Food related borrowed words in english

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  • 1. a moist white Italian curd cheese madeoriginally from buffalo milk
  • 2. a simple salad from the Italian regionof Campania, made of slicedfresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil,seasoned with salt, pepper, and olive oil.
  • 3. a soft white unsalted cheese made from sheepsmilk, used esp. in making ravioli and gnocchi
  • 4. A hard dry cheese made from skimmed milk,used grated, esp on pasta dishes and soups
  • 5. a soft Italian cream cheese
  • 6. Basic French white sauce is made by stirring milk into abutter-flour mixture.
  • 7.  The traditional recipe confines the ingredients to beef, pancetta, onions, tomato paste, meat broth, white wine, and milk or cream.
  • 8. Lasagne is a classic Italian pasta casserole dish whichconsists of alternate layers of pasta, cheese, a sauce, andoften other ingredients.
  • 9. A sauce consisting of usually freshbasil, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil, and gratedcheese.
  • 10. Unleavened dough, made of wheat flour, water, andsometimes eggs, that is molded into any of a varietyof shapes and boiled.
  • 11. a lightly spiced cured bacon from Italy
  • 12. a dish of Italian origin consisting of pizzadough folded over a filling of cheese andtomatoes, herbs, ham, etc
  • 13. an Italian open sandwich of toasted bread topped with olive oil and tomatoes, olives, etc
  • 14. a flat Italian bread made with olive oil andyeast, usually with parmesan and pestotopping
  • 15. a dish of rice cooked in stock and servedvariously with tomatoes, cheese, chicken,etc
  • 16. an Italian dish of thin slices of raw meat orfish
  • 17. a curry dish of roasted chicken chunks(tikka) served in a rich-tasting red ororange-coloured sauce. The sauce isusually creamy, lightly spiced andcontains tomatoes. Chicken tikkamasala has been found the mostpopular dish in British restaurants andit has been called a "a true Britishnational dish."
  • 18. The chicken is marinated in yogurt and seasoned with tandoori masala.
  • 19. It is moderately hot, but the heat is reducedin most Western nations. Cayenne pepper,red chili powder or kashmiri red chillipowder is used to give it a fiery red hue. Ahigher amount of Turmeric produces anorange colour. In some modern versions, bothred and yellow food colourings are used. It istraditionally cooked at high temperatures ina tandoor (clay oven), but can also beprepared on a traditional barbecue grill.
  • 20. a Spanish dish made from rice, shellfish,chicken, and vegetables
  • 21. light snacks or appetizers, usually eaten withdrinks
  • 22. a Spanish soup made from tomatoes,peppers, etc., and served cold
  • 23. a Japanese dish of seafood or vegetablesthat have been battered and deep fried
  • 24. Common ingredients in traditional tempura include:Seafood: prawn, shrimp, squid, crab, and a wide variety of fishVegetables: pepper, squash, eggplant, carrot, green beans, potato, renkon (lotus root), mushroom, pumpkin.
  • 25. a thick brown salty paste made from soyabeans, used to flavour savoury dishes, espsoups
  • 26. a spread of very finely mincedliver, poultry, etc., served usually as an horsdoeuvre
  • 27. a vegetable casserole made of tomatoes, aubergines,peppers, etc., fried in oil and stewed slowly
  • 28. a Swiss dish, consisting of cheese melted inwhite wine or cider, into which small piecesof bread are dipped and then eaten
  • 29. a type of baked food made from dough in softand hard varieties and savory or sweet flavors ina unique knot-like shape
  • 30. a kind of thin pancake made from corn mealand cooked on a hot griddle until dry; it is abase for widely spread Mexican dishes
  • 31. a tortilla folded into a roll with a filling andusually fried; usually with minced meat,tomatoes, hot cheese
  • 32. Taco Bell is an American chain of fast-foodrestaurants. Taco Bell serves tacos, burritos, nachos, otherspecialty items. Taco Bell serves more than 2 billionconsumers each year in more than 5,800 restaurants in the U.S.
  • 33. a tortilla folded over a filling of mincedbeef, chicken, cheese, or beans
  • 34. a crispy deep-fried tortilla topped with meat, cheese, and refried beans
  • 35. a Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla fried inhot fat, filled with meat, and served with achilli sauce
  • 36. a snack consisting of a piece of tortillatopped with cheese, hot peppers, etc., andgrilled
  • 37. A strong coffee brewed by forcing steam under pressurethrough darkly roasted, powdered coffee beans.
  • 38. style of coffee prepared by adding hot water to espresso, giving a similar strength but different flavor from regular drip coffee.
  • 39. It is a coffee beverage consisting strong or bold coffee(sometimes espresso) mixed with scalded milk inapproximately a 1:1 ratio.
  • 40. coffee with steamed milk, sometimes served withwhipped cream or sprinkled with powdered chocolate
  • 41. A café mocha is a variant of a caffè latte. Like alatte, it is typically one third espresso and twothirds steamed milk, but a portion of chocolate isadded, typically in the form of a chocolate syrup.
  • 42. is a foam-covered iced coffee drink madefrom instant coffee, served with finely crushedice
  • 43. a very thin pancake, often rolled or foldedaround a filling
  • 44. a rich frozen dessert made from eggs andcream with ice cream, fruit etc
  • 45. In America, parfait refers a popular variant made bylayering parfait cream, ice cream, orflavored gelatins, often topped with whipped creamand served in a tall, clear glass. They are usuallymade by using dairy yogurt layered with nuts orberries
  • 46. A dessert of cake infused with a liquid such as coffeeor rum, layered with a rich cheese filling, and toppedwith grated chocolate.