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Origin Mailout Origin Mailout Presentation Transcript

  • What is it? Toucari Origin is a software service which helps organisations to design, manage and control Microsoft Office templates without using VBA.
    • As usage of Microsoft Office grows the number of templates generally increases
    • Template variants for local requirements multiply the management challenge and complexity
    • Languages magnify styling and question / dialogue box design issues
    • Templates which enforce business process must be accurate and appropriate
    • The real number of templates is often hidden; Actual templates is the number of templates multiplied by the number of offices/groups and company identities
    • Office changes and upgrades create complex challenges for updating and synching templates
    Microsoft Office template challenges View slide
    • Origin, from Toucari, manages templates in a different way
    • All templates and template data are held centrally in the Cloud
    • One add-in is downloaded to each user’s Desktop; no software to install, no registry or MSI
    • One XML configuration file drives all questions, dialogues, , translations, logos and office details
    • Infinite template variants can be created by leveraging the core XML configuration
    • Template designs, dialogs and data lookups can be added without the need for coding or macros
    Origin View slide
    • Using Origin, authorised users can design and deploy templates without using developer code; this can reduce the time to deploy a new template by as much as 90%
    • Geographic and language complexities are significantly reduced
    • Origin features include;
    Single source template management
    • Template code is held in different places
    • Many template variants exist
    • PCs become out-of-sync
    • Template inconsistency creates business risk
    • Resource and cost is spent managing template complexity
    • Upgrades and changes require specific skills to manage
    • Origin creates a single source for all templates
    • Removes data duplication by placing information in a central XML file
    • Template logic is separated from styling and design
    • Variants and global complexity hidden from user
    • Speeds up time to create and change templates
    • No coding
    • No server
    • No .MSI
    • No registry settings
    With Origin
  • Demonstration Please contact i [email_address] if you would like more information. Toucari 24 Greville Street, London, EC1N 8SS T: +44 020 3178 3042  E: [email_address]