Top 15 excuses for staying fat and unhealthy


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Top 15 excuses for staying fat and unhealthy

  1. 1. Top 15 excuses for staying fat and unhealthyWe are all afraid of failure. We are afraid to fail because it damages our reputation and our selfesteem. In order to protect our self esteem, we make excuses.In this post, I have tried to list top 15 excuses for staying fat and unhealthy. It is very important toidentify and list all your excuses for why you cannot accomplish your fat loss goals. Once you haveaddressed each and every one of your excuses, you can convert them into strong reasons to loseweight and stay fit.Photo credit deeplifequotesTop 15 excuses for staying fat andunhealthy1. Losing weight is not my priority right now. I will do itlater.Agreed that we are all busy with something or the other in life. You may be working on someother goal of your life which is fine but health should be your number one priority. There is nopoint in procrastination. All you need is a to start a diet and exercise program and stick to it..2. I just don’t have the time to exercise.Photo credit Page 1 of 3
  2. 2. Top 15 excuses for staying fat and unhealthyExercise does not have to be time consuming. You do not have to be in gym 7 days a week to loseweight. I personally believe that all you need is 2-3 times of strength training sessions to lose bodyfat. Spend the rest of time for rest and recuperation and eating healthy. Organize your schedule toallow time for exercise.3. I am too tired to exercisePoor health can make you tired. Being fat can make you tired. Exercise can shed body fat and giveyou more energy. Exercise boosts your energy levels. So its good idea to start exercising ratherthan stay in away from it, saying “I am tired”.4. I have no motivation to exerciseRefer to this post how to stay motivated to lose fat5. Healthy foods are too expensive to afford.I really don’t think it’s true if you shop sensibly.6. I don’t like healthy foods.Another lame excuse. You don’t have to be a health nut to lose weight. Just be mindful of youreating habits and you will be on your way to lose weight for ever.7. I can’t give up sugar, carbohydrates, deep fried foods.You really don’t have to. The good news is that if you are eating healthy 6 days a week andexercising you are allowed to indulge in healthy foods once every week or two. It’s called a cheatmeal. And it keeps your metabolism up.8. I don’t want to be eating differently from othermembers of my family.Although, I believe you cannot force anyone to change their eating habits, you can set an exampleby eating healthy in front of your family. Eating differently can be as easy as starting your mealwith a big salad. Overtime, when your family sees your body transform, they might want to followyour footsteps.9. I have a bad knee(elbow, hip, shoulder, toe)It’s always advisable to see a doctor before starting an exercise program. But research has shownthat when we build muscle, our aches and pains actually reduce. So exercising may actually helpwith reversing these aches and pains. These should be taken as reasons to exercise more, and Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. Top 15 excuses for staying fat and Page 3 of 3stay away from exercise. If you have injured yourself during exercise, give time to heal your bodyand start again slowly and carefully.10. I have thyroid problem.Always see a doctor for this. But strength training can actually boost your metabolism. Even withthyroid issues, people can lose weight, if they want to.11. Being fat is in my genes. My mother, grandmother,sisters, aunts were/are all fatYou can do nothing about your genes, but you can still change the way you look but working out,cleaning up your diet and visualizing your goals.12. I don’t want to look so bony, muscular, skinnyThere is a huge difference between being skinny and lean. You want to lose weight to become leanand strong. No body is telling you to become bony, skinny, fragile, and weak. You want to becomelean, strong and healthy.13. “Fat and happy” are better than “thin andmiserable”This is a good excuse to stay fat. Happiness is the ultimate goal after all. And there are quite a fewthin and miserable people out there. How about being slim and happy. It is a win win situation.14. I have tried losing weight before and have beenunsuccessful. I don’t want to start again.Identify what you did wrong last time you tried to lose weight. Just because you were unsuccessfullast time, does not mean you cannot taste success. It’s all about finding what works for you andsticking to it.15. I just cannot imagine myself to be a thin person.Visualization is extremely important to lose weight. Read this post to help you with visualization.If you can imagine it, you can be it.ConclusionThese are just a few excuses I could come up with. List your excuses, and address themindividually. What is your number one excuse not to lose that weight?