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Digital imaging-1225234331138765-9


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  • 1. 7 th Grade Digital Literacy Digital Imaging: Photoshop Elements
  • 2. Welcome to Photoshop Elements 6
  • 3. Photoshop Basics: Organize
    • The Organizer mode displays all your media
    • You can organize media into albums, add tags and captions, and perform simple edits
  • 4. Creating Albums and Album Groups
    • Media can be organized into albums
    • A collection of albums can be organized into an album group
  • 5. Tagging Images
    • Keywords that describe an image and can be organized into categories and sub-categories
    • Face tagging automatically isolates and displays faces in photos so that you can quickly tag them.
  • 6. Photoshop Basics: Edit
    • Photoshop Elements has three edit modes:
    • Guided Mode walks new users through the process of basic image editing
    • Quick Mode includes auto and manual adjustment options
    • Full Mode provides access to all of Photoshop’s editing tools
  • 7. Guided Edit
    • Basic Photo Edits: Crop, rotate, straighten, and sharpen photos.
    • Lighting and Exposure: Lighten, darken, and adjust brightness and contrast.
    • Color Correction: Enhance colors, remove a color cast, and correct skin tone.
    • Guided Activities: Touch up scratches, blemishes, and tear marks, and guide photo editing.
    • Photomerge: Intelligently merge multiple images of group shots or faces.
  • 8. Full Edit
  • 9. Lighten and Darken Images
  • 10. Replace Colors
  • 11. Remove Red Eye Image courtesy of Texasdex: Creative Commons Attribution license
  • 12. Spot Healing Touchup
  • 13. Background Eraser and Layers
  • 14. A Word About Size and Resolution
    • When you resize an image, be sure to pay attention to the resolution (pixels per inch)
    • For color printing, use a resolution of 300 ppi
    • For online viewing, use a resolution of 72 ppi
  • 15. Photoshop Basics: Create
    • Photoshop Elements has two create modes :
    • Projects mode lets you create photo books, calendars, galleries, and more.
    • Artwork mode includes shapes, backgrounds, and frames for creating original compositions.
  • 16. Photoshop Basics: Share
    • There are numerous options for sharing images
    • With a free Adobe Showcase account you can create online galleries
  • 17. Additional Resources
    • The Digital School Collection includes lesson plans, assessment tips, and lesson accelerators
    • The Digital Kids Club has tips and lessons for digital photography, video, and multimedia presentations
    • Atomic Learning has video tutorials on Photoshop Elements and many other applications
      • Username: micds_username
      • Password: rams