How To Mind Read The Interviewer


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This presention tells very quickly "how to mind read your interviewer" and what to do in the job interview. It is the introduction to "Learn to Mind Read Your Interviewer."

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How To Mind Read The Interviewer

  1. 1. How to Mind Read Your Interviewer: to get the job offer The introduction to “Learn to Mind Read Your Interviewer.”
  2. 2. Need to Mind Read the Interviewer(s)? 1. Do interviewers always behave as you expect? 2. Is it easy to anticipate their needs? 3. Would it be nice to have tools and techniques to help you be more effective interviewing with them? This guide is about how to identify the personality style of your interviewer(s) and build the relationship(s) needed to get the job offer.
  3. 3. My Mother’s Wisdom My mom taught me: “Make your decisions about people based on their behavior first, and then consider their appearance.” “When it looks right, sounds right, feels right, smells right and tastes right, it is probably right.” “Find the will and you’ll find a way.” Mitch Manning Sr.
  4. 4. Identifying Interviewer Personality Styles and Behaviors • There are two styles of personalities 1. Dynamic 2. Discerning • There are four types of behavior (DISC) 1. Dominance 2. Influence 3. Steadfast 4. Conscientious
  5. 5. Identifying Distinct Personality Styles • Dynamic – linked to drive and sociability behaviors. The behavioral preferences are described as extroversion because they draw energy from external sources. • Discerning – linked to calm, analytical, and careful behaviors. The behavioral preferences are described as introversion because they draw energy from within.
  6. 6. At A Glance How to Mind Read the Interviewer and the Interview Team Type Behavior Strengths Goals Stressors Fears Dynamic Dominance Initiative Control Loss of control Being taken advantage of Dynamic Influence Enthusiasm Approval Loss of approval Being rejected or disliked Discerning Steadiness Follow-through Stability Loss of predictability Being asked to change Discerning Conscientiousness Thoroughness Quality Loss of personal privacy Being criticized for poor quality
  7. 7. Key Points There are Four Building Blocks of Interviewer Behavior Need to Achieve (Dominance) Need to Influence (Influence) Need to Protect (Steadfast) Need to Conform (Conscientious) Mind Read the Interviewer(s) to Get the Job Offer There are two sources of Interviewer energy External (Dynamic) Internal (Discerning)
  8. 8. How to identify the Interviewer’s behavior ?  1. Dominant – firm, controlling, ego-driven, and self important 2. Influence - smiling, friendly, talkative and persuasive 3. Steadfast – calm, careful, and company loyal 4. Conscientious – calm, analytical, and quality focused Mind Read the Interviewer(s) to Get the Job Offer
  9. 9. What to Do in the Interview?  1. Default to the Conscientious Interviewer: always come over prepared, look very sharp, project confidence, accuracy and absolute credibility. 2. Prepare for the Dominant Interviewer: be confident, project no fear, appear strong, talk about efficiency and effectiveness. 3. Prepare for the Influence Interviewer, remember to smile, be friendly, and talk about the importance of building relationships and how you have done so in the past. 4. Prepare for the Steadfast Interviewer: remember to talk about how long, reliable, sincere and dependable you are. Mind Read the Interviewer(s) to Get the Job Offer
  10. 10. FastFix Interview Guides On SlideShare 1. Interview Skills Clinic in MSPowerPoint 2. Interview Skills Clinic Work Book in MSWord 3. Learn to Mind Read the Interviewer in MSPowerpoint Mind Read the Interviewer(s) to Get the Job Offer