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Green2Light Company Profile

  1. 1. 1Corporate Profile
  2. 2. Who we are• Green2Light is an innovative and dynamic Energy Consulting Company with a GREEN heart • Our mission is to help our customers to find environmentally friendly solutions to reduce energy costs and waste in a green way • Our philosophy is based on sustainability, which represents the only opportunity to balance economic growth with social, individual and environmental benefits • Our ethic focuses on the respect for the Environment. We are committed to promote environmentally friendly life-styles which are based on the responsible use of energy and therefore can assure a better future for everybody Everyone can do something good for the environment. We show you how. 2
  3. 3. Our Value Expertise Experience in Financing innovative Technologies Knowledge Dedicated consultancy Maximum value in less time Control Modular Full solutions for systems Projects planning digital management Security Efficiency and effective Know-how energy savings Professional network Quality Assistance The highest quality Project management standards in products and supervision and materials 3
  4. 4. What we do• Green2Light is specialized in the research, selection, project, design and facility of eco- friendly solutions and digital management systems that guarantee huge energy savings to our clients • Energy check-up ECONOMIC • Consultancy ECO-SOLUZIONI BUSINESS • Feasibility study QUALITY BENEFICI CLIENTI • Tailored projects • High quality products/materials selection SECURITY • Installation/supervision • Technical assistance/ maintenance AESTETHIC • Remote-control solutions • Project financing IMAGE 4
  5. 5. Our Eco-solutions• Green2Light operates in the field of energy consultancy, marketing and installing LED lighting and eco-friendly energy sources. Specifically: LED LIGHTING PHOTOVOLTAIC • Eco-friendly light source • Eco-friendly and economic solution that • Cuts energy waste up to 90%, allowing can be funded with incentives, dedicated huge energy savings and wiping out initiatives and bank financing maintenance and refuse disposal costs • The sun is an unlimited energy source, • Reduces CO2 emission unaffected by Earth’s dwindling resources • Minimizes light pollution and spiralling cost increases • Free from toxic materials • Huge energy-savings • Assures high flexibility • Free from toxic emissions (dimming/colours) • Extreme reliability (useful life more than • Improves image 25 yrs.) • Excels in security, duration and quality • Reduced maintenance costs • Guarantees immediate feasibility and • Modular rapid R.O.I. • Flexible 5
  6. 6. Our services (1/3)• Green2Light offers personalized turnkey solutions to its customers, developed according to their specific needs, which assure high energy-savings respecting the Environment• We follow a step-by-step approach, supporting our clients from the project concept, during its development and certification, up to technical support and maintenance 1. ENERGY CHECK UP AND CONSULTANCY • Green2Light consultants evaluate customers’ energy costs, in order to to find eco-friendly solutions , which can reduce energy costs, assuring high quality levels and industrial sites security. 2. FEASIBILIY STUDY • In-depth technical research on structures, industrial sites and related costs, determine the most suitable energy-saving solutions. 3. TAILORED PROJECTS • Green2Light plans all operations in order to maximize energy-savings, scheduling project phases, methods and timing. 6
  7. 7. Our services (2/3) 4. HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS/MATERIALS • Thanks to Green2Light’s cooperation with most reliable electric/electronic manufacturers such as Philips, we select cutting edge, superior quality products chosen according to our customers needs.5. INSTALLATION/SUPERVISION • Green2Light cooperates with a well- established network of expert engineers, technicians, fitters and developers that can provide reliable and accurate services everywhere.6. ASSISTANCE AND MAINTENANCE • Green2Light qualified staff supports customers during and after project deployment, providing technical assistance and maintenance. 7
  8. 8. Our services (3/3)7. REMOTE-CONTROL SOLUTIONS • Green2Light provides remote-control solutions to control functional, economic and specific performances of LED systems. Thanks to agreements with experts partners specialized in Building Automation Technology, we can provide personalized solutions to manage the system, monitor it, program maintenance and optimize it.8. PROJECT FINANCING • Green2Light’s eco-friendly solutions assure high energy-savings and rapid return-on-investment. For those customers who need it, we offer financial consultancy to look for external project financing to support the project or industrial sites conversion. 8
  9. 9. Our eco-solutions: LED Lighting TOWNS & CITIES STREETS PUBLIC SERVICES DECORATIONS SPORTING AREA• Internal/external • Streets, avenues, • Internal/external • Internal/external • Stadia, arena• Buildings, places, parking • Schools, colleges, • Buildings, • Sports grounds skyscrapers, areas universities monuments, (tennis, football, facades • Bridges, galleries, • Churches, places museums, basket, volleyball,• Building sites tunnels of worship churches, places of handball, golf…)• Stations, airports, • Ports, wharves • Museums worship, theatres • Swimming pools ports • Pedestrian areas, • Theatres • Statues, cultural • Fitness centers• Parking areas cycling areas • Libraries places • Sports halls• Urban furniture • Street furniture, • Public offices • Touristic • SPA signals (street- • Hospitals, clinics attractions lamps, detectors…) • Gardens and COMMERCIAL fountains AREA TOURISTIC AREAS BUSINESS AREAS INDUSTRIAL AREAS RESIDENTIAL AREAS• Internal/external• Shops • Internal/external• Fitting rooms, • Resorts, hotels shop windows, • Internal/external • Restaurants, clubs, shelves, frozen • Internal/external • Offices, workshops • Internal/external bars, pubs, … sections… • Warehouses • Public areas • Shared areas • Entertainment• Warehouses/ • Storage areas (receptions, (halls, stairs, halls storage areas • Logistic hubs waiting and corridors, lifts…) • Touristic• Boards, signs • Parking areas meeting rooms…) • Box/parking areas attractions
  10. 10. Our Digital Management solutions• Green2Light advanced digital management solutions allow to get full control of the lighting systems, to run them efficiently and in full security: G2L LED LIGHTING DIGITAL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Effective energy savings (LENI), key Dynamic system management indicators monitoring and Pay-Back (environmental conditions) period estimation Real-time check up of: system status, Users interaction functional performances, components and devices Optimized control Full-control of the system (power, functionalities, components… ) Integration with other management Maintenance scheduling systems (audio, video, dati, …) 10
  11. 11. Our eco-solutions: Photovoltaic TOURISTIC INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL BUSINESS AREAS AREAS AREAS AREAS • Commercial • Small, medium • Warehouses areas• Resorts and large • Storage areas • Exhibition halls• Hotels companies • Parking areas • Parking areas• Farm houses • Storage areas • Logistic hubs• SPA • Parking areas RESIDENTIAL PUBLIC URBAN AREAS ISOLATED STRUCTURES AREAS AREAS • Mountains• Sport halls • Buildings • Private buildings • Costal, seaside,• Schools, colleges, • Stations, airports, • Apartment islands universities ports houses • Countryside• Hospitals, clinics • Parking areas • Skyscrapers • Deserts 11
  12. 12. Quality & Innovation• Green2Light follows the highest standards in products, materials, technology and partners selection in order to provide the most innovative and advanced solutions for street-lighting SUPERIOR QUALITY INNOVATING CUTTING-EDGE PRODUCTS & MATERIALS TECHNOLOGIES PARTNERS Green2Light selects only Green2Light is specialized in Green2Light cooperates with a products and materials: advanced digital control network of state-of-the-art business, • With superior quality management systems that: commercial, technical partners and • Always on the cutting edge • Integrate systems with developers: • Results of continuous R&D Building Automation • With specific experience and • That guarantee the technologies knowledge highest performances • Improve functional • On the cutting edge and • Developed using high performances specialized in new technologies precision devices • Allow to plan and schedule • Who invest in R&D to prototype, • With components and maintenance engineer, manufacture materials checked in details • Allow to monitor and revolutionary products and • With attractive design optimize energy savings, solutions of superior quality system performances, key • Able to provide accurate and indicators personalized services 12
  13. 13. LEDs break-even point• Green2Light added-value relies on a transparent approach and the feasibility of our solutions based on fact and figures, which can assure high energy savings 13
  14. 14. Contacts 14
  15. 15. Energy is life. Do not waste it. Green2Light thanks you