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John Borghard: "Disruptive Trends in IT"

John Borghard: "Disruptive Trends in IT"






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  • These forces are disrupting the role of the CIO . . . the relationship between the CIO and the agency . . . and the relationship between the CIO and the Agency Head???Value is no longer measured by the size of the IT staff . . . the MIPs under management . . . or the square footage of your data centers. It comes down to what have you done for me lately? Value is all about providing the innovation, speed, insight and security the agency needs to succeedin today’s world. This creates a huge opportunity for CIOs and other IT leaders to enable modern business models and methods – to not only transform IT but to transform the government. Leading edge IT organizations are now becoming brokers of IT services. They’re moving from building or buying infrastructure and applications and deploying them internally . . . to determining what’s best to keep internally, what’s best to buy versus build, where to deploy it and how to fund it.
  • The opportunity for CIOs is to embrace these new technologies. They will enable you to deliver business service innovation that increases the value IT delivers. In the process, the IT organization will become more of a business enabler and, over time, a “broker” for outside IT services.For those IT leaders who are still spending 80 percent of their budgets on internal maintenance and operations, this is a sea-change. But change is going to happen one way or another.
  • The old waterfall approach to developing applications in 12-18 months won’t work anymore. To be competitive, you have to deliver application within months at the most . . . but more often in weeks – even days for some things like mobile applications.It’s not just about application delivery anymore – it’s about continuous application delivery. The problem is that most development and operations processes are not built for continuous anything, and certainly not for the kind of speed businesses need today.More than 90 percent of testing is done manually. Just finding the infrastructure resources to test new applications can take weeks . . . and then you have to configure everything to match what the developers and testers need.As a result, everything happens toward the end of the process, which makes it harder and more time-consuming to fix problems when they occur.
  • The future we see – the future we’re building for our customers – is one where development and operations are not only tightly integrated but highly virtualized, automated and managed. That’s why they’ve been combined into one name -- DevOps. DevOps is fundamentally about new approaches to people, process, and technology that are aimed at improving communication, integration and collaboration between development and operations.We think we have a multi-year lead start on this and it starts with our service virtualization capabilities. Service virtualization enables you to capture and simulate upstream and downstream systems in your development and test environment. Developers can be far more productive with a realistic virtual lab environment. With our recent acquisition of Nolio we’re adding continuous application delivery to our portfolio. This capability will enable you to get applications out more quickly, with higher reliability and less risk.You will be able to pool resources and create a self-service environment where a tester simply goes to a catalog and provisions servers in a matter of minutes. And it will be seamless to the developer. Then you will be able to use a model-based approach to automate the entire delivery process.Our APM tools will enable you to perform simple monitoring during testing . . . and instrument the application in development. This way you can gather performance data and catch issues before they become problems in production.And our developers are working on data mining to make DevOps even more productive. By leveraging the intelligence harvested from application development, testing and production, we are providing more realistic virtual services and scenario data to developers and quality engineers.
  • Today, IT organizations are getting pressure from more than one direction. On the one hand, you need to get control of the all the mobile devices in your enterprise and protect your data. One survey last year found that fewer than 10 percent of organizations are fully aware of the devices accessing their networks. When it comes to the security of your data, what you don’t know CAN hurt you – because the ‘bring your own device’ revolution is about a lot more than the devices themselves. Employees are taking budgets, projects, etc. and putting them on Evernote, DropBox or Sugarsync so they can get to the information from any device. Information you think is proprietary is being spread outside your firewall.
  • And you’re only as strong as your weakest link. In a world where security is getting more media scrutiny than ever, one rogue mobile device could put your agency on the front page of the Wall Street Journal . . . and not for the right reasons.At the same time, everyone is demanding more mobile applications – both internal and external – to gain anytime access to more data. One research group predicts that by 2015 mobile application development projects will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4-to-1.
  • Ultimately, SaaS is a business model that enables us to provide better quality code faster . . . deliver continuous innovation . . . meet your needs more rapidly and accurately . . . and help you deliver better business results. CA’s latest SaaS offerings, including CA CloudMinder for identity and access management, Nimsoft Service Desk and APM SaaS. CA will continue to invest heavily in SaaS architectures through organic development and acquisitions.

John Borghard: "Disruptive Trends in IT" John Borghard: "Disruptive Trends in IT" Presentation Transcript

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