentation
    7. 7. Your DecisionWhich will be yourprimary focus?© your company name. All rights reserved. Title of your presentation
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