CD/DVD Cover Construction


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CD/DVD Cover Construction

  1. 1. CD/DVD Cover Construction Each step of how I created my CD/DVD cover for my music video.Farzana Begum
  2. 2. Editing The Front Cover. 2
  3. 3. 1)The program I used to make my CD/DVD cover is AdobePhotoshop, the reason i chose Photoshop instead ofprograms such as Microsoft Publisher is mainly becausePhotoshop has all the features such as color models, ways toedit the photographs, special effects, such as backgroundand textures. I wanted on my CD/DVD cover to lookprofessional and realistic as possible, and Photoshop fulfilledthat for me.2) As you can see i uploaded a picture of my main artistthat was in my music video, i decided to use this image,mainly because the song is sung by her, therefore Ithought it would be ideal to put a image of her on thefront too. In this picture that I have taken is a mid shot,of her looking straight in the camera, as you can see sheis wearing white clothes, which represents purity, andthe light as she has walked out from her relationship,she is now happy. The reason she is wearing red lipstick,is to contrast with the blue and to show female powerwhich she has gained from walking away from herrelationship, which shows she the stronger person. Themakeup, Jewelry etc. are to match up with the codesand conventions of RnB fashion.
  4. 4. 3) As you can see started editing on the picture, this is to make 4) After cropping the picture, I decided to erase theher face look lighter and natural, also I have used a crop tool on green background as this was not what the look i wasthe side, which ensure me to get rid of the parts in the picture going for, I did this by clicking on magic erase toolwhich I dislike. I have decided to crop the green part of the which enabled me to erase the background quickly andscreen, which leaves me which a image which focuses on her efficiently.face mainly. 5) Even though I used the magic tool, there was still little pieces of green background, which I could see after I had zoomed into the image, I had to make the image look professional as possible therefore I used another erasing tool which I changed the size too, which then I used to erase the little bits and pieces.
  5. 5. 6) Finally, as you can see from the print screens above, I 7) After editing my centre image, I uploaded my mainhad decided to change the whole image into black and DVD/CD cover onto photoshop which I had use as awhite, this is mainly because I wanted something template, the reason I have chosen this templatedifferent, also I added a tint of grey aspect as it looks eye because of the fact that it is the sound of universal,catching to attract my target audience which made it look which understates good quality and it will help myvery effective. cover look professional as possible, and will reassure the target audience as they would feel that the CD/DVD cover is worth buying. 8) As you can see now, I have already started making changes onto my template, the style I went for was, to write the song name which was ‘best thing i never had’ repeatedly all over, and as you can see from the print screen I have decided to use the colour’s red and white to contract with each other and to represent power and purity. Also with the Image on top it will look very effective and it is something different.
  6. 6. 9) As I was carrying on writing the song title over 1O) Further this, I had decided to make the fontand again and again, I decided to make each size smaller by the time I got to the middle part ofwriting look different through the use of colour my CD/DVD cover. I had chosen to have a crossand font size, As I believed it looked unique. As sections the colour’s, red and white which made itthe you can see from the print screen on the left, I look effective and eye catching.have started writing the title, and also choosingthe different fonts. 12) To make it easier I just decided just to copy and paste the writing repeatedly, I did this by clicking on edit, copy and then paste, which was quite simply and really effective.
  7. 7. 13) As I was near to the end, I decided to change the font, the reason for this is the font I hadbefore was too plain and simple, therefore I changed it to a font which was more stylish andattractive,so then I had to delete all the previous text with the old font, and change it, I didthis by clicking on font, and used the font ‘brush sprit MT‘ finally i worked backwards andfulfilled all the gaps up with the writing which was successful. 7
  8. 8. 14) After I was done with the text at the background, it was time to put the centre image on top, I didthis by creating another layer, and dragging it onto where I wanted the image, I placed it in the centre, Idecided to do this mainly because from my research and analysis, I found out and realized that mostRnB CD covers have a large centre image to keep it simple, therefore I tried doing the same. Also Itried following my flat plan as much as possible as it helped me as a guideline. 15) Finally the last thing I included was the artist’s name which was very simple to do, I did this by clicking on the icon on the left hand side, which then made a text box appear on the screen, then I choose the colour and font, I decided to use the colour red is mainly to it matches the red text at the background. Lastly I placed it in the bottom centre were it was eye catching and suitable for the audience to see, which gave a ending to the front cover of my CD/ DVD cover. 8
  9. 9. Editing The Back Cover 9
  10. 10. 16) This is the picture I have chosen for my backcover, the main reason is that its a mid shit up toher stomach which shows her facial expression,the clothing she is wearing included theaccessories. My artist’s eyes are looking now,which emphasizes how she is feeling, also itstotal opposite compared to the picture at thefront cover, therefore I felt that it would beeffective to have different types of images. 17) After I decided I was sure to use this image, I uploaded it on Adobe Photoshop, I started erase ring the green background off, I did this by using a magic eraser will enabled me to erase the unwanted pieces easily. However there was few little left, as you can see from the print screens, I had to zoom in close to erase the little bits, to make it nice, smooth and to get a professional result. 10
  11. 11. 18) The print screen above shows the close up of the image, as you can see I have used another type of eraser which allowed me to change the size of it, therefore I was enabled to erase little show pieces on the sides and edges.19) After erasing the background, the image looked like the print screen above, which has a clearbackground; the next step was to drag the image onto my CD/DVD cover, I did this by creating a layer andleft click and push on my mouse, as a result I placed the image on the black ground positioned on the lefthand side, this is mainly because the blank space next to the image is where the text is going to be placed. 11
  12. 12. 20) After I had placed my second image, I started entering all my texts to the back cover, the first text I entered was the nameof the artist below the image, I chose to do this as from my research I have discovered that many RnB music CD covers havethe artist’s name at the back and front of the cover, such as Rihanna and Jordin Sparks, therefore I decided to do the sameas I believed this will make it attractive for my target audience. 21) I entered the text by clicking on the text box on the left hand side, then it allowed me to place the box where I wanted it. I starting typing at the top saying ‘audio CD’ which showed what it is and what songs the CD had. Next I chose the font and size, I used the font ‘Academy Engraed LET’ as it gave me a fancy style which made is look lush and attractive. 12
  13. 13. 23) After this I starting entering the finishing touches which were to add the songs that were included in the CD,I had included this as this covered the codes and convention of a typical RnB CD cover therefore I decided toinclude 10 of Beyonce’s songs including ‘Best thing i never had’ which was the main song, as you can tell fromthe main cover of the CD/DVD cover. After writing in the songs, i centered it to give it a smooth effect and thensave it. Also the last two print screens show where I have added the text of the collar of the CD/DVD cover, thisis to finish off the cover. 13
  14. 14. 24) This is my final CD/DVD cover, as you can see I tried to keep it simple as possible as I believethat keeping it simple makes it more effective. Overall I have included two images, one at the frontwhich is my main, I decided to change it to black and white as this represents the feelings andemotions she was going through as she was filled with darkness due to the fact that her husbandwas hurting her. The background shows the title song which is ‘best thing i never had’ repeatedlyin two different colours which were red and white. I chose theses colours mainly because theycontrast perfectly with the black and I tried to keep on track with my plan, as I had decided beforewhat the colour palette was going to be. The red also represents power, and the white representspurity, as I have said in my previous slides. I have used the certain program called AdobePhotoshop as it was simple to use, and it made many effects and text which made my CD/DVDcover look professional, and as a result I had produced the CD/DVD above which shall attract mytarget audience in buying the CD/DVD. 14
  15. 15. The End 15