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Past tense vs past continuous!!!
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Past tense vs past continuous!!!


The explanation of Past tense vs past continuous by Fberi ari sandi

The explanation of Past tense vs past continuous by Fberi ari sandi

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  • 3. We often use the past simple to talk about a completed past events and the past continuous to describe the situation that existed at the time. The completed event might have interrupted the situation, or just occurred while the situation or event was in progress.
  • 4. • Regular Verb • Verbs End in e+d= smile+d------ smile Verbs End in e+d= locate+d-------- located • Verbs End in consonant+y= i+ed= deny-------denied Verbs End in consonant+y= i+ed= studey-----studied • Verbs End in vowel+sonsonat (not w or y)= double the consonat, then+ ed= rob------robbed, stop------stopped • Verbs End in anything including-w+ ed= knock-------- knocked, borrow-------borrowed • Irregular Verb • In irregular verbs, the verbs usuallydo not end in-ed Examples= build------built, fly-------flew, keep------kept, fall-------fell • Meanwhile, there are some verbs past which are similar to their verbs base. Examples= Hit------hit, put-------put, cut-----cut, hurt------hurt, let-----let Example Myth : Yamata no Orochi
  • 5. PAST TENSE • We often use the past simple to talk about a completed past events (menyatakan perbuatan atau kejadian yg dilakukan pd waktu lampau). Simple Past also show that an activity or situation began adn ended at a particular time in the past. • Rumus (+) S+Verb II (-) S+ did not+ Verb I (?) Did+S+Verb I • Yang tidak memakai kata kerja menggunakan Was/Were I,He,She,It,Name= Was They,We,You= Were • Time Signal: Yesterday, the day before yesterday, last week, last month, last year, two days ago, two months ago, two years ago. PAST CONTINUOUS • To talk about an action that was in progress (not finished) at a time in the past. (untuk menyatakan kejadian atau pekerjaan yang berlangsung pada waktu lampau). We also use P.C.T to talk about two long actions that were in progress simultaneously • Rumus: (+) S+was/were+ Verb+ing (-) S+ was/were not+ Verb+ing (?) Was/were+S+vVerb+ing I,He,She,It,Name= Was They,We,You= Were • Yang tidak mengunakan kata kerja tambahkan being setelah to be past (was/were)
  • 6. The Examples of past tense • They played football yesterday they did not play football yesterday did they play football yesterday? • Shinta sang a song justnow shinta did not sing a song justnow did shinta sing a song justnow? • Mother cooked rica-rica two days ago mother didn’t cook rica” two days ago did mother cook rica” two days ago? • I was late justnow I was not late justnow was I late justnow? • She was sick two days ago she was not sick two days ago was she sick two days ago? • We were here last week We were not here last week Were we here last week? The examples of past continuous • I was studying when you phoned. I was not studing when you phoned Was I studying when you phoned? • I was standing near the door I was not standing near the door. Was I standing near the door? • We were watching TV while father was reading news paper. -We were not watching TV while father was reading news paper. - were we watching TV while father was reading news paper? • She was being happy when her mother arrived. -She was not being happy when her mother arrived. - was She being happy when her mother arrived?
  • 7. TIME EXPRESSIONSPast Simple YESTERDAY, I didn’t go to school… LAST WEEK, we didn’t have lunch together… TWO DAYS AGO, Maggie was ill… IN 2007, Bart failed all the subjects… IN THE 20th CENTURY, th at didn’t happen…
  • 8. TIME EXPRESSIONSPast Continuou Grandad was sleeping yesterday AT 8 o’clock… I was trying to fly WHEN it began to rain… AS I was working, the police arrived… WHILE Bart was playing, someo ne stole his money… Moe was working WHILE Homer was skating…
  • 9. It’s your turn…Past Simple or Continuous? I_____(write) letters all day yesterday A cigarette……(cause) the fire last week. My mother……….(ask) me a lot of questions yesterday. Their marriage……(end) in divorce. What………you……..(do) when I phoned you yesterday? You…….. (talk) on the phone for hours and hours. was writing caused asked ended were you doing were talking
  • 10. were dancing. was cooking dinner. was driving home. was not watching T.V.