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  • 1. Teaching English to Children BY : FEBRIAN SURURI
  • 2. INTRODUCTION Most people believe that children are better than adult when attempting to learn a second language. Like the maxim said : Study in young time like to carve on the rock, and study in old time like to carve on the water.
  • 3. How the Children are Learning English? They : • Are not able to understand grammatical rules and language structure • Learn in a variaty of ways, for example, by watching, by listening, by imitating, by doing things • Have quite a short attention span and so need variety • Love to play and use their imagination • Try to make sense of situations by making use of non-verbal clues and sensory input • Can generally imitate the sounds they hear quite accurately and copy the way adults speak • Are naturally curious
  • 4. What do you do as the teacher?• Make English enjoyable and fun• Don’t worry about mistakes. Be encouraging. Make sure children feel comfortable, and not afraid to take part.• Use a lot of gestures, actions, pictures to demonstrate what you mean.• Talk a lot to them in English, especially about things they can see.• Play games, sing songs, say rhymes and chants together.• Tell simple stories in English, using pictures and acting with different voices.• Plan lessons with varied activities, some quiet, some noisy, some sitting, some standing and moving
  • 5. METHODTotal Physical Response Method (TPR) can be applied in teaching to thechildren. The teacher must concept their material with physicalactivities, such as having student act out things or role play, playinggames, etc.
  • 6. ConclusionChildhood mostly spent their time to play. So, when we teach them, use some interestingtechnique in order to the children can receive the lesson which we gave to them.
  • 7. TEACHING ENGLISH TO THE CHILDREN Thanks for Your Attention Febrian Sururi