Billboard Magazine Analysis


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Billboard Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. Introduction and Ideology
  2. 2. Target AudienceThe Target audience for billboard is shown to be mainlythe people ranging from early twenties to mid-fifties.This Shows that the magazine appeals to majority of thepeople. In addition billboard magazine is rare in a sensethat it covers all types of music and so s very attractiveto music lovers and open to all types of people. It’sobserved that most of the readers are collagegraduates and so this implies that the viewership arearticulate and educated people.
  3. 3. Publishing InstitutionsBillboard Magazine is being publishedby Prometheus Global Media which wasearlier known as Global Media. It’s aDiversified company with leading assetsin the media and entertainmentarenas, include Music, Entertainmentand Advertising.
  4. 4. MastheadThis is a trade mark logo of thismagazine. The different color of thelogo signifies that it’s a funmagazine that follows all the eventsrelated to latest music. The colorsof the logo are also designed toappeal to a certain audience.Color SchemeThe color scheme of the coverpage is altogether very simple, thebase with black, grey and whiteshades and the image again isvery simple yet elegant with sobertones of colors. The base being isa bit harder shades gives thelighter tone image a great outlookand a special feeling ofenhancement.The fact that the artists name issignificantly in a big size and is written inbold letters in bold letters in order to catchaudiences attention. This is also the maincover line of the magazineDirect Mode of AddressThe music artist is directly looking intothe camera lenses. This direct mode ofaddress gives the impression that thecelebrity is looking directly at you. Thisaction will in a way convey a messageof importance to the audience and willconvince then even further to buy themagazine.The barcode is placed in the bottom seeingthat it doesn’t add any new info to thecontent of the cover. It’s given such placeso that it generates less attention as themagazine is quite expensive and the readerLeft Side ThirdPeople also read from left to right soall the important information is put inthe left side third, this is because thearea will most likely be the visible parton the magazine stand and so due tothis all the important information isincluded in this area.
  5. 5. The background of thissection is grey which is adifferent color then the restof the page. This makes thesection to stand out and toincrease the readers interestdespite of the differences thefont of the page remains thesame.This section offers the readersa music chart consisting on allthe latest ratings etc, thissection is a unique for theBillboard Magazine.The use of lesser colors forthe color scheme of the pagegives it a simple yet a quiteprofessional look. Thissuggests that this magazinemay be intended for all agedmusic lovers.This section of the content pageadvertises different things andalso advertises different sorts ofmedia used by the brand“Billboard”The page numbers help thereaders navigate throughthe pages specified forarticles.This page has no central imagemaking all the images asimportant as the next. Althoughthis is a diplomatic approachthis might make the reader thinkthat there is to much to be read.The logo shows theconsistency of thefeatures throughout themagazine.The four images here are usedas make-up for the lack of acentral image. This anywaysworks in the favor of themagazine as it shows thevariety in content.The blank space makesthe clack writing tostandout. It’s drawingattention to the imageand simultaneously toall this gives a veryprofessional look.
  6. 6. This is the only part that isin color and so it collectsimportance and draws thereaders attention. The colorof the text reflects themessage of the text andconnects it to the theme ofthe article “Summer Time”This tittle is designed bya bit playing with wordsand letting the audienceknows that article is allabout T.I, this works like apull quote, withoutactually having to quotethe article.The circles around thetittle draws more thanusual attention towards itand works as aanchorage text as themodels outing his armsup.The way of the article presentation isvery effective because of the lack ofcolor and big text makes the articlelook very neat and organized. Thismakes it easy and appealing for theaudiences to read.A very plain color white and aminority of varied other colorsthat can be related to summerswhich seem to be the maintheme of this DPS.The white backgroundalso works on givingthe central image astandout impression.A whole page isdedicated to one bigpicture of the artist T.Ithis suggests theimportance of himgreater than anythingelse in the DPS articleon him.T.I wearing casual clothinggives as impression of beingcasual and relaxed. The pictureis very simple in the sense notover. This will help in themeans of connecting with theaudience be relating to anaverage person then acelebrity.