Influential RnB Artists.
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Influential RnB Artists.






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Influential RnB Artists. Influential RnB Artists. Presentation Transcript

  • InfluentialRnB/Pop Artists.The artists that influenced me into doing a music video in the genre RnB/Pop. Farzana Begum.
  • Rihanna.When you look at this picture straight away you can know what genre Rihanna represents and this ismainly through fashion and what they wear in their music videos, parties, awards etc. fashion also comesunder one of the RnB/Pop codes and conventions, and each item they wear represent something e.g. redlipstick represents the power that women have in the music industry. Overall, this image of Rihannalooking straight at the camera, you can see the RnB vibe due to the facial expressions and the clothes. Thestrong long shot portrays an positive body language as shes got her hands around her legs, showing herattractive legs off, this is to attract male genders and show her beauty off.Rihanna’s hair in this pictureis Red, this is because offashion, however it can Rihanna is wearing veryrepresent the power Rihanna high heels to elongatehas in her music videos, as her legs because she isRed represent power and wearing hardly anystrength and her hair is clothes the higher thealways styled in a very shoes the longer theirdramatic and eye catching legs will look. Howeverway. Her makeup is also very some R&B females wearbold and defined, especially trainers in their videosher eyes are always have dark for choreographedcoloured eye shadows with scenes.golds which makes their eyesvery alluring. Rihanna has very little clothing on and their stomachs are on show a majority of the time; this is because to male fans they are meant to be seen as objects of desire.
  • Cheryl Cole.When you look at this picture of Cheryl, the close up focuses upon on her lush eyes and hersmile, and the fact that she not looking at the camera but it still looks attractive due to the makeup and jewellery worn, which may appeal to the target audience and both genders, asgirls/women that are interested in RnB/Pop may look up to Cheryl and what she does, they mightdo as Cheryl may influence them through her music videos, how she looks, and what she wears.Shes wearing big earrings, and many RnB female artist also wear necklaces but usually when theywear a lot of necklaces they are breaking gender stereotypes because it is usually R&B males thatwear that much jewellery.Cheryl Cole is wearing red lipstick in this picture, as well as many other RnB artists, this is toportray the power & also to make it look alluring and lush, hair is also done in an eye catching wayto look very dramatic.
  • Chris Brown. Here, we have a male artist from that represents RnB, we can also know from the present themselves, the picture looks like it was taken in a party or on tour which shows that most RnB artist do spend their time partying and be on many shows and tours. The mid shot of the image his hand doing a sign which means ‘peace’. Many RnB male artist’s do hand signs to look ‘cool’ this may influence the target audience who look up to artists like Chris Brown.A lot of RnB maleartists such as Chris Unlike males in hipBrown have tattoos a hop, RnB stars wear subtlemajority of the time jewellery like athey are on their watch, chain and earring –chest if not it will be where as in hip hop theyon their arms. They would wear bundles ofalso have multiple jewellery. This covers onetattoos, it will not just of the codes andbe one. convention for fashion, many male artist wear it to portray that they are rich, as most of the chains, ring are gold, this is also known as ‘bling bling’
  • Usher.When looking at this image of Usher, straight away you think why is he not looking at the camera? This isa similarity with all the RnB artists, they often do a pose or don’t have eye contact with the camera, thisis mainly so the attention can go on what they are doing or wearing which will draw the audience more.If the artist is pictured topless they are usually wearing jeans, slightly hanging low so you can see theirboxers, They will also have a designer belt on which a few close up shots will be done on as a form ofadvertising for that particular item. This is also due to the modern fashion and because it will attractyoung teenage girls, and this will get the artist more popular as they will listen to their music more, andtalk about them either to their friends, or even on social networking sites such as, Facebook andTwitter, and when other people see it will encourage them to listen to the artist as well, so this is a goodway to market their song as well as becoming known to the market.Usher is topless and other RnB male artist can usually pictured in video’s which very minimal clotheson, such as Trey Songz this is because a lot of male artists RnB singers target market is young teenagegirl, and they know that being topless will attract them more.