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The Lost Secrets Of The Garden: The Companion Planting Guide For Vegetable Gardens

The Lost Secrets Of The Garden: The Companion Planting Guide For Vegetable Gardens



The Lost Secrets Of The Garden: The Companion Planting Guide For Vegetable Gardens

The Lost Secrets Of The Garden: The Companion Planting Guide For Vegetable Gardens



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    The Lost Secrets Of The Garden: The Companion Planting Guide For Vegetable Gardens The Lost Secrets Of The Garden: The Companion Planting Guide For Vegetable Gardens Document Transcript

    • THE LOST SECRETS OF THE GARDEN The Astronomical Gardening Guide The Lost Secrets Of Our Solar SystemThe Companion Planting Guide For Vegetable Gardens 1
    • 1
    • THE LOSTSECRETS OF THE GARDEN Greg Willis Author of The Astronomical Gardening Guide The Lost Secrets Of Our Solar System The Companion Planting Guide For Vegetable Gardens The Wholistic™ Agriculture Field Broadcaster Handbook i
    • Copyright © 1995 by Greg Willis and Peasant Wisdom PublishingAll rights reserved under International and Pan-American copyright conventions. Writtenpermission must be secured from the publisher to use or reproduce any part of this book,except for brief quotations in critical reviews or articles. GW Agriculture, POB 3362, McKinney, TX 75070 (214)592-9800 Printed in the United States of America First Printing: May, 1995 Revised: July, 1996 Revised, July, 2004 Revised, June 2008 ISBN 1-887803-00-9 ii
    • ForTim and James iii
    • iv
    • Table of ContentsAcknowledgements................................................................................................................................viiPreface..................................................................................................................................................... ixIntroduction............................................................................................................................................ xiTHE OVERTURE.................................................................................................................................. 1 .Spiritual Gardening.............................................................................................................................. 3The Secret Of Life.................................................................................................................................. 5THE EARTH, THE SUN AND THE MOON. ................................................................................... 7 .Mother Earth.......................................................................................................................................... 9The Sun................................................................................................................................................. 15The Moon............................................................................................................................................. 17THE MASTER...................................................................................................................................... 27Luther Burbank................................................................................................................................... 29 The Laws.................................................................................................................... 30 The Development Of Plants.................................................................................... 36 Wisdom...................................................................................................................... 38 . Unity, Duality and Infinity...................................................................................... 39 Putting It All Together. ............................................................................................ 41 . Principles, The Law Of Relativity and Roses. ...................................................... 42 .FOLLOW THE MOON...................................................................................................................... 45The Celestial Gardener....................................................................................................................... 47 Planting...................................................................................................................... 47 Chaotic Absorption................................................................................................... 50 Devas and Nature Spirits......................................................................................... 52 Harvesting................................................................................................................. 54 . The Stem, Branches and Trees................................................................................. 56 Transplanting............................................................................................................. 56 Grafting...................................................................................................................... 58 Insect and Disease Control...................................................................................... 59 Perennials, Biennials, Bulbs and Root Plants........................................................ 60 Cultivation................................................................................................................. 61 Compost..................................................................................................................... 61 Fertilizer..................................................................................................................... 63 Watering In The Garden.......................................................................................... 64 . Winter......................................................................................................................... 64 The Sun....................................................................................................................... 65 The Constellations.................................................................................................... 66 Folk Wisdom.............................................................................................................. 68CELESTIAL SECRETS........................................................................................................................ 71Soul Food And The Tao...................................................................................................................... 73Hybrids................................................................................................................................................. 76Seed Scoring......................................................................................................................................... 79Nature Spirits, Object Spirits and Devas......................................................................................... 81Weeds In Your Garden?...................................................................................................................... 84Surviving Ozone Depletion............................................................................................................... 86Steiner and Burbank........................................................................................................................... 88Dolphins............................................................................................................................................... 89 v
    • THE SAINTS........................................................................................................................................ 91Saint Teresa Of Avila........................................................................................................................... 93Saint Fiacre........................................................................................................................................... 94George Washington Carver............................................................................................................... 97Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose................................................................................................................. 101Saint Francis Of Assisi...................................................................................................................... 103INSPIRATION AND COMFORT.................................................................................................... 105Mother Mary...................................................................................................................................... 107The Buddha........................................................................................................................................ 109Bhagavan Krishna..............................................................................................................................111Jesus Christ........................................................................................................................................ 113 .APPENDIX. ....................................................................................................................................... 115 .The Astronomical Gardening Guide©........................................................................................... 117 Forward.................................................................................................................... 118 Preface...................................................................................................................... 119 Introduction............................................................................................................. 120 The Calendar........................................................................................................... 122 The Solar Calendar................................................................................................. 122 Temperature............................................................................................................. 123 The Lunar Calendar............................................................................................... 124 . Planting and Transplanting................................................................................... 125 Daily Recommendations. ...................................................................................... 127 . Harvesting............................................................................................................... 128 . Zodiac And Astronomy Calendar........................................................................ 128 Plant Disease And Pest Control............................................................................ 129 Grafting And Rooting Cuttings............................................................................ 129 Composting And Fertilizing................................................................................. 130 Final Notes............................................................................................................... 130 1996 Gardening Guide........................................................................................... 131 1996 Lunar Calendar.............................................................................................. 134Footnotes............................................................................................................................................ 137Annotated Bibliography.................................................................................................................. 141Index................................................................................................................................................... 143A Final Note From The Author....................................................................................................... 147About The Author............................................................................................................................. 148 vi
    • Acknowledgements So many people helped and encouraged me to complete this book that I am afraid thatI have lost count. If I have inadvertently left anyone out, I hope they will forgive me. I wish to thank all of these people without whose help this book might never have beencompleted. My mother, Martha Willis, who gave never ending encouragement and financialsupport. Mary Krause and Kathy DiBrito who gave constant encouragement and emotionalsupport. Jim Brown, Ph.D., C.J. Erricson, and Diane Marie for their helpful suggestions andastute guidance. Grace Ellis for being there when my children needed a guardian angel. Wendy Johnson of the Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center for her timely advice andkind comments. Larry Bohlayer of Celestial Products, Inc. for his fantastic Lunar charts, astronomyand computer expertise, artwork, his many excellent suggestions, patient support, numerous"FedEx specials" and kind permission to use his copyrighted material in this book. To The Moody Blues who guided me to the Threshold of a Dream. And to Paramahansa Yogananda and Luther Burbank whose inspiration, wisdom andenduring love have helped me through the most difficult times of my life and who inspiredme to appreciate and see the Infinite in all things. I am deeply grateful for your unconditional help. Please accept my sincerest thanksand heartfelt appreciation. This book is for you too. ] ] ] vii
    • viii
    • Preface To prepare to write this preface, I reread this book several times from the point of viewof a first time reader. The manuscript has been two years in the making so I ought to be, asyou can well imagine, thoroughly familiar with the contents. Still, I find my reaction to this book is that I am always pleased by the unique qualityof the message. At times, I see an idea that seems a little different now than before. At othertimes, I notice a sentence, or a word, or a phrase that somehow seems like it was not there thelast time I looked. Every time I read it, I find something new and fresh that I missed. It is a very simple and concise message of Hope and Understanding and UnconditionalLove for all. It is my great pleasure to present this to you. - The Author ] ] ] ix
    • x
    • Introduction “In any contest between man and Mother Nature, Mother Nature always wins.” - Murphy’s Law The Laws of Nature are immutable. They are changeless. Modern society does notlive in harmony with Nature. This disharmony is destroying the natural world around us. Itis destroying us. We create modern technology based on the Laws of Modern Science. More and more,we believe that it sustains our lives. Today, most of us live at some distance from the natural world. We visit the wilderness.We have lost the ancient wisdom that comes to us naturally through the intuition, a direct resultof close contact with Nature. We now find ourselves at a crossroads in history. We, as a species, can choose to live,or we can choose to die. I choose to live. To choose life is to choose to live in harmony with Nature. This means that we mustlearn to understand our natural source of life in the most fundamental terms. How is this possible? To comprehend something as mighty as Nature, we mustunderstand, first, the laws on which all life is truly based. These laws some call UniversalLaws, or God’s Laws or the Laws of Nature. What we call them does not matter. If we realize and accept that these laws do exist and strive to understand their meaningand purpose, this will lead to the unfolding of our awareness in Nature and the Universe. Itwill lead to the realization of our Nature, our true Self. Recognizing this, I set out to talk with experts about Mother Nature and the UniversalLaws to learn how to apply them to our lives. This book is about my conversations withthem. ] ] ] xi
    • 2
    • Spiritual Gardening - is - The awareness that we are more thanwhat we seem. The awareness that Nature acts andinteracts with our very being to produceHeaven on Earth. The awareness that we are all trulyspiritual beings acting in the presence ofGod to create and co-create Heaven onEarth. It is the awareness that we are allchildren of God and that by acting inharmony with His laws, we elevateourselves, our Earth and those around us toa higher spiritual plane of development. 3
    • 4
    • The Secret Of Life Everything is a reflection of Spirit. Spirit created Everything. Everythingis manifest in Spirit. Spirit is manifest in Everything. One sees the reflection of Spirit in everything at which one gazes. TheTruth is there to see. At the same time, everything that is in you is reflectedback to you. Just as the various colors reflect back to you, everything aroundyou reflects back to you. You see what you are. When you finally see the wholecanvas of the Universe as it is, you have achieved perfection of Thought. You see what you are. To see past the physical forms defines your abilityto see formlessness beyond. The Thought that created form also created theformlessness beyond. It is one and the same. In this world, we tend to see onlythat which we can physically define. But beyond that is the Truth that permeatesthe physical world through and through. We must reach out to see it, to feel it,to taste it, to smell it and to hear it. We define it through our intuition. We hearit through the great cosmic sound of OM, AUM or AMEN. We feel it throughthe vibration of OM. We smell it through the fragrance of happiness. We tasteit through the sweetness of honey. We see it through everlasting beauty. Weexpress it through Love. Love is Harmony. Harmony is Love. There is a sense, an intuitive sense,that harmony should exist. We look at the sky and see the stars flying throughthe Universe, each year repeating the same pattern over and over. We see theflower that comes to blossom each year - year after year. We see a contentment inNature that life will go on - that life does go on. Harmony is Love in action. We sense that there should be harmony in our lives. We sense that thereshould be Love in our lives. We sense that somehow, underpinning the worldwe see, something holds it all together. As we allow our intuitive sense to grow, so does our understanding ofHarmony. Mother Nature has promised that when we live in harmony and balancewith her, abundance will be forthcoming. It is a promise to be fulfilled. Who is Mother Nature? Mother Nature is all around us. It is the Life Forcethat guides and develops mankind’s ascent to Heaven. It is the force that bringsabundance to all who choose to live on the Earth. It is God in action. It is Lovein action. Mother Nature is the culmination of all of the Laws of the UniverseIN ACTION. This is very important to understand. It is the manifestation ofSpirit, of God. It is the expression of the Laws of the Universe by which all iscreated and sustained. It is the culmination of all Thought of the Creator. It isthe reflection of the Creator, of Spirit. It is also the reflection and the teacher of 5
    • each soul who inhabits the Earth. Mother Nature exists beyond Earth. In this Universe, it is Mother Nature,the manifestation of Spirit, who creates and sustains all that you think, feel andsee. She is a feminine energy. She reflects the creative side of the dual natureof God. The Cosmos, the ability to hold a form in formless Thought, is themasculine side of this dual nature. In perfect Balance, they reflect and manifestSpirit in the material/physical world. Mother Nature and the Cosmos are brought together for the purpose ofgranting the soul a chance to develop quickly. The nature of the soul experienceon the Earth is to learn Unconditional Love. Mother Nature and the Cosmos workhand-in-hand to create a teaching school for learning Unconditional Love. As the soul evolves, it grows from Unconditional Love to Divine Wisdomto Union with the Divine. The same is true of all beings regardless of their modeof incarnation. As each soul traces its evolution through all the forms in whichit chooses to live, it will evolve inexorably toward Union with the Divine. Onecannot achieve true Wisdom without understanding Unconditional Love. Onecannot achieve Divine Union without bringing with them Unconditional Loveand Wisdom. It is written in the Divine. The purpose of life is to discover your Self through Self realization. Itbegins with Self awareness. Self awareness evolves into Self realization. Selfrealization brings Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love brings Self realization.The soul evolves on many paths at once. What is the Self? It is the true nature of the soul discovered. It is thatInfinitesimal Part of the Infinite that reflects and is Spirit. It is that part of Spiritwhich exists to reunite itself with Spirit. It is that part of Spirit which will regainits immortal blissful state through understanding Unconditional Love. The role of Mother Nature is to gently teach the soul how to discover itsSelf. Mother Nature is the immutable, changeless manifestation of Spirit andUniversal Law. By learning to live in harmony with the Laws of the Universe,reflected and activated in Mother Nature, we free ourselves from the weight ofEarthly existence to bring us to the Divine. The Cosmic Dream that we all share is that we are more than what weseem. We know intuitively that our birthright is Happiness, Abundance andLove. Through Mother Nature, the Divine Dreamer has given us all that weneed. Now we must find it. ] ] ] 6
    • 8
    • Mother Earth Mother Earth expresses the dual nature of life in this world more perfectly than any other. Atonce warm and nurturing, cold and harsh, abundant and unforgiving, she seems to reflect the DivineSpirit most perfectly in every way. I wondered what Mother Earth would have to say about gardeningwith Mother Nature. So I asked.What is the difference between Mother Nature and Mother Earth? The Earth Mother is the soul inhabiting and caring for the Earth Body. Mother Nature is essentially Energy and Thought in Action. There is no earth body, no soul body as such, for Mother Nature. This is the first time that anyone has taken the time to address me directly in thousands of years. The ancient Greeks and the Druids were especially adept at communication with me. I am very pleased that someone today is taking the time. Sometimes I feel that mankind has forgotten what I do.What do you do? I provide the place in the Universe where all souls who wish to develop their skills at loving one another can grow and expand.That’s it? Of course there is much that I do to provide this place that distracts people from my main purpose. But that is it in its most concise and essential form. The world today is plagued by all sorts of problems: wars, pestilence, famine, environmentalproblems. Mankind finds itself in a strongly polarized state. For the first time in our recorded history,our lives and our childrens lives are threatened with possible extinction.Where does mankind go from today? Mankind is on the brink of the greatest breakthrough that he/she has ever experienced. That breakthrough involves the emancipation of the soul from the gross physical matter which has drawn mankind down to the furthest point away from God. This point is in many ways the defining point for mankind. This low point, which has now just about passed, is the time when all earthly souls are given an opportunity to find their true Self within the deepest part of their existence. That is to say, that this has been the time, this is still the time, when all earthly souls can validate their true spiritual nature in its most clear and essential form. The opportunity to contrast 9
    • their true selves with the grossest physical reality brings with it the opportunity to see clearly what you are. As the soul-steward of the planet Earth, it is my responsibility to, then, move this earthly body to its next phase of existence. Therefore, my change you call the Earth Changes. The Earth Changes refer to the great cataclysmic reconstruction of the Earth predicted by mystics,ancient cultures and scripture alike. It is a time of great upheaval characterized by many earthquakes,severe weather changes, a relocation of the poles and the shifting of entire continents. It is also describedas a time of cleansing of the destructive forces now living on the Earth.Why are these Earth Changes occurring? They are occurring because it is now possible for all souls on the path of enlightenment to proceed to a more highly developed sense of Self and a more highly developed sense of Awareness, what many call Consciousness. This Awareness refers specifically to the Awareness of the Spiritual Self, the Soul Self, the Spirit Within All Beings, recognizing that it is there and using that Awareness to progress as a soul to develop your Self so that you can return to your True Nature after you have learned to give Unconditional Love. This Unconditional Love refers specifically to all things, not just other humans. Souls inhabit the physical bodies of all matter. Respect for the Spirit in all things is the essence of Unconditional Love. To love all things is, in Truth, to love your Self, which is Spirit.How did it happen that you inhabited the Earth planet? It was a reward for past actions. The Universe is older than even the most sophisticated instrument can determine. And, there were many, many Universes before and will be after. We have all been “alive” much longer than the 4 billion years that science has decided. To be a planet soul requires a certain training and experience that occurs after a material existence such as yours. I have lived as a “human” although on another planet, in another time and body. I have learned the lesson of Unconditional Love and that is why I was given the task of caretaker for this planet body. My sole purpose is to provide a place for you to develop. I am the caretaker. God and God alone is the Maker of this body.How do the Laws of the Father/Mother God, the Creator, direct you in yourwork? Spirit is Spirit. All that Is, Is. God does not create Laws. God is 10
    • Law. It is the essentialness of God’s Being. In order to live in harmony with the Laws of God, the Universal Laws, the Spirit Within All, one need only to observe life, nature and read the great spiritual treatises of the past to discover the Laws. All actions that I, as the Earth Body Caretaker, am allowed to take are in perfect harmony with Spirit. It cannot be otherwise.Are you saying that all of these earthquakes, hail storms, wind storms and so onthat we are now experiencing are God’s Laws in action? God provides for change. These steps are necessary to change the face of the Earth, nay the very core of its being, to comply with and facilitate the growth in Awareness about which I spoke earlier. The method available to the Body Earth is through these physical changes.Some have said that the Earth Changes will be more drastic due to all of thepollution and wars on the Earth. Is this true? Yes. It is true. This transition is made more difficult by the resistance of the negative forces, those forces some call evil, who would hold back or seek to retard the natural growth of the Spirit. One must keep foremost in one’s mind that the Spirit manifests through all. The Spirit itself must grow. It will give those who do not wish to grow at the same pace, opportunities for growth elsewhere. Thus many will “die” but all will live on forever in other places more attuned to their personal development. By attempting to hold back this natural transition to a greater Awareness, all mankind is creating more difficulties on the physical than would be necessary if all were in agreement. It is not likely that all human consciousness will now find itself in complete harmony with the Laws of Spirit, of Nature. So these changes in the Earth Body will create physical discomfort for many. Others will be unaffected. It is not just a matter of their life style now, but of past actions. Past Karma also enters in to this. The suffering that you see is in every sense of the word “predetermined” for all souls as they make the transition to other levels and forms of consciousness.How do we lessen the difficulties you describe? Seek the Awareness of Spirit in yourself. Seek the awareness of the Christ Consciousness in All. By attuning yourself quietly and carefully with Spirit, with Christ Consciousness, with the Word, you will lessen the difficulties for yourself and thousands, if not millions of 11
    • souls all around you. That is the Promise of God. If but one soul had had the Christ Consciousness within, Sodom and Gomorrah would not have fallen. So it is true today. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.” That is the way.Do you mean go out and preach the Gospel? Some may do this and in doing so, some will find converts.What, then, do you mean? “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God” within yourself, not others. Upon recognizing it within yourself, you will recognize it in All things. That is the lesson of the transition to the next period of growth, what so many today are calling the New Age.Is this next age, the “New Age”, the end of it? No. It is just the next stage in the growth of the soul as they learn the true nature of their being and the true nature of Unconditional Love. This Planet Earth, the Earth Body, is a workshop for all souls to develop this attribute. Respect for all things, be they “living” or “dead” is a measure of one’s conscious ability to Love Unconditionally. That is the purpose of the Earth Body. I am the caretaker. It is my job, my sole purpose for this existence, to provide this for you. Let it be known that I Love all life, human and otherwise, Unconditionally. The Universe is created by Spirit. All the “Laws” which we discuss in this book are Spirit. All physical matter reflects and are all Law. To live in harmony with Nature, to live in harmony with the Earth Body, requires that one live in harmony with these Spiritual Laws. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”, for all of these Laws, the purpose of Life itself, are housed within. Where is this house? It is within the Self within all beings regardless of the body, physical or otherwise, in which they have chosen to live.So, what would you say to us at this juncture in our development as souls? Be happy. Look within for the answers. You will find them in the Self. Only through Self Awareness, Self Realization will you find the Truth you seek. Spirit is there to be found. You never lost it. It has always been there for you. The changes in this Earthly Body will be difficult for some, easy for others. All of you are living a purposeful life though many of you 12
    • do not know it. All is as it is. You can change the Earth, you can change the World, when you change yourself. Life is Love. Love of Life is Love of Spirit. Love of Spirit is the highest form of love for one’s self, one’s Self. I will be here for you always. • • •Are you masculine or feminine? Is the Earth Body masculine or feminine? I am neither. The Body is strongly feminine to facilitate the growth of the Lord’s, the Divine Creator’s, children. It is a nurturing environment for the Soul. That is why it must be feminine.And the Sun Body? Masculine in nature. Also nurturing, as are all fathers. The two work in harmony to produce the ideal world for all who wish to develop Perfect Love. That is the purpose of the Universe. • • •Is the Earth a self-regulating organism? Yes, within the context of the Laws of God. All that is, is within the Laws of God, the Laws of Nature, the Laws of Creation.What would “self regulating” mean? The actions taken by the Earth Mother would necessarily be within the context and the parameters of the Laws of Creation. Therefore, since the Thought that holds all Creation together is Never-ending, Never- beginning, Infinite in Nature and Timeless in Quality, it then holds under the Law of Balance that all things, all thoughts become “self-regulating." The Earth is an expression of Thought held in Form by the Creator, by the Supreme Being, by God. All that is necessary for the perpetuation of Spirit is there. It is, then in this sense, “self-regulating”. • • • The ancient Greeks worshiped Gaea, the goddess of the Earth. The worship of Gaea was anexpression of their recognition and respect for the soul who lives as Mother Earth. Few people still carry 13
    • on this practice. Today, we worship God, we do not worship gods. Mother Earth is a living, loving, caring, very wise soul helping us all on our pathways tohappiness. Can we learn to give her the same love and respect that she gives to us? ] ] ] 14
    • The Sun The Sun seems at once dynamic and contented. It is very happy. We cannot live withoutSunshine. As aspiring saints, what role does the Old Sol play in our lives? I asked.Please begin. The Sun Body is the center of this solar system. That means that there is a center from which all life energy radiates out in all directions. It is very important to understand that while the planets in this system are the beneficiaries of this radiance, other planets in other galaxies are also in benefit. Thus the Sun plays a dual role. It is the center of this system, it holds the planets in their orbits and it provides additional radiance to other areas of the Universe. Why is this so? It is thus because the role of the Sun is to provide an interconnection between all the areas of the Universe. Just as the Sun radiates outward, so it receives radiation from other sources as well. The Sun is just one dot in the greater scheme of the Universe. It is important for all solar systems to be connected. It also demonstrates the Lord’s desire that all his children know that they are interconnected in the One. Mankind has for many generations believed that the Earth is lonely and isolated. This is not so. The Earth gives back as much as it receives. Thus it is the role of humankind to learn what they must give back in the way of their own radiance, back to the Universe. Another way of looking at it is to envision the Earth at the center of this solar system. It radiates outward in all directions that which it is and will become. The lesson of the Earthly existence is to learn to radiate this love to the solar system, the galaxy and the Universe. The Sun plays an important role in this life drama. It stands for, it is the example of, Unconditional Giving. For the Sun pours forth its energy unconditionally on all planets around it. It puts forth this life giving energy in, on and through each and every planet, animal, mineral and plant.What is the nature of the rays of the Sun? The life force energy that you learn about in Yoga, called prana, is characterized by the life giving energy in it. The life giving energy, or prana, is characterized by what the yogis call “lifetrons”. These lifetrons are the thought matter that makes up Creation. The rays of the Sun 15
    • are the same thought matter as electrons. This radiation sustains life. It does not create life. Only God can create life. In many respects it is possible to say that the lifetrons and electrons are the same but occur in different dimensions simultaneously. The role of the Sun is to provide a place from which these life giving energies can radiate. And, as I said, to hold the planets in their orbits.Are you masculine or feminine? Is the Sun masculine or feminine? Like Mother Earth, I am neither. My joy is in the happiness that I bring to all. The role of the Sun is strongly masculine but more highly balanced than any other planet. What this means is that though the outpouring of energy is masculine in nature, the nurturing qualities are often ascribed to the feminine. With the Sun, it is possible to have both in balance. Do you see?The Sun is masculine and feminine? I, the soul inhabiting and caring for the Sun am neither masculine nor feminine. The body of the Sun is masculine in action and feminine in quality. Thus it is both.Would it be fair to say the Sun is both provider and a sustainer? Yes. That is accurate.Does the Sun keep the planets in place and in balance around itself? Yes. The Sun provides a center around which all the planets in this solar system can revolve.Is there anything else you wish to add? There is. It is that it should be recognized that I have been known by many different names throughout history. Many cultures have given to me extraordinary powers that far exceeded what I really can do. My essential roles are to provide radiance and a center. The nature of the radiance is both healing and evolutionary, that is, growth of the physical body and the souls of all who inhabit the Earth. ] ] ] 16
    • The Moon The Lunar Orb is our closest planet. The Moon has a clear, crisp mind and is very kind, reliable,predictable, purposeful and completely at home in the role of Moon. We all sense its direct influence onour lives. What exactly are these influences? I asked.Moon, would you please tell us what are you called? Call me the Solar-Lunar Presence. I am hot and I am cold. I am watching over the Earth just as she watches over me. I am part of her and she is part of me. Our existences are mutually beneficial. We help each other. I provide what she cannot and she provides what I cannot for all life on Earth. It is my job to watch over the Earth and provide beneficial cycles for all in which to grow. These cycles, including the tides, the phases of the Moon, the seasonal changes in the appearance of the Moon Body, all have a direct effect on the plant and animal life in and on earth. You already know the effect that the Moon has on “inanimate” things such as the water in the oceans. My job (and I am as old as the Earth Soul) is glorious. I trained for this as did she. We are one and we are separate. There is much that all Earthlings can gain from an understanding of the role of the Moon in its relationship to Earth.Where would you begin? Let us begin at the beginning. The Moon was formed about the same time as the Earth. It was put here to balance the nature of the earthly realm.What does “balance” mean? The Earth Body collects the solar energy which is then stored in various ways in and on the Body. The Moon reflects this light. The reflected light then has the benefit of contact with the Moon Body and the Moon soul. In a very real sense I can be called Father Moon. This reflected and processed light has a different effect on the planet. If it were not for the Moon, the Earth would receive an overabundance of solar light on one side, and not enough on the other. The reflected light, in its spiritual form, can enhance the growth of all manner of plants and animals. Let me be more clear. The solar rays received by the Earth constitute enormous amounts of masculine energy which radiate into the Earth in 17
    • such a way as to harmonize the feminine energy of the Earth. The Moon does not create light, it reflects light. Not just solar light but all light from the heavens. This mixture of light provides a special life force for plants and animals. This special, processed and mixed light works as a growth regulator and enhancer for plants and animals. Light from all the planets in our solar system is reflected off the Lunar Body onto the Earth. Light from other solar systems is also reflected. This mixture is then processed by the Lunar Body, the Moon, and reflected back to Earth. Certainly the light from Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and the others is reflected directly on to the Earth too. But the Moon is able to provide a special influence with this mixture. That is one role of the Moon.What does this special “mixture” do? It works as a growth regulator, a growth enhancer and a catalyst for soul development in plants and animals. It is a very special mixture.Does it change or is it always the same? It changes. It is never the same. The role of the Moon is to moderate the changes and add to it the forces necessary when some are not there and to lessen the forces when that is needed also. The Moon Body works as a moderating force to lessen the shock of sudden changes in the light reflected, for example, from Mars or Venus.So then, this “mixture” of light from the Sun, the reflected light from the planets inthis solar system and the light from other planets and solar systems is all mixedby the Moon and sent to the Earth. Is this correct? Yes, that is right.And this mixture is moderated or enhanced as needed for the benefit of the Earthand all life there. Is this correct? It is true, yes.How do you know what this "mixture" should be? There are certain signs of growth development that dictate the mix. There is also a constant conversation between the Earth and me in our effort to create a balanced Life Force on the Earth. Much direction comes from the Sun and from the Divine One. This mixture develops the soul qualities in each individual. Thus there must be a constant awareness of all of the souls and all of their Earthly bodies. 18
    • This does not sound like an easy job. It is easy when one is in Harmony with the Divine.Why must we have this light mixture? The growth of life forms on the Earth Body would be unregulated without the action of the Moon Light. Plants would be too big or too small, cycles of reproduction would cease, life would be completely disrupted. Moon Light is essential for life, for all life forms.What about the other functions of the Moon. What about its proximity to theEarth and the physical effects it produces? There are many different effects produced. The one by what you call gravity on the tides is the most obvious. The role of the Moon is, then, to provide cycles of movement in and on the earth. The cycles created by the simple turning of the Earth toward the Sun produce one kind of cycle which relates specifically to the changes in the places where life forms can flourish. The changes in the Lunar Cycles directly effect the reproductive forces in life forms. That is, the physical changes in the planet have a direct effect on the cycles of reproduction. The Moon provides a predictable cycle for the reproduction of the species. The Earth cannot produce this process by simply turning a new face toward the Sun. Only the Moon can accomplish this.So is this the creative force to which the great Austrian philosopher and metaphysicianRudolf Steiner1 referred? It is. The creative force is the Nature of Spirit. The role of the Moon is to provide a pattern within which this creative force can function and perpetuate itself.And this is enhanced and moderated by the reflected light from the Moon? Exactly.How then does this help us understand how the Moon directly effectsagriculture? The various lunar cycles have a direct effect on the “tides” in the soil and on the formation of roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit and seed in all plants. Moreover, the light reflected on these plants also has effects on these parts of the plants. The more light, the more strongly the effect 19
    • is felt by the plant, and animal. Witness the howling of the coyote. It is asking the Moon to bring its life force energy mixture down into its body to enhance its growth. It is no coincidence that people act a little “crazy” during a Full Moon. It is at this time that the full force of this reflected light is felt most powerfully. Those who are most sensitive to it react most strongly. At a New Moon, this light is at a low ebb. Thus people act more subdued, even somewhat fearful. When the Moon is in the middle of the New Moon cycle and in the middle of the Full Moon cycle, people tend to act most normally. It is the same with plants and the “lower” life forms. The difference between mankind and these other plants and animals is that mankind, generally, no longer recognizes the reactions of plants and animals to Moon Light. Mankind has lost its way. If mankind is to survive, it must find its way again.OK, where do we go from here? The Moon Light is a mixture of many lights from many different sources. These light sources, be they reflected or from the light source itself, have a very definite influence on the growth of plants and the growth of Spirit in humans. This light is the reflected light of Spirit. The role of the Sun is to provide unencumbered and unaltered Spiritual energy to all in whose beam it shines. The role of the Moon is to process this light. The role of the Earth is to absorb and process this light or life force energy. The role of the various planets in our solar system is also to process and reflect this light.Is there life on the other planets in our solar system? Not as you would recognize it, no. It takes on a more Ethereal body, less a physical body. Some plant life evidence will be found on Mars and Venus but there are no plants growing there now. The other planets also, like the Earth and the Moon, have Astral and Ethereal or Causal bodies upon which souls can develop.Are you stating that Causal and Ethereal are the same? Yes. It is pure thought.Is there life in the other planets in our solar system? Each planet has a soul guardian and caretaker. Each has a definite 20
    • role to play in this solar system and other parts of the galaxy and the UniverseAre the other souls inhabiting planet bodies like you? They are and very delighted to have the opportunity to inhabit these celestial bodies. They are joyful in their contribution to life on the physical plane and rejoice in their ability to help souls develop in other Dharmas.Would you please explain “other Dharmas”? Dharma in its purest form refers to the essential truths by which all souls must live and develop. The essential truths of Dharma reflect and are the True Nature Of Spirit. Dharma is the mental virtue as it is in thought form, not physical form that Dharma finds its highest expression. It is the responsibility of all souls, all soul fragments who have temporarily split from Spirit, to follow these truths.When you say soul fragments, would you liken this to a piece of glass that is brokeninto thousands of small pieces. Each piece, though it can be infinitely small, stillis made up of the same properties as the original whole glass piece. Thus, eachfragment is, in its essence, the whole glass or Spirit? Yes. That would be accurate as far as it goes. The glass fragments, to carry the analogy further, can be melted down again in the cauldron of Truth to then be reunited with the Original Glass Piece or Spirit.And that describes our life experience? In essence, yes. Each soul fragment, large or small, highly developed or new, finds its own way through Self-expression back to the Infinite, the Creator, the One In Whom We All Abide.What other influences or roles does the Moon play? The Moon Body acts to keep the Earth stable in its orbit. It works very much like a gyroscope. If it were not for the Moon, the Earth body would wobble. So we can say the Moon lends a sense of stability to the Earth.The Moon has an orbit that takes it, eventually over every square mile of the Earth.Why? An interesting observation. Yes this is true. The Moon must make its presence felt on all parts of the land and ocean. If the Moon were to orbit geosynchronously (i.e. in a stationary orbit, always above the same 21
    • spot on Earth), it would have a very damaging effect on all Earth life. By providing a non-geosyncratic orbit, the influence of the Moon can be felt everywhere. This is vital to the survival of all life.Which came first. The Moon or life on Earth? The Moon came first. The question might be rephrased as this: Does plant life reflect the movement of the Moon or is plant life a reaction to the movements of the Moon? The answer is that the conditions for optimum life were established before physical life developed. These conditions were necessary for life to begin and to continue.Are there any other roles of the Moon? These are all that we will talk about here for now. Yes there are others that relate to the development of souls in other planes.Please clarify one point. Are you the Protector of the Earth? That is correct. Though I might appear lifeless, I am fully alive in my responsibilities. Clarity of thinking is essential for this task as Father Moon. It is essential that the Moon stabilize the life on the Earth and in the Earth itself. Let that not be unclear to the reader. The role of protector does not mean that without the Moon, the Earth would die. It means that the role of the Moon as protector is to provide that which is needed for the development and continuation of all life within and on the Earth.What does life “within” the Earth mean? There are other life forms living within the Earth, unseen by man. These life forms live in other dimensions and are occasionally seen as Yeti or Bigfoot. There are others as well. These life forms pass in and out of “windows” between the dimensions. It is my task to provide a nurturing environment for them as well so that they will progress Spiritually.Sounds pretty far out. Mother Earth provides much that is unseen by the average person. Her role is varied and multifaceted. So, then, is mine also.Back to agriculture. When is the best time to plant fleshy root crops? During the first and last quarters.And the best time to plant fibrous root crops? 22
    • During the second and third quarters.According to the Agricultural Planting Calendar1 produced by Maria Thun2, there arefour zodiacal influences - Earth, Water, Light and Warmth3 and, correspondingly,these influence the four parts of the plant - root, leaf, flower and seed. Is thisaccurate? To an extent, yes, but not complete. There are, in fact, six parts to the plant that are effected by the position of the celestial bodies (not just the Moon and the Stars you see around you). Many influences come from areas of the Universe unseen by even the most powerful telescope. There are influences brought to bear by the many dimensions or Dominions in which you find yourself. These six parts are the root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit and seed. Each is influenced directly and indirectly by the Earth, Moon, Sun, the planets and the stars all around you. By “breaking” the plant up into these six areas, we have a more complete picture of what happens.Are you saying that because this is more complicated that it is not possible tocalculate the best times for these various plant parts by simply considering thelocation of the Sun, the Moon or the Earth in their various constellations andnothing else? That is essentially correct. It is akin to Rudolf Steiner’s description of examining a dead plant. You only see the body, not the essence of the soul.Is it useful to designate the effect of the thirteen astronomical constellations onthese six parts of the plant? Yes it is useful. As a starting point you may use the effects used by Thun but there are more influences that are not covered by her beliefs. Aries - fruit, seed, stem Scorpius - leaf, fleshy roots Taurus - root, flower Ophiuchus - seed, root Gemini - flower, fruit Sagittarius - fruit, seed, flower, stem Cancer - leaf, stem Capricornus - root, flower Leo - fruit, seed, stem Aquarius - flower, seed Virgo - root, stem Pisces - leaf, stem, seed Libra - flower, seed, fruit You can see that the positions of the stars influence a plant in more than one way. One can, then, use these as guidelines but one must rely on the intuition when one considers the whole picture. It is too 23
    • complicated to calculate with repeatable accuracy.What effect does the Moon have on transplanting? What is it? A very direct effect. The best times to transplant are when the Moon is low in the sky, especially if it is root crops. If the Moon is high in the sky, fibrous rooted crops and trees can be transplanted with great benefit.Please explain how this works. When the Moon is low on the horizon, it tends to have its influences drawn down into the soil. When the Moon is high on the horizon, its influences tend to be drawn up into the direction of the upper portions of the soil. The determining factor is the movement of the influences, not the brightness of the Moon, etc. What is more important is that the Lunar Body provides these influences in continuing cycles. They change from day to day, again making predictions difficult. These are guidelines for the farmer and gardener to use. They are influences that change daily and one must observe the cycles of the Moon, the seasons of the Earth, the location of the Sun and the planets as well. Learn the guidelines but rely on your intuition to guide you.Does the apogee (the point at which the Moon is closest to the Earth) and perigee(the point at which the Moon is furthest from the Earth) have any influence onplanting? It does. The closer the Moon, the more profound the influences. Conversely, the further away, the less the influence.How does this effect the planting of seeds? The more radiance provided by the Moon, the more likely the seed is to produce a reliable specimen. The further away the Moon is, the less likely it will be perfect and will, in fact, be subject to diseases and fungus problems. That can be eliminated by careful thought of the gardener and the farmer and a preparation of Equisetum tea4 sprayed on the soil at the time of planting. A stinging nettle tea5 will have no effect.About the question of the nodes - the time at which the Moon passes through theecliptic or plane of the Earth. All sorts of terrible problems are said to be associatedwith this time. Is this true? Not really. Much of what has been written or described could 24
    • have been foretold in the expectations of the teller. What happens whenthe Moon crosses the ecliptic of the Earth is that there is a shift in thedirection of the influences of the Moon-Earth relationship. Some feelthis as a disruption. If you wish to avoid these days, do so, but there is no purposeto it if the gardener or farmer is keeping in the Christ Consciousnessand endeavoring to live harmoniously with the Dharma. It is the samewith the other influences. All can be “circumvented”, if you will, by thethought of the gardener/farmer. The ability to create and to co-createabundance of all kinds, be they plants, animals, money and so on lie inthe ability of the co-creator to stay centered in the Divine. • • • These many discussions which you have had and will havemust be considered in the light of understanding that the CreativeForce and Free Will allow you to create anything you want as long asyou understand and use the Universal Spirit Centered Laws. Good orbad, the choice is yours but the ability to create is sacrosanct. It is yournature. Harmonize yourself with the Laws of the Divine and all mannerof miracles are available to you. It is very frustrating to discuss these minor influences since wesee the unlimited, infinite possibilities for all of you. There is NO LIMITon what you can do or accomplish. These guidelines, these descriptionsof these lunar influences, are but stepping stones to your Infinite Nature.Do not focus on the minutiae. Keep your mind and keep your heart setsquarely on the Christ Consciousness within. Learn to recognize theNature of Spirit and to recognize the Divine in all things. That is whereyour destiny lies. Once you have anchored yourself in the Divine, ALLthings are possible. That is the Message from the Moon. ] ] ] 25
    • 26
    • 28
    • Luther Burbank "God created in nature an abundant variety of edible vegetables, fruits, grains, and other foods, everything necessary for man. Man cannot bring forth even a grain of wheat, much less a new plant or fruit. Only God can do this. He has to originate the species first. Man can only modify what already exists, as Luther Burbank did." - Paramahansa Yogananda, from The Divine Romance6 Luther Burbank was the single greatest horticulturist ever to grace the face of the Earth. He wasknown as the Plant Wizard. Counted among his personal friends were Thomas Edison, Henry Ford andthe great yoga Master Paramahansa Yogananda. Working without the benefit of modern gene technology,Burbank single-handedly brought into commercial production over 800 new varieties of plants. His exploits in the garden are legendary. At any given time he would be growing over 100,000plants. His ability to select a few prime specimens from a planting of 10,000 flowers, plucking them outof the ground as fast as his assistant could cart them to the compost pile, astonished the scientists of hisday. He kept minimal notes. He relied on his botanical knowledge, his knowledge of Darwins theoriesof evolution, his senses, his intuition and the Divine Gardener to guide him. If there is a single achievement by which Luther Burbank will be remembered it is the Shastadaisy. In purely botanical terms, the Shasta daisy is a quadruple hybrid incorporating the wild Americanoxeye with two European and one Japanese daisy species. He worked on this offering for seventeen years.Today it is still one of the most popular perennials available. It is a stunning tribute to his incredibleplant knowledge. His discovery of the Russet Potato, todays "Idaho Baking Potato" spawned a multi-billiondollar industry that has fed the world for a century. He sold the rights for $150.00. A deeply spiritual man who embraced an ecumenical approach to religion, Luther Burbankattended Christian church and practiced Kriya yoga meditation. He developed a keen ability to focusall of his attention on the problem at hand and resolve it. One of his most astonishing non-plant achievements was his greenhouse. Though much of SantaRosa was damaged in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Burbanks greenhouse suffered no damage.His secret, rarely expressed in architecture today, was his intuitive use of the Golden Mean proportionsin the design. This made it strong, attractive and harmonious with the Earth. Burbank worked with all manner of flowers, fruits, vegetables, grains and trees. One of hismost enduring offerings was the Santa Rosa plum. 29
    • The LawsWhat do people need to know about working with plants? Very good. We will begin with the basics. First it is important to know that all life comes out of One Life. There is no other truth that is foremost before this one. It is the beginning of all discussions of life on Earth or anywhere else in the Universe. The second is, as Jesus said, like unto it - Love thy neighbor as thyself. This is truly important with plants for in them we have God residing as the Universal All, as the Infinite, as the Ultimate Breeder of plants and as the Creator of All Things. Not to love all around you brings into play the negative forces which retard the growth of the Spirit in each soul. So we have Unity in all things, Love of all things and the physical manifestation of one’s efforts to bring these two Truths, these Forces to bear on one’s life and one’s actions and purpose in life. Do you see?Yes. Please go on. How did this knowledge cause you to create over 800 new strainsand varieties of plants? The truths implicit in these statements forms the basis for all action.All is Unity and Love holds it all together? Yes the expression of love comes in many different ways and what we are discussing are the truths which form the basis for determining the ways.Unity and Love. How did this lead to the Santa Rosa Plum? Each plant must be viewed as a direct reflection of the Unity of the Universe, that is, God’s Creation, and of the creative power given to the soul which manifested that plant into the Earth Plane. Put another way, God has made it possible for all souls to find their true Self through Self expression. Some souls have decided, of their own accord, to bring this glorious manifestation of Spirit into the Earth plane through the manifestation of plants. It is those souls, who work in perfect harmony with the Divine, with whom I worked and you can work. You may call them Devas or you may call them Angels. Whatever you call them is OK. The fact remains that in order for one to truly find the harmony and attunement necessary to bring these forces to bear to “create” a new plant, one has to go back to the beginning and recognize that the unifying force of the 30
    • creation we call Earth is Unity and Love. A Deva, who is incapable of working any other way but in perfect harmony with the Divine, cannot be approached any other way with any effectiveness. Do you see?Yes. Please continue. The Divine Plan is to inspire all souls to search for their Selves in all things. The Divine Hider Of Things loves to delicately hide himself in places unimagined by man. He does this not to trick you but to delight you. If He was in front of your face all of the time, you would quickly tire of His Image. So he hides. He hides Himself (or Herself if you prefer) within all things, even the human soul, the human body. He hides so that you may delight in being with Him in all ways. He is ever new and delightful. Back to the Santa Rosa Plum. I began with a concept that somehow, it was possible to create a plum which was delicious, long bearing, good market shipper, economical, nutritious and so on. That is to say, I had a concept in my mind as to what the perfect plum should be. This is a very important first step. Did not God have some notion of the Universe before he created it? Of course the answer is a resounding "YES”. We must follow the Creator’s plan to be effective souls. I had a concept. There are Unifying Forces which hold the creations of the One together and we call them Universal Laws. The first of these is, again, the Law of Unity. All things out of the One. Not, as some would say, the One out of all things. The One does not hide in all things. All things are in the One. He is there for all to find. The second is that through the Law of Love, all things are possible. Through hate, all things are not possible. That is a statement of fact and should not be overlooked. Disloyalty to the Universal Laws, the Unifying Forces of the Cosmos, only create disturbances in the All which are temporary and destructive. All hate is temporary, all love is Infinite and Endless. The third most important law is the Law of Cause and Effect. Note that I put it third, not first as many would have you believe. If it was first, then Jesus, the Christ Incarnate, would have put it first. Let us talk a little about Cause and Effect. It is an important concept to understand. Many in the world do not use it as I did. This stems from a lack of understanding of the Law as well as an inaccurate basis for learning its meaning. That is, many a dogma pollutes the thinking of the soul intent on understanding the meaning of Truth. You have noted it in my life in my 77th year. The concept of Cause 31
    • and Effect, or Karma is the basis of plant breeding enacted. It is a very simple concept to see in the garden. Much simpler to see there than in human relations. Again the concept of Unity - of Unifying Forces in Nature and in the Cosmos. If we are to take two plants and cross pollinate them, we will have, within reason, a certain number of expected results. This is basic Mendelian genetics. But look more closely at what is happening. "If - Then" is the argument. If a pea of white color is crossed with a pea of blue color, we will have, given the fact that these two colors are both dominant, two blues and two whites. If one is dominant and one is recessive, we will have three of one and one of the other. That is to say, we can expect certain things to happen. Is this not the Law of Cause and Effect in action? Now, in man’s relations with his own kind and with other species as well (all of which are manifestations of Spirit Incarnate) it is possible to predict the outcome of certain actions. This leads us to the fourth of the Universal Laws in action and that is the Law of Free Will. All souls, regardless of their place in the Universe, in the Cosmos, or in the Hierarchy of Spirit have Free Will. It is those who have been given the freedom of ignorance who are, in a sense the most free to use Free Will. The closer a soul in the Hierarchy is to the Source, the more it understands the necessity of abiding by the Universal Laws ABSOLUTELY. Man, in its incarnation on Earth, has chosen to be further away from the Universal Laws in order to choose Love through Free Will as the means of effecting the necessary evolution of the Cosmos. Exactly because man has this Free Will, it is able to create as a co-creator that which he needs to progress and realize his true soul nature - Self realization.Let me recap - we have Unity, Love, Cause and Effect and Free Will as the first ofthe Universal Laws. Is this correct? Yes, it is correct.What then? Now that we have an understanding of the basics, we can move on to the means of using these creative energies.The principles? No. The means and methods of effecting the creative forces for man’s benefit. 32
    • Back to the Plum? Yes, back to the Plum. We have, in all of us, the ability to contact the Divine through our mind, our bodies and our souls through the Christ Consciousness. That is a fact. It is a universal fact because all beings, all souls can also contact the Divine through this same means. Moreover, this means that we all have a way to intercommunicate with each other, regardless of one’s station in the Cosmos. It is possible to contact a Deva directly and ask for assistance if developing a plant, in growing a plant or anything else. The door of the Christ Consciousness is the Universal Telephone sense which allows all to contact All. Focusing one’s attention on the Christ center, then, allows one to communicate one’s desire for help. The Deva, or Angelic Being who has taken on the task of bringing into the Earth plane that which humans and other beings need for sustenance, is bound by its station to help any way possible. That is to say, to work with each and every one of you to help develop that which enhances the development of the soul - in any form. One may ask, is the atom bomb something which enhances the development of the soul. Was it created with the help of a Deva? The answer clearly is YES it was. Why? The development of the destructive power of the Universe is a natural event in the evolution of modern mankind. When man finds the means to communicate with the Atomic Deva, it will find the means to neutralize the waste which goes with the development of destructive forces. The point is that it is possible to develop anything with the help of the Overlighting Devas. Everything that there is has a Creative Force behind it represented by what we are calling Devas or Angelic Beings of Creation. Once again, we return to the plum. Through the centering of one’s attention, with Love and through Love, on the Christ Center, it is possible to communicate to the appropriate Angelic Being of Creation and ask for and receive assistance in developing a plant or a variation of that concept we call a plant.Does this apply to all things, even rocks and animals? The answer is, again, YES. It is essential for the understanding of the Nature of the Universe, and in working with Mother Nature, God Incarnate, the Divine, the Creator of all that IS to believe that this is possible. More so, it is necessary. It is the Creative Power at work. Which leads us to the next of the Laws, the Law of Infinite Expression. 33
    • The Creator, which has the ability to express itself in any form which it chooses, also has the ability to express itself in an infinite number of ways.Infinity is a difficult concept to understand. Yes it is in the limiting world of material expression we call Earth. Humans trapped in the limiting consciousness of the Earthly plane are not normally able to understand Infinity if they use as their reference, the finite world in which they find themselves. It does not help their understanding to listen to other unenlightened souls “teach” them the way. Only through the limitless expression of the Self within can one reach an understanding with the Infinite. Then there is a true understanding of the immortal nature of the Self within. Then there is a true understanding of the Infinite Nature of the Universe. Which, once again, leads us to the nature of the Plum. This limitless self expression of the One brings forth to the soul seeking a different expression or understanding of the species, calls forth the Self Expanding Nature of God into a new form of self expression. It is a call directly to God to bring a new understanding to the soul. In this way, one asks God to express Itself a new way. Through the porthole of the Christ Consciousness Center, the call went out and the expression, the new expression, came back. God seeks to express Himself in ways pleasing to his children. He is always seeking new ways (for He is still very creative) to please His children. So there is an Infinite Source of Creativity for all souls to draw upon. The Deva and the soul play parts in this drama. This, then, takes us to the method. It is enchantingly simple. I was quoted as saying “It is all so simple”. Well it is. Keep one’s mind focused on the Infinite and all things will come to you. The true nature of self expression is to allow the Infinite to express Itself through you in a way that is pleasing to you. The Father/Mother/Creator wants to please Its children more than any child can understand in the limited Earthly sense. It too is an Unlimited Expression of Love for Its children and for Its happiness. It seeks this through the Law of Self Expression and the Law of Self Expansion. The Gardener of the Universe is in all gardeners. Each and every gardener has at their very core, within the deepest part of their soul these same Laws at work and at your service and command. To bring the Santa Rosa Plum into existence, I brought into use 34
    • these same Laws of Self Expression, with Love for all things, that is Unity in all things, for the benefit of All Things. It is all so simple. Ask and ye shall receive. It is all so simple. Keep one’s mind centered on the Christ within and without and it will never fail you. My task, as I saw it, was to co-create a plum of such succulence that everyone would enjoy its pleasure. I believe that I succeeded. It is still the most popular plum today and I am very lovingly proud of that. It is an expression of the best efforts of the Creator and His helpers. It is the best expression of the gift of the Creative Spirit in all. So you see, what we are working with is the expression of the Creative Force which binds the Universe together and allows each and every soul to find, through Self Expression, its place in the Universal Scheme of Things and to find its true Nature. That then is my definition of Gardening With Mother Nature. It is, in every sense of the word (or Word if you prefer), the expression of the individual soul to understand itself and express itself in harmony with God. The Santa Rosa Plum would never have existed on Earth had not all that I have described brought it into existence. It did not exist anywhere else before. It was entirely new. And at the same time, it was already existing, we only had to bring it into our lives. We had to manifest its being on the Earthly plane of existence. Therein lies, then, the Law of Duality or Contradictory Natures in a finite existence. Through the action of Unity, we are able to break through the finite limits of the Earthly plane. You see, there is no dichotomy, only Unity. Which brings us back to the First Law of the Universe. All exists in Unity.I see. There is much to digest here. The next step is to determine what one must do in order to complete this process and make it a daily mode of existence. The focusing of one’s mind on the Christ in all things is what takes us countless lifetimes to learn. But is possible. The Laws exist for all in the Universe. What applies to us here applies to all everywhere, on any level or plane of development. These Laws define the Universe. The Universe defines the Laws. They work regardless of the Nature of one’s intent. Ultimately, they work best through Love. It is the lesson to be learned here. Unconditional Love is the lesson to be learned on Earth. All else is second to this. The Father/Mother/Creator has given all the souls in the Universal All the opportunity to learn this lesson here. Only some have taken the 35
    • opportunity. Others will seek their Self Expression in other ways. But all God’s children will, ultimately, find their true nature by recognizing and understanding these Laws. It is truly the mirror to the Soul. It is truly the means by which the Soul finds its Self. The Development Of PlantsWhere do we go from here? The soul finds itself in a limited environment. That environment is encapsulated in the finite area we call the Earth. Within the Earth are both the Unifying and the Dual natures of God, the Infinite. Both have their purposes in the life of the soul on Earth. It is the plant which also shares this dual nature. It is both Infinite and Finite. It is both Unified and Dualistic in nature. From this basis we will proceed with a discussion of the development of plants. The development of plants begins and ends with a conceptual understanding of what that plant should be and how it is to be used for the benefit of man. All plants have as their nature a desire to become part of a higher being. In doing so, they develop spiritually and progress along the evolution of all souls. Note that there is this consistency in all things, animate or inanimate. In fact, nothing is inanimate, it is all alive. All things evolve and progress toward perfection. So it is in the evolution of the plant that we see this unfolding of progress. As a plant changes its earthly shape to suit its new environment, it progresses just as humans do. The plant needs this form of development in order that it move toward a higher level of existence. The soul fragment within the plant needs this development as well. The plant is a manifestation of the concept held by the Deva or Enlightened Angelic Being of Creation. The plant body then becomes available to the soul fragment for an earthly existence. This fragment, devoid of any Astral qualities, nevertheless exists in the Earthly realm for its own soul benefit. The lack of an Astral framework does not negate its experience. It is necessary that a plant become limited in this way to further the ends of the Overlighting Deva as well. In this way the inhabiting soul and the Deva pose a partnership. Very young souls generally inhabit plants. There are exceptions such as the oldest of trees, the redwoods and the bristle cone pine. In fact, we can say that many of the older souls have chosen to inhabit the trees in general. 36
    • The soul fragment finds it beneficial to inhabit the flowers and grasses, the moss and the lichens and other plants so that they can begin to experience unfolding and evolving life and life forms. This is essential for the evolution of the Spirit.Where does this lead us? It leads us to the Dual Nature of the plant. Each plant has a complex nature which defines its creation. A plant structure is held in conceptual form by its Overlighting Being of Creation. This is expressed through its Etheric body. The grosser form is brought into existence by the Nature Spirits which sport the Astral bodies necessary to filter the finer Etheric body energy to the physical form. These Nature Spirits are not souls such as yourselves. They are individual sparks of Spirit whose sole purpose in the Universe is to impart and transfer this Astral energy to the plant world. Once this Astral energy is transferred, the plant is then available for the soul fragment to experience Earthly life.What does this mean for plant development and evolution? As the plant takes a on new, more highly evolved and specified form, it makes a new and different kind of experience for each soul fragment. This new and different kind of experience can be better or it can be momentarily worse, depending on the plant and the time of the development. (We will delve into hybrids and such later.) This new development, when guided by the Laws as I have described them, through the action of Love, will, if properly guided, develop into highly beautiful and useful plants. Mankind has the ability to use these Laws with the Free Will necessary for this work. But keep in mind that this is in every respect a cooperative arrangement between the Etheric or Devic realm, the Astral or Nature Spirit realm, the Physical realm brought by the Soul fragment and the man/woman soul guiding it into a life of earthly existence.But we have a difference between someone who intentionally and consciously guidesthe development and those plants which are “guided” by Mother Nature. Right? There is a perception that man guides everything on Earth by his consciousness. This is true. Mankind does guide everything by its consciousness. So it is fair to say that Mother Nature is mankind. That they are one in the same. The difference lies in the conscious level of 37
    • existence and in the personal development of the soul. Highly evolved, fully self-realized souls can impart a quickening to evolution unsuspected by the average soul. This “quickening” is really the nature of evolution in action. It is possible to use the Laws for this purpose and that is the purpose of our previous discussion. The fully Self-realized soul, a true Master of its Soul Nature, can call into use all manner of ways to make these Laws work for them. It is, to many, truly a miracle. It is not a miracle. It is the Laws in Action. What is the true nature of the miracle is that the soul, through immense effort, has raised itself to the level of Master of its Self. So you see that as each soul develops its ability to recognize its true Self Nature, it also recognizes its true Mother Nature. It then, in effect, becomes Mother Nature.But, did we not say that each and every soul was a part of Spirit. Then would itnot follow that each and every soul, Self-realized or not is a Mother Nature? Yes and no. It is a matter of soul development and awareness of the Laws of God and their action. This brings us to the next most important aspect of this formula and that is Wisdom. WisdomWhat is Wisdom? We will define it as Self Awareness of God in Action. Notice that this is distinct from self awareness of God. We speak here of the awareness of the true Holy Self within. That Intuitive Guide which is the True Self. As a soul develops its Self Awareness, its Self Realization, it develops its ability to consciously bring the Laws of Nature into action. So in this respect, we can say truly that we are the conscious Mother Nature in Action. We bring plants into existence around us in a conscious and unconscious manner. In this way, Earthly souls create and co-create their environment. They consciously create it and they unconsciously create it. So we can conclude that each and every soul has an effect on the plants around them. Each is a conscious creator and an unconscious creator of their world. Unity, Duality and Infinity 38
    • Where does this bring us for the Unified and Dualistic Nature of Earth andPlants? The Unified and Dualistic Nature of the Earth and plants must be defined. Let’s begin with Unity. What is Unity? We can define Unity as that thought which holds All together. It is the Single Thought, Infinite in Nature if one could describe it, which by its very existence creates all that there is. It is Infinite in Nature because it is never ending. There is no beginning nor is there any ending. It is. It is the one Essential Source which brings all together. It is Spirit. It is Creation. It is the ever new blossoming of the Individualized Spirit which we call the soul. The Soul is also infinite and it is Unified with the One, the Spirit which Creates everything. It is all. All is the One. The beginning and end have no meaning in the Mind of the Infinite. All are One. The Unifying force which holds us all together we often call God. This is true and accurate but it is somewhat short of the true meaning of the Creator. God is a perception of a thing. The Creator is not a thing. It is. The human mind is, by its nature, limited by the finite world around it. It is difficult for the Earthly Soul to perceive what the Infinite might be. It is not impossible. Only difficult. The Nature of Duality is that it is Finite within the Infinite. It is that expression of the Infinite which allows the Earthly Soul to transcend its Finite Existence and see the Infinite. Without the Dual nature of the Finite within the Infinite, mankind would not be able to discern the Infinite. Each and every soul needs a road mark, a signpost which tells it the direction that it is heading and the expected time to get there. That is the Role of the Dual Nature of the Infinite as Finite Existence. In order for the Earthly Soul to experience Duality, or the Rule of Opposites, it must be of limited nature temporarily. So we can say that the role of the Finite is to provide a framework for the Dualistic Nature of the Universe to express the Creator in a form that is understandable to the limited nature of the Earthly Soul. Do you see?Yes. Good. Then we will proceed. It is necessary to understand the nature of Unity and Duality to understand the nature of the plant. All plants, in fact all finite beings in any form, share this Dualistic/Unified Nature. In order to allow the plant to express its Infinite Nature, that is, its Infinite Possibilities, it is essential to understand and appreciate that it exists, as do we, in both Natures simultaneously. By understanding and accepting the fact that Unity is Infinite, it is, then understandable 39
    • that plants are capable of evolving in an INFINITE number of ways. Does this seem too extreme? Let me explain. Each plant is an expression of several factors and has the influence of several beings at once. Through the expression of these beings, it is foreseeable that an infinite variety of possibilities for its shape, size, color, taste, reproductive cycle, etc. are possible. Because each is a spark of the Infinite, Spirit in Manifestation, it is capable of adapting to any role that it chooses for itself.Is the plant capable of choosing its own role? Is this possible? It is true in a somewhat limited way. Again because the plant has no Astral body as such, it is guided by its Overlighting Creative Soul to its end. So we can say that it is an expression of the Deva which helped create it. It does have a limited ability based on its limited consciousness. But we move too far ahead for now. Let us return to the topic at hand. The Unifying and consciousness Duality nature of the plant realm is such that this, by its very nature, allows mankind to have a direct influence on the evolutionary development of a plant. Because mankind is in a position to DIRECTLY INFLUENCE the course of this evolution, it is in a position to quicken evolution for himself. This is very important to understand. As we quicken the evolution of a plant, we quicken our own evolution at the same time. They work hand in hand - together at once. Unified in fact, Dualistic in perception.How can one “see” the quickening development of a plant form? This is a key issue between me and the scientific community at large. It is the one criticism which reared its head again and again. How is it possible to grow 10,000 lilies and discard 9,900 in a single sitting? It is the Intuition which guides the Manifestation of Spirit in mankind and in the Plant. Only through the development of the intuitive abilities can one hope to achieve what I was able to demonstrate. The ability to focus all of ones being on the task at hand, to concentrate one’s perception of the Infinite on the Finite, is the key. Basic plant knowledge, just as in any material science, is essential. Everything must be proven scientifically. That is, it must be possible for others to reproduce the same experiments and achieve the identical result, every time. This is the Scientific Method. It is essential for one to develop his knowledge and skills in an area of interest and learn what to do to understand and manipulate the material world. It is just as essential for the individual to develop 40
    • his intuition through equally scientific methods. When the two come together, we will see a quickening of the Earthly Realm the likes of which mankind has never experienced. So you see that it is essential to understand the Nature of the Universe, the Nature of the Creative Force in the Universe to understand the Nature of the Plant, of the children and of mankind. All have the same Golden Thread of existence tieing them together. By understanding One, we understand All. Putting It All TogetherOK. Whats next? When we left we were talking about the Dual nature of plants and their relationship with the Unifying forces of the Universe. Now it is necessary to tie it all together. Wrap it up so to speak. First it is important to understand that the Universal Laws operate in all things continually. These Laws are simple and straight forward in their description and nature. They are, however, interrelated just as finely as a spider web. Each and every law, though it can be described individually, is related and connected to each and every other law. Do you see?Yes. Good. From there it is necessary to point out that since each Law is connected to each and every other Law, the effect of one has an effect on all the others. This is necessary and good. Necessary because it establishes the essential unity of the Universe that is definable and measurable. Good because it complies with the Universal Spirit’s wish that all things are in the One. What this means is that as one uses a Law, or observes the action of a single Law, it is also observing the action of other Laws as well. So we have, for instance, the Law of Unity - that all things arise out of the One, that all things are in the One and that all things are One in reflection. How does this relate to the Law of Duality? The Law of Duality expresses the differences available to the Law of Unity in action. That is to say, the Law of Duality is an expression of the thought of God, the One Creator. His children need the opposing manifestations to understand the nature and the extent of Unity. If each and every law were not interrelated, God’s children would 41
    • not be able to learn the extent of their Infinitude, the Endless Creativity available to themselves from within and without. The operation of all of the Laws defines the Universe. Therefore we can say that it is essential to learn all of the Laws of the Divine to fully understand the Universe. It is essential for all students of the Laws to understand that they can be defined alone but that they stand together, always remembering that through these defining Laws, we are describing Paradise. That is the importance of knowing the Laws of the Universe, of the Divine. Principles, The Law Of Relativity and Roses The student then learns from these Laws the Principles of the Operating Force that is God in the Universe. Principles are different from the Laws. We have, for instance, the Law of Relativity in the Universe. That is that each and every thing is related somehow to each and every other thing in the Universe. This is immutable, changeless. But, the relativity of each and every thing to each and every other thing is mutable, changeable. This is the Law of Relativity in Action. The Principle with which we are dealing is that if one “thing” changes, it has a direct effect on another “thing”. The Law says that all things are Relative or Related somehow. The Principle (the Law in Action) states that a change in one thing has an effect of change in all. The matter of degree varies, the change does not. To love one thing, such as a plant or a person, has a rebounding effect on all plants or all persons. This is the Law of Relativity in Action. It is the defining Principle of that Action. Is this clear?So a Principle is defined as the description of the action of a Law? That is close. A Principle is the law “in action”, not the description of that action. A description of that action would be just that, a description. A description of an action would, then, lead to theories or theorems based on a Law or Laws and on the Principles arising from these Laws.How do we make practical use of this knowledge in the garden? Let’s take the rose for example. The rose has, as everyone knows, many, many colors available to it. The Laws of Relativity and Infinite Expression say that these colors should be endless in nature and in combination. But what of the black rose? It is all the colors together. Can it be bred? Will the color black actually be available to the rose? 42
    • Yes. The color black is there, only to be discovered. All colors reflect the infinite variety of the Maker. All colors are in all things. How can this color be coaxed out? Reflect back on what we said earlier. All Laws have their action through Love. So we love the color black. Does the rose? How do we know? Does the Overlighting Being responsible for all roses know? Yes, it does. Is the color available? Yes. Ask the Rose Deva for help and for instructions.7Now? Yes.Rose Deva, how can we breed a black rose? My son, I have resisted all attempts to bring the color black to my rose because it is the color of death. Roses represent life, happiness, beauty, fragrance. Black represents all that is not. Why would man want a black rose? Yes, the color is there. But why have it? Nevertheless, we can only ask you these questions. It is up to mankind to pick and choose the colors that he wants. If he wants black, then black will be manifested. The application of copper nitrate to the soil around the rose plant will induce the changes which are desired. From there, three generations hence, a black rose “sport” will appear which may be stabilized genetically.How much copper nitrate and in what form? A spoonful dissolved in a quart of water applied in the evening before a rain, before the rose plant blooms would be ideal. Be sure to apply it during the formative part of the month, that is the New Moon time.What color rose should one begin with? The darker the better. Start with a dark red rose. It will work. Try it.OK. The Rose Deva is an interesting fellow. The Rose Deva is very protective of its nature. Although it delights in the many and varied colors of its progeny, it also wishes deeply to bring happiness to all. It is resistant to the black rose because it would not bring that same happiness. How many black flowers do you know?None. 43
    • Right. What would be the purpose of a black flower?I do not know. Perhaps a black flower cannot be seen by its pollinators? Manyflowers have black in them. What is the purpose? Black is all colors. It is the nature of all plants to have all colors available to them. By having black as part of them, it defines their other colors more precisely. The purpose of black is to provide the contrast to light - Relativity. All black color provides no semblance of Relativity. Therefore, flowers, which reflect the Cosmic Smile, are not black throughout - only in contrast. The Cosmic Smile is not black. Neither is it all white. It is All. This color, as with all colors can be brought to the Earthly world through the action of Love. Ask the Deva for help with Love. The color will come to you.Are you saying, then, that the Law of Relativity, the Law of Duality and the Lawof Infinite Expression are the same? In a sense, yes. Remember that we said that all Laws function relative to all other Laws, that none can function separately. The Law if Infinite Expression - Infinity - expresses Itself through the Law of Relativity and the Law of Duality. Each Law is separate in description, connected in action. The wise and spiritually attuned gardener knows that these Laws describe what they know in their hearts to be true. The reason that we are describing them is so that we have a basis for understanding the Forces at work in one’s life and in one’s garden.How can this be useful to the gardener ? The Forces and Principles are the same. The Law of Self Expansion and the Law of Self Expression allow the gardener to expand itself into any space it desires. The focus of one’s attention is broad or narrow, but the intensity of the focus is the factor which determines the results. ] ] ] 44
    • 46
    • The Celestial Gardener We must eat to survive. To survive spiritually, we must eat food that has spiritual energy init. To grow spiritually encompassed food, we must grow it in such a way as to enhance the life forcewithin it. We must grow food in harmony with the Laws of Nature. To do less cheats us of our rightfulheritage. Essential to this harmonizing process is growing plants by the Phases of the Moon. While thisis not a new concept, it is for most of us, a forgotten one. The Astronomical Gardening Guide© , locatedin the Appendix, provides a primer for this practice. Why garden by the Phases of the Moon? Why do anything in harmony with Nature? Theanswer is self evident, or should be. Better results. Better food. Better relationships. All of which leadto a better world. The Celestial Gardener has overseen this project from the beginning. Please enjoy what he saysand look for the truth within his thoughts and words. PlantingHow would you begin making recommendations for gardening by the Phases ofthe Moon? Astrology and astronomy merge together on the highest level. Most Earthly astrologers use inaccurate information so you should know from the outset that our recommendations will not align with any calendar that you have. However, the results will be self evident. I am here to advise you as to the best practices of gardening in alignment with the most favorable astrological/astronomical alignments. Much of this is related to the Moon phases but there is more to it than that. The placement of the other planets, stars and Dominions also influence the perception of success. We will be dealing with most favorable times only because by aligning yourself as the gardener with the Forces of Nature and the Universe, success is guaranteed. “Proper” planting time helps significantly assure that success. Let’s establish some rules to facilitate proper, accurate and complete communication on this chart. We will be dealing with six categories. Root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit and seed plus rest. This applies to planting, cultivation, feeding and harvesting your plants. We have added the stem category since some plants are, in fact, grown for their stems such as flax. These categories will not necessarily be the same as 47
    • in some other calendars and almanacs.How close is this calendar to other planting calendars? Not very. We use a different system which we feel is more accurate since it considers what will happen in all the Realms and Dominions.How do you arrive at the recommendations for planting by the phases of theMoon? The recommendations that we make are based on astronomical observations and we recommend that you, the gardener, try it to see if it works.What general recommendations based on the lunar month and the solar year can bemade to advise people when would be the best time to plant leaf crops (for example)during a month and during a year? The scenario you have requested is a difficult one to answer since a detailed answer may be the only way to express it. We will however, endeavor to be succinct. Regarding the solar year, that is the easiest with which to proceed. It is obvious that some plants are better planted and transplanted at certain times of the year. The rules for this are clearly established in virtually every gardening book ever published. So we will not dwell on those recommendations as it would prove to be redundant and confusing. We will address our remarks to the use of the 12 or so lunar months or cycles and the best times within these cycles as they relate to the Full Moon and to the New Moon. That is where the really useful information in this calendar will lay. Rudolf Steiner’s description of the Full Moon and the New Moon as 12 to 14 days in length is useful in the explanations of the planting dates. Generally speaking, the New Moon brings germination influences (Chaotic Unfoldment is another way of expressing it) which will create the abundance that all farmers and gardeners seek. Generally speaking, the New Moon brings influences which farmers and gardeners seek for different crops. We can say that seeds planted during a New Moon will lack the proper water mediation that is available to them during the Full Moon. We can also say that tubers planted during the New Moon benefit by the dryer conditions of the New Moon. The old wisdom holds that anything planted two days before the Full Moon will germinate more quickly. But what is, exactly, the Full 48
    • Moon if it is indeed 12 to 14 days long. The modern science does not really reflect what is really happening within the Cosmos. Scientific researchers are attempting, more or less successfully we might add, to micro-manage the farm and the garden. This is not fully possible. By recommending that certain crops be planted at certain times of the month, based on the phases of the Moon, not all of the variables are taken into consideration. In short, we recommend that new crops be given to the Full Moon and that old crops (tubers and the like) be given to the New Moon. Moreover we would recommend that plants that need special root development be planted in the time of the New Moon and that plants that need development in the upper portions of the plant be guided into the Full Moon. This is not to say that the opposite is not possible. There are a great deal of other influences to be considered so these can only be general recommendations. There are times of the planting season when a seed should be planted in the middle of the New Moon time and vice versa. Other considerations would be to take into account the amount of moisture in the ground, the intensity of the previous Full Moon (which differs with passing of the constellations) and so forth. So you see that only general recommendations can be made. This does not beg the issue, it only clarifies it. Our recommendations (see the 1996 Gardening Guide© in the Appendix) are based on a great deal of other considerations which are, in many cases, not available to other researchers. This is why this work is so vital. It leap-frogs the normal scientific process to bring the Wisdom of the Cosmos into play.I don’t fully understand why the plants with fleshy and tuberous roots should beplanted in the last and first quarters if you plant them from seed like carrots andbeets. Could you please explain? There is an emphasis in plant growth regarding the roots during that time. The dryer conditions signal to the plant that it is all right to develop the water and nutrient storing roots that they need to hold on to the Earth and to survive during the resting time over the winter, i.e. when they are at rest. This dryer time sends a signal to the plants that optimum conditions for root development are present and that it is an excellent time to germinate.Then what about fibrous rooted plants? 49
    • Fibrous rooted plants store their food in their roots, to be sure, but in a different way. It is spread out over many areas and invariably, in their leaves too. Look at any perennial plant and you see some mechanism for storing energy over the winter. Since the structure makes the difference, and it is easier for a fibrous rooted plant to survive in wetter soil, there again, it signals to the plant that ideal conditions are present for germination and root/plant development. This can be very simple. This is the best time for development of the type of root that the plant has.As to the question of New Moon and Full Moon, what are they and when do theyoccur? The New Moon occurs 2 to 4 days before the actual New Moon and continues for approximately 12 to 14 days afterward. The Full Moon occurs approximately 2 to 3 or 4 days before the Full Moon and again continues for 12 to 14 days thereafter.What advice would you give regarding planting seeds of very short or very longgermination? We see no difference as to the duration of the germination phase as it relates to this calendar. We do see a relationship as to the root structure. The fibrous rooted plants should be started at any time during the Full Moon time period. The fleshy and tuberous rooted plants can be planted in the fourth and first quarters. We would recommend that you stick to your plan for the general population. ANY TIME during the New Moon time period. Some bleed over is OK and at times necessary. So you are well within your bounds to recommend that new seed crops of a fibrous nature can be planted in the second and third quarters. Chaotic AbsorptionWhat effect do the phases of the Moon have on the planting recommendations? The lunar phases have a direct influence on the recommendations. This is how. The phases of the Moon represent a moving closer and moving further away of the Moon in relation to the Earth. As it moves closer, it brings the water and tides closer to itself. As it moves further away, its influence or pull of gravity on the water in the oceans, lakes, puddles, ground and air decreases relative to the pull of gravity (or 50
    • influence) of the Earth. Both the Moon and the Earth can be considered souls or entities living in harmony with each other in the area of the Universe you call space which is your solar system. The other planets and Moons (not space debris such as comets and asteroids) are also in relative harmony and balance with the Earth and the Moon and each other. Your solar system is in harmony and balance with other systems and so on and so on you see. The relative locations of each planet in your solar system also has an influence on the movement of water in, on and above the Earth. Water is the great mediator of all growth so it is through this mediator that plants grow up or down, or sideways for that matter. This movement is particularly important for starting of seeds. That is, the seed germination process is the bringing of order out of chaos. The direction of the influence of the great mediator, water, helps assist the direction of that “going into order” process and, in fact, guides it on its proper direction. This process is known as Chaotic Absorption by the Universe and is the necessary first step in creating a plant in the Earthly world.If a seed represents chaos in the Earthly world, why doesn’t a seed represent orderin the Cosmos if one were to look at the process of chaos-order from that point ofview? The Earth world is a manifestation of thought. The seed represents the “holding of that thought” while the Earth prepares itself to receive that thought again and to manifest the physical representation of that thought in and on the Earth.Are you saying that the seed is “concentrated thought” very much like anuncrystallized crystal that eventually drops out of a water solution, only in amore highly focused form? That is a accurate analogy. The water, again, is the great mediator that “holds that thought” suspension in the Cosmos.Is the Cosmos chaotic? No. It is a different representation of the same thought. An analogy would be with respect to a soul entering a body, living a life and leaving. When they are not in the body, they are in “suspension”. It is a relative term which does not fully represent the true meaning of “manifestation” or “suspension” but a more adequate definition would require a more complete understanding of the Universe. 51
    • If Chaotic Absorption is the necessary first step by the Universe in creating a plantin the Earthly world, what is the second step? How many steps are there? Whatare they? The germination of a seed represents the process of bringing Earthly or materialized order to the “thought” that is the seed. The next step, if you can call it that, is the unfolding of that thought into the fullest manifestation of that thought. So as the plant grows, it produces roots, stem, leaves, flowers, fruit and seed. Those are the “steps” to which you refer.What do the first leaves represent? Why are they not like the others? They represent the thought in its holding form. The growth to the first true leaves represents the first manifestation of that thought in Earthly form. The transition from seed to first true leaves is the Chaotic Absorption step.What role do the Nature Spirits have in this step? It is their "job”, really their duty, their reason for existence, to unfold those chaotic or seed thoughts and allow them to manifest in the Earthly plane. They release the energy that is holding that thought together.How do they do that? By gently opening the seed. By providing the warmth, love, receptive kindness, the assurance and the water to crack open the seed casing.Is the seed casing lifeless? No. But it is cast off when no longer of use. Here again, water is the great mediator. Devas and Nature SpiritsWhat is the role of a Deva? The role of the Deva is to create and hold the original thought. It is the thought from which the variations can be made. It is as Jung called the archetype. Every variant, every species within a family, every cultivar and every variety is a different manifestation of the archetype. It 52
    • is the task of the Deva, as you call them, to hold that archetype in form for future use. No matter what happens to a species, the archetype remains. On this level, there is no extinction. It only becomes unavailable, in the present, for manifestation on the Earthly plane. In the Universe, nothing is ever “lost” or extinct. Through conscious effort and the manipulation of Earthly substances, these extinct plants and animals can be returned. However, each was brought to the Earth at the correct time for their spiritual development and each is removed from the Earth at the proper time for the cessation of spiritual development on the Earth. They then, in time, manifest on other worlds for further spiritual development. No thought is ever lost.What role do Nature Spirits have after the plant has gone to seed and dies? They bring the thought into the seed stage. At that point, their work is complete until the next plant is to be manifested. There are plenty of plants so their work is never done.Do Devas and Nature Spirits play a role in gardening by the phases of the Moon? Yes. All Devas have the ability, as long as they are not breaking a Universal Law/God’s Law, to enhance the growth. In other words, favorable growth will be more favorable at the best times astronomically. The Devas or Nature Spirit always have the ability to intercede as you co-create the garden abundance This is not marginal aid or assistance. It is the time when growth of a certain kind can and will take place more favorably.Then, if the Deva or Nature Spirit can intercede, why even use a planting guide? The true gardener uses the knowledge to enhance and encourage growth at the various times. For example, if you wish a plant to start off with strong root growth, be it because it is a root crop or in drought conditions and you want an extensive root system, for whatever your needs, you should plant that seed at that time. However, that plant will go through another “root” time when its root development will grow rapidly. In essence, we are talking about giving a plant a “head start” on the development that you perceive is best for your needs. Consequently, if you harvest a plant during the time when it is most beneficial for that 53
    • part of the plant to survive, that quality is enhanced too. This is how you can use this information. HarvestingCan the calendar be used for harvesting and how so? It can, yes. Generally speaking, harvest any crop that you plan to preserve on the appropriate days. For example, harvest your root crops on root days, fruit crops on fruit days, etc. We do, however recommend one exception: leaf crops should be harvested during stem days.And vice versa? No. Stem days will keep the level of dryness necessary for long storage.Why is dryness the key factor here. The leaves will be stiffer and less susceptible to wilting.Other calendars recommend harvesting leaf crops (such as spinach) on fruit andflower days. You recommend harvesting on stem days. Why the difference? A very good question. It has to do with the influence of the planets, obviously. Now lets look at this in some detail. The leaf day enhances the leaf right?Yes. Well the answer is yes and no. We are considering the preservation and storage of leaves, yes?Right. Not the growth of leaves, right?Correct. OK. We do not see that it makes a difference in the keeping qualities of the leaf if picked on a fruit or flower day. The keeping qualities of the leaf should be directly related to the quality of the leaf that you are keeping. The stem day will keep the plant leaf more suitable for use than the flower or leaf day. Moreover, the leaf and flower days are different than the flower and fruit days that we recommend. So essentially, we 54
    • are looking at a different system. If you harvest on a leaf day, the leaf will not hold up. In that regard we are both in agreement. We disagree on the day it should be harvested. We have split the days up differently than other calendars. Our stem days are different from their stem/leaf days. Again, we can only say, try it and see if it works.What would happen if we harvested a leaf crop on a leaf day for storage? We recommend that you harvest on a stem day to keep the leaf stiffer and more turgid.Yes, but will this enhance the keeping qualities of the leaf? Exceptionally so yes.What is the best day for harvesting fruits, etc.? Stick to the recommended days with the exception of leaf crops to be stored. This is the key here. Any crop can be harvested and used immediately at any time. Harvesting for storage, even for a day, would be influenced by the day on which it is gathered. Mankind has a great deal more latitude in this regard than some would guess or have you believe.Please elaborate on the Phases of the Moon and harvesting? Do we have anylatitude? Generally speaking, harvest your root crops during the New Moon phases and your other crops during the Full Moon phases. This does not apply to everything though. It is well to harvest your carrots, for example, during the Full Moon if you intend to store them for the winter and it is advisable to harvest your peas and such during the early days of the lunar month if you intend to freeze them. Harvest your root crops during the Full Moon quarters. That is the time for the highest moisture content which will make those roots moist and juicy. The same applies to all the crops. But if you are to gather something for drying, harvest in the New Moon.Should we harvest any non-drying food that we plan to preserve during the FullMoon, and any crop to be preserved by drying during the New Moon? Yes. This is a very accurate and a good way to employ the forces of nature. 55
    • The Stem, Branches and TreesWill plants started on stem days have enhanced growth in the stem portion of theplant? Yes.Is the stem an independent function or is it related to, or in the context of, somethingelse? In the view of some, the stem is an integral part of the plant. Therefore, to them, it is not easily separated from the rest of the plant. This is not true. The stem is not an integral part of the plant. Some consider the trunk and branches of a tree the stem. This is not so. In trees there exists an amorphous bundle of roots which make up the trunk and the branches. In other words (and this gets complicated) the trunk and the branches of a tree are the roots interwoven in an amorphous form. Some incorrectly call this the stem. The true stem on a tree is the stem of the leaf growing on the branch of a tree. The branches and trunk are the roots of the leaves. Therefore, the individual leaves of a tree should be viewed as the leaves, their stems the stem and below the point at which the leaf stem attaches to the tree would be the root (or branch). The stem of a non-tree is the stem which we normally refer to. The stem is not an independent part of the plant if the plant is taken as a whole but then in that context, neither is the leaf, flower, roots etc. You cannot divide where no division is possible. We are merely referring to the enhancement of the stem portion of non-trees.Does the root day refer to the trunk and branches of a tree? Yes. TransplantingHow about transplanting? Transplanting seemingly represents a different problem. Whereas seed development, or the unfolding of the seed, can be easily seen as a process which is natural to the growing of any plant, transplantation is just as unnatural a process. The movement of a plant from one container to another then to the ground represents an interruption in the natural process. This is not 56
    • without its hazards as all who garden know. There is a natural tendency for the plant to go through a recovery period which is normally called shock. What really happens is that the Etheric forces which formed the plant are now brought in direct contact with the Astral forces of the Earth and there is a period of time for the two to become into balance again. This can be avoided by the use of herbal compounds in water (the mediator) for preparing the plant and for the actual transplanting.What do you recommend? We believe that one part water and two parts comfrey tea8 will do the trick. Soak the fresh bruised leaves in water for two days before transplanting, then dilute 2:1 when watering for transplant (before and during). Stinging nettle tea does not work. It is more in the Astral realm. This tea must be in the Etheric realm.Is it better to transplant during the day or during the night? Plants tend to transplant better when they are at rest. Therefore, we would recommend that you save your transplanting to a time when they are either asleep or going to sleep. And, at a time when the least amount of stress will be put on them. This would be, on a sunny day, in the late afternoon to the evening up to about midnight. After midnight does not work. The plant is in such deep slumber that it is no longer cognizant of its being and will find itself in shock in the morning.What is the best time to transplant trees and berry plants? These we consider fibrous rooted plants to be sure but there are certain instances when it is best to plant them during a New Moon. In general, however, these can be planted during the Full Moon. The best time is during the latter part of the Full Moon if they are bare root and it is in the late winter. If they are balled and bagged, you would be better off transplanting during the beginning of the Full Moon. This will allow for the variances in the soil moisture. Of course plant during the times for fruit development if you are transplanting fruit trees or berry bushes. GraftingWhat are the best times for grafting? 57
    • The best times for grafting scions is during the first and second quarters. The same applies to buds - especially to buds and t-bud grafting.What are the best days for rooting cuttings? Earlier into the lunar month.When does the lunar month begin? With the New Moon.So you are saying that cuttings should be started during the period just followingthe New Moon? Yes. We are.Does the same apply to collecting and making grafts? Yes. It does.Would you please elaborate on grafting. Do you start root cuttings and attachgrafts shortly after the start of the New Moon? Isn’t that a period of low wateravailability? It is at this time when the formative forces are just beginning to reach their peak in the plant world. It has nothing to do directly with the movement of water although that is a secondary consideration. The formative forces are what cause the roots to develop from cuttings and the graft to attach to the tree.So would that be in the first and second quarters or would that be in the third andfourth quarters? That would be in the first and second quarters. As the plant begins its transition, more and more water will be brought up into the plant part and this will help it also. Insect and Disease ControlHow do you recommend controlling insects and insect damage? There are forces at work in the plant world over which man has limited control. By and large these forces control the insect movements within the plant kingdom. They are, in many ways, independent of the stars while at the same time, in many ways, dependent on the stars for their vital life forces. 58
    • We recommend following Rudolf Steiner’s methods for the gathering, burning and spreading of the insect ashes. (For a further explanation of the farming method to which this refers, see the AstronomicalGardening Guide in the Appendix and Rudolf Steiners lectures entitled Spiritual Foundations for theRenewal of Agriculture, listed in the Annotated Bibliography. )What about disease control? The calendar can be used for this purpose. Here is how it is done. Use the planting dates as the days to treat diseases of those parts of the plants effected. That is the day for the strongest growth and resistance of a disease for the plant. In disease resistance, as opposed to insect damage, we have a weakening of the Formative Forces in the plant. With an insect problem, we have a weakening of the reproductive or recreative forces in the plant. We are looking at two diametrically opposed forces at work.In the discussion of controlling diseases and their relationship to the FormativeForces, is this a reference to the Astral body or the Etheric body? The Devas and the Nature Spirits function through the Etheric or Formative Forces in Nature to bring a plant into being. This is not the same as the reproductive forces which seek to prepare the plant for its eventual renewal. These engage themselves through the Astral forces and are related to the Cosmos more directly whereas the Formative Forces are related more directly to the Earthly forces. October is the time when the Formative Forces are going back into the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere. March is the time when the Formative Forces are going back into the Earth in The Southern Hemisphere. They reassert themselves in the Spring in each Hemisphere accordingly.How is this information useful to the gardener? If the gardener knows which forces are at work, he can then take the appropriate measures to create, with the help of Nature, a more beneficial environment for his plants. For example, since the Cosmos directly influences the health of the plant, the gardener can work with the Formative Forces at the most propitious time as we suggested above. This is where the usefulness of the planting and harvesting calendar and gardening by the Phases of the Moon is so vital. 59
    • Perennials, Biennials, Bulbs and Root PlantsWhat is the best time to plant perennials, biennials, bulb and root plants? Plant perennials, biennials, bulb and root plants during the decreasing light.Some people recommend planting perennials, biennials, bulb and root plants duringthe decreasing light of the Moon, known as the waning of the New Moon. Is thisa good idea?(A Waxing Moon is the period when the Moon is increasing in illumination. A WaningMoon is when the light is decreasing from Full Moon back to New Moon.) This is an excellent recommendation if one believes that the dry soil improves the vitality of the plant to be transplanted. We, however, do not share their enthusiasm for this recommendation. We recommend that, if one is looking for guidance regarding these plants that first, they be taken separately and second that consideration be given to the root structure rather than the longevity of the plant. Generally speaking, as we have recommended, fleshy and tuberous rooted plants can best be planted during the time of the New Moon (first and last quarters) and the more fibrous rooted plants during the time of the Full Moon (second and third quarters). As to perennials and biennials (not bulbs and root plants), we would recommend that they be planted during the third quarter generally.Let me see if I have this clear. Does this apply to tubers and the like? No, perennials and biennials which share this fleshy root structure should be planted in the first and fourth quarters. Moreover, pick the appropriate day for the development influence which you seek. Is that clear?Is it correct to say that if you are considering planting biennials and perennials,first consider the root structure then pick the appropriate day for the developmentyou seek? If your perennials and biennials are fibrous rooted plants, they shouldbe planted, generally, during the third quarter, and that fleshy and tuberous rootedplants can best be planted during the first and fourth quarters? Yes. 60
    • CultivationCan the calendar be used for cultivation practices? The calendar is to be used primarily for seed starting and harvesting. Cultivation plays a secondary role. Work the ground when the appropriate recommendation is in force. But, do not expect positive or negative results for none will be seen. We do recommend the following caution: Do not cultivate when the soil is too wet. So look to the Full Moon cycle for caution. The gardener may find that the soil is too wet in the Full Moon cycle and that will destroy the tilth and friability of the soil. This does NOT mean that you should only cultivate during the New Moon. It does means that the soil tends to be wetter in the Full Moon phase than in the New Moon phase. Other than that, cultivate at will.Is it better to cultivate during the day or at night? Cultivate when you can see what you are doing. CompostWhat is the best time to make compost? Anytime. Following the natural course of the seasons is always a good rule to follow. The dead matter from plants drops to the ground in the fall, is digested during the winter and early spring and thus becomes useful in the spring, summer and fall. But, composting is a means, a way, of speeding up this process. Therefore we can say that it is possible and beneficial to make compost at any time during the year.What are the best days for completing the compost piles? The New Moon time. Complete your pile during the waning days of the New Moon, 10 to 14 days before the Full Moon. In this way you can rely on the lunar forces to draw up into the pile sufficient moisture to maintain the composting process. This also gives the pile an extra two weeks of ideal conditions. Making the completed compost pile during the waning days of the Full Moon will draw moisture down and away from the pile. 61
    • How can we use this information to make piles at the proper time during wetweather? For example, if the weather has been particularly wet, would it not bebest to make a pile during the waning days of the Full Moon to dry it out andprevent anaerobic activity? Not necessary if one follows Rudolf Steiners recommendation to create a separate compost entity by covering the pile with a thin layer of dirt and a thick layer of straw. In wet weather, it is best just to cover the pile to protect it from the rain and mix in the appropriate dry matter. We would recommend that the pile be completed as we stated and not read too much into this or get too creative. We are, in fact, speaking of completing the pile, not of gathering the material together in preparation for the pile making. Big difference.If one does not create a separate pile and uses, say, a compost bin made of plastic,does this admonition still apply? It does. Closing it off creates a separate entity. We would recommend to those who use plastic or wood or some other form of compost bin that they complete the process during the recommended time and begin another elsewhere. This allows the gardener to make 12 compost piles a year. Not bad really so there is no room for criticism about the quantity of compost that can be made. The only criticism one could make is that it is time limiting as far as completing the work during the waning phase of the New Moon. The gardener has about a week once a month wherein it is possible to take advantage of these forces. A week should be sufficient for most gardeners. There are plenty of other tasks to take up his/her time during the rest of the month. As far as the solar year is concerned, we make no recommendation other than to follow Mother Nature. You are the co-creator of the compost so you have 50% control over it too.So, if I understand you correctly, you are saying that a compost pile should becompleted in the period represented by the end of the first quarter and the beginningof the second quarter of the lunar month? Exactly. Fertilizer 62
    • What is the best time to apply fertilizer and compost to the garden? The best times are the end of the third quarter and the full fourth quarter. Other times will work but these are especially good. This does not disagree with the fact the Full Moon time, i.e. quarters 2 and 3 are the times of highest water content in the soil. What we are getting at here is that this is a time when water is available for the compost and the minerals to become “acquainted” with the soil microorganisms. That is the time when there is the most moisture available at the time of application and then the fertilizer can become acclimated to the soil very quickly.Please explain it another way. The soil holds within it formative forces and regenerative forces. These forces come into play more or less strongly at different times of the month and of the year. What we are saying is that the formative forces which utilize the food for the soil and the plants are at or near their peak during the third and fourth quarters of the month. It is at this time that the new food can be acclimated and assimilated into the soil most beneficially. This is also a time of higher water content which acts as the mediator. Is that clearer?Does it have to do with the influence of water? Exactly. Water, being the mediator that it is, assuages the usefulness of the fertilizer and compost making it more readily and more quickly available. At the end of the third quarter and the beginning of the fourth quarter, the water and the formative forces in the soil are at their peak.What does fertilizing at the ”wrong” times do? There is no “wrong” time. The individual gardener has to develop an intuition about it. Just as you have been sensing the need for nitrogen in your garden, the intuitive gardener can pick better days to apply fertilizer and compost. Again, the best times generally are the end of the third quarter and the fourth quarter.What are the best days for manuring and turning under green manure in the gardensand fields? Follow the cultivation recommendations.Some people, such as Rudolf Steiner, believe that the process of alchemy exists inthe garden. Is this so? 63
    • Very definitely. Alchemy is not a subject with which most people are familiar nor comfortable. Every plant has the ability to change any element into any other element. Animals do too. Even the mineral kingdom can change itself. Watering In The GardenWhen are the best times to water the garden? The best times to water the garden vary with the seasons, with the time of day, with the current water conditions in the garden, etc. We can make no specific recommendation. However, we can say, generally, that less water is needed during the Full Moon than during the New Moon. But one must take into consideration what crop is being planted or what crop is being watered. Generally speaking, we would hold back water on fully developed fleshy and tuberous rooted plants during the latter part of the lunar month and vice versa for the fibrous rooted plants. That is, give more water during the New Moon time. But again, that is a general recommendation and may not reflect one’s specific area or requirements. WinterWhat should I do to prepare my garden for the winter? Put the beds to sleep for six weeks. By this we mean that it is not time to start production in your garden, it is time to wrap it up.I don’t understand. What do you mean put it to bed for six weeks? We did that to get your attention in this discourse.  There is a time for the garden to rest just as there is a time for all beings to rest. Winter is the best time for a garden to rest as it is the time when the growth energy is withdrawn into the Earth. This is true of all areas of the globe regardless of the location. All areas of the Earth require some rest each year. If you were to study the equator areas, you would see that there are certain times of the year when green production is lessened greatly as compared to other times of the year. A time of rest for all is very important for next year’s growth. Do not underestimate the power of rest in the garden. To prepare your garden for six weeks of rest, clean out all the dead growth, plant your 64
    • winter crops and winter cover crops and cover your other beds with straw. It is better for the garden not to be pushed into production all year round.What about growing in the greenhouse in winter? Yes, of course this can be done. There are exceptions to every rule. It is important that the soil and plants used for this growth time be placed in a compost pile after use and the compost given a much longer rest period before the dirt and plant matter are reused in the garden. How long? We would say about a year. Much greater energy is needed to grow in the winter than in the summer and a special compost of winter dirt and vegetables must be established. The SunDoes the Sun have any influence on the growth of plants? This is a very interesting topic because it can be approached from so many different angles. The general answer is yes, it does have an influence on the way plants grow. We point specifically to the photosensitivity of plants. That is, long season, mid season and short season plants. We point to the subject of periodicity as well as the seasonal blooming of plants. The Sun plays many roles and that is an area which needs to be researched just as intensively as the lunar influences.Does the magnetic pull of the Sun have an influence on the growth of plants? It does, yes. But it is often confused with the seasons. The warmer the season, the more plant growth, the colder, the less growth. The pull of the Sun’s gravity on plants is masked by the heat the Sun produces but it is there, very definitely. We are dealing with a different cycle, much longer. A yearly cycle as well as a planetary cycle. The ConstellationsWhy do we need to consider the zodiac phases of the Moon as well as the Sun? The zodiac phases of the Moon represent a change in the influence of the Moon. These changes will produce stronger and weaker pulls by the Moon. By identifying where in the sky the Moon is relative to the 65
    • Earth, it is possible to determine how much these "influences" pull on the Earth. There are two commonly used means to identify the location of the Moon, the equal method (astrology - 12 signs) and the unequal zodiacal constellations (astronomy - 13 signs).Would you care to discuss and elaborate on the various sidereal constellationsthat you are using? The constellation or zodiac signs that you refer to are the same signs that we see and use in our work. There has been much discussion about the use of one sign system over another. In many respects they are the same and in many respects they are different. You might call it a 50/50 split. Neither the equal nor the unequal sign system, alone, is adequate to accurately identify the placement of the Sun and the Moon in any particular constellation in a way that meaningfully predicts the action on plants. Add to that the layers of the various Dominions and Hierarchies that we use and you have a system that is at once multi-leveled from our point of view and inaccurate from your point of view since, by your vary nature, it comes from only one planet’s point of view. Thus we have the dilemma that you face. That is: Which zodiac system most accurately reflects what is going on? Moreover, from a practical Earthly point of view, you and others, need a benchmark from which to begin the study of the effect of the location of planets in the solar system, the galaxy and the Universe and how those positions, in relation to your Earth, have an effect on your planet, the growth of plants, the thinking of people, the success or failure of a myriad of things all around you. But the main issue, that is, the real point, is to develop a system that is usable again and again, i.e. repeatedly, and accurately to predict what will happen in the future. The key is to have a system of identification which is reusable and predictable. Herein we have the crux of the question and a direction to the answer that you seek. There are equal systems and unequal constellation systems. There are systems which reflect only 12 constellations and some which reflect up to 36 constellations. Here again. The number of systems used is not the issue here. It is the creation of a system which is repeatable, useful and lends itself to being predictable. Let’s look at it from a different point of view. Say that you are planting some cabbages today and you want to know how they will grow. You look at the heavens and say that the Moon is in Cancer (or 66
    • Scorpio or Pisces for that matter). If you know that this is a particularly good time for a leaf crop when the Moon is in Cancer, you plant. But what of the Sun, or Venus or Jupiter. What about the location of your solar system within the galaxy? What about the location of your galaxy in relation to other galaxies? We have developed our own system that takes these other Dominions and Hierarchies into consideration. That system is reflected in the recommendations. Unfortunately, there is no system available to you in the present day that will work perfectly. So, you can see, that after all this discussion, you are left with what you have and the ability to do the best that you can. That, we might add, is the benefit of the intuition.This is still very confusing. The systems of which you speak are the equal (astrology) and unequal (astronomy) systems. Each divides the sky up into an equal number of degrees or an odd number of degrees. Each has one attribute in common. They designate areas of the sky in which the planet or star in question can be located at any given time during the year. By identifying the site in which the planet or star is located, they have the ability to predict where it will be on the return cycle whether it is next year or 50 years from now. In that way, you can use this information to try to predict what to plant and when to plant based on the location of the Moon, the Sun and the Earth in this location of the Universe. You have two systems for identifying the location of the heavenly bodies. The observant gardener watches the growth of their plants planted during the particular zodiac sign and uses that information in the future as a guide for future plantings. Folk Wisdom Over the years, many practices and myths have grown regarding certain practices of plantingand harvesting by the Phases of the Moon. These are four of the more popularly known and practicedin the West. Planting Two Days Before The Full Moon 67
    • Is the practice of planting two days before the Full Moon really the best time? This is speculation. The fact is that there are so many other influences that we cannot say that this is the best time to plant. On the other hand, if you believe it, it is.So, you are suggesting that the answer to this question is to say that this timecannot be so isolated from other variables that it can be scientifically proven? Exactly. There are no means at your disposal to do this. NodesA node, in Astronomy terms, is the point at which an orbiting planet (in our case, the Moon) crosses overor intersects a given plane (in our case, the Earth equator or ecliptic). Since the Moon orbits at slightangles to the Earth poles, it crosses the equator (ecliptic) twice a month. Though no scientific evidenceexists that this has a direct effect on plants and animals, some believe that there is a significant amountof anecdotal evidence to suggest problems.What about the nodes? The suggestion that the nodes are bad times to plant certain crops comes from the notion that something important happens at the precise time of the node occurrence. This is another example of taking an isolated occurrence, attempting to keep it isolated and then planting seeds and deducing conclusions from their growth patterns. These patterns may or may not have been influenced by so many other factors as to make them hopelessly unreliable.OK, if that is true, then why can’t we use the same logic to say that planting bythe first quarter is a bad time for fibrous rooted plants - there are so many otherfactors? The answer is quite simple. These are more general influences whereas the others are specific influences. It is best to stay in the general area rather than the specific. That is the problem with some researchers. They are unable to isolate the individual influences that they wish to control. The Earth is not a laboratory. Everything changes constantly. It is impossible to isolate specific occurrences such as nodes and be able to say with any degree of certainty that there was a result. This is all that we are saying. In your words, you say micro-manage as opposed to macro-manage the farm. We agree completely. Some researchers are attempting to go from the specific to the general when they should be going from the general to the specific. 68
    • Halleys CometWhat about Halley’s Comet. Does it have an influence over planting andharvesting? Very little. Though some believe that it does have a lot, their guesses are incorrect and an examination of the historical climatological records will bear this out. Comets and other space debris have little effect on the growth of plants on the Earth. Too much energy is stored in the Earth for this to have a great effect such as some believe.Is there a small effect? Yes. Very small. We have considered it. Very small. Good Friday and Easter Some researchers believe that any crops planted on either Good Friday or Easter Saturday willnot thrive.Do you recommend planting anything on Good Friday and Easter Saturday? We do not see a difference other than the one created by the sower of the seed.Then you would recommend sowing and harvesting on Good Friday and EasterSaturday? We do. Try it, you’ll like it. One can only conclude that the results that one gets from a planting is, to a very large degree,a direct result of ones own thinking. ] ] ] 69
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    • Soul Food And The Tao (The Celestial Gardener)Why do we need to eat food which has spiritual energy in it? The importance of food for the soul cannot be understated. Soul food transcends the mundane Lobster Newburg. It is a need of the soul to maintain itself in the dimensional realities that are in the highest spiritual planes of development. Let us explain that statement. The soul needs food from many sources and fruits, vegetables and meats are only one source. The soul needs food from the Breath of God as well. More than that, the soul needs food from the knowledge that it is more than it appears to be on Earth. Soul Food is defined as having, in reality, three sources - Material Food, Knowledge Food and Mana (from the Hawaiian Huna religion) or Prana (from the Hindu religion) - the Breath of Life from God Himself. In your book, we encourage you to define these three so that the gardener can impart this wisdom to the plants that he or she grows. This knowledge is imparted to the soul through these three means. If the food is properly prepared and the soul is properly prepared to receive it, this will create the right environment for the soul to maintain its contact with the higher planes of development while at the same time, experience the Earth life to the fullest and in the proper way. The goal of the soul on Earth is to grow spiritually in such a way as to create the Self awareness needed to rejoin with the Creator. When one loses its consciousness of other realities, it loses ground in its fight for personal growth. The role that food plays in this drama is to keep the soul, the Self, in constant contact with its True Source Of Life. In this way, and in this way only, is the Self able to move foreword, or evolve, into what is often referred today as a Light Being. We would call it a Fully Realized Soul. The Light Being is a concept which it is not to be confused with a Fully Self-Realized Soul. They are two entirely different concepts. One’s true nature as a Child of God is fully realized when all the factors which effect its development come into focus at once. Very much like the magnifying glass. When the light is focused, it burns. When the 73
    • spiritual power of enlightenment is focused like the magnifying glass, the Karma of past deeds is burned to a crisp and returned to Spirit. We gain our sustenance from so many sources that it is, at times, overwhelming. Your role is to define the three sources so that people will begin to understand the nature of their personal reality.Is this the Tao? The Tao is a concept somewhat foreign to Westerners. But we will endeavor to explain. The concept of the Tao is based on the belief that each individual has a specific pathway to follow in life. Indeed it is true in each lifetime. But it is not descriptive of our discussion now. While it is helpful to be able to distinguish between whether or not one is following one’s pathway, what we are discussing are the means of keeping one on the Tao. Proper food, proper knowledge and the Breath of Life create the proper environmental conditions for remaining in one’s Tao. Do you see?Please go on. The purpose of philosophies such as the Taoist is to convey to Earth Souls a description of the nature of their lives. To give them reasons for going on in a world seemingly ignorant of the true Source of Life. It would be, in our description, part of the Food of Knowledge. It is not separate and distinct. Nor is any other religion or philosophy different. Let us explore this in more detail. The Taoist philosophy is neither foreign nor familiar to the work at hand. It is another way to explain the reality of Life in the Universal All. These philosophies are necessary for the development of the soul and the realization of the Self. Now it is understood by knowing and wise souls that the “input” into their regimen is very important to their development. Proper food, proper relationships and the proper acknowledgment of one’s true Soul Nature, i.e. Self realization, are the three key ingredients to faster soul development.How does the use of pesticides alter the spiritual properties of soul food? Spiritual gardening does not normally include the use of pesticides for whenever one brings death through destruction into the garden, one also risks bringing in negative garden influences. It is best to notify the Nature Spirits and Devas of your intent and proceed as a doctor would to excise one particular “disease”. The rampant use of poisons in the 74
    • fields of the world have severely limited man’s spiritual growth and it is one of the reasons for the violence that you are now seeing on a daily basis.Could you explain in more detail, please? In olden times, before the use of pesticides, fungicides, all the “cides”, people could benefit from the innate wisdom brought into the plants by the Nature Spirits when they ingested their food.Still, mankind fought wars. What spiritual insights did they learn from eatingtheir food? True, mankind has been a warring species but this was not due to a loss in the spirituality of the plants, i.e. the food they ate. It was due to the spiritual development of each individual, tribe, region, country, etc. at the time. Today, we are faced with an insidious and pervasive threat to even the most basic spiritual impulses of people. Without the spiritual energy brought to each individual through the food they eat, they will find it difficult, if not impossible, to grow spiritually. This new sense of fire and hatred that the world is experiencing now is a direct result of 75 years of chemical agriculture. The implications for mankind and beyond into the Universe are immense.What does “immense” really mean? The Earth does not exist in a vacuum as the scientists would have you believe. It is interconnected to all the Dominions of the Universe. What happens here, effects what happens elsewhere, and vice versa. The goal of making it possible for each person to eat fresh, spiritually grown food has the potential to have a positive impact on all the other Dominions, planets and species on all levels in the Universe. ] ] ] 75
    • Hybrids (Luther Burbank)Are hybrid plants good for us? Does hybridizing make a weaker plant that isspiritually deficient? That is a very interesting and complex question. It is one that I wrestled with my entire life. The answer is a qualified no. That’s right, no. Let’s take it from the beginning. What is a hybrid? It is a plant that has been altered by the hand of man. That much is clear. But what has been altered is the physical manifestation of an idea. Weaker or stronger do not adequately describe what has happened. We see a change in the physical structure. We see a change in the fruiting or seeding time. We see a change in the color and so on. But do we see a change in the essence of the plant, in the essence of the thought form? Once hybrids have been stabilized, they are fully representing the thought form as held by the Deva. While hybridization is occurring, the plants do not fully represent the thought form of the Nature Spirits who must bring it into physical form. The hybrid plant still does represent the thought form of the Deva and all its variations. Now comes the question of the spirituality in the plant or the fruit of the unstabilized hybrid plant. Again that is somewhat difficult to answer. The short answer is yes, there is some loss. The long answer is that it is dependent on the gardener or farmer to co-create some spiritual energy in the plant. Man has tremendous latitude here. Devas, Nature Spirits and Man can alter the spiritual quality of plants just as they can alter the physical qualities of a plant.Nothing is really straightforward here is it? Yes and no. The only straightforward answer to that is that mankind has the power to create whatever he wants or needs. There is always hope. Mankind can always make a difference, can always make something better, or worse. Nothing is cut and dry. Each person has the ability to be happy or unhappy, to be successful or a failure, to grow fantastic plants or to have a black thumb.Which kind of seed would you recommend? I prefer non-hybrids or stabilized hybrids since they are more inclined to be successful and you can collect the seeds to grow more at 76
    • the end of the season.More successful? How? More successfully grown and the second generation seeds will be fully acclimated to the garden or field in which they are grown. That is how, among other techniques, the old farmers were able to grow the same crops year after year. The seeds were able to store the protective knowledge needed to grow again and again. I was able to tap into that memory from time to time to achieve some stunning successes in hardiness and sturdiness.Does genetic manipulation alter the spiritual properties of a plant? The question of genetic manipulation in the laboratory is a somewhat difficult one to address from the spiritual point of view. On the one hand, they are doing no more than the hybridist is doing in the garden but on a smaller and more specific scale. On the other hand they are using techniques which stunt the development of a plant and do not allow it to grow naturally in its progression to perfection. This can easily end up in a dead end for the plant, a process which is controlled in its entirety by Natural Selection. It is a process which is controlled to a lesser extent by natural hybridizing. But it is a process which is not controlled very much at all by gene splicing. Thus we have a paradox. Have we a tomato that tastes rich and good but have we created a “demon” at the same time? I think not. One must go to the heart of the matter. What is on the mind of the person inserting the gene? That is where the problem lies. What they insert can greatly alter the destiny of the plant and, indirectly, the destiny of mankind. This is where the problem lies.Will these genetically altered plants cause immune problems for those animals andhumans who eat them? Unlikely at this stage of development. The real issue is what is being inserted, not whether or not the tomato is healthy. As I see it, the genetically altered tomato is not that bad. But it could be, you see. These areas of science have outstripped the development of a coherent philosophy which would direct the hybridizer or the chemist in the proper direction for the benefit of mankind, not for the benefit of a few individuals. Can this problem be rectified? We think not in the near future. 77
    • As this process of introducing genes continues, many plants and animals will unquestionably have genes inserted which are not beneficial to the eater. The gene in the genetically altered tomato is not in itself harmful to humans. It could be though and consumers must watch these developments very carefully.Do the Nature Spirits and Devas work with the plants that are genetically alteredby the hands of scientists? Yes they do. It is their duty to bring any variable into this world.Do they add spiritual energy to it? Yes, as far as they can. We might add that none of these tomatoes are grown organically. All were grown chemically. Therefore we can say that the spiritualization process was interrupted.Was it interrupted in the laboratory during the gene insertion? There are some difficulties there, yes. The further one gets away from the hand of Nature the more difficulties one encounters. What is in the mind of the chemist or hybridist is more of a concern. That is where the problem lies. Not in the plant which is the end result of this co-creation.Would you eat a genetically altered tomato? I would taste it, yes. Make a steady diet of it, no. Nor would I make a steady diet of chemically grown food either. Do you see the point?I think so. It goes much deeper than just the taste of the tomato. Indeed it does. One must rely on one’s intuition for guidance. We do not recommend these tomatoes to you or anyone else. But not because of the gene insertion, because of the way they were grown and the way that they were developed purely for financial gain. ] ] ] 78
    • Seed Scoring (Luther Burbank)What about the practice of using scoring methods (such as acids or using a knife tocut the seed) to open a seed more quickly? What effect do they have on the plant?Do these practices have a detrimental effect on the seed? Not really. The seed will open on its own under the proper conditions. That is a fact. That the seed can be hurried along this journey is not necessarily injurious to it. We do not recommend the process normally. However, it can be useful in guiding the seed, which is part of the plant thought, to have a less tough casing for the future generations. But here again, there are better more effective ways.And what are they? The plant has a root system that represents its way of holding onto the Earth. The plant has a seed design that represents its way of holding that thought in the Universe. By changing the way it sees itself, you can change the way the seed itself is formed.How do you do that? First, explain it to the plant. The plant is connected irrevocably to the Deva and the Universe from which it comes. Explain your needs. Allow the Universe to explain its reasons for the design. A compromise can then be reached. Remember, the Plant Kingdom is, by design of God, here for the benefit of mankind and will willingly change itself to meet man’s changing needs and desires, however crazy they may be. Ask and you shall receive. I took a lot of criticism over the spineless cactus but it is a perfect example of what I mean. There were some cacti sent out that were less than perfect, yes. But they would have grown to perfection if they had been given a chance. People are reluctant to accept anything but the perfect specimen. Look at the plum. The variations in that plant were enormous but no one complained because they all tasted so good. In any event, each plant has a Deva. The Deva is an Overlighting “holder of the thought” for each species of plant, animal and mineral in the Universe. The variations of that thought are controlled by the Nature Spirits, which have enormous latitude in the design, and by the thoughts and actions of mankind, who has been given these plants for his survival and renewal and spiritual growth on Earth. 79
    • Do you recommend scoring the seed to make it germinate more quickly? I did it on occasion. But my purpose was different. I was instructing the plant to change in certain ways. Not performing surgery willy-nilly. That is the key. It must be instruction to achieve a specific goal so that the next generation will be different and more to fit your needs. God truly gave man dominion over all plants, animals and minerals. They are all here for the benefit of mankind. Through love, they can all be brought along spiritually in the same way that God is bringing man along spiritually. Love is the central theme, the central need, the “mediator” through which all spiritual growth proceeds, grows, expands and achieves perfection. Wisdom teaches perspective, perspective teaches understanding, understanding teaches tolerance, tolerance teaches spiritual growth, spiritual growth teaches perfection and Self realization. ] ] ] 80
    • Nature Spirits, Object Spirits and Devas (Luther Burbank)I have heard that the Nature Spirits are leaving certain polluted areas and retreatingto the North, thereby leaving mankind with spiritually deficient plants. If this isso, how do the plants manifest and survive? Based on what you have said, this iscontrary to your statements. How do you explain the discrepancy? This is true, some have “gone North”. However, it is impossible for a plant to manifest without the help of the Nature Spirits. Some, enough, remain to make the work possible. But they will not remain forever and soon, some plants will no longer survive in an area, regardless of the intent of the person planting the seeds. It is the task of the Nature Spirits to bring into manifestation a plant, period, regardless of what you have read or heard. They are hindered in the amount of spiritually renewing energy that they can impart to a plant for the benefit of man. Some is always present. The more they are involved, the more spiritual energy is present. If there were none present, life could not exist. This if often overlooked by the naysayers who purport to propose that all the Nature Spirits have left an area. It is not true because it is not possible. The more time and effort put into the development of a plant by the Nature Spirits, the more spiritual energy is stored in that plant for use by a higher being. It is true that the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, etc. hinder the natural progression of the plant, therefore they inhibit the natural processes with which the Nature Spirits will work. In this way, spirituality injection is inhibited. Every food has some spiritual energy. It is a matter of degree. Do you want a food to sustain your life or enhance your life? As the generations pass, this lack of spirituality will have a greater and greater accumulative effect on the behavior of people and animals fed this altered food. You are witnessing it in the terrible breakdown of civilization today. Better food would be a major contributor to the betterment of mankind but it will take as many generations to correct the problem as it has to create it. 81
    • If pesticides are used in the garden, will they drive away the Nature Spirits? Sometimes it is necessary to take medicinal approaches when a garden gets completely out of balance. No, it will not drive away the Nature Spirits. They understand that sometimes a person has limited abilities for corrective action. Sometimes, these pests need a rude awakening, a shock to bring them into line.What advice can you give for working with Devas and Nature Spirits? It is important that you continue to work in the garden daily, even if it is no more than watering the plants and talking to the Nature Spirits and others with whom you are working. This keeps the communication channels open and shows them your commitment to helping them in their work just as they are helping you in your work. The essence of successful gardening is in seeing yourself as cooperating with Nature in all her many manifestations and incarnations. You are correct in seeing the plants not as fully developed souls but as “partial” beings whose purpose is to reach a higher level of development with and through the cooperation of Nature Spirits and humans. I knew this when I would throw away thousands of seedlings. In this way I “quickened” the evolution of each plant species making their bodies available for another, more advanced, evolution. Plants willingly give up their bodies when put in the service of mankind.I designed and built a state-of-the-art solar powered, self-sufficient greenhouse. Wasthe design created by a Deva or did I create it and, by doing so, created a Deva? The Deva came to the greenhouse after it was created by you. You, in essence, created the Deva.I created a soul? Yes.How is this possible? Every soul has the power of creation.Is this Deva independent of me now? Is it a soul unto itself? It is. And it has all the powers of all Devas. But it has a special relationship to you since you are its Creator. It will do as you ask and will work with you to bring more greenhouses into existence. 82
    • Does this mean that all new ideas create with themselves a Deva, even awful, meanideas such as mass weapons of destruction? Yes. Mankind learns from his mistakes as well as his triumphs. Devas hold the thought. They do not bring it into existence.Are there “Nature Spirits” who bring material objects into the world? Yes. They work slightly differently than plant Nature Spirits, but they are there. This world was given to mankind to develop spiritually. The Devas and Nature Spirits are essential to the existence of mankind. When the Earth has died, all of these souls will return to their Creator who is God.How is it possible to ask for and get the assistance of these Object Spirits? The same way as the Nature Spirits. Ask for help and you will get it. It is the nature of their work. It is their reason for existence.So everything requires help from that level of souls in order to manifest in thisworld? Yes, it does. That is the way things are. ] ] ] 83
    • Weeds In Your Garden? (The Celestial Gardener)What about weeding the garden? There are two schools of thought. One says get ridof all competing plants to grow better plants. The other states that it is necessaryto have weeds in your garden. The weeds are indicators of the health of the soiland their presence is necessary to improve the soil. Is there a middle ground? We see your dilemma. On the one hand, each plant brings an influence and a counterbalance to the garden. On the other hand, they can take over the garden and rule it for their own purposes. Yes, a middle ground is possible. Each and every weed has and serves a purpose. This purpose may be to bring into the garden some nutrient or element or even some outside spiritual influence, good or bad. Some weeds are simply invasive just as some people have bad manners. The first step to controlling your weed problem is to establish borders or boundaries for your garden. Let all who would enter know that this is the garden, this is the area with which you are working, and you will only agree to allow those species which are helpful to the progress and evolution of the plants that you intend to grow. This can best be done by some physical barrier, but a clear, intentional outline will do. Plants need to feel safe in their environment. Next, ask that only those plants which are harmonious with the development of your plant choices grow in your garden. Third, whatever grows that you consider a weed, harvest it and compost it and put it back into the garden. It is okay to leave some weeds growing.Should weeds be allowed to go to seed? We do not believe so. Let us think this through together. By allowing a “weed” to go to seed, what is happening? We can say that this plant has reached its normal life cycle. We can say that it has gone through the root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit and seed stages. True? What has it accomplished? First, it has created for itself a self perpetuating seed. Second, it has contributed its used body to the body of the garden for use by some other plant. Therefore, since the second is obviously beneficial, let us concentrate on the usefulness of the seed. The seed has life energy in a chaotic form in it. Life energy is good. 84
    • Chaos, while essential in the overall sense to the constant evolution of man, is not useful to the garden. Why? Because as the co-creators, we are interested in directing the order of the garden in a way that we feel most useful. It is true that if you do not let the “weeds” self sow, others will take their place. Eventually, if you return the bodies of the weeds to the garden in the form of compost or other convenient broken down form, others of the same influence will come to your garden. Then this will eventually stop as your soil fertility reaches its highest form of usefulness. So we can, therefore, say, harvest your weeds before they go to seed for the greatest usefulness to the garden.Are you happy? Infinite happiness is given to us. It is our way, it is our being, we know nothing else. You, as a soul living on Earth, know the duality of the Universe in ways that are unknown to us. You will be stronger in that area than we. It is your birthright.Does happiness, or the lack of happiness, have an effect on weeds in the garden? Indeed it does. It slows down the growth of the plants that you want to grow and increases the ones that you call weeds. You should have no weeds in your spiritual garden. ] ] ] 85
    • Surviving Ozone Depletion (Rudolf Steiner)What has caused the ozone depletion? The ozone layer is the protective layer for the earth. This layer collects the debris of the earth and keeps it there. It also collects the debris of “space" and keeps it away from the Earth to keep it healthy. Ozone depletion is caused by the thinking of man. The cluttered minds of the polluters is causing a breakdown in the protective layer. The thought that a man can pollute outer space is the real cause of the breakdown - the chemical reactions are only secondary to this thought. Now, we must ask, what can change to rid mankind of this destructive thinking? First one should become aware that all thoughts are carried out into the Universe. Just as the winds of the Earth blow pollution around the planet, the winds of thought blow the polluted mind thoughts around the Universe. This is a very critical time for humankind. There are forces at work in the Universe that will work to contain this thought pollution and keep it in the earthly realm. But they will not succeed unless Mankind does his share. First is the awareness that it is thought, not gasses that is causing the depletion of the ozone. Second it is the responsibility of mankind to realize that every thought either helps or pollutes the Universe. Stop the waste dumping and the ozone will heal itself.What harm has been caused by the ozone depletion? There is a great deal of harm done, mostly to the earth. Thankfully it has not gone out into the other planets yet. But, this will not last if mankind does nothing to stop it. Specifically, there are genetic mutations occurring even today. There will, if left unchecked, be a total destruction of plant life and animal life as you know it. This is not necessarily the outcome, but it will be if nothing is done.Will these genetic mutations be adapted to the new ozone-less environment? No, there is no adaptation to an ozone-less environment. The only solution is to stop the pollution. Eventually, when all but the simplest plant and animal life dies, the ozone layer will regenerate. The soul that is Earth will regenerate it herself. This is not a trifling problem as many would have you believe. It is deadly serious. 86
    • How do we fix the holes? There is no silver bullet fix. Stop the polluted thought and stop the pollution that is spewing out from the billions of sources every day. All pollution destroys the ozone layer, some more rapidly than others.Not a very pretty picture you paint. Is there any hope at all? Yes there is. It is not necessarily the destiny of mankind to suffer eternally. Much will be swept away in the next few decades. It is very important to change your thinking now. ALL pollution kills. Stop the pollution and save your lives. ] ] ] 87
    • Steiner and Burbank (The Celestial Gardener)Were Rudolf Steiner and Luther Burbank part of the same soul group? No they were not. Very different from very different parts of the galaxy. Both were fully enlightened souls who came to Earth to convey the knowledge that is so desperately needed even now. Their work, while it did continue in one way or another, now needs to be “resurrected” and that is your task. It might help if you looked at the two men as two souls talking about the same subject from two different points of view, each based on his interests and history. Both wished to impart, through knowledge and through example, the nature of personal growth and the nature of reality around you. Both sought to enlighten Earth souls in this area. ] ] ] 88
    • Dolphins (The Dolphin Deva)Relative to humans, how smart are dolphins? Every bit as smart as humans. It is unknown even to most researchers just how smart dolphin souls are since they are having so much fun playing with them. A dolphin carries with it the wisdom of the Universe that you are now working with in your gardening endeavor. They know and understand the inner workings of the Universe and can even anticipate the movements of humans and other species. They are here to learn just as man is here to learn. They have accepted a role that is just below humans on the Earthly scale and accepted the water as their domain so as not to compete directly with humans.Are dolphins leaving the Earth plane as some would have us believe? Some are, many are undecided as yet. Once the Earth changes occur they will decide once and for all. We think it likely that the dolphin species will stay and that more highly developed souls who are more capable of communing with people will come into this plane. ] ] ] 89
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    • Saint Teresa Of Avila Great inner strength, great personal strength, deep compassion, unending love, calmness andthe ability to remain absolutely centered in the Divine marked this woman, the greatest of nuns, one ofthe greatest of saints. So resolute was her inner strength that at times when she was faced with angerand criticism, she would, through the force of her calmness and love, cause the accusers themselves tochange. I am in love with Saint Teresa. Her thoughts are inspiring. God is gracious in his understanding of the problems and tribulations of all His children. He understands that not all of His children know Him as He would have. But all of His children can know Him in the deepest part of their soul consciousness. This is the message I bring to you. All who wish to know Him can and will know Him. Through the method of gardening, which was dear to my heart, all who wish to be close to the Divine Gardener may be so. It is necessary that all souls on this path keep their mind set squarely on the Christ within. The heart is the center of the emotions. The mind is the center of the intellect. But the Christ Consciousness center, between the brows, is the Center of the Divine in all beings, whether man or animal or any other entity. All have this center of Christ Consciousness. If you look at a tree you can see it at the confluence of the branches. It is in the bushes. It is in the grasses. All reflect, and are, the Nature of God. All is One in Him. If someone was to ask me what I would recommend for the ascendence of the spirit to God, I would answer as follows: Keep Him in all thoughts and in all things. See Him in all thoughts and in all things. Bring this to action in your life. Life is not about the accumulation of power or material possessions. It is about the accumulation of the Spiritual Understandings that bring us closer to our God Realization. I wish you well in your book endeavor. I am with you and send my blessings to you daily. May the Lord be with you. ] ] ] 93
    • Saint Fiacre Saint Fiacre is little known outside the Catholic Church. This Irish missionary performed miraclecures. Many believe he still does. In the Seventh Century, in La Brie, Normandy, he built a hospicefor pilgrims. He and his followers grew corn and vegetables to feed them. Saint Fiacre is the PatronSaint of Gardeners and sometimes known as the Saint of the Spade. His words speak eloquently of hiscommitment to the Divine Gardener. There is a message that all who would garden in the Garden of God should know. It is that there is God within all things. As I gardened, I forsook all the worldly goods that there were and refocused all of my attention to feeding lost souls spiritually through the method of food from our garden. Through this method, I was able to awaken the love of God in all who entered our conclave. All received the Spiritual Food that was in the garden food that we grew and prepared. This is the lesson: Do not be confused or mislead by the nature of the Spirit in food. The Spirit is within all. Therefore, it is important for the food to be grown carefully and spiritually, harvested, stored, prepared and taken into the body thorough the Holy of Holies. All food must be blessed by the Spiritual Hand as it goes from the ground to the palette. The nature of plants we eat for food is such that the spiritual wisdom within does become part of the body then the soul. Reverence for the Life within all is the key to growing spiritually encompassed food. So I would say, let the gardener meditate and pray for guidance from the Divine Gardener in the sky. Behold the wonders that He brings to us all. Behold the God within all. That is my message.Thank you. May I ask a question please? Do indeed.Thank you. What do you mean by not to be confused or mislead by the nature ofthe Spirit in food? The nature of Spirit is that it is constant but can be dissolved or diluted by the grosser more ignominious vibrations of those who grow, harvest, store, prepare, process and serve the food. All have a direct effect on the spiritual energy in the food. It is best to have the mind focused on God as one prepares this food for eating. To be misled by the “less than 94
    • perfect” nature of some who would prepare the food in a less spiritual way might lead some to erroneous conclusions or guidance. By concentrating your attention on the Godliness within the food, the plants and the Godliness within one’s self, you can achieve the passage of true Spirit from the food to your body, mind and soul. It completes the circle. Those who prepare the food must be just as sincerely focused as those who grow it and take care of it. All the steps are equally important.Very interesting. What led you to that conclusion? One can become attuned to the Spirit within the food as it moves through the progression of field to kitchen to the dinner table. If one is cognizant of this, one can see the Spirituality in the food. Try this for yourself. Look at the way the plants look in the garden. Observe the birds, the insects, the worms, all the life around the plant and the garden. Do you see the same balance of Nature and Spirit - God - in your pantry, your kitchen, you dinner table? Look for the light. If it is there, you have been able to preserve the Spiritual Energy just as you preserve the plant food itself.How does one become attuned to this Awareness? Through prayer, meditation and a sincere desire that comes from your deepest part of your soul to know God intimately. That is the way. No superficial desire will achieve it. One must be sincere and passionate in one’s hunt for spiritual efficacy. Only through deep meditation and prayer can one achieve the Oneness with God that is necessary to truly see God in all things.What about the quiet time in the garden. What do you recommend? The spade and the hoe are the tools that one can use to dig into the heart of God to find one’s true nature - the Self. The energy and thought that one puts into the ground, the plants, the animals, the sky, the stars, the Moon and the Cosmos is most important. God comes in silence and in silence alone. He does not respond to the noise of modern life. He comes as a thief in the night to steal your heart away. Silence in the garden is paramount. Allow God to take your heart. Only then will you be happy. The garden is a place for learning the Oneness that is God and the Oneness with God. It is a Cathedral of trees and bushes and grasses and fruit and animals and abundance. It is the Soul of God. Look at your 95
    • garden as that Cathedral. Be blessed in it. Bless those who enter it. We are all children of God. We are all blessed by His Presence. Let all who leave the garden be blessed by His presence. It is the way to the Lord. Meditate and pray - silently. That is the way to know God. Then, when a fellow traveler comes along, give to him as God would give to you - selflessly and with love and compassion. We are all his children. Who knows, that next soul you help may just be the Lord himself in disguise. The nurturing of the soul was our purpose in life. Let it be yours also.What is the Holy of Holies? The Mouth of God. It is a representation of the way one prepares and eats one’s food. It is just as important to ask for the Blessing of the food that you have prepared as it is to grow it. That ordination is the Holy of Holies - the blessing of the food before eating.And the eating of the food itself? One and the same. We have been given the task of assisting all gardeners and we take this responsibility resolutely and in Grace. Let all who read this know that I am here to help and to receive the Blessings of God for your gardens and the gardener in it. I am blessed by this apostolate. I will, for all sincere souls, intercede for you in your garden. ] ] ] 96
    • George Washington Carver This former American slave was known as the Wizard of Tuskegee for his remarkable ability todiscover and develop hundreds of uses for plants, most notably the peanut and the sweet potato. He waswidely regarded as genius. Today we would call his efforts applied science. He was a sweet and gentleman, very devout, not given to the material accoutrements of our modern world. To discover the inner, hidden qualities of his many beloved plants, he would take long walks inthe woods where, he said, his plants "talked" to him. It was not uncommon to find him in his laboratory(which he christened "Gods Little Workshop"), sleeping and working for weeks at a time, only to reenterthe world with another new discovery. Like Burbank, he created fortunes for thousands but refused toprofit personally. The Infinite was his Beloved Teacher. So happy to make your acquaintance. We are very excited about your book over here and we are proud to be asked to be part of it. What would you like to discuss. The floor is yours.Very gracious. Thank you. If this was your book, how would you begin. Whatwould you say to inspire the reader? I would say that each and every soul should look for God in all of His plants. He hides but He is there. In my day, I spent many an hour walking in the woods communing with the Lord and his helpers, the Devas and Nature Spirits, but also with the old alchemists and shamans, the healers and herbalists of another age. They are all there to help. Each and every one. Many people wondered why I walked for so long “alone” in the dark woods. I talked to these helpers in silence. They cannot break through the noise of daily life with the ease that they can in a quiet walk. I would ask them to guide me to the plants which were given to us to help mankind. This they would do with great ease in silence. So I would say, be still and listen. Listen to what this book has to say and be still and listen to what your heart and your intuition have to offer. Read this book in deep silence, in deep meditative contemplation. Absorb the wisdom of the ages just like a plant absorbs water through its roots. Take it in very carefully and let the wisdom go to every cell in your body. Let it blossom and bear fruit. Let this wisdom and love flow through you to create a new you, a whole new species. Let this wisdom in this book absorb your mind and your love. That is how I 97
    • would introduce this book.Beautiful. Thank you. I am glad you like it. Is there anything specific that you wish to discuss?Yes, thank you. What happens when we kill a plant? Excellent question. There is the most obvious change in that the plant no longer continues to live. In the first part of this discussion we are talking very specifically about killing the whole plant, not harvesting the various offerings that the plant has brought to us. Is that clear?Yes. Fine. Now, aside from the obvious death, there occurs a change on the Astral level that most are not aware of. The plant Astral body is dissipated and only the Etheric body is left. That is the part of the body that is most closely pure in the spiritual energy about which you have written earlier in your discussion with Luther Burbank. Now this Astral body is taken by the Nature Spirit and held in form on the Astral level for use again. The Etheric body then stays with the plant and provides the one who eats the plant with the embodiment of the life giving force that the Hindus call prana. So to make the maximum use of this Etheric energy, it is best, as Saint Fiacre says, to focus one’s attention on a God centered approach to the care of the plant after harvesting. That helps the connection stay and be most useful to the physical body. As to the “death” of the physical form of the plant, there is none. The plant, being part of the Universal Force that exists, as Mr. Bose has pointed out so eloquently, does have the physical death throws, but there is no pain, only joy in the anticipation of becoming something far greater than itself. Wanton disregard of the goodness of a plant does injure the Astral body which must then move on to another plant to work out its Karma (although not in the slightest like the human Karma) to evolve itself with the help of the Nature Spirit. Moving on in this discussion to the harvesting of the parts of a plant, we have a somewhat different sense of what is happening. The Astral body of the plant stays intact. Thus you see, in Kirlian photography, the remnant shape of the missing part. However, since the Astral is controlled by the Nature Spirit, the plant part is still “attached” to the 98
    • Etheric body. Thus one gains, again, the spiritual life giving force, the prana, which goes with the Etheric body. In situations where the whole plant must be harvested, as in the sweet potato and peanut, we have the same situation as described earlier. The Astral body dissipates back to the Nature Spirit and the Etheric energy stays with the root, or any other part of the plant that is to be used or eaten.How does the manner in which the plant is harvested effect the spiritual energyin it? To a somewhat lesser degree than the growing, but no less important. Loving the fruits of the Creator is akin to loving the Creator. Great care must, as in all things, be taken to harvest lovingly and with a sense of anticipation for what the plant has to offer.Many plants must be processed in different ways to be useful. You found in thepeanut, for example, that by processing it different ways, you were able to createover 200 different uses for it. How much spiritual energy is needed if we use a leaffor creating a dye? What advice do you have to give for that. Let us begin at the beginning. Each plant is a manifestation of a thought. That thought can be complex or simple. The plant can be very complex or very simple. The more complex the thought, hence the plant, the more uses that plant form has for mankind and other species on the Earth. To unlock all of the possibilities is a bit like solving a mystery story. That plant will “talk” to you if you ask and listen. Each manifestation of a thought is there for the use of all living things, all living souls. Each and every plant, no matter how great or humble, is there for a purpose and has a use. To unlock the mystery, talk to the Creator of the Mystery.You mentioned alchemists and shamans, the healers and herbalists of another ageas sources for your knowledge. How is this knowledge acquired accurately? Through the development and use of the intuition, only for a higher purpose, through God’s Grace. That is the way. Selfishness will prevent them from helping you. The greater good of all God’s children, through Love, brings them to you. That is the only way.And the Devas and Nature Spirits? They too come to the pure of heart. Only through the love of Love and love of Life can this be so. 99
    • Still, greedy, selfish people discover new uses for plants every day. What do yousay to that? This is true. Knowledge from God is not withheld by Devas, Nature Spirits and theothers. We are talking about the accuracy of the knowledge. The further one moves away fromtheir Center, the Center of Creation, the One, the more difficult it is to acquire this Knowledge.But this Knowledge is never withheld from man. How else could one learn one’s true Nature,your true Self. It is a journey, a process. Keep the mind fully centered on the Divine in allthings. That is the way to discovery of the Truth. ] ] ] 100
    • Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose was Indias great physicist, botanist and the inventor of the crescograph.With this remarkable instrument, Bose could measure the growth, and the rate of growth, of a plant inas small a measurement as 1/1500 millionths of an inch per second. He used this same machine to measure stimuli to animals, metals and minerals. In purely scientificterms, he was able to demonstrate that all things, when their reactions were accurately measured, couldbe graphed with the same predictable response. He concluded that there is One Life in everything.You spent a lifetime proving that there were certain consistencies in all matter,animate and inanimate. Modern science has, it appears, by and large disregardedyour work. If given the chance, what would you say today about modern scientificmethods and practices? This is a difficult time that the Earth souls are going through. There was a time in the great past when all of these unifying concepts were thoroughly understood by the great teachers and sages. Today, “modern” science has not seen the same benefit of this transcendental science as did I. This is a shame for it is through the understanding of this universal nature of all things that a true understanding of the Universe and what it has to offer, can be found. I would say, “get back to the basics.” Reestablish yourself in the soundness of the Infinite. Only therein lies the truth which holds all together. On a more practical level, I would encourage the new scientists to take my theories and test results and use the amazing new inventions they have at their disposal and reaffirm my discoveries. They would learn so much more. Only through a thorough study of the great philosophical and religious precepts of the past can the future of science be fully realized. That is what I would say.What advice would you give to someone who longs to garden more spiritually? That there is a single Source for all things. In that Source, all things are possible. It is essential that all who aspire to garden spiritually be grounded in the great truths of the great religions and philosophies. Once grounded in a full and complete understanding, begin by experimenting 101
    • with one or two plants and describe how they act and react throughyour experiments. A crescograph is not an essential tool for these experiments.But a keen eye and a scientific approach are. Take two plants and treatthem differently. Give one love and the other hate. The effect will bealmost immediate. Just as you can give one water and the other nowater, the effect of love and hate on a plant is just as profound. Onlythrough experimentation can we prove what we believe we perceive.This is essential. There are many types of experiments that one can perform.There are many types and kinds of metals that can also be experimentedupon. Nothing is gained by limiting one’s self to plants. And just asprofoundly as minerals and plants react, people do too. These are thegreat truths which I described. Any individual can reproduce the sameexperiments and get the same scientifically proven results. There is anessential Unity in everything. ] ] ] 102
    • Saint Francis Of Assisi Saint Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint of Ecology. He was kind and gentle, loving andcaring. A famous story tells how he preached to birds, telling them to be thankful to God, their Creator.It is said that he was so kind to animals that they flocked to him. He loved God above all else. The flowering of the spirit is just like the flowering of the soul. It opens slowly and passes into formlessness from the form. It passes to the Creator. When I walked the Earth, I kept my eye firmly fixed on the God within all creatures. It was the way that I was able to remember what it is like to be with God in the spiritual formlessness of the Ether.How did you talk to the animals? What did you do? How did they know to trustyou. What is it about their nature that allowed you to communicate with them? So many question. There is but one answer for all. It is the God within that communicates with the God in all. Know this truth and you will know the answers to all your questions.How does one learn this truth? Communion with Spirit. Daily communion with God. Love him as much as He loves you. That is the Way. Love the Father/Mother/Creator in all. Look for Him. He is ever present. When you see Him, or even when you think that you see Him, tell him you love Him. In time you will find yourself in a constant state of ecstasy. This is the attunement with the Everpresent Spirit that Is All and is in all things. God does not want His children to be lonely. So he makes himself available everywhere. Only God can give the true love and satisfaction that all his children crave. ONLY GOD. He is the Source of all. Look for God in all the animals, all the plants, all the rocks, all the gasses and in the air. He is Ever Present in All Things. Commune with Him. Acknowledge His Presence. He is always There. Humility brings the individual soul to Self realization. If one sees ones place in the Universe as part of the Whole, not apart from the Whole, it is easier to understand. God wants you to be just like Him. He wants each and every one of His children to be happy within Him, the Universal Whole, the Universal All. Each and every one of us has the power of Spirit within. Each and every one of us can and will be just like God some day. 103
    • The first step is to recognize the Enchanter within All. Believe that He is there. He is. Believe that He will reveal Himself to you. He will. Believe that You will be in God some day. You will. It is the destiny of every soul ever created. Only in this way will true happiness, everlasting happiness become your permanent birthright.How did you communicate with the animals? I loved them. I loved the Eternal Spirit within them. I let Mother Nature, the Eternal Enchantress, speak to them and to me. We became one through Spirit. Love is the driving force which binds the Universe together. It is the Universal Force which allows all to love animals - and plants too. Love them Unconditionally. That is the lesson of Earth. Love everything Unconditionally, especially your enemies for it is from them that we learn some of our most valuable lessons of life. Each has its role to play. Only love can bring them all together. It is inevitable. One, then, learns to love Love. One, then, learns to love God. ] ] ] 104
    • 106
    • Mother Mary Let us begin by saying that I have been making my presence known throughout the world to allay the apprehensions of those who fear the tribulation coming. All should know that I am here to help any who ask my help.May I ask you some questions please? You may.What is your relationship with Mother Earth? We are sisters in the Cosmic Drama.What does “sisters” mean? We are, in many respects one and the same in our role for this planet. The Mother Earth takes care of the planet and I have been charged with the responsibility to take care of the souls. I am, in many ways, the Overlighting Caretaker of all souls on Earth. It is my duty to work in harmony with Mother Nature to oversee the growth of all souls. Mine is also a nurturing role to play.What did you and the Earth Mother contemplate when you established yourrelationship? The role of the Earth is to allow all souls who wish to enter it an opportunity to advance quickly and learn Unconditional Love. It is necessary that I, as the Overlighting Soul for Humanity, work to bring that same sense of serenity and harmony to all souls everywhere. Even by thinking of me, I am near. Even by thinking of me, I will come to you. Let all who read this know this truth. It is the same with Mother Earth. We are sisters.How is this relationship active today? As sisters, we are in constant communication and understanding with each other and the Divine. My presence is being made known more now because of the changes confronting humanity. We would love to bring all souls to the next stage but that is not possible. We can, though, 107
    • bring many more than might be possible, through the inspiration of visions and intercession.Does a soul have to ask for intercession or do you do it on your own? Only through Divine Grace does this take place. God, the Father, knows all his children intimately. The intercession of Mother Mary is directed by God and Him alone.What are your hopes and dreams for mankind? To learn love. To learn to love one another. To see you all experience the Divine Happiness that true Self realization can give.What would be your message today to the world? Only through Divine Love of one another is there the hope of True Enlightenment, True Bliss. Love your Father and love your Father’s children.What would be your message to families? There is a great change occurring now in the family structure all over the world. This is neither good nor necessary. It is important that each family take the time to reevaluate their priorities. God should be first in all families, then each other and then material happiness. Not the other way around. This is the lesson of the material age. Though some will never learn it, most can. It will be necessary to take these priorities to the next age. Love of Love and love of God transcend all trials and tribulations.What is your message to the gardener? Raise Love. ] ] ] 108
    • The Buddha "This is like this, because that is like that." - Buddha "My well-being, my happiness depends very much on you; and your well -being, your happiness, depends upon me. I am responsible for you, and you are responsible for me. Anything I do wrong, you will suffer, and anything you do wrong, I have to suffer. Therefore, in order to take care of you, I have to take care of myself." - Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Master, from Being 9 Peace Gentleness and kindness are traits that all good gardenersshould cultivate in themselves. As the flower grows so does the soul.As the gardener plants the seeds of Life, so does God plant the seeds ofBlissfulness in each and every soul. The true gardener plants the seedsof Love and Joy in all that is around him. He sees the Universe as theGreat Garden of the Divine Gardener. He sees the Garden of the Divineas the greatest opportunity to help other souls to grow and flower justas he has. Love of God in its highest form is the true aspiration of theEarthly Gardener. He is to become one with God in every sense of theword. That is the promise of God to all His children. So the Buddha would say that it is the duty of the EarthlyGardener to become as the Divine Gardener. Love everything andevery one for there is Spirit in all and all are in Spirit. To love God andto love one’s neighbor as thyself is the highest goal of all truth seekingsouls everywhere. But do not forget to see God in all animals, plants,minerals, the air, the planets, the suns and the Universe which is God.Love all things as if they are truly your children. Love is the universal food that feeds all, be they plants or animalsor minerals. Love of all things seen and not seen is the real truth of theEarthly Gardener. Love is the answer to all. Give your love to God andto his Creation. God will return that love with a blissful ecstasy that isunfathomable in most people. Give to God that which you can give.Give Him your Love. That is all that He asks. Loneliness is a vexation to the spirit. In gardening there is noloneliness, only happiness. The smile is the flower of the Spirit. Much 109
    • that is grown is not of the nature to smile today. Much of what is grown today needs the reassurance by the gardener that his beingness is not compromised by negative thought. There is no need to bring the negative forces of hate and anger to the garden. Being the garden is all that is required. If one is to be the garden, then one should consider what, as the garden, one is bringing into the garden. Do you want hate and anger in your life? Is there any reason to bring it in? The gardener who becomes the garden, then leaves himself or herself with the choices of the Divine. Most of what is put in gardens today is not positive for the growth of the plants and animals in the garden. By becoming the garden, by BEING the Garden, one then is in a position to recognize the merits of what one does in and for the garden.It is said that you practiced a middle path with no mention of praying to God, yetthe above says "God". How do I reconcile the two? There is nothing to reconcile. The middle path teaches that there is no beginning and no ending. That all is one in the One. Therefore it is unnecessary to pray to God if one is in God in his being. Does one pray to one’s self? No. Then it is not necessary, in the Buddhist outlook, to pray to God. This does not negate the existence of God. The middle path puts one squarely in the path of being God. One becomes One in God. ] ] ] 110
    • Bhagavan Krishna “He who perceives Me everywhere and beholds Me in everything, never loses sight of Me, nor do I ever lose sight of him.” - Bhagavan Krishna There is a time for all mankind to ascend to the highest peaks ofUnderstanding and Love. Mankind is on that path today. He has reachedthe bottom of the cycle of understanding. Now is his time to fly. The world is neither good nor bad. The world is a place of Mayaand Delusion which has as its purpose the creation of Understandingand Love in all souls who enter the Earth. Let it be known that the Father/Mother within us all is a Loving,Caring and Ever Reliable Creator. All Life is Death. All Death is Life. One cannot have one withoutthe other. The Secret of Life is to understand the difference between Lifeand Death, Good and Bad, Love and Hate. The Secret of Life is that weall live in a temporary state of Delusion. The One who created us alsocreated all around you. The Secret is Love and Understanding. Do notbe misled by the delusionary world of Duality called Earth. All exists inthe One. The One, therefore, is reflected in all things. Look for Him. Heis there. Look for Her. She is there. Look for the Creator. It is there. There is one lesson above all others that you are to learn. It isUnconditional Love. When you learn that, you are Free. Only when youare Free will you find the true Ecstasy of Divine Happiness. The DivineGiver of All Things is, in His natural state, happy. Your natural stateis the same happiness. So I would say to you, be happy. Your Father,Mother, Friend, Beloved God loves you all. The Divine Lover is everthere for you. Why wait any longer to return. Today, commit yourself,your entire being, to returning to your Creator. Why wait any longer? Love and Understanding lead the way. Go now. Meditate andpray. Stay centered in the Divine Consciousness. Let nothing hold youback now. The way has been prepared for you. The greatest of all, Jesus,The Christ, has shown you the way. Follow him. Follow the ChristConsciousness in him. Follow the Christ Consciousness in yourselves.Look not to the man. Look to his Father/Mother. Look to the Father/Mother in your Self. Follow the path of righteousness. Ascend to God.Be there now. Go through the door of the Christ Consciousness. 111
    • ] ] ] 112
    • Jesus Christ "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength; and thy neighbor as thyself." - Jesus Christ The eternal flame of Love and Devotion to the Principles and theLaws of God, our Creator and Being are sent to us for our understandingof His Nature. They are the guidance that we all need to discover theTruth within. Obey His Laws. Devote yourself to Forgiveness andUnconditional Love in His name. To see yourself as apart from yourFather is delusion. You are never apart from God. Only your thinkingstrays away. This I would say unto you: Love your Father as you would noother. Love the God within all things. Love God. Learn to forgiveHim. Learn to forgive yourself. Learn to forgive others. The principleof Unconditional Love carries with it the message that all is possible.This guides you all back to the Father from which you came. All isresurrected regardless of how it may seem destroyed. Nothing is everdestroyed except ignorance. Unconditional Love is the only answer. ] ] ] 113
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    • The Astronomical Gardening Guide©© Copyright 1994 by Gregory H. Willis and Peasant Wisdom Publishing. Used by permission. 117
    • Forward Over the last fifteen years, our large organicgardening Green Gulch Farm has been sown and plantedfollowing the phases of the Moon. We garden a scanthalf-mile from the Pacific Ocean in Northern Californiaand have been very fortunate to observe the tidal pull ofthe Moon on the plants in our garden. So it is with greatdelight and gusto that we welcome this lunar calendarand Astronomical Gardening Guide by Greg Willis to helpus along our path. It is a rare treat to have such carefullygleaned material gathered so beautifully and clearly inone work. This calendar will be of value to the newestgardener as well as the seasoned gardener. I am convincedthat the ancient practice of planting in accord with therhythms of Heaven and Earth, Moon and Sun, Gardenand Gardener can awaken in each of us a deep awarenessand commitment to the Good Earth that supports us andsustains our life. Wendy Johnson Gardener Green Gulch Farm Zen Center 118
    • Preface In the Summer of 1993, as I was looking at mybrand new copy of Moonlight - The Lunar Phase Poster©,it occurred to me that this would make a great “gardeningby the phases of the moon” calendar/poster. So I calledup the publisher, Larry Bohlayer, to ask him if they madeone. “No, we don’t,” said Larry, “We would like to, butwe don’t know anyone who can do it.” (Fatal words!) SoI said, “I can do it.” Larry said, “Great!” “Well,” I figured, “how hard can it be? I know whatI’m doing. Forget Thomas Jefferson.” After all, I have beengardening all of my life. In 1986, I was awarded SecondPlace in Organic Gardening Magazine’s Gardener of theYear Contest, Vegetable Gardens Category. I have beenwriting about gardening for the past six years (wisdom)and have sold my Companion Planting Guide©, all overthe country. So I told Larry, with all the confidence andbliss that only pure ignorance can produce, “This won’ttake too long.” Now, you’ve probably never said that, right? Aah,what euphoria precedes your “project of a lifetime.” Andthen, IT hits you. “Maybe this is going to take a little longerthan I thought.” You mumble this quietly to yourself soyour publisher won’t hear it. Oh well. It is now six monthslater and I have just now finished IT, or at least the firstedition of IT (1995 is looming ever closer). Larry has beenvery patient. I should have listened to Mark Twain. Youprobably recall that he once said something like “I’d writeyou a short letter but I only have time for a long one.” Anyway, we (that is, Larry and I) decided to keepit simple figuring, I guess, that our mailing tube was sosmall that we only had space for a poster and a smallexplanation booklet. What a job it is, cramming mountainsof information, glorious, wonderful, beautiful, useful,important information, the wisdom of the ages, intotwelve pages. We hope that we have succeeded for you.Our goal is to capture as much of this ancient wisdomand philosophy as we can in a format that is simple to useand a pleasure to read. We hope that you find it so andwe thank you for taking the time to read it. Please shareit with your friends. 119
    • Introduction The Astronomical Gardening Guide© is a gardening calendar for everyone who wants to grow plants by the “Wisdom of the Stars.” Farmers and gardeners have continually sought to unlock the secrets of the Universe that Nature has so carefully hidden from view. They know that the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Planets and the Stars exist in harmony “Nutrition as it is and balance with each other. They know that this naturaltoday does not supply balance manifests itself down to the smallest atom. Andthe strength necessary they know that it has produced an Earthly abundancefor manifesting the spirit that has sustained life here for millions, if not billions, ofin physical life. A bridge years.can no longer be builtfrom thinking to will and The practice of planting and harvesting in harmony with Nature and the cyclical movements of the Sun,action. Food plants no the Moon and the Stars developed over the ages. It is alonger contain the forces custom as old as agriculture itself. This ancient wisdompeople need for this." has taught us that the Heavens around us, in some way, influence what we are, what we do, what we think and -Rudolf Steiner what we grow. If one is to read the agriculture lectures of Rudolf Steiner, the great Austrian philosopher, it is easy to see that the importance of eating well grown food can hardly be overstated. He argued that the rampant use of poisons and chemicals in the fields of the world, substances that eventually end up in the food we eat, have severely limited man’s spiritual growth and is one of the primary reasons for the violence and the health problems that we face today. Steiner believed that each and every plant incorporated the Wisdom of the Universe within it and that merely by eating such plants, people and animals benefited from this Spiritual Knowledge. The use of chemical poisons and fertilizers, he believed, interrupted this process and prevented plants from accumulating and passing on this Spiritual Energy. He taught that natural, balanced, harmonious, non-destructive methods encouraged it. As early as 1924, Steiner lamented the loss of these ancient agricultural practices, what he called “Peasant Wisdom,” and the change-over to modern chemical agriculture, which he called the modern “Myth.” He believed and taught that growing food by employing the 120
    • Ancient Wisdom healed the Earth and produced superior food.On a practical level, he was able to show that the health of plantsis a function of Biological Balance and Cosmic Influences. Rudolf Steiner is, of course, not the only personto champion natural, harmonious agricultural methods.Rachel Carson, J.I. Rodale, Alan Chadwick, John Jeavons,Alex Podolinsky, Eliot Coleman, Barbara Damrosch, PeterThompkins, Christopher Bird and Machaelle Small Wright areamong the better known. Today we are harvesting the fruits of 75 years of intensivechemical agriculture. The great benefit from modern agriculturalpractices has most certainly been that many more people nowhave more food than most of us ever thought possible. But atwhat cost to our physical, mental and spiritual health? It isclear that we must rediscover and put into practice the AncientWisdom once again and therein achieve a balance betweenabundance and true health. The question arises, then, what are these CosmicInfluences to which Steiner refers? Where do we find thisAncient Knowledge? How can we regain this Spiritual Energythat was once in all of our food? How can we reclaim the healthand abundance that was once our birthright? How do we usethis Knowledge and benefit from the balanced agriculturalpractices of the past to create a better future for ourselves andour children? We have the same questions. There is a wealth ofwisdom available in many places. The problem we face isthat it is scattered, cumbersome and too esoteric for mostgardeners and farmers to use. That is the reason we createdthis calendar – the Astronomical Gardening Guide©. It is designedas a simple solution to help you to bring the Cosmic Forcesand the Ancient Wisdom into your garden to create, or, moreaccurately, to co-create, plants, food and a life that is healthierand more in balance, for you, your family, Mother Earth andGod’s Universe around us. The recommendations that we make in this Guide arebased on astronomical observations and the various practicesthat have passed down through the ages. Try them and seefor yourself if they work. These recommendations are universal in nature andapply, generally, everywhere. They are for any plant, of anykind, grown anywhere, for any use. Individual gardeners andfarmers may at times find it helpful to tailor these suggestions 121
    • to their own specific needs and that of their gardens and fields. This guidance is not written in stone. We encourage you to observe your results, keep records of your successful and unsuccessful efforts, learn to rely on your observations, experience and intuition and create a “Peasant Wisdom” of your own. The Calendar The calendar which we have selected for the Astronomical Gardening Guide© is the standard Western or Gregorian calendar as it is the most widely used in the world today. The lunar phases are based on the Lunar Poster©. Other calendars, such as the Mayan, could, we believe, be researched as another basis for planting and harvesting and we hope someone out there is up to the task. The Astronomical Gardening Guide© (published by Celestial Products, Inc.) can be used many ways. It is a yearly and monthly calendar, a temperature calendar, a lunar cycle and lunar phase calendar, a planting, transplanting and harvesting calendar, a zodiac and astronomy calendar, a plant disease and pest control calendar, a grafting calendar and a composting and fertilizing calendar. We have presented an entire year on one chart One year equals since this allows you to view the patterns and rhythms of365.242199 days. the lunar phases and the seasons for the entire year at a glance. When you view several calendar years together, you can see the patterns of the solar years as well, a view of Nature’s Grand Hand. This, we believe, is more helpful to gardeners and farmers who view their work in terms of seasons and years than rather than in hours and days. The Solar Calendar The solar or yearly calendar tells us how many days there are in a year, what day it is today and where the Earth and the Sun are located in relation to one another. Generally speaking, there are four important gardening dates in the Solar Year. The Spring Equinox, which is the official first day of Spring, the Summer Solstice, the first day of Summer, the Fall Equinox, the first day of Fall, and the Winter Solstice, the first day of Winter. 122
    • The Equinox occurs twice a year when the Sun crosses theEarth’s equator (referred to as the ecliptic on the Guide chart),making night and day approximately equal in length aroundthe world. The Solstice occurs twice a year when the Sun is atits greatest angular distance from the Equator producing thelongest day of the year in the same hemisphere and the shortestday of the year in the opposite hemisphere. Knowledge ofthese dates gives farmers and gardeners a celestial milestoneby which to time the planting and harvesting of their crops. For example, the Winter Solstice, which is the shortestday of the year (Northern Hemisphere), reminds us that thedays will now begin to grow longer, and Spring is, as they say,just around the corner. It heralds the time to start planning yourgarden and look over those new seed catalogs you received inthe mail and place your orders. The Summer Solstice signals usthat the days will be getting shorter, children will be going backto school soon, the abundance of the garden will be ripeningand it is time to plan and plant the fall and winter crops. The Spring and Fall Equinoxes have, in the Temperatelatitudes, generally been regarded as the beginning and theend of the planting and harvesting seasons. Only a solar calendar is suitable for determining thepassing of the seasons. Temperature The Solstices and the Equinoxes signal the official startof each of the four seasons, and they are so noted on yourcalendar. Although winter officially starts on December 22, thecoldest days of winter are five to six weeks away, around thefirst week of February. Likewise, Spring starts March 20, butyour last frost date may be May 10. September 23 may be thestart of Fall, but your first frost date may be October 30. Thissame temperature lag occurs in all of the seasons. To display this visually in the full color poster version,we have added colors to the Astronomical Gardening Guide©representing the seasonal temperature changes. The colorsrange from blue in January’s Winter to yellow/green in Spring,deep green in Summer, on to orange/red in Autumn and backto the blue of Winter. 123
    • The Lunar Calendar The lunar cycles and lunar phases present the most intriguing feature of this calendar. Planting by the phases and cycles of the Moon is a practice that is tried and true and bears careful consideration.In the past, different The lunar months or cycles do not coincide withcultures have recognized the calendar months. A solar or calendar year is baseddifferent numbers of on the time it takes for the Earth to orbit the Sun one timeseasons. Babylonian- two – 365 1/4 days. The lunar month is measured from Newseasons, Egyptian - three, Moon to New Moon–approximately 29 1/2 days. TwelveGreek and Roman - four, lunar months falls about 11 days short of the solar year.Native American Indians Thus, the 365 day solar year is approximately 12 1/3 lunarfour, and occasionally months.five (“Indian Summer”).To complicate matters One more day (February 29) is added every four years to correct for the extra 1/4 day beyond the 365 wholefurther, some civilizations days of the Earth’s orbit of the Sun. We call this particularused as many as three year a leap year. 1994 is not a leap year, 1996 is a leapd i f f e re n t c a l e n d a r s year. This sounds simple enough but the resolution of thisconcurrently. - one solar problem took over 5000 years of astronomical observations, one lunar and one civil or and calendar tinkering.religious calendar. Thisconfusion lasted until The Moon reflects light on the Earth but it does notthe 19th century when create light of its own. It reflects the light from the Sun.the Gregorian Calendar It also reflects light from the planets in our solar systemfinally reconciled these and the millions of stars in the cosmos. Even at Newdifficulties and gained Moon when no reflected Sunlight is directed toward thewide acceptance by Earth, the light from the stars and planets continues to beWestern nations. reflected by the Moon to the Earth. This reflected light is essential for plant growth. The Moon (and all other solar system objects) have half of their spherical surface lit by the Sun. As the Moon orbits the Earth, we see this half-lit portion from a different angle each day and/or night. These are called lunar phases. The period of time it takes to complete this cycle is called the lunar month. This lunar month is divided into four quarters, each approximately 7 1/3 days in length, beginning as the first quarter with the first minute of the New Moon. On the calendar you will see that each day box has a picture of the phase of the Moon for that day. Be sure to look outside at night to see if it matches. 124
    • The movement of the Moon relative to the Earthdirectly influences planting and harvesting practices.As the Moon moves closer, it draws the water and tidescloser to itself. As it moves further away, its influence orpull of gravity on the water in the oceans, lakes, puddles,ground and air decreases relative to the pull of gravity ofthe Earth. The importance of the Moon in agriculture isbased primarily on the movement of water in the Earthand in plants. Moreover, this pull or influence is somewhatstronger or weaker at different times of the year. Water makes all growth possible. Its presence isessential for seeds to germinate and transplants to live.The stronger the pull of the Moons gravity on the waterin and on the Earth, the more water is available in the soil.The weaker the pull of the Moons gravity on the waterin and on the Earth, the less water, relatively speaking, isin the soil. As a rule, it can be said that the Moons pull isstronger in the second and third quarters, around thetime of the Full Moon, and weaker in the first and fourthquarters, the time of the New Moon. So again, relativelyspeaking, there is a tendency or an inclination for thereto be more water in the upper soil during the second andthird quarters and less water in the upper soil in the firstand fourth quarters. As we will see, this knowledge is very useful inguiding us to select the best time to plant, transplant andharvest during the lunar month. Planting and Transplanting Grow warm weather crops in warm weather andcool weather crops in cool weather. Every gardeningbook ever published tells you how to do this so we willnot dwell on it. In the Astronomical Gardening Guide©, the New Moonis defined as any time during the first and last quartersand the Full Moon is defined as an time during the secondand third quarter. There is some difference of opinionregarding exactly how to define the period of the NewMoon and the Full Moon. For example, Rudolf Steinerapparently believed that both the New Moon and the FullMoon periods occur 2 to 4 days before the actual New or 125
    • Full Moon and continue for approximately 12 to 14 daysafterward. Plant growth is, for the most part, cosmicallyinfluenced by the Moon, specifically the phases of theMoon. Some growth is influenced by the Planets, Stars andDominions. The traditions for planting and transplantingby the Moon are very simple. The New Moon period occurs during the first andlast quarters of the lunar month. Plant and transplanttubers, bulbs, corms and rhizomes during this time. Thewill benefit from the somewhat dryer conditions of theNew Moon and are less subject to root rot. Also, start seedsof fleshy and tuberous rooted plants such as asparagus,beets, chard, carrots, celeriac, chives, garlic, kohlrabi, leeks,onions, parsley, parsnip, potatoes, radish, salsify, shallot,sweet potatoes, turnips, rhubarb and rutabagas. This isthe best planting and transplanting time for developmentof the type of roots that these plants have. The Full Moon period occurs during the second andthird quarters of the lunar month. Seeds started duringthe Full Moon benefit from moist soil conditions. Duringthis time, plant and transplant fibrous rooted plants,especially those where growth development in their upperportions is desirable. For vegetables, this would includebeans, broccoli, cabbage, celery, corn, cucumber, eggplant,greens, lettuce, melons, mustard, okra, peas, peppers,pumpkin, spinach, squash, strawberries, tomatoes andwatermelons. In general, fruit and nut trees and berry bushes canbest be planted during the latter part of the Full Moon ifthey are bare rooted and it is late winter. If balled andbagged, and planted during the warmer weather, they arebetter off planted at the beginning of the Full Moon. Thisallows for the variances in soil moisture. Plant during thetimes recommended best for fruit development. If you are considering planting biennials andperennials, first consider the root structure then pickthe appropriate day for the development you seek. Werecommend that if your perennials and biennials are fibrousrooted plants, that they be planted during the third quarter,generally, and that fleshy and tuberous rooted plants canbest be planted during the first and fourth quarters. A special note about planting is in order. If your 126
    • soil is wet and soggy and not well drained, if your soilis too cool for seeds to germinate, if it is too dry for anyseed to burst through its casing, it does not matter whenyou plant, your plants will not grow. A little gardeningknowledge and a lot of common sense should alwaysprevail. Daily Recommendations In the upper right hand corner of the GardeningGuide©, you will see a symbol representing a differentsection of a plant. The parts represented by these symbolsare the root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit and seed. Stem refersto a leaf stem or plant stem, not the trunk or a branch of atree which, would be influenced by a root day. A seventhsymbol, the international music sign for "rest", indicatedthat this is a time of rest for you and your garden. Each symbol indicates which part of the plant willlikely have enhanced growth when planted on that day.For example, if you want to grow red, ripe tomatoes planton a fruit day. If you want strong linen, plant flax on astem day, plenty of linseed oil, plant flax on a seed day.Good carrots, a root day. Beautiful flowers, a flower dayand so on. The enhanced growth does not take place atthe expense of normal growth in the other parts of theplant. For the creative gardener, there are other ways touse this information. Lets say you want to plant perennialrye grass on a hill. You anticipate drought conditions andyou need to develop a strong root system to hold the soilin place. Plant the rye grass on a "root" day for enhancedroot growth. For cultivation practices, we make no specificrecommendations. For those of you who like to organizeyour time, we suggest that you work the ground whenthe appropriate recommendation is in force but do notnecessarily expect positive or negative results. Harvesting The traditional wisdom for harvesting of plantsfollows, more or less, the same advice as for planting. 127
    • On the one hand, any part of a plant can be harvestedand used immediately at any time. On the other hand,the keeping qualities of food harvested for storage, evenfor a day, would be influenced by the day on which thatpart of the plant was gathered. So, harvest your root cropson “root” days, fruit crops and seeds on fruit/seed daysand so on. There is one exception. We recommend thatleaf crops be harvested during stem days. We believe thiskeeps the leaves stiffer and less susceptible to wilting. Harvest crops you intend to save by drying, suchas seeds or tomatoes, etc., during the New Moon. Thebest time to harvest crops you intend to preserve by othermethods is during the Full Moon quarters. Zodiac And Astronomy Calendar There are two Zodiac systems used in the fullsized poster calendar for identifying the locations of theMoon and the Sun in relation to the Earth. One is theAstrologer’s Tropical Zodiac, which divides the sky intoequal segments. The other is the Astronomer’s SiderealZodiac, which divides the sky into unequal segments. Many farmers and gardeners use this informationto guide them. If you look at each day box, you will seeZodiac location references for the Sun on the right, underthe Sun symbol. The Zodiac location references for theMoon are under the Moon symbol on the left side of theday box. The Astronomer’s Sidereal Zodiac (unequal)location for the Sun and Moon are given by the threeletter abbreviation for the actual constellation while theAstrologer’s Tropical Zodiac (equal) location is shownusing the conventional zodiacal glyphs. They tell youwhere the Sun and the Moon are located in the sky. Weprovide this for information purposes only since thelocation of the planets has already been used to determinethe gardening recommendations. It is well to take notes of the time of your plantingand observe how your crop performs. Practical experience,observation and reflection are the best ways to regain theAncient Wisdom. Plant Disease And Pest Control 128
    • Use the planting recommendations in the GardeningGuide©, root, stem, leaf, etc., as the days to treat diseases ofthose parts of the plants effected. That is the day for thestrongest growth and resistance of disease for that partof the plant. For animal pest control and insect pest control,many of you may wish to try Rudolf Steiners methodof burning and spreading, homeopathically, the ashesof the dead animal or insect at a time when the Sun is inTaurus. As an alternative to poisoning or digging weeds,there is the accepted method of burning weed seeds andscattering them homeopathically over the area in whichyou do not want the weed to grow. It has proven veryeffective. It will show results next year and after three orfour years of applications, your chosen area, Steiner said,should be free of those weeds for good. The seeds can begathered at any time of year but should be burnt not toolong after collecting. Grafting And Rooting Cuttings The best time to graft scions and buds and startroot cuttings is just after the New Moon, during the firstand second quarters. It is at this time when the FormativeForces are beginning to reach their peak in the plantkingdom. The Formative Forces stimulate the graft toattach to the rootstock and stimulate roots to develop oncuttings. It is also helpful that the transition to the FullMoon brings more water into the upper portion of theplant. The best time of year to graft scions is late Winterand early Spring. The best time to graft buds is from latespring to late summer. Root cuttings when the temperatureof the rooting medium can be maintained at 70 degrees F.or higher. Composting And Fertilizing Composting is a way of speeding and controllingthe natural decomposition processes of plant and mineral 129
    • material that you use in your garden. Compostablematerials can be collected at any time during the year.Make and complete your pile during the waning daysof the New Moon, 10 to 14 days before the Full Moon(the end of the first quarter and beginning of the secondquarter). In this way you can rely on the lunar forces todraw up sufficient moisture into the pile to maintain thecomposting process. Making the completed compostpile during the waning days of the Full Moon will drawmoisture down and away from the pile. Generally, the best time to apply compost andfertilizer on your garden and fields is at the end of thethird quarter and beginning of the fourth quarter. At thistime, taken together, the water and the Formative Forcesin the soil are at their peak. Final Notes Farmers and gardeners of old realized that byfollowing Nature’s ways, abundant and plentiful foodcould always be grown for everyone to enjoy. They learnedthis by observation, intuition and experience. They learnedthat carefully nurtured, lovingly tended plants were, andare, capable of providing us and our animal brethren withan ambrosia that is at once a treat for the palette and adivine sustenance for the soul. People throughout the Earth believe that thereis a Greater Hand somehow helping everything on ourworld to grow. Many, many people believe that Devasand Nature Spirits are an integral part of this HelpingHand. Do they exist? Can they help you? The first step to learning what makes plants “tick”is to be aware of the awesome Universal Power behind allCreation and to see how it is used. This booklet is just abeginning, a primer. There is so much more to be learned.Our sincerest hope is that we have given you enoughuseful information to make a good start. We wish all whoread this well and may you be blessed with the “WisdomOf The Stars.” Footnotes 130
    • 1. (pp. 19 & 23) Rudolf Steiners method was originally called "biodynamic" farming. The word takes its name from two root words: BIOS meaning LIFE and DYNAMIS meaning ENERGY or FORCE. Biodynamic agriculture, which is both a concept and a practice, combines the study and the application of those forces and energies that promote life and growth. This practice owes its origin to the spiritual insights and perceptions of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher, scientist and metaphysician who lived and lectured at the turn of the century. In the early 1920s, European farmers noticed a decline in soil fertility, seed viability and animal health. In response to numerous requests, Dr. Steiner presented a course on agriculture in 1924. In this course he identified the weaknesses of the materialistic approach to agricultural science. Without devaluing the importance of the chemical constituents of substance, Dr. Steiner emphasized the greater significance of the forces that shape or form those constituents within living nature. He identified many of these forces and described specific practices and preparations that enabled the farmer or gardener to work in concert with them. Central to the farming method introduced by Dr. Steiner are specific herbal preparations that guide the decomposition processes in manures and compost. Such preparations are said to enhance the life forces within the compost that enliven the soil. Soil that has been enriched with biodynamic compost can, in turn, better sustain the lives of plants, animals and humans. While bidynamics is attractive as a philosophy, it has attracted few farmers to it in the United States owing to the fact that it is too expensive, too cumbersome, too difficult to understand, too esoteric and too unscientific. Agri-Synthesis® has removed all these problems and now, modern, ultra high technology Rudolf Steiner remedies are available through through Agri- Synthesis®, 4079 C.R. 408, McKinney, TX 75071.2. (p. 23) Maria Thun (pronounced Toon), a follower of Rudolf Steiner, while living in Germany, performed experiments for ten years on the stellar influences on plants. Her arcane book on the subject, Work on the Land and the Constellations is not reading for the faint-hearted. One must have a thorough knowledge of astronomy and agriculture to read it and understand it. She, along with a biodynamic group in Pennsylvania, have published yearly planting and harvesting calendars. Trials were carried out in Germany for 13 years in an attempt to duplicate the effects and predictions of Thuns calendar. They failed to duplicate anything other than some lunar cycle influences. Thuns calendar is a failure as is The Kimberton Hills Agricultural Calendar (published by Kimberton Hills Publications).3. (p. 23) Taking the lead from the classical astrologers of ancient Greece, as well as Steiner, 131
    • biodynamic philosophy ascribes the influences of the various constellations on the selected parts or organs of the plant as below. These influences are purportedly most intense when the Moon is located within these constellations of the sky. This is by the unequal or Astronomical method of stellar location, not the equal or Astrological method. Taurus, Virgo and Capricornus - Earth - Root Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio - Water - Leaf Gemini, Libra and Aquarius - Light - Flower Aries, Libra and Sagittarius - Warmth - Fruit/Seed4. (p. 24) Equisetum tea, also known as Preparation 508, has truly unique properties. It is easily made as a decoction from the shoots of Equisetum arvense, or horsetail. The plant is widespread and common. It prefers dry locations to moist ones. Horsetail has pale brown, unbranched fertile stems which disappear as the plant grows taller and are replaced by barren ones. These are used for the tea, and can be differentiated from the stems of "marsh" or "shady" horsetail by the places in which they grow. This ancient plant contains the highest percentage of silica within it of all plants. This silica is the secret, if you will, of its success as a preventative of rust and other fungal diseases. It is not a fungicide but more accurately described as a fungifuge since it counteracts the influences tending to favor fungal growth. The application of the silica rich tea to the ground brings more light to the soil which, in turn, retards the growth of moisture loving mildew, rust, monilia, scab and soil-born pathogenic fungi. This tea also helps with the formative forces in the plant. It soothes the formative forces and helps them to combine with the regenerative forces. This is the reason it works so well against mold and fungi. Soothing means that the tea makes the two forces compatible with their environment and the plant. In a sense, it isolates the forces so that they are unaffected by their surroundings. This, in turn, brings the formative forces into alignment with the regenerative forces. By achieving this balance, the fungi cannot reproduce. Therefore they will not come. This is a very powerful influence and will work even in dilute, homeopathic amounts sprayed over large areas. To prepare the tea, gather the fronds of the plant, dry them, bring to a boil about four ounces in one gallon of rain water. Immediately turn down the heat and let simmer with the lid on for 20 to 30 minutes then let stand for 24 hours. Strain and add sufficient fresh water to make a gallon. Stir for 10 to 15 minutes to potentize the liquid. This method, described by Steiner, involves 132
    • the rapid stirring of the solution clockwise for about 60 seconds or until one achieves a deep vortex in the water. Then one abruptly reverses the direction of the stirring counter-clockwise to create foam, then a new vortex. This process, which according to Steiner is essential for the effectiveness of the mix, agitates the molecules in the water improving the potency of the liquid considerably. Store in a cool dark location for up to two weeks. Apply in hot humid or changeable weather when conditions are conducive to fungal development. Begin applications early in the season. Spray undiluted in the first application as a fine mist, on the ground and under and on top of the leaves of the plants you wish to treat. A treatment routine of every 10 to 14 days is recommended. Subsequent applications can be diluted to 2 gallons, then up to 10 gallons as the season progresses. Caution: Spray this solution ONLY on cloudy days or in the morning before the sun becomes too hot. If you spray this mix when the sun is hot, it may cause burning and severe damage to your plants. The beauty of Equisetum tea is that it is virtually cost and chemical free. Try it. It works.5. (p. 24) Stinging nettle tea (from Urtica dioica) was developed by another follower of Steiner, Dr. Ehrenfreid E. Pfeiffer. This tea brings the regenerative forces up into the plant so that the astral forces can help create the seed. This plant typically grows in moist areas. To prepare, soak about 2 to 3 pounds of the fresh bruised leaves in 5 gallons of rainwater for about a week. This solution becomes real stinky so put it somewhere that the smell will not offend your senses. Strain the liquid before use and spray as a foliar feed on your plants late in the day or early morning when the dew is still on the leaves. You may wish to add liquid seaweed to the spray solution. As an alternative foliar spray to control aphids, soak the leaves for 1 to 2 days, strain and dilute 4:1. Spray on the aphids. Hint: wrap the nettle in a cheese cloth bag before placing in the water. Then remove the nettle bag from the water and squeeze. Nettle becomes somewhat gelatinous in water and if not strained out, will clog the tip of your sprayer. Caution: Stinging nettle deserves its name. It really STINGS. Wear long sleeves and gloves when you gather it. If the formic acid in the leaf hairs irritates your skin, rub jewelweed on the exposed area. The stinging will go away.6. (p. 29) From The Divine Romance by Paramahansa Yogananda. Published by Self- Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles, CA, 1986, p.180. Paramahansa Yogananda thought so highly of Luther Burbank, whom he described as "An American Saint", that he dedicated his life story, the Autobiography of a Yogi, to his memory. 133
    • The two were close friends and frequent visitors.7. (p. 43) Plant breeders have tried for decades to grow a black rose. To my knowledge, all attempts at a truly black flower have been unsuccessful.8. (p. 57) Comfrey tea is used in the transplantation of seedlings and older plants as well. Its purpose is to ameliorate the astral energies with the etheric energies and bring the formative forces down into the Earth so that the plant can become anchored in the soil or physical reality. It works to bring these forces into the plant. Comfrey is rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins A and C. It is especially useful with tomato plants. Potassium, one of comfreys primary constituents, promotes the general vigor of the plant and it increases the resistance of the plant to certain diseases. It also helps in sturdy root formation and, in general, has a balancing influence on other plant nutrients. Soak the root ball of the plant with the tea just before transplanting, then pour some more tea in the hole during transplanting. Do not over-soak which can cause root rot and other problems.9. (p. 140) From Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh. Published by the Parallax Press, Berkeley, CA, 1987, p. 35. ] ] ] 134
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    • A Final Note From The Author The conversations related in this book are talks that I imagined that I would have withthose named. Their responses were based, in part, on an extensive reading of their biographies,their autobiographies, the books they wrote, other sources relating to their lives and worksand years of deep meditation. Every effort was made to accurately represent what would have been the spirit of theirthinking, if not the exact words, that they would have conveyed in these conversations. It isnot my intention to offend anyone. I do not speak for them. My only desire is that the readerwill consider the truth and the wisdom of the ages that these talks impart and find somethinguseful from them for their own lives. I call this work inspirational writing. Our minds have unlimited possibilities, thegenesis of which is the Infinite within. In the Divine Nature of the Cosmos, of which we areall part, all Knowledge is our Knowledge. All Wisdom is our Wisdom. Meditate. Learn whatyou can. Find out for yourself. Let your intuition guide you. Choose your relationships very carefully. Learn about the great ones who live with ustoday and who have walked among us in the past. They are all here now if you believe themnear. Think about them, at least for a little bit, every day. Use your imagination. What a giftwe give ourselves when we walk hand-in-hand with a saint. Our lives are enriched forever. This is the best way I know to create a better world. How do we change the world?We change ourselves. Thank you, my new friend, for reading this book. 141
    • About The Author Greg Willis was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in the Presbyterian and Quakertraditions of a family from the Midwest. He received an undergraduate degree in Economicsfrom the University of Maryland in 1970 and a Masters in Health Care Administration fromGeorge Washington University in 1974. After a short career as a hospital administrator, hestarted his own construction company. When a back accident prevented him from continuingin the business, he began writing about his hobby, gardening. After graduating from college, a deep interest in metaphysics and spiritual matters ledhim to investigate various religions and religious philosophies eventually guiding him to SelfRealization Fellowship. This organization, which was started in 1920 by the great Indian Masterand yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda, provided training in Kriya Yoga meditation techniqueswhich Greg, now a Kriyaban (or Kriya yogi), has practiced for the past 18 years. He is a graduate of the Course in Intuitive Development offered by S.A.M., the Societyfor the Advancement of Mankind. In 1986, Greg was awarded Second Place in Rodales Organic Gardening Magazine Gardenerof the Year Contest. That same year he wrote and Published The Companion Planting Guide ForVegetable Gardens, the most complete and comprehensive guide to companion planting everpublished in an easy-to-use chart. He continued to write articles for publication in variousnewspapers and in 1993, wrote The 1994 Astronomical Gardening Guide, published by CelestialProducts, Inc. For this effort, he was presented with a Merit Award in the World CalendarContest in 1994. Since 1980, he has worked to remove the weaknesses of biodynamic agriculture, ultimatelythrowing out the name completely as it became apparent that biodynamics was a failed system.In doing so, he created Wholistic™ Agriculture, a much more accurate and advanced system ofagriculture that more fully reflects and represents the work of Rudolf Steiner. He has creatednew remedies that will now cure every crop of every disease anywhere in the world. Greg works as an agriculture consultant and writes and teaches about growing plantsorganically and spiritually through his business and system called GW Agriculture™. He livesin the Dallas area of Texas. He is the proud father of two sons. 142
    • 143
    • “So I would say, be still and listen. Listen to what this book has to sayand be still and listen what your heart and your intuition have to offer. Readthis book in deep silence, in deep meditative contemplation. Absorb the wisdomof the ages just like a plant absorbs water through its roots Take it in verycarefully and let the wisdom go to every cell of your body. Let it blossom andbear fruit. Let this wisdom and love flow through you to create a new you, awhole new species. Let this wisdom in this book absorb your mind and your love.That is how I would introduce this book.” - Dr. George Washington Carver, The Lost Secrets Of The Garden Imagine gathering the wisdom of gardening from such luminaries as LutherBurbank, Dr. George Washington Carver, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Saint Teresa Of Avila,Saint Fiacre (The Patron Saint of Gardeners), Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose, SaintFrancis of Assisi. Mother Mary, Buddha, Bhagavan Krishna and Jesus Christ. The Lost Secrets Of The Garden is a book full of conversations with soulswho have passed through this life but still live with us now. They inspire, teach andheal humanity in many, many ways. Some of them are forgotten or unknown andyet they still have much to offer. These interviews with the special souls who help and inspire us to advance ashuman beings and spiritual souls are intended to shed light on many areas of ourspiritual universe that are unknown to but a few people. They are intended todelight, amuse, stimulate, inform and impart wisdom and knowledge about thegardening of plants and the gardening of the soul as no book has ever done before,or since. These interviews with the planets, moons, great historical figures, saints andavatars are intended to teach people that the world is not just an accumulation ofphysical parts. This is a deeply spiritual planet and Universe devoted to thenurturing of all souls to teach them Unconditional Love so that they can return toThat Which Created Them In The Beginning. Everyone can benefit from reading this book since it is deeply and spirituallyinspirational. This book will change the lives of millions of people all over theglobe, regardless of their religion or their philosophical beliefs. This is truly a Gift of God for all humanity. Discover the hidden secrets in thegarden within you, and learn the lessons of Unconditional Love your Creator hasprovided for you on the most beautiful planet in the Universe. 144