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Published in: Education

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  • 1. UNIT 7Which Way Is The Post Office?
  • 2. Conversation 1Larry : Uh, excuse me. I’m trying to find the post office. Can you help me?Woman : The post office? Let’s see now. Oh, yes. You go straight down this street to the corner. Turn left and go one block until you come to Broadway. Go right on broadway. It’s on the right side of the street just past the grocery store. You can’t miss it.Larry : I see. Straight to the corner. Left and then right.Woman : That’s it.Larry : Thank’s a lot.Woman : You’re welcome.
  • 3. GET IT A TRY1. Asking direction : responding negatively  Excuse me. Which way is the post office? pardon me. How do I get to is the post office?  The post office? Sorry, I’m not sure. I don’t know.  Well, Thank’s anyway.
  • 4. Practice Ask for direction to the place below. You partner is stranger in town and can’t help you.1. The post office2. The plaza hotel3. The bank of america4. Shakey’s (pizza parlor)5. Ciro’s nightclub
  • 5. GET IT A TRY 2. Asking more politely : responding negatively  Excuse me. Would you know how I get the post office? Could you tell me where the post office is?  Sorry, I am not sure where it is I don’t know  Well, Thanks anyway.
  • 6. Practice 1 Ask your partner the way to the Washington St. streets and Taft Rd. places on the Garfield Lane right. Use I’m (trying to The Plaza Hotel find)/(looking Shakey’s for)… the person McDonald’s can’t help you.
  • 7. Practice 2 Now change place are. Washington St. roles and try Taft Rd. again. This time, use (could Garfield Lane you…)/(would The Plaza Hotel you…). Again, the Shakey’s person does not McDonald’s know where the
  • 8. GET IT A TRY 3. Asking more politely : responding positively  Excuse me. Could you tell me where the post office is?  Uh, let me see now. think (for moment)  Thanks a lot.  You’re (very) welcome
  • 9. GET IT A TRY4. Giving simple direction (You) go (straight) down this street. up It’s the second right. on the left next to the drugstore right just past before opposite
  • 10. Practice 1 Ask direction to 5. Cedar St. three of following streets. The answers are in the map on the right. 1. Beech St. 2. Elm St. 3. Maple St. 4. Pine St.
  • 11. Practice 1Follow this outline.A : Excuse me. How do I get to ……?B : …….? Uh, let me see now. It’s …….A : Thanks a lot.B : You’re welcome.
  • 12. Practice 2 Ask directions to the following place : 1. The library 2. The movie theater 3. The police station
  • 13. Follow the outline below Student A A : Excuse me, could you……… ? B : ……. ? …………, …………………. A : Thank you very much. B : ………… Student B A : ………., ……….? B : The…….? Uh, let me think for a moment. Ah, yes. It’s………… A : ………. B : You’re very welcome.
  • 14. Practice 3 Study the map for a minute. Choose one place. Write it down.than close your books. Ask your partner for discussion. He she sould use Uh, let me see. I think you… OR sorry, I don’t know.