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78th issue new dawn 1

  1. 1. Abdulsatar: A man with a Mariam Ahmed vision for empowerment talks about her of Muslims-P5 UNFPA award-P7 Special Feature Marhaba MagazineVol. 07 Issue N0: 5 January 1 - January 15, 2012. (Safar 7, 1433 A.H) www.thenewdawn.info Forum asks Govt to rethink s security strategy Residents of Garissa and neighbouring districts say foreigners are carrying out terror attacks in North Eastern with help from local accomplices Photo: Iddi MusyemiReligious and community leaders confer during the KMYA forum on security challenges in Garissa.By Hassan Ole Naado Muslims candidates perform poorly in 2011 KCPEM istrust between security agencies and the civilian By Fauzia Wangare population in the frontline regions bordering Somalia may jeopardise Kenya’s military operation against the al-Shabaab militant group and even frustrate ongoing For the second year running, Muslim students have once againhomeland security efforts. performed poorly as others had their results cancelled due to A grassroots crisis meeting organised over the Christmas weekend irregularities.by the Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance (KMYA) in collaboration with At the Coast, students at Ganjoni Intergrated Mixed Primarythe Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) to discuss School saw their results withheld by the Ministry of Education. Inthe sudden rise of grenade and machinegun attacks in Garissa Town Mombasa County the highest scorer managed 437 marks while therevealed that many residents of North Eastern Province are unwilling least had 428; Lamu County the highest had 406 and least scoredto assist the government arrest perpetrators of these attacks and even 371; Garissa 416 and the least 399; Mandera 414 and the least 378;prevent some of the attacks because security agents simply ignore their Wajir had 406 and the least 395.input or end up victimising the very people who volunteer information. County-wise among the top 20, Wajir was at position 13 while Mandera stood at position 20 as Garissa came in at number 22.Continued on Pg 2
  2. 2. 2 / National News The New Dawn January 1 - January 15, 2012. Rethink security strategy, forum tells GovtContinued from Pg 1 situation in Garissa is very dynamic and, therefore, requires thinking “outside the box.” For example, a fact-finding mission organised “The government is relying on the same oldby KMYA was told that the brutality visited upon informers to gather intelligence. But today we aregood Samaritans who rushed to assist security dealing with sophisticated criminals and that is whyofficers injured when an explosive device blew up we need the input of local people or officers whothe vehicle they were riding in around the Daadab understand the local society better in order to dealrefugee camp has discouraged local people from with crime in Garissa,” Mr Mohamed said.assisting the government in security matters. In this regard, there is a feeling in Garissa, “We fear victimisation and that is why we and the entire North Eastern region, that thewould rather say nothing and run away when our government should rethink its security strategyhelp is needed. Youth leaders recently reported in this region by establishing mutually beneficialthat they came across people planting devices near structures through which local people can play athe refugee camp and when they reported to the more active and beneficial role in policing activities.police, they were instead beaten and locked up for They said that lack of arrests and arraignmentinterrogation as suspects,” a local youth leader said. in court of suspected perpetrators of the Garissa Since Kenya deployed the military in Somalia attacks showed lack of concern by the governmentto pursue al-Shabaab militants that have lately posed hence encouraging more attacks.a serious threat to the country’s national security, a “We expected swift action in arresting andseries of deadly grenade and improvised explosive arraigning in court people who carried out attacksdevises (IEDs) attacks have been carried out against in Garissa the way the police have done in similarcertain establishments and residences where close to situations in Nairobi and Mombasa. But given thatten people, including children and women, have been nobody has been arrested for the Garissa attacks,wounded and killed. we believe the government does not care or is not This turn of events has raised concern among serious,” said Sheikh Salat.grassroots leaders in Garissa, with many of them They also said that the long history ofwondering what has become of Garissa—a town Kenya Defence Forces personnel on patrol. exclusion has created lack of interest by the localthat was two years ago voted the safest town in East community to cooperate with government inand Central Africa. security matters. The icy relationship between locals Sheikh Salat, however, denounced the attacks and insisting on archaic methods of policing. “Why have we suddenly made this about-turn and the government machinery had made it difficult and those who facilitate them saying; “Islam itself A youth representative said that the recenton peace and security when we were just voted the for a bigger population to volunteer information on means peace and every local resident of Garissa attacks in Garissa seem to have been carried outmost peaceful and safest town in the entire East criminal activities to the authorities not because they who claims to be a Muslim must first and foremost with a lot of sophistication, thus pointing to theand Central Africa region? Why have we suddenly fear to give such information, but because they lack embrace peace.” fact that those who carried them out are people withlost our humanity and where did the rain start confidence in the government machinery. He said that Muslims cannot practice their advanced military training.beating us?” posed Sheikh Abdullahi Sirat, a senior The youth said they were not involved in religion and worship effectively in the absence of “The people who did these things appear to beSUPKEM official who hails from Garissa. security arrangements in the region yet they are peace, and that is why it is incumbent upon all well-trained beyond the capacity of local police. This The recent attacks have targeted people the ones who bear the brunt of police operations Muslims to preach peace in their communities. is why the local police should seek new methods ofperceived to be “outsiders”, a situation KMYA and whenever there is an attack. “The five pillars of Islam cannot thrive where tracking down these criminals by being proactive andSUPKEM fear could create religious and ethnic According to them, the kind of attacks being there is no peace and security, and that is why not waiting for attacks to occur and then swing intoanimosity between Muslims and Christians in this carried out in Garissa, including the explosions Allah has made it incumbent upon all Muslims to action when it is already too late and start harassingregion and spill-over to other parts of the country. targeted at security personnel in the refugee camps embrace peace and commanded Muslims to protect innocent people,” said Aden Barre, a youth leader. Security agencies and other analysts see these in Daadab and Ifo, are undertaken with the the weak and innocent in society including securing Barre added that since the conduct of Kenyaattacks as “revenge” carried out by al-Shabaab sophistication that is beyond the comprehension of the safety of people of other religions,” Sheikh Salat security agents is very predictable, foreign elementssympathisers in Kenya who view Kenya’s military “traditional” security committees. Hence, there is a said. come to Garissa to carry out attacks and sneak outcampaign in Somalia as a Christian crusade against need to incorporate young people in these security The meeting that brought together youth, knowing very well that the police will later swingMuslims and Somalis. committees so that they can bring on board new women, religious and community leaders provided into action to harass local innocent people. This, he “It is wrong and unacceptable for anyone skills of tracking down such sophisticated criminals. a platform where participants spoke candidly about said, has encouraged the attackers to perpetuate theirof us to interpret the ongoing Kenya military Because of the apathy they have towards the recent wave of attacks in Garissa and its environs. criminal activities with impunity.operation in Somalia as a war against the entire government machinery, the youth also admitted that Majority of participants conceded that as much Another youth leader, Musa Mohamed, blamedSomali community and use it as an excuse to attack some young people are being recruited into terror as the local people bear the greatest responsibility security agents for ignoring the input of localinnocent people elsewhere. Have we suddenly groups where they feel they are more useful. for the attacks because they have allowed criminal people, saying that as long as the police continueforgotten that Kenya’s defence minister is one of us? But despite the challenges, participants resolved elements to operate from their midst, the security relying on their “traditional” intelligence gatheringSo how can anyone say that the operation in Somalia to use their grassroots networks and influence to agencies are also to blame for not being proactive systems, they will not get anywhere because theis a campaign against Muslims or Somalis?” Sheikh restore and protect peace in Garissa, pointing outSirat added. that there is no excuse whatsoever for someone or a Sheikh Mohamed Salat, a local Imam, said the group of people to create instability in Garissa.attacks in Garissa have a direct link to the incursion “We must restore and protect the pride ofinto Somalia by the Kenya’s Defence Forces (KDF) Garissa as the safest and most peaceful town, andthree months ago. He said that militant youths from Somalia The explosions targeted at security personnel in the that is why all of us must work together,” said Sheikh Sirat.have since been crossing into Kenya to carry outretaliatory attacks against certain targets and that refugee camps in Daadab and Ifo, are undertaken He conceded that the attacks targeted at certain people perceived to be “outsiders” were placing thea few locals from several parts of North Eastern with the sophistication that is beyond the town on a dangerous trajectory and called uponProvince, who are sympathetic to the Al-Shabaabcourse, are involved in facilitating the attacks. comprehension of traditional security committees... the government to support the peace efforts being initiated by local leaders. Issues of Concern1. KMYA has noted that if wave of people other communities get to feel given that the country is headed into a like declaring Garissa a securityattacks against perceived “outsiders” that their brethren are being targeted in crucial election year. operation and probably imposein Garissa is not addressed, it could Garissa, they may also launch revenge 3. The attacks targeted at perceived martial law in the region like it dideasily escalate into a full-blown inter- attacks against members of the Somali “outsiders” in Garissa are also likely to during the Shifta war. Given thereligious conflict. community living and doing business complicate Kenya’s military operation economic developments that Garissa2. People of the Somali community in other parts of the country. Such a in Somalia, especially given the has recorded in peace time, nobodyin Garissa should realise that there situation is likely to plunge the country fact that Garissa itself is a strategic would like martial law to be declaredare very many members of their into another undesirable inter-ethnic military outpost as far as the war in in this region again because this willcommunity spread across other parts conflict that Kenya is not ready to find Somalia is concerned. If not addressed kill the entrepreneurial spirit of theof the country where they are doing itself in especially after the experience diplomatically, it could prompt the people of Garissa and scare awayvery successful business. Hence, if of the 2008 post-election violence and government to employ drastic measures investors, leading to economic decline.
  3. 3. The New DawnJanuary 1 - January 15, 2012. National News / 3 COUNTY BRIEFS New Kadhi named for Western ProvinceBy A. Okinda and Muslims in the region have been traveling all economic development. promoting understanding and co-existence amongMbarak Abucheri the way to Kisumu to be served by Nyanza Kadhi Sheikh Atero noted that forms of disunity the Muslims community and area residents. Sheikh Mohammed Rashid as the conventional displayed by some Muslims were uncalled for as However, Sheikh Atero castigated MuslimKAKAMEGA: Muslim community in Western courts in the region could not handle matters they had no Islamic basis. He further pointed out scholars who spend too much time on irrelevant,province has good reason to celebrate following under the jurisdiction of the Kadhis courts. that the apparent disunity was impacting negatively trivial and divisive issues leading to the neglectthe official appointment and subsequent Kadhis courts deal with domestic cases on development issues for Muslims in the region. of more pressing issues facing the Muslimposting of new kadhi by Chief Kadhi Sheikh including marriages, divorce, inheritance and child Addressing worshipers at Kakamega Jamia community.Ahmad Muhdhar. neglect. Mosque in his maiden speech end of December He singled out poverty, unemployment Sheikh Kassim Atero is already stationed At the same time, the newly appointed Kadhi 2011, Sheikh Atero promised that during among Muslims youth, drugs, declining Muslimsat Bungoma law courts. The region has for Kassim Atero called on Muslims in the region to his tenure as Western Kadhi his office will be education standards and moral decadence as somemore than a year been without a judicial officer embrace peace, unity and Islamic brotherhood an embodiment of unity and will work on of the challenges being experienced in the Muslimleading to backlog of cases. in order to forge ahead in political and social consolidating unity and peace geared towards community. Bondeni change agentsfight gender based violenceBy Abdul Fatahou LayeNAKURU: On the surface, many marriagesappear to be in a harmonious environment withlove, care and affection attached to it, yet whenyou go deeper things are not what they seem tobe. That is exactly what the change agentsfrom Bondeni have been doing this December.The change makers have been educating thosefrom Bondeni and other places where they areimplementing UNDP Amkeni Wakenya’s projecton human rights under the bill of rights. In the Muslim community, women who arenot well versed with Islamic and secular teachingsare some of the people that are suffering silentlyand this is because they are protecting theirmarriages due to the high rate of living thatis being witnessed not only here in Kenya butglobally. Muslims of Kakamega Prison appeal for MosqueBy Iddi MusyemiKAKAMEGA: Muslims in Kakamega GKPrison are in dire need of Islamic facilities thatwill accommodate right to practice their faithinside the incarceration precincts. The Muslim population includes bothprisoners and civil servants who work in theprison including children. The Provincial Maalim Abdallah Omarsaid that there is need for Muslim community tohelp in completing a Mosque inside the prisonin which all Muslims in the precincts will benefitfrom. The prison holds and average of 100Muslim prisoners including women who aresentenced for various crimes in Kakamega. The construction of brick walled Mosqueis already going on but more materials are stillneeded to complete the construction. Maalim Omar says that due to limitedgovernment’s budget they are only provided withland and the rest is up to them to seek theircommunity’s help in building the facilities. When completed, the Mosque will cater forprisoners, warders and their children as a place forprayers and learning. Omar says they will need Qurans, books,prayer mats and any other materials that can bedonated to help in the education of facility users. At the meantime Omar, who is in charge ofMuslim prisoners and prison warders’ welfare inthe Western province, is appealing to Muslims tohelp in completion of Kakamega GK prison andover see in its running.
  4. 4. The New Dawn4 / Advertiser’s Feature January 1 - January 15, 2012. Human rights awareness forums held in Nakuru and IsioloPeace street demonstrations in Isiolo during the International Human Rights Day. A similar one was held in Nakuru.T he International Human Rights Wamwere told the participants that things law limited workers of the same tribe to only They youth were taught how and who to day in Nakuru and Isiolo was were not settled yet even with the passing 33% in each government institution. approach in the community and that they have commemorated with different of the constitution. He cautioned the youth Bomet also added the era of police a place in the running of their affairs in theactivities that brought together youth, a about thinking that all was well and that even shooting innocent people and getting community.former politician, and officers from Provincial though human rights were secured by the transferred was long gone. The Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance RiftAdministration and National Cohesion and constitution, it would need their vigilance Youth learning circles Valley Regional Coordinator Fadhili MsuriIntegration Commission. to ensure that the implementation process In Isiolo over forty youth benefited promised a spirit of partnership with the Provincial Peace Forum Coordinator involves them. from training aimed at addressing human community and encouraged networkingPeter Waweru flagged off a procession in Koigi took issue with the small number rights issues, leadership and governance and among all participants.Nakuru where participants of Human Rights of youth who attended the meeting but constitution implementation to enhance Programme Director of KMYADefenders gathered at Kenya Railway open said he was encouraged by the presence of proper participation in the matters of the Abdulhamid Sakar said that the programmespace and walked to Nakuru Players’ Theatre. government officials to celebrate the day community. carried out by UNDP AMKENI WA Waweru said that the government did with the community. Previously, Koigi said, Those who attended the meeting said that KENYA aimed at highlighting importance ofappreciate the meeting held in Nakuru. He government officials would be sucked for insecurity was a threat to their human rights human rights.asked the youth to avoid that bad culture of attending such forums. in the area. They cited banditry and killings as He said that there was need for peopleviolence which marks every general elections Reverend Lawrence Bomet from causes of insecurity. to know about their constitution so as not toyear. The internally displaced persons would the National Cohesion and Integration The training which was held at the Rural break the law. The aim of this programme wasbe settled by government according to their Commission said that tribal balancing in Agricultural Training Centre ensured that to provide civic education.rights as enshrined in the constitution, he said. government had been taken care of by the law. participants were introduced to the concept The International Human Rights Day is Former MP for Subukia Koigi wa The NCIC commissioner said that the of learning circles. celebrated every year on December 10th. This message is sponsored by the Amkeni WaKenya and UNDP in partnership with the Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance. The views expressed herein emerged purely from activities of the project itself and do not in any way represent the position of the Amkeni WaKenya or UNDP. Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance, P.O Box 27592-00100, Nairobi-Kenya. Tel:254-(0)20-3861530/1 Email:info@kenyamuslims.org Website:www.kenyamuslims.org
  5. 5. The New Dawn January 1 - January 15, 2012. Feature / 5Abdulsatar: A man with a vision for empowerment of MuslimsBy Iddi Musyemi community.” run? handouts. “They should stop the culture of Abdulsatar believes that the whole “Such an organization can assist in such a Omba! Omba! They should wake up and engage community has to participate in the process throughout the year without necessarily in income generating activities or businesses no development of any project aimed at helping waiting for long periods.” matter how minor they may be,” he says.A them so that they can own and identify with Abdulsatar refers to examples from other “Muslim youth look down upon and shy bdulsatar is not a stranger to regular it. Coming together for a noble purpose also Muslim countries where such funds have been away from engaging in shoe-shining businesses, listeners and contributors of nurtures the bond and unites Muslims. used to establish Muslim media like TV and selling groceries, maize roasting, and newspaper Nairobi based Muslim radio station Although his ideas have received lukewarm radio stations that can enhance the Muslim vending yet such activities can make them earn 95.1 Iqra fm. acceptance he has not given up. He blames agenda. a living. They instead prefer to stay mitaani He is the regular caller to the station’s talk the failures of Muslim community on various Even though modest (residential estates) chewing their youthfulshows whose every sentence is constructed with situations which he believes need to be worked with his achievements, energies away through miraa,” heneed for Muslim development. His Indian out. he reveals that a says exasperated.accented Swahili has given him a unique profile. “Muslims are good at talking but poor in network of family, The retired businessmanThrough his voice he has drawn pictures of translating their ideas into meaningful action.” friends and well- has four grown-up childrendevelopment that we all need to work towards if What also infuriates Abdulsatar is the wishers has helped and resides in Pangani,Muslims are to succeed in this life. enormous amount of money spent every in construction of Nairobi. In fact, one Muslims are yet to establish basic Islamic weekend on miraa (khat). The millions of Kayole’s Matopeni of his sons is with theinstitutions such as universities, hospitals, and shillings wasted on the illicit stimulant would Madina Mosque Maahad group. He is alsoschools to cater for the community. This is have been of much use if they were channelled among other a grandfather to severaldespite the fact that Muslim entrepreneurs and towards Mosques and Madrassa schools. initiatives to grandchildren.businessmen hold enormous economic power Corruption has also dealt a serious blow up lift the lives Muslims have beenwith interests in petroleum and transport, and eaten into the goodwill of Muslims willing of recipient endowed by Allah withbanking and finance, and real estate industries. to donate their cash but not sure whether the community. great wealth in general, Muslims have preferred personal funds will be handled in a transparent manner. Meanwhile, he says. But satan doesdevelopment at the expense of community, “We need leadership and trustworthy Abdulsatar does not want to see Muslimsif the facts are to go by. One man has added people who can manage such funds,” he says. not mince words develop from this wealth.and sustained his voice to what less influential To prove that he is not chasing an about begging “We need to follow theMuslims have silently been yearning. Where unachievable dream, Abdulsatar crunches youth and is teaching in Islam and forgemany have shied away from speaking loudly this numbers of how Muslims can develop. furious at them unity.”man has continuously spoken with hope that “A Mosque with a capacity of 30,000 for their love ofpeople will listen and act. worshippers can collect Sh300,000 if each When The New Dawn met the 75 year old Muslim donates as little as Sh10 every Friday,”Abdulsatar Kassim, his message was the same. he says.He is aware of the vast ground to be covered If the over 150 Mosques scattered in andand the sooner we begin the better. around Nairobi were to do the same, Muslims “Pepo haipatikani bure” says the visionary could collect up to thirty million shillingsAbdulsatar. “This is what has kept me going.” every Friday. Abdulsatar believes Muslims would develop Zakat also creates an avenueit they shift expectations to the hereafter for pooling funds together for theand work for paradise than for just profits. betterment of Muslims. TheAccording to him, working for the grace of synergies that can be broughtAllah is more profitable and is also sadakatul forth from Zakat are yet tojaria (reward from God even after an individual’s be fully exploited. Abdulsatardeath). compares this third pillar of Islam Abdulsatar has repeatedly called for creative with rainfall: If the water is notand progressive initiatives by Muslims for the harnessed in dams, it wastes awayMuslims not only in urban areas but everywhere on the land.Muslims live. For the last ten years he has called “This will give rise to Baitulfor establishment of schools and hospitals Mal where resources can bewhich are basic institutions that affect greatly brought under one roof, managedMuslim communities everywhere. and disbursed in an appropriate “I have been urging Muslims to donate manner to those who needone shilling every Friday towards initiating self- help without discrimination,”help projects like building mosques, Madrassa Abdulsatar says.schools, and drilling boreholes among the “Modalities and conditions for disbursement can be established through a revolving fund where recipients can get loans to engage in business and repay to as to assist others.” Abdulsatar says Umma Muslims are good Foundation under Zul Nimji has been exemplary in steering the at talking but poor community into realization of in translating their development which is close to his vision and dream. ideas into meaningful “Why wait for Ramadhan to give handouts that do not help the Mr Abdulsatar Kassim. action... needy will not work in the long
  6. 6. The New Dawn6 / Editorial January 1 - January 15, 2012. Commentary Prophets of doom should The New Dawn is published twice a month. Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance, stop predicting poll chaos Ngong Road, Nairobi. P.O Box 27592-00100, Nairobi-Kenya. By Mohamed Kahiye That is the state in which foreign Violence. Tel:254-(0)20-3861530/20-3861531/ 0732 550 440 diplomats in our country continue to So, reminding Kenyans from time Email: editor@thenewdawn.info preach openly the probability of another to time that there will be recurrence of N Website:www.thenewdawn.info ew Year and new resolutions is post poll chaos in the country without any similar painful moments after 2012 the message across the country. action on the government side. elections is not promoting peace but like Safar 7, 1433 A.H 2011 was certainly a year Extensive reforms in the Judiciary, telling the people to be ready for another of mixed reactions - bad, good and ugly; devolved county government, reduction period of violence. Muslims should but the new constitution should unite and of presidential powers, establishment As we approach the 2012 make us forget our old bad memories for of Truth Justice and Reconciliation electioneering period, all we need as change attitude the betterment of our country. Commission to look into the historical Kenyans is peace and prosperity to prevail As a patriotic citizen who cares about injustices and the establishment of in our country. Foreign diplomats and a credible electoral body the Interim visitors should stop wishing us a bad luck towards education the future of this beautiful and peaceful country there is one thing that has Independent and Boundaries Commission by recalling our weaknesses but instead captured my attention that needs expert (IIEBC), are the among the efforts of the help us in the way forward. analysis or careful discussion whatever you Coalition Government to wipe out the Let us all hope and work for a happyThe 2011 KCPE performance was said to be the best in three may call it. bad memories of 2007/08 Post Election and prosperous new year 2012.years, with more than 5000 candidates scoring above the 400mark out of the maximum 500. But “best performance” could Letters of the weeknot be said of Muslims because many candidates from Muslim-dominated regions in Coast Province posted some of the worstresults. A picture of crestfallen hijab-clad candidates of GanjoniIntegrated Mixed Primary School published in the December 31issue of one of the local dailies told it all—KCPE results of these Will strikes become a way of life in 2012?candidates were withheld by the Kenya National ExaminationsCouncil on allegations that there were irregularities during thetaking of the exams. Although Coast Provincial Director ofEducation Tom Majani pledged to set up special committees toprobe the cause of poor examination results in the region, thereare no prizes for guessing what these committees will establish. But Prime Minister Raila Odinga was spot-on when hecommented on the overall KCPE performance. As much as hecongratulated the class of 2011 for a job well-done, he lamentedover the poor performance in Coast Province, saying that thisdismal performance was a manifestation of the marginalizationthat coastal people have been subjected to over the years. He,however, expressed optimism that the coming into force of thedevolved system of government would assist uplift educationstandards in such marginalized areas. He cited poor staffing and inadequate investment ineducation facilities as some of the factors contributing to pooreducation standards in marginalized areas, but pointed out thatthe establishment of the Equalization Fund to uplift marginalizedcommunities would help address inequalities in society. However, as much as marginalization is to blame for poor Previous nation wide strikes by teachers and doctors.examination performance in certain regions of the country, First, it was the teachers strike then came the All have one reason to seek better but this should be done in an orderly andMuslims should also reflect upon themselves and find solutions doctor’s strike, Postal Corporation workers’ working conditions and standards but their organised way bearing in mind that we areto the problems that plague their education systems. First and strike and now a matatu and Kenya National all Kenyans united by blood and divided by intention is salary increament. However,foremost, many Muslims in Kenya have a poor attitude towards Union of Teachers strike is once again greed. So lets take care for each other because one wonders how important is a salarythe conventional education system. looming. increament than the life of a Kenyan for we are in ‘house’ called Kenya and we must It is a pity that some extremist ideology that considers Therefore it is not wrong to say that doctors, education of a Kenyan child and live together.conventional education un-Islamic has been allowed to permeatesome Muslim communities, especially at the Coast, thus causing October, November and December 2011 as so on? Barre Madey,Muslim children to shun formal education. Parents who also the official month of strikes in Kenya. It is not wrong to seek salary increament Nairobi.subscribe to such ideology end up not taking the education oftheir children seriously. KCPE results prove NEP Shiekh Mahmoud In this regard, when the probe committees that Mr Majaniplans to establish finally embark on their work, Muslims should has the potential to do wonders was a great Imambe prepared to be honest with themselves and address the The recent release of the KCPE results meant schools in the country with a mean score of I congratulate the New Dawn for itsinfluence of extremist ideology that discourages children from many things to many people especially to 370.48. special feature on the late Sheikhpursuing formal education. Muslims must not forget that even the residents of north eastern Kenya which This is indeed an indication that despite Mahmud Suleiman, his life and work.before the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was commanded performed quite well. being among the marginalized regions in I was also surprised to learn that manyto offer prayers or fast, he was commanded to read and seek Wajir County which seemed to be Kenya, NEP has the potential to be a leader inknowledge. And among his last words before he died, the Holy of the prominent Sheikhs and Imams favoured by the good performance was rated education development.Prophet told Muslims to seek knowledge everywhere it is found were lucky to be students of the Sheikh 13th out 47 counties with Islamic Callin all corners of the globe—even if it is found in China. He Mahmoud. Lets all aspire to be like him. Foundation primary school emerging the Adow Gabow,also said that knowledge is the best inheritance that a parent can Habiba Musa, Kericho. 9th among the 10th best performed public Wajir.bequeath his children. In this regard, there should no excuse whatsoever for Muslims DISCLAIMER: Views and opinions expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of The Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance.to shun education. Muslim leaders, imams and parents should The Editor welcomes brief letters on topical issues.rethink their attitude towards education and start playing a Tel:+254-(0)20-386153/1 or 0732 550 440key role in investing in the education of their children. Islamic Email: editor@thenewdawn.infoinstitutions and Muslims at large should also start investing Or SMS: 0710 30 08 48seriously in formal education the way they invest in madrassas. The Editor reserves the right to edit all letters for length and clarity.
  7. 7. Marhaba Women|P9 About Khadijah bint Khuwaylid- The Mother of BelieversMarhabaSunday January 1 - January 15, 2012. (Safar 7, 1433 A.H) Kid’s Corner|P10Mariam Ahmedtalks about herUNFPA awardBy Farida Mwangi treated with dignity and respect.” Although she would rather avoid the fanfare of winning such a prestigious award, Iqra Radio features reporter says that herM recognition is borne out of something she any people will not hesitate started working on since childhood. to bask in the glory of “Ever since I was in school I loved their achievement when journalism,” Mariam says while exuding the they get recognition from confidence of a battlefield commander. “It’s their peers for exceptional not something I picked up while in college,”performance in a given field. she adds. But Mariam Ahmed falls in the category ofthe few who would shy away from or choose to Continued on Pg 8avoid the limelight that comes with being fetedfor exceptional achievement. To comment on this story go to: “Whenever possible, I would always avoid www.thenewdawn.infothe limelight,” Mariam told The New Dawnduring an interview for this column. She has a passion for communitydevelopment and has used her profession asa journalist to find ways of connecting withwomen and children in order to articulate issuesconcerning their education. And for her efforts,she won the 2011 United Nations PopulationFund and Kenya Media Network on Populationand Development Award. The UNFPA website states: “The UnitedNations Population Fund is an international Mariam Ahmeddevelopment agency that promotes the right displays theof every woman, man and child to enjoy a trophies she won.life of health and equal opportunity. UNFPAsupports countries in using population datafor policies and programmes to reduce povertyand to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted,every birth is safe, every young person is freeof HIV/AIDS, and every girl and woman is Pix: Mohamed Kahiye
  8. 8. 8 The New Dawn Marhaba|Cover Story January 1 - January 15, 2012. Radio journalist talks about her UNFPA awardContinued from Pg 7 Mariam believes that gender andpopulation issues are as important to theMuslim community as studying Quran andIslam are. While people have committed theirtime to studying and understanding Quran,very few have looked at gender issues andgrowth of population and how it affects thecommunity. She thinks that a lot of time isspent on either religious discussions orpolitical activities when it comes to masscommunication at the expense of whatgreatly affects women, children and the entirecommunity. “When you talk about family planningmost of the time people confuse you withadvocating for abortion,” she says. That two are not the same and she has setout to work on a way of educating Muslimcommunity on the difference and making themaware that while abortion is strictly limited inIslam, family planning is widely supported. “Quran has given women at least two Pix: Mohamed Kahiyeyears to breast feed their children,” she says. Mariam Ahmed with part of the Iqra FM crew gather to celebrate the award.“Getting pregnant in this period affects boththe mother and breastfeeding child.” Family planning also involves reducing WHAT IS the Kenya Media Network on Population and Developmentchild mortality and ensuring that childrenare brought up in a conducive environment (KEMEP) AWARD? Kwhich allows them love of their parents, good enya Media Network on features and research data on aspects Children’s Fund, United Nationsnutrition, and stable home. Population and Development of population and development from Population Fund, the National In her weekly show Mseto aired on Iqra (KEMEP) is a network of professional around the country and the world at Coordinating Agency for Populationshe relates social challenges in light of Islam journalists and media managers large. and Development, the Truth Justiceand sciences in order to educate her audience whose interest and speciality lies The award winners are awarded and reconciliation Commission andand avail them with necessary information in covering and producing news a state-of-the-art laptop computer, Federation of Women Lawyers.needed for making certain decisions. and features on issues related to modem, trophy, mobile phone and a It is noted that population growth The two feature stories that won her the population, reproductive health, certificate. had a direct impact on the nation’saward touched base in increase in population youth, gender and development. The 5th KEMEP award 2011 economy, quality of life, educationand factors that lead to child mortality rates It aims at strengthening the edition ceremony to award the best and employment and that populationand how to overcome them. coverage of issues concerning journalists of the year who had gone figures meant nothing unless they 95.1 Iqra FM is a community radio population and development and ahead to do gender and social stories were properly translated by theestablished in 2000 to broadcast mainly to the to increase access to timely news, was co-sponsored by United Nations media.Muslim community. It broadcasts in Swahili,English, Somali and Urdu to cater for the OTHER MUSLIM JOURNALISTS WHO HAVE WON THE AWARDneeds of specific audience in educating and Abjata Khalif: Nasra Hussein: Hussein and Abjata both come frominforming on Islam. It has also Arabic and Khalif won the award in 2010 Nasra also won the award in 2010 Northern Kenya and their storiesKikuyu programmes which are held weekly. and she is the coordinator of and she is from The Star FM. were a clear indication that the Mariam has gained influence on her the Garissa Content Centre Nasra won the best radio journalist practice is an issue ofaudience and her programme is among the won the best print journalist on FGM. concern in the area.most followed on the radio station. in the FGM category for the “I feel good when a follower of my show headline story ‘Horrors of the Decker Hassan:calls in with a message of thanks that keeps me Wedding night’. Decker won the 2011going’’ she admits. Best Presenter Award She holds a diploma in journalism and The story which was in the Vernacularmedia studies from Universal College and published in the Reject Category aired overa Photo journalism certificate from Kenya newspaper highlighted Kenya BroadcastingPolytechnic University Collage in Nairobi. the plight of young men Corporation (KBC) Her fans should be ready for a more in northern Kenya Somali Station.informative and educative programme because who endureshe is not about to take a rest. psychological Mariam Ahmed: She is currently researching on her vast trauma from the Mariam Ahmed of Iqrafield of complicated issues in order to find a effects of FGM on FM.simple solution to be communicated to her their brides which inaudience and encourage them to change. turn affects their She says that her recognition has boosted marriages.her efforts and wouldn’t disappoint her fans. Mariam Ahmed.
  9. 9. 9The New DawnJanuary 1 - January 15, 2012. Marhaba|WomenAbout Khadijah bint KhuwaylidBy Fauzia Wangare ibn Asad, since her father had died. to thy kinsfolk, kind to thy neighbours, charitable Khadijah marriage lasted 25 years together and However, it was Abu Talib, Muhammad’s to the poor, hospitable to the stranger, faithful to she had given birth to five of his children. The uncle, who delivered the marriage sermon saying, thy word, and ever a defender of the truth?” Prophet (SAW) placed her in the rank of fourK “All praise is due to Allah Who has made us Khadijah (may Allah be pleased with her) perfect women, with the sister of Moses, the hadijah bint Khuwaylid or the progeny of Ibrahim and Who made us the was a constant source of help and comfort mother of Jesus, and Fatima. Khadijah al-Kubra (Khadija custodians of His House and the servants of to Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the The year of her death is known as the Year the Great) was the first wife its sacred precincts, making for us a House difficulties which he had to face. She bore of Sorrow, because of the devastation that it of the Prophet Muhammad sought for pilgrimage and a shrine of security, patiently in the face of persecution to which her caused him and it was also the same year in which (S.A.W). She was the daughter of and He also gave us authority over the people. revered husband and his small band of believers his uncle and guardian Abu Talib died. She wasKhuwaylid ibn Asad and Fatimah bint Za’idah This nephew of mine Muhammad cannot be were exposed at the hands of the polytheists and either 64 or 68years old (having been born inand belonged to the clan of Banu Hashim. She compared with any other man: if you compare aristocrats of the Quraish, sacrificing her vast 555 A.D).is important in Islam as Muhammad’s first wife, his wealth with that of others, you will not find wealth to promote Islam, seeking God’s rewards, Khadijah had been the first to publicly acceptand one of the “mothers of the believers”. him a man of wealth, for wealth is a vanishing helping to free slaves who had embraced Islam, Muhammad (S.A.W) as the Messenger of Allah, Khadijah’s father, Khuwaylid ibn Asad, shadow and a fickle thing. Muhammad is a man and helping to feed and shelter the community of and she had never stopped doing all she could towho died around 585 A.D, was a merchant, a whose lineage you all know, and he has sought Muslims that slowly but surely began to grow in help him.successful businessman whose vast wealth and Khadijah bint Khuwaylid for marriage, offering numbers and strength. Love and mercy had grown between them,business talents were inherited by Khadijah, her such-and-such of the dower of my own She remained at his side and supported him increasing in quality and depth as the yearswho successfully managed her father’s business wealth. throughout his mission to spread Islam. passed by, and not even death could take thisinterests and preserved the family’s fortune. When her husband (Prophet Muhammad At the time of her death in 619 or 623 A.D, love away. The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) Khadijah earned three titles: Ameerat- (S.A.W)) received his first revelation from the never stopped loving Khadijah, and althoughQuraish (Princess of Quraish) and al-Tahira (the Archangel Gabriel (Jibral), she was the first he married several more wives in later years andPure One), and Khadija Al-Kubra (Khadija the person (besides Muhammad) to convert to Islam. loved them all, it is clear that Khadijah always hadGreat) and was said to have had an impeccable According to some sources, it was Khadijah’s a special place in his heart.character. She used to feed and clothe the poor, parental cousin, Waraqah ibn Nawfal, who Indeed whenever Aisha, his third wife,assist her relatives financially, and provide for informed Muhammad of his prophethood soon heard the Prophet speak of Khadijah, or sawthe marriage of those of her kin who could after his vision of the angel. Khadijah was a constant him sending food to Khadijah’s old friends andnot otherwise have had the means to marry.Khadijah was said to have neither believed in nor Khadijah did not hesitate to embrace Islam at all, trusting to her husband’s teachings. source of help and comfort relatives, she could not help feeling jealous of her, because of the love that the Prophet still had forworshipped idols, which was atypical for pre- After the first encounter with Gabriel, to Muhammad (peace her. Once Aisha asked him if Khadijah had beenIslam Arabian culture. Mohammad came trembling and agitated to She was known for business dealings that Khadija. She saw everything with the eye of faith. be upon him) in the the only woman worthy of his love. The Prophetcaused many highly respected Arabian men toseek her hand in marriage. However, by 585 A.D, “Joyful tidings dost thou bring,” exclaimed she, by Him, in Whose hand is the soul of Khadija, I difficulties which he had to (S.A.W) replied: “She believed in me when no one else did; she accepted Islam when peopleKhadijah still remained unmarried. will henceforth regard thee as the Prophet of our face. She bore patiently in rejected me; and she helped and comforted me nation. Rejoice,” added she, “Allah will not suffer when there was no one else to lend me a helping Khadijah did not travel with her tradecaravans; she relied on others to trade on her thee to fall to shame. Hast thou not been loving the face of persecution... hand.”behalf, whomshe compensated with commissions.In 595 A.D, Khadijah needed an agent for atransaction in Syria. Several agents whom she trusted (notably What’s cooking?including Abu Talib ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib) andsome relatives of hers recommended her distantcousin Muhammad ibn Abdullah, who hadearned the honorifics Al-Sadiq (the truthful) andAl-Amin (the trustworthy). The profit that Muhammad returnedto Khadijah was the double of what she hadanticipated. Muhammad fascinated Maysarah morethan anything else related to the trip because ofmany strange events which took place during thatjourney. The trip’s measure of success encouragedKhadijah to employ Muhammad again on awinter trip toYemen. Khadijah’s age has been narrated as anywherefrom 25 to 40 years and was deemed to be olderthan Muhammad. With the passage of time, her admiration forMuhammad developed into a deeper affection. Khadijah was by then convinced that she hadfinally found a man who was worthy of her, somuch so that she initiated the marriage proposalherself. Khadijah sought the advice of a friendnamed Nufaysa bint Umayyah. The latter offeredto approach him on her behalf and, if possible,arrange a marriage between them. Khadijah andMuhammad agreed that he should speak to hisuncles and she would speak to her uncle, `Amr
  10. 10. 10 Marhaba|Kids Corner The New Dawn January 1 - January 15, 2012. What 20 minutes of Poem Tahajjud can do for In The Name Of Allah a Muslim We seek Allah’s protection From Shaitan’s evil mind; And begin with the name of Allah Most Merciful, Most Kind! Some people say that a person without a Tahajjud time. Allah is Great job is busier than a person who is working However, because we did not recognize Allah is Great this I know, because a jobless person is always going here the value of this prayer, it is very difficult For the Qur’an tells me so; and there to look for jobs. for us to spare only 10-20 minutes of our All of us to Him belong, Even if this person gets a job that sleep to get up and pray. On the other hand, We are weak but he is strong. requires him to stay up all night will do for some money, we are ready to stay up the so as he needs to earn money. This is the whole night. Allah is One nature of human beings. When he knows Performing this special Tahajjud prayer Related to none the value of something, he will try to will require you to have a short deep sleep Allah is One! attain it even if it be hard for him. before you even perform it, as the name of No father, no mother Allah has granted us the gift No sister, no brother the prayer, which means wake up, suggests. of Tahajjud Prayer. Through this No daughter, no son This prayer can be done anytime between prayer, we can get many blessings Allah is One! Isha’ and Fajr. However, it is best done from Allah. Problems such as between midnight to Fajr, preferrably in the We Thank you Allah sickness, family issues, money, last third of the night. Make it part of your For All the things hunger among others can easily daily routine and God willing, He will return we have today; be removed by praying to Allah at you with good fortune and health. for all our friends we love so much for home, for food Your Hobbies for work and play, we thank you, Madrassatul Al-Huda Oh Allah. Islamia, California-Nairobi. When I was ill One day when I was feeling ill a sparrow flew on to my window sill. Special thanks to Sheikh Mohammad Omar. He didn’t see me tucked up in bed as he pecked away at a piece of bread. I thought of how he could fly when I, in bed could only lie. I thought how Allah had made him small and then of dinosaurs, and giraffes so tall. I thought of many, many things some with four legs, others with wings. I thought how wonderful Allah is because everything around me is really His. Allah Before summer time, the cherry blossom looks like pink icing Name: Nabil Salim; Name: Yusuf Ahmed; Name: Ismail Abdullahi; Name: Amina Othman; The ground beneath shoots up daffodils Age: 15 years; Age: 15 years; Age: 15 years; Age: 15 years; Trumpeting their praises to Allah Madrassatul: Al-Huda Islamia, Madrassatul: Al-Huda Islamia, Madrassatul: Al-Huda Islamia, Madrassatul: Al-Huda Islamia, (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) Nairobi; Best Subjects: Tajweed Nairobi; Best Subjects: Tajweed Nairobi; Best Subjects: Towhid Nairobi; During summer the days are long and hot & Lugha; I want to be a: & Tawhid; I want to be a: & Fiqh; Sohail Mohammed. Best Subjects: Quran & Seera; I The trees are green and shady. Doctor. Businessman. I want to be a: Teacher. want to be a: Pilot. Flowers bloom bright and perfumed Bees hover and drive for pollen. Before wintertime, Allah paints the leaves red, orange, and gold. They cover the springy moss with a colorful carpet. Squirrels scurry, choosing the juiciest nuts to store for their winter larder. In winter Allah causes the earth to die hard and cold He permits water to form stalactites and fossilize animal bones Reminding us that He is the One who brings back to life His creation... Name: Zeinab Abubakar; Name: Saida Ramadhan; Name: Mariam Suleyman; Name: Halima Mohammed; Thank you Allah Age: 16 years; Age: 15 years; Age: 14 years; Age: 15 years; Thank You Allah for all that You give Madrassatul: Al-Huda Madrassatul: Al-Huda Islamia, Madrassatul: Al-Huda Islamia, Madrassatul: Al-Huda Islamia, I know sometimes I’m naughty so please Islamia, Nairobi; Best Nairobi; Nairobi; Nairobi; Best Subjects: Towhid forgive. Subjects: Tajweed & Hadith; I Best Subjects: Tajweed & Quran; I Best Subjects: Tajweed & Quran; I & Hadith; I want to be a: Please teach me to be good every day want to be an: Accountant. want to be a: Journalist. want to be an: Air-hostess. Journalist. and let my heart be ready and willing to pray. Thank You Allah for Your Prophet whomAttention Children: If you wish to appear on this page, send us your digital photo, name, I love, please raise him in rank in Paradise age school/madrassa/hobbies, hadiths, poems among others to: info@thenewdawn.info above.
  11. 11. The New Dawn,January 1 - January 15, 2012. Advertiser’s Feature / 11 Peace and Security for Development (PSD) Programme 2011 PSD activities in pictures 1 Mombasa Peace and Security summit that brought together key programme partners.A Peace & Security Summit held in August, Cohesion and Integration Commission Development (PSD) Network brings together Muslims for human Rights (MUHURI),2011 saw key government representatives (NCIC), the Civil Society, the religious five organizations implementing Peace and Council of Imams and Preachers ofthat included the Provincial Commissioner- leaders, the youth representatives, the media, Security Programmes. These organizations Kenya (CIPK), and Likoni CommunityCoast region, Kenya National Commission and conflict management experts present. are Kenya Muslims Youth Alliance (KMYA), Development Programme (LICODEP).on Human Rights (KNCHR), National The Coast Peace and Security for Coast Interfaith council of Clerics (CICC), First PSD Idd 2 4 PSD Change Agents in drive to feed the poor 3 during Ramadhan 2011 Baraza held in Kilifi County KMYA Change agents deliver food-Yusuf Kagogo Lukwaro the PSD stuff tofield officer in Taita Taveta. Yusuf Kwalehighlighted the human/wildlife Womenconflict in the area that borders six Prison.other counties. 62% of Taita Tavetaland is under the Tsavo NationalPark, meaning that over half of the Kilifi DC Mr Katee Mwanzacounty’s land is protected area. addresses an Idd baraza in Kilifi. This message is sponsored by the Peace, Security for Development (PSD) programme which is undertaken by the Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance in partnership with the Royal Danish Embassy. The views expressed herein emerged purely from activities of the PSD programme itself and do not in any way represent the position of the Danish Embassy. Meanwhile, Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance thanks the Royal Danish Embassy for supporting this column over the years. Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance, P.O Box 27592-00100, Nairobi-Kenya. Tel:254-(0)20-3861530/1 Email:info@kenyamuslims.org Website:www.kenyamuslims.org