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Written evaluation



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  • 1. Written Evaluation Farzana Begum
  • 2. Question 1: In what ways does your short film use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?Within my A2 media tasks, I had created a short music video called ’Best thing I never had’ which challenges currentconventions of current media products. Even though my video ‘Best thing I never had’ is a short video followed thepattern of including a narrative throughout the video. Because I had a time limit of having the video as a maximumlength of 3 and a half minutes I had to make sure that everything in the video had to happen a lot quicker. I alsofollowed and develop the conventions of genre. My genre is a hybrid genre mainly consisting of elements from RnBand Pop. This meant that when producing my media products I had several different forms and conventions that Icould consider. This allowed me to challenge certain conventions if they did not appeal to me as I could easilychange them due to the other conventions that I had to consider.NarrativeFor my music video I used several conventions from the RnB genre. For example a common theme in RnB musicvideo is the use of ‘flash backs’ if it is a narrative or love and heartbreak. I identified this feature and decided it wasvita; that I replicated it in my video. The use of the flashbacks through the both artist used in my video made thewhole performance aspect more realistic as it appeared through the couples creating the narrative themselves. Iused the inspiration from the Raxstar video from their song ‘Jaaneman ’. In this song the flashbacks is similar to theaspects for my video therefore I had used ideas from this video and expanding it on to my own which made itunique and the video their were performance aspects were done in a natural, quiet environment in a householdrepresenting the marriage life between the two people who are a couple.
  • 3. Mise-en-SceneThis makes me go onto another code and convention that I used in my music video, whichwas ‘Mise-en-Scene’. Mise-en-Scene is extremely important, as without this convention mostof the music videos around wouldn’t function in the same way like other professional musicvideos. One of the elements of mise-en-scene that was important in my music video, was thecostume changes. The variety of costumes was important, as they had to be representing thegenre clearly. In this case, for one of the sections of my music video my artist was wearing ahot pink and black dress with tight black leggings and blank high heels. In different section,my artist wore something more relaxing as she was with her on-screen boyfriend during thescenes of flashbacks, in which she wore a stripy blue and grey top with blue jeans (in whichno shoes were required as she was in her home). In another section of my music video, myartist wore a white top with a pink and white fancy cardigan and white heels. With thecolours mainly being pink, blue, white and black, I believe that this contributed torepresenting the genre as ‘RnB’. Although the colours weren’t ultimately bright colours, thiswas not needed as the bright colours wouldn’t have suited the theme of the song. I alsobelieve that accessories also contributed to the representation of the video being ‘RnB’, asmy artist wore accessories that also made her character more feminine and girl like anecklace, earrings and many more.The Raxstar ‘Jaaneman’ video also inspired me when deciding on a location for the narrativeaspect for my video, as the start of the video there are few short shots that are filmed in thehouse. This swayed me in choosing to film at my own house as I believe it provided a strongcontrast against other locations. The location of the house setting allowed me to film inseveral interesting rooms within the house that really fitted the lyrics. As there was manyshots in my video that I liked as I developed the scenes by filming in different rooms toemphasize the result of visually pleasing background to my shots which kept a clearcontinuity throughout the video, something that is often found in video in our genre such asShontelle - Impossible which inspired me in doing a song about heartbreak, as this has anactual meaning to my target audience.
  • 4. PlanningAlso researching earlier about the conventions of music videos, I wanted to be able to develop and use them in theproduction of my music video Best thing I never had. To develop most of these convention I did good planning I didthis by actually analysing different music videos within my genre or RnB as most videos do this before they go intothe recording studio and actually film, therefore I did a lot of planning and research before I actually startedrecording so we looked at different music video to get an outline as to how they were set out and then when I wereready to plan we created scripts and storyboards as a guide to help us when filming.One last thing that I also focused on a lot was to make sure that my music video was always to the best of quality. Ihad to use a limited amount of resources but using our creative ideas we then developed them into the video webelieve turned out very successful in the end. However with making my film as near to professional quality aspossible, I made sure that Camera shots/angles and sounds were perfect every time. The use of different shots:- Long shot were you can see the whole body of my artist showing every little detail. Close up were you are focusing on one certain object e.g. Ring.
  • 5. Q2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?I believe that the combination of my main product and my ancillary task have been both effective and successfulbecause they all have a relationship. Each of my media tasks linked together! I created three different productswhich included my music video and then did two other tasks which were part of my overall media tasks. The twoother products that I created were a DVD/CD cover and a Promotional poster for my CD/DVD cover. While I wascreating all of theses products I needed to make sure that they all linked which each other and developed on to theRnB/Pop genre, and that it related back to my music video.When I started to create my video I needed to create an identification for my music video. To do so I made sure thatI used the theme of love and power with black and red backgrounds to represent each other. I used black and redcolours because these fit well within the genre to suggest power, love, and strength.While thinking about how effective my overall main product is (Music Video),I think that the narrative structurereally worked well because I followed the theme of other RnB songs which I had researched of the period of time Ihad to create the music video. I also think that I managed to successfully create a music video that fit well withinthe RnB genre due to the music, camera shots/angles which I had created and also the costumes especially, as myartist had worn dresses, high heels, make up to make the face stand out and accessories which are part of the codesand conventions of a typical RnB music video.
  • 6. I linked the colour schemes from my music video into my CD/DVD cover and Promotional Poster in order tocontinue the theme of the colours that would portray the love/heartbreak theme. I think that promotional posterreally created a scene for my music video especially with the photography used which shows the main part of themusic video and contains a still of the artist that the video is aimed at. I had also made a tagline at my earlier stagesof planning which is “one action can decide how you live your future which I used on my promotional poster andplaced this above the main focus of the main image. This tagline emphasize what my whole music video is about, asmy artist makes a choice of living her husband for the better of her future, I feel that my music video is giving out amessage to my target audience about life and how love can change how we live for yourself and others. I put thisthere because from looking at previous promotional posters, it was conventional for the tag lines and theinformation of the video to be at the above of the poster. I also edited the image to give it a nice broader to make itstand out and look appealing. From also having the broader on the picture I also wanted to make sure that the fontand colouring of the font also worked well with the image, to do so I made sure that the title stood out to theaudience the most so I used a bold font which the colour was black and used the effects from the program ’AdobePhotoshop’ and give it a 3D look around the text to ensure that the eyes are also drawn to this title as well as theimage. I think that my promotional poster is basic but even the basic of promotional posters are still used toadvertise CD/DVD covers today, I just made sure that I used the conventions of a promotional poster and used themin a professional high standard. I used similar texts as to what I used on my video review to join the two productstogether and direct them to Best thing I never had.I was also asked to create a CD/DVD cover which would accompany my music video. Before I went into actuallycreating my CD/DVD cover I looked in the well known CD covers by RnB artists such as Rihanna, Jordin Sparks andTaylor Swift to develop and gain an idea as to how to create my own cover and what was the typical layout of aCD/DVD cover with the idea of using graphics, colours and fonts. As I have already made a magazine in last yearspiece of coursework, I already had an idea of to what the main conventions were of a CD/DVD cover and how to usethem this included Date, Page Numbers, Columns, Images and small printed text. With the use of colours I wantedto make sure that I linked my CD cover back to the two other products that I had made which are my music videoand my Promotional Poster by continuing the red, black and white theme that I had used on my other products. Onmy CD cover I chose to use similar texts that I had used on my promotional poster and also kept the main graphicthe same as I thought this was the main point of Best thing I never had. In comparison I feel that it is a combinationmy main product and ancillary tasks combines in order to grab the attention of the readers.
  • 7. Q3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?Audience Feedback is very important as it will enable me to see whether i have been achievable in the making ofmy music video, cd cover and promotional poster. I got 10 of my friends and family to complete a questionnaire inwhat they thought about my music video. With my ancillary tasks, I printed off the final piece and asked severalpeople in my class and teachers what they actually thought of these and what could be my possible improvements.From my feedback received I gained positive and negative comments which have therefore enable me to pick up onthe weakest areas of my products and where I really need to improve on.Firstly I got my friends & family to watch my music and to complete a Short Questionnaire on what they actuallythought of the video best thing I never had . Having asked several peopled I gained positive and negative commentswhich helped me to pickup on the parts of my video where I hadnt done the best, so if I was to make a music videoagain I could use this feedback as a guide. From my questionnaire the results I had gained emphasized that thenarrative for my music was clear and understandable as 93% of the people had agreed to it, this shows that theaudience clearly understood the concept behind the music video, this shows that I have been successful in thenarrative I wished to represent. Another question I had asked was did the costume reflect the genre, the resultswere clear as my artist had worn what many artist like Rihanna or Jordin sparks may wear, which was heels andjewellery which represented the whole aspect of power in the RnB industry.As well as creating a questionnaire, I showed my video to a member of classmates, as long with positive feedback, Ireceived some negative feedback to show what I could improve on. One of the quotes were ‘I like the video verymuch as the narrative was interesting and I could relate to it, however there was not enough shot shows whichdifferent camera angles’,, ‘good video, however you could have had some scene with her boyfriend in the present asmainly as of them were flashbacks’ ‘in some scenes the camera was not stable enough, but nice video’ ‘the lightingis too dull in some places’
  • 8. From the feedback I received from the questionnaires I believe that if I was ever to re-do my music video, I woulduse a timing schedule to make sure that when filming outside, all of the shows flowed in sync with the use of thenatural lighting outside. If doing this for my music video next time I dont think lighting would have been such anissue and would have been less noticeable.From my audience feedback I also learnt that the music & sound effects were also a key role in a music video,because they helped with the narrative to create suspense and the music & sound effects that I used really fit inwell with the RnB genre. One of my friends stated that ‘the start beat at the end of the guy shows that his reallyupset his wife had left him‘. So from the feedback received from the music and sound effects, I made the rightchoice as the sound effects fit in with the narrative and a lot of people pointed these out in their questionnaire.When getting feedback for my promotional poster and cd cover I had asked a question to my audience which was’do you think my promotional poster and cd cover in proportioning my music video’. I learnt a lot from the feedbackas I had a majority of positives, 95% believed it did promote my music video, this shows that I was successful asthey believed in linked in together for example, the image for my promotional poster was an image of an ringinstead of an image of my artist, this was an key element as the same ring was placed in my music video. Also thatthe background blended in with the image to make it look effective and eye catching for the target audience. Inrelation to the cd cover many people had said about the background where it repeated said the song name ‘bestthing I never had’ they had said that ‘it was different as they have never seen this before, and look very attractive asI had used red to make it stand out even with the image of the artist on top.
  • 9. The ResultsThis shows that I was successful in producing a music This shows that they understood the genre of myvideo where 95% of my target audience understood music video through the use of clothing, as many ofthe narrative and the meanings behind it. As many of my target audience have said that they have seethem gave said in my audience feedback that they this in other RnB music video such as Shontelle –understood the concept between the two characters my music video, and many of them could relate to itthemselves.95% of my target audience have said I have beensuccessful in promoting my promotional poster and CDcover for my music video through the use of house platewhich was pink/red, white and black which my artist hadworn, and I had transformed them colours in my CD coverwith the text colour. Also through the images as in mypromotional poster I had used an image of an ring, whichwas the same ring in the music video, this shows theconnection between all my tasks.
  • 10. Question 4: How did you use new media technologies in the construct, research planning and evaluation stages?Through the different stages of completing my A2 Media Project, I used various different types of new mediatechnologies. In order to record all the different processes of all the different types of planning and researchelements that I have done and to keep a diary of everything that I have been doing I used a blogging website calledBlogger ( From using Blogger it has helped me to focus on the different aspects of producing mythree different tasks for my media coursework. From using Blogger it has helped me to develop my skills inproviding evidence for all the work that I have done, helped me to improve my writing skills and also add in videosthat would be appealing and interesting for the user to watch. I have never made a blog before apart from last yearscoursework so It has also helped me improve this year and I have also gained new skills, however it is all still a bigdifference for me but I picked it up very quickly and I could also watch my progression of the course build up on myblog.The internet and YouTube have also been a very important role in my planning and research as they have allowedme to view many different music video online and I could then give my own feedback and annotate these. With themillions of videos on YouTube it helped me to choose a particular genre of what type of video I was going to make.With also the use of the internet I was able to look for particular things such as current CD/DVD covers andPromotional Posters which helped me also in my planning stages. I also used YouTube to upload any videos that Ineeded to place on my blog, such as the evaluation videos.
  • 11. Construction of my music videoI filmed all of the footage for my music video using a Sony camcorder, this camera was really good for filmingbecause I also had a tripod which went with it which helped me to steady our shots with none of them being shakyonly if I purposely wanted this. At first I had to get some practice in with how to get our shots perfect with thezooms and the quality of the image but in the end after practicing each shot, they all turned out exactly how wewanted them to.Once I had got all of my film clips off the camera and onto the Apple Mac I could then start the editing process withthe program which was called Final Cut Express. This was completely new software for me and it took me quite along time go get to grips with just doing the basics on editing. After a few weeks of messing around I finally learntwhat I needed to and the editing with the use of video transitions for the sound and adding different colours to thescene worked really well.Further ConstructionI created both my CD/DVD cover & Promotional Poster on Adobe Photoshop. This is because it was the easiestsoftware to work with as it gave me a profession effect on both of my products. Having been familiar with AdobePhotoshop as I have used this previous for my last years AS coursework I was able to create my ancillary tasks to ofa high enough standard in a short amount of time that I had to do them.
  • 12. Other Programs Used:Here is a list of all of the other programmes that I have used which have helped me to construct my whole project:PowerPoint - This has helped me to analysis music video when doing my research. I gathered images of the shotsand then print screened these and could then post them into my blog.Photoshop - This helped me to get pictures/texts that were used for my ancillary tasks.Using all of these different programmes they have allowed me to gain a wide variety of different skills that willcome in useful now as a media student and in the future.The Skills I Gained From My ConstructionFilming Skills - I had never really filmed anything in such detail before so using the Video Camera helped me to gaingreat practice with my film especially with creating shots/angles/capturing light and also focusing on the differentshots.Editing Skills - I learnt a lot from the editing packages with the new software I wasn’t familiar with. I also learntmore because this was my own independent work with my partner, decisions were completely down to us and thishelped me to communicate more and work on tasks to specific deadlines. I was also set my own tasks which helpedme to improve my independence skills.