Dr. David McClure, Associate Administrator, Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, GSA

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Engaging Citizens and Businesses Doing Innovation Improving Government

Engaging Citizens and Businesses Doing Innovation Improving Government

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  • DescriptionProvides Data.gov with ability to host datasets, not simply point to themAPI Access to datasets which allow for applications to use data within the datasets without downloading the entire dataset;Data publishing and extraction tools and APIs to routinely migrate and synchronize agency datasets with the new dataset hosting environment; Metadata management services for the hosted datasets; Data conversion tools to routinely provide for various data dissemination formats (e.g., CSV, XML, others); Geocoding capabilities to location-enable datasets; andVisualization tools (internal and external) to provide previews & comparisons of datasets;Open Federation API to enable multiple repositories to exchange queries and responses with the ultimate goal of a virtual catalog.BenefitOffers cost savings for smaller agencies who will no longer need to host their own dataPotential to engage agencies not actively publishing to Data.govEnables greatly improved access to data – search, sort, update, analyzePromotes mobile applicationsProvides additional analytics
  • DescriptionEnhanced collaborative infrastructureForums and app links to each datasetExtend development to 25 communitiesCommunities lead, Data.gov facilitatesFederal POC groupCommunity kick startAgency awards and goalsIn-reach and eLearning to data stewardsConnect to state, local, tribal, and international groupsBenefitBetter training and outreach to agencies will promote more datasets being registered with Data.govNew communities drive use of data, encourage app developers, and generate value and innovation in businessesIdentifying community leads at agencies shares workload and ownership
  • Multiple data silos exist; each is only one piece to the puzzle; contains a unique set of “clues” Clickstream analytics, Search logs, call volume and site health stats are key as they answer the “What?” questions Voice of Customer data (Customer Satisfaction surveys, Focus Groups, Usability Tests) answer the “Why?” questions. Voice of Customer data should account for 2/3 of a site’s success measures on a day-to-day basis, according to online analytics experts. We will be expanding out Voice of Customer reach to include more satisfaction and usability measures on a regular basis. Industry Research is also key as it answers the “What Else?” question, and provides important, strategic information, such as Internet benchmarking and competition “What?” “Why?”, and “What Else?” information silos must be brought together to get the overall insights on sites’ current state and future


  • 1. Engaging Citizens and BusinessesDoing InnovationImproving Government
    Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies
    Dr. David L. McClureAssociate Administrator
  • 2. My Message
    Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies
    These are not slogans or shallow promises …….
    This about changing how government works……for citizens, businesses, and for itself.
    The progress?The results?The so what?
    Listen today.
  • 3. Ecosystem: Value From The Knowledge Trend
    Transparency and Accountability
    Organizations have traditionally managed risk by controlling the content and the distribution of information.
    Today’s environment has displaced that control, and extended it outward, beyond institutional walls.
    At the same time, the results are being made transparent for public scrutiny, creating accountability and incentives for good performance and customer service excellence.
  • 4. The Industrial Revolution of data is here!
    Approximately 35 billion devices are connected to the Internet today. One trillion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2013 .Cisco
    Data will grow by 800 percent in the next five years with 80% of it occurring in unstructured text and media Gartner
    Mobile will be bigger than desktop Internet in 5 years.Morgan Stanley
    Volume of digital information increases 10X every 5 years
    Source: IDC
    And….the data is replicated many times over!
  • 5. Moving data and information to the public
    Decline of the info producer vs. consumer paradigm
  • 6. Finding relevant content via search
    • Less time looking for information and then analyzing it
    • 7. Structured searches tied to trusted and well-indexed government web sites
    Data exhaust– trail of clicks that users leave behind, where value can be created …. using algorithms that push more relevant search terms to top of lists
  • 8. Data.gov -- Democratizing Data
  • 9. From Data to Interactive Analytical Views
    Access Data Programmatically through a Consistent API
    Measure Data Usage & Civic Engagement
    Explore Data Interactively
    Create Rich Data Visualizations
    Promote Participation
  • 10. Building Communities
  • 11. Brainstorm ideas, questions, suggestions
    Collaborative problem-solving and solution creation
    Energizing and connecting communities where they are
    Daylight: Open government & engagement continuum
    Deeper Discussions with Specific Communities
    Connecting employees within and across agencies
    Collaborative drafting such as regulations, policies, process steps
  • 12. Simple, easy effective engagement
  • 13. Services to Citizens via Multiple Channels
    E-mail / RSS
    The Customer
    Contact Centers
    Social media
  • 14. Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies
    How Your Customers Find You is as Important as What They Find When They Get There
    Govt-centric related topics
    Hand-edited spotlight
    Govt-centric FAQs & forms
    Bing index
  • 15. Voice of Customer Data
    Call Center Data
    Search Data
    Turning Information Silos into Analytical Insights
    Customer Experience
    Customer Service Excellence
    Click-stream Data
    Industry Trends & Competitive Data
    Site “Health” Data
  • 16. Sharing ….. Learning …….Doing
    Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies
  • 17. 10/10/11
    Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies