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Ben balter, government evangelist, git hub
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Ben balter, government evangelist, git hub


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. ! Open Sourcing Government Rapid development, testing, and deployment the Open Source Way
  • 2. World’s largest code-sharing platform Founded 2008 VC Investment $100M Hubbers 219 Users 4.5M Projects 9M
  • 3. Writing great software is hard enough !
  • 4. Your development environment shouldn’t make it more painful !
  • 5. The best software is built by happy people working together !
  • 6. GitHub brings the tools from the largest software development community to your agency !
  • 7. Collaboration 
 Regardless of when or where !
  • 8. Electronic High-fidelity mediums expose process !
  • 9. Available Communicate decisions in real time and forever !
  • 10. Asynchronous Workflow focuses on content, not meetings !
  • 11. Lock-Free Remote workforce empowered by distributed version control !
  • 12. Conversational GitHub For non-GitHubbers !
  • 13. Repositories Centralize project files and revision history !
  • 14. GitHub repositories feature source code management with Git, the leading distributed version control system
  • 15. Pull Requests Faster, more efficient code review !
  • 16. Pull Requests are living discussions that streamline the process of discussing, reviewing, and managing changes to code.
  • 17. Comments Discuss code at branches and diffs !
  • 18. Teams can have a detailed discussion about every commit that is pushed to a project. Comment on each commit as a whole, or start a conversation on an individual line.
  • 19. @Mentions Lightweight notifications for users and teams !
  • 20. @mention a GitHub username or a team anywhere in the context of an issue or pull request and that person or team is notified and subscribed to future updates.
  • 21. Issues Stay on top of bugs and focus on features !
  • 22. Issues are integrated into every GitHub repository and enable bug tracking, feature requests, task management, or questions on a perproject basis.
  • 23. Dashboards Real time insights into your code and teams !
  • 24. Dashboards show you who has been actively committing and what has changed in a project’s default branch. You can see new and merged pull requests, open and closed issues, and unresolved discussions.
  • 25. Native Clients GitHub repositories on your computer !
  • 26. GitHub for Mac and GitHub for Windows make it easy to work locally on projects and with GitHub features like issues, pull requests and notifications.
  • 27. In your datacenter and in the cloud GitHub Enterprise GitHub behind your firewall Open source projects in public repositories 
 Enhanced administrative tools like LDAP and CAS integration Secure collaboration in private repositories
  • 28. GitHub’s most critical customer !
  • 29. Rapid development !
  • 30. In the past week Authors 78 Commits 1,100+ Files Changed Additions Deletions 900+ 23k+ 7k+ Issues Opened 50 Pull Requests Opened 50 Pull Requests Merged 200 People Merging Issues Closed 60 70
  • 31. Rapid testing Trust but verify !
  • 32. ChatOps Expose process, empower teams !
  • 33. Tests run automatically with each code change !
  • 34. Rapid deployment Nothing hits production unless tests are green !
  • 35. Better visibility, fewer blockers !
  • 36. On average, GitHub deploys 115 times per day !
  • 37. Deploys per day, two months trailing
  • 38. On average, we deploy to 35 times per day !
  • 39. deploys per day
  • 40. 4.5 Million happy developers and counting. Technology Finance Government Industry ! Retail
  • 41. ! Open Sourcing Government How can we help? ! web: email: