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Ot books, divisions,timeline
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Ot books, divisions,timeline


Old Testament, division, chatolic bible, protestant bible.

Old Testament, division, chatolic bible, protestant bible.

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  • 1. OT books, divisions,timeline. INTRODUCTION TO THE OLD TESTAMENT- FALEVI 2014
  • 2. Bereshit 1:1
  • 3. How many books?? Hebrew Bible Protestant Bible Catholic Bible 24 39 46
  • 4. Protestant OT
  • 5. The Catholic OT
  • 6. Hebrew Bible
  • 7. The Septuagint From the Latin word septuaginta (meaning seventy), is a translation of the Hebrew Bible and some related texts into Koine Greek. The title and its Roman numeral acronym LXX refer to the legendary seventy Jewish scholars who completed the translation as early as the late 2nd century BCE. As the primary Greek translation of the Old Testament, it is also called the Greek Old Testament. This translation is quoted in the New Testament, particularly in the Pauline epistles, and also by the Apostolic Fathers and later Greek Church Fathers.
  • 8. The difference Canon – Ruler Deuterocanonical – Second canon Apocrypha are statements or claims that are of dubious authenticity. The word's origin is the medieval Latin adjective apocryphus, "secret, or non-canonical", from the Greek adjective ἀπόκρυφος(apocryphos), "obscure", from verb ἀποκρφπτειν "to hide away“ The Council of Jamnia or Council of Yavne is a hypothetical late 1st-century council at which the canon of the Hebrew Bible was alleged to have been finalized.
  • 9. The Catholic deuterocanonical scriptural texts are: Tobit Judith Additions to Esther (Vulgate Esther 10:4-16:24) Wisdom (or Wisdom of Solomon) Wisdom of Jesus ben Sira (or Sirach or Ecclesiasticus) Baruch, including the Letter of Jeremiah (Additions to Jeremiah in the Septuagint) Additions to Daniel: ◦ Prayer of Azariah and Song of the Three Holy Children (Vulgate Daniel 3:24-90) ◦ Susanna (Vulgate Daniel 13, Septuagint prologue) ◦ Bel and the Dragon (Vulgate Daniel 14, Septuagint epilogue) 1 Maccabees 2 Maccabees