Case Study: How a Peach Festival Brilliantly Promoted Its Event Through Mobile Engagement


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Case Study: The Winona Peach Festival engaged with their attendees and exhibitors by hosting a novel "Commercial Extravaganza" photo contest using their newly launched mobile applications for iOS, Android and the mobile web developed by MyEventApps. See how they did it!

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Case Study: How a Peach Festival Brilliantly Promoted Its Event Through Mobile Engagement

  1. 1. CASE STUDY:How a Peach Festival Brilliantly Promoted Its Event Through Mobile Engagement Featuring: Brought to you by the Mobile Experts at & Let’s get mobile
  2. 2. Who We Are: FaveQuest, A Canadian Software Company,Is Revolutionizing The Mobile World With MyEventApps,A Mobile App Solution Anyone Can Afford And Use Simple Online Dashboard Native Apps Web Apps iOS BlackBerry Android Mobile Web Site Web Widget (HTML5) Deliver end users the best possible Reach any mobile user & integrate experience & presence in app stores with existing websites
  3. 3. A Few Of Our Recent Customers… Just for Soccer Winterlude Canal Canada Council BikerQuest Laughs Canada Skateway For the Arts BlackSheep The Bronson FEO Shenkman Zaphod TEDxBurlington CentreRide for Dad Cracking Up Rogers Bayfest Elmdale House WestBen Hope Beach Tavern VolleyballCollingwood York Street Centrepointe Canmore Cisco Fergus-ScottishElvis Festival Spa Theater Festival Bluesfest FestivalAnd many more …
  4. 4. About the Winona Peach Festival• The Winona Peach Festival attracts approximately 100,000 people to the City of Hamilton each year.• It promotes community spirit, provides fundraising opportunities for area organizations, and stimulates the local economy through its Arts & Crafts, Amusements and Commercial Exhibits areas.• The Festival is an event that brings people together, providing something for all ages from entertainment to a variety of food and beverages.
  5. 5. Winona Peach Festival Goes Mobile• In July 2012, the Festival launched its FIRST EVER mobile apps available for iPhone/iPod/iPad, for Android, and for the mobile web. 5
  6. 6. Winona Peach Festival Goes Mobile• The App was the guide to all activities, where users could:– View key dates and the full listings of all events– See the live music music lineup with bios, videos, photos and sharing tools– Obtain directions thanks to a GPS- enabled map– View the site map for key location information such as parking– Take beautifully framed photos and share them to Facebook, Twitter or by email– Access the Festival’s Facebook page and Twitter stream 6
  7. 7. Introducing the PeachCam• To add a touch of “Peach”, the Festival branded its SouvenirCam feature as the “PeachCam”.• It’s a fun photo tool which adds a souvenir frame around pictures and allows users to share the photo with friends on Facebook, Twitter and by email. 7
  8. 8. From PeachCam to Photo Contest• The Festival came up with a brilliant use for the PeachCam: turn it into a photo contest. This was an excellent promotion for several reasons:1. It promotes the mobile app. Not only are participants required to download the app, but they actually have to use it.2. It promotes the event. Due to the social nature of the feature, users who took photos and shared them with their friends on Facebook or Twitter were also increasing awareness of the event at the same time.3. It engages with attendees. While advertising is effective to promote, an interactive contest representing the spirit of the Festival builds deeper and longer-lasting relationships with its attendees.4. It promotes and encourages engagement with exhibitors. The prizes were sponsored by the 29 participating vendors and winners were obliged to walk around vendors’ booths to collect their goodies. 8
  9. 9. It Was EASY for Users to Participate…• Interested participants simply had to follow 4 steps: (1) Launch the (2) Click “Share” (3) Select (4) Click “Send”PeachCam and take “Extravaganza” a photo of their which launched best festival smile email with photo 9
  10. 10. …And It Was EASY for The Event Organizer to Run • The Festival easily configured the contest in the online dashboard: Enable Contest Destination Email Button Text Email Subject Email Body Date Range 10
  11. 11. It Was Also Easy to Customize a Page in the“More” Section Describing the Contest 11
  12. 12. The Festival Leveraged Facebook and Twitter to Promote,Thank Participants, and Announce The Winners 12
  13. 13. Peachy Success 29 exhibitors collectively donated prizes worth over $1500 Dance lessons, bed sheets, spray tattoos, gift baskets,… 13
  14. 14. Peachy Success• The daily average number of app downloads doubled after the contest was announced. Series 1 App Downloads 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 Week Before Week After 1 Contest 2 Contest Announcement Announcement 14
  15. 15. Peachy Success“ The SouvenirCam was so much fun to use. We even used it to run two contests and got many great photos from fans and photos posted to Facebook and Twitter ”“ I believe that this is the type of app that can bring every event into the tech world, for young and old alike. It was a “ great addition to our social media advertising and I would encourage every festival, large from Debbie” use it!” Quote or small, to Debbie Bramer, Advertising Chair Winona Peach Festival 15
  16. 16. Thank You!If you have any questions about this document – please contact us at
  17. 17. MyEventApps Highlights• Everyone can do it: just fill in forms and it’s live within days• Everyone can afford it: as low as $900/year• Make money from sponsors: Dynamic banner and other features for sponsor placement• Universal: Native iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and Blackberry support + HTML5 Mobile Website + drop in web widget• Customizable: customize your graphics, icons and content thanks to an easy-to-use online dashboard• Integrated calendar: add events to phone’s calendar• Integrated social media: post events to Facebook, Twitter, watch YouTube videos, post photos• Integrated ticketing: link to any online box office and integrated click-to-call• Souvenir Cam: integrated camera with custom frames and sharing to Facebook and Twitter – great for contests “Because every event• Google map: includes GPS and directions deserves an app”
  18. 18. Pricing 18