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A presentation about the iPhone photography application instagram.

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  1. 1. + Instagram Fast Beautiful Photo Sharing Done by: Fatma Kharbash 201012574 Next
  2. 2. + Content:  What is Instagram?  Devices compatible with Instagram  Where to download instagram?  Registering for an Instagram account  How to use Instagram?  The Instagram blog  Samples of Instagram shots  BibliographyBack Next
  3. 3. + What is Instagram?  Instagram is a free photo sharing application that allows users to take photos, apply a filter, and share it on the service or a variety of other social networking services, including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr, and Posterous.Back Next
  4. 4. + Devices compatible with Instagram  iPhone  iPad  iPod TouchBack Next
  5. 5. + Where to download instagram?  As any other iPhone, iPad and iPod touch application, to install Instagram you will have to download it from iTunes or from the app store available on the devices.  Instagram is a free application, everyone can have it within one touch download!Back Next
  6. 6. + Registering for an Instagram account  Once you have downloaded and launched the application on your device a sign up page will appear.Back Next
  7. 7. + Registering for an Instagram account  After creating an Instagram account, you will optionally choose to import contacts and find friends from your contact list, Facebook account, Twitter account, or simply search for names and usernames. Moreover, you can follow suggested Instagram users and you can also add friends at anytime from your account.Back Next
  8. 8. + How to use Instagram?  The "Share” tab in instagram allows you to snap photos or select photos from your device’s photo albums.  Once you choose the photo you will can optionally filter the picture with various filtering effect.Back Next
  9. 9. + How to use Instagram?  Once you’re done with the picture you will choose to share it on the most commonly used social networking and micro blogging websites like Facebook and Twitter.Back Next
  10. 10. + The Instagram blog  The blog is widely used and viewed by many Instagram users. The blog is where all the details are; each photo has its details and bloggers review about each other. Next
  11. 11. + Samples of Instagram shotsBack Next
  12. 12. + Samples of Instagram shotsBack Next
  13. 13. + Samples of Instagram shotsBack Next
  14. 14. + Samples of Instagram shotsBack Next
  15. 15. + Samples of Instagram shotsBack Next
  16. 16. + Samples of Instagram shotsBack Next
  17. 17. + Thank you for listening!Back Next
  18. 18. + Bibliography  Instagram Application (from the app store)  Instagram twitter page!/instagram  Instagram Blog  Instagram Wikipedia  How to use Instagram?
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