Teri Takai: Morning Keynote Address


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Teri Takai: Morning Keynote Address

  1. 1. DoD CIO Moving to Mobile3rd Annual MobileGov Summit Ms. Teresa Takai Chief Information Officer US Department of Defense 28 February 2013 1
  2. 2. DoD CIO Our Challenge… The warfighter expects and deserves secure access to information – from any device, anywhere, anyti me… 2SUPPORT THE WARFIGHTER
  3. 3. DoD CIO High Demand Signal for Mobile SolutionsService/COCOMs Pilots Classified Access Fishbowl/Suite B Pilots Warfighter Pilots Electronic Flight Bag “Medevac” “Sniper Calculator” “Friendly Forces Tracker” Joint Tactical Radio System Commercial Wireless Networks Warfighter Information Network -Tactical Over 70+ Mobility related pilots W A R F Ithe Federal Government S U P P O R T T H E across G H T E R 3
  4. 4. DoD CIO Strategic Mobility Vision Established • Advance and Evolve the DoD Information Goal 1 Enterprise Infrastructure to support Mobile Devices • Institute Mobile Device Policies and Goal 2 Standards • Promote the development and Use of Goal 3 DoD Mobile and Web-Enabled Applications DoD Mobile Device Strategy • Develop an enterprise Mobility service Version 2.0 Goal 4 for Classified and Unclassified capabilitiesSuccessful execution relies on the cooperation and collaboration of all DoD Components and on partnerships with federal, intelligence, academia, and commercial communities. With your support, we will equip our forces with the capability to quickly access relevant information whenever and wherever needed. SUPPORT THE WARFIGHTER 4
  5. 5. DoD CIO Vision: Secure Access to Data Anywhere, AnytimeDoD Enterprise Benefits: DISA to roll out in multiple phases: • UNCLASS- Efficient; Cost Savings • April 2013, 1,500 devices- Consistent Security • Sept 2013, 5,000 devices • FY14, up to 100,000 devices- Rapid Technology Insertion • CLASS- Shared Applications extend • Mar 2013, 500 devices at SECRET • Sept 2013, 1,500 devices at TOP capabilities to all users SECRET • FY14, enterprise capability SUPPORT THE WARFIGHTER 5
  6. 6. DoD CIO Team Effort Required- We are consistent with federal agencies activities – Federal Digital Strategy and associated working groups – DHS and NIST for architecture, standards and security – Partnered with NSA for security- Partnering with other federal agencies – GSA: future contracts for Mobile Device Manager, mobile devices and Airtime/Data Plans – National Geospatial Intelligence Agency: Good technology pilot and Mobile Aps development- Mobility will drive infrastructure for the future – Provide wireless portion of GiG – Leverage commercial carriers (US and Global) SUPPORT THE WARFIGHTER 6
  7. 7. DoD CIO Synchronization with Industry Closing the Gap Commercial Industry Practices: 1-10 devices released/year; 1new 6 updated OS/year; ~18K apps per quarter Android iOS Windows Blackberry Platform Platform Platform Platform DoD Goals New New New Hardware Apps OS 30 Days 30 Days 30 DaysDoD is partnering with industry to streamline review and approval cycles to meet the rapid deploymentRof commercial Itechnologies SUPPO T THE WARF GHTER 7
  8. 8. DoD CIO Mobility Application StatusNov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May 2012 Feb Apps Release March Apps Release Approved for Use iOS 5+ GoodReader Android v4.0+ Numbers Application Deployment(s) iOS iOS Sparse RSS Good for Twitter Android v4.0+ Box Evernote Enterprise iOS, Android iOS iOS, Android Documents to GOr Good Browser Android v4.0+ iAnnotate DoD Safe Helpline fo IM+Adobe Reader iOS, Android (plug-in to GOOD iOS, Android iOS, Android email Client) Adobe Reader Adobe iOS, Android iOS 5+, Android v4.0+ Citrix Receiver Pages Adobe Connect iOS iOS, Android iOS, Android Facebook iOS Keynote iOS April Apps Release Facebook Anywhere Device FileMaker Go 12 iOS (iPhone 4s Only) Android iOS Jeppeson Mobile TC iOS Vidyo Mobile iOS, Android Jeppenson FD Slate iOS VM Ware View iOS; Android iOS, Android Google Maps Flipboard iOS, Android iOS; Android May Apps Release Thursby Browser Department of Defense iOS App Store BB10 Apps SUPPORT THE WARFIGHTER 8
  9. 9. DoD CIO Looking Ahead with Industry • Improve user experience • Turn capabilities into mobile applications • Keep pace with emerging technologies • Over the Air (OTA) device management; device auditing; and device provisioning • Strong partnerships between government and industry • Work early and often with Industry to get it right from the start! • Combined efforts to protect DoD Environments from outside adversariesMust deliver mobile solutions that leverage commercial off-the-shelf products, improve functionality, decrease cost, and enable increased personal productivity SUPPORT THE WARFIGHTER 9
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