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Business presentation

  1. 1. Pooyan Co. Complete Profile • • • • SOA • • • • • • 1
  2. 2. Who Are We? – ICT2
  3. 3. Our, Mission, Vision and values IT 3
  4. 4. Strategic BU’s 5 1 SOA 2 4 3 4
  5. 5. SOA 1 Intalio BPMS Openbravo ERP Pentaho BI (Business Intelligent) Mule ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) Talend Data Warehouse Liferay Portal Alfresco ECM (Enterprise Content management)5
  6. 6. Pooyan Hybrid Marketing services Pooyan Helath On Net Services6
  7. 7. 3 IT Strategic Planning (ITSP) Enterprise Architecture (EA) Information Security Management System(ISMS) Business Process Management (BPM)7
  8. 8. Asset Management (AM) (CHDP) (AP)8
  9. 9. Openbravo ERP9
  10. 10. Marketing Info. - Mexuz Openbravo, Intalio BPMS10
  11. 11. Our Customers - – - – - BPMS E- Procurement BPMS - 11
  12. 12. Our Workgroups • Pooyan WiKi • • • SAAS • • BPM Intalio Pooyan Workgroups BPMN Openbravo12
  13. 13. Our TechnologicApproach Avoid Avoid Avoid Use Community ver. without Licenses Vendor Locking Community • • • • • • . • • Enterprise • • . Marketplaces13
  14. 14. Our TechnologicApproach Avoid Avoid Use Community ver. without Licenses • Communities14
  15. 15. Our MethodologyApproach –
  16. 16. Our MethodologyApproach BPMN BPMS The Value Of BPM Approach Intalio BPMS Training 1 Day16
  17. 17. SOAPooyan SOA Arc. 17
  18. 18. SOA Liferay / Alfresco Portal - ECM Intalio BPMS Data Intalio IntalioWarehouse BAM BRE PENTAHO Talend BI Server Mule ESB Open bravo ERP18
  19. 19. Intalio Not Community Edition E- Marketplace19
  20. 20. open source BPMS Intalio Intalio Gartner Gartner Research, 18 Feb 2010) Open BPM Source Intalio Intalio Intalio PHP Java Online Intalio PHP Java open . source One-Click Process Deployment Integrated Process Development Environment20
  21. 21. Intalio Control Discovery Discover Model Simulate Control Design Improve Intalio Process Life Cycle Build Analyze Deploy Monitor Interact Execute21
  22. 22. 22
  23. 23. Performance •Largest number of individual process activities modeled: 250,000 •Largest number of process models deployed: 100,000 •Largest number of concurrently running process instances: 250,000,000 •Largest number of individual end-users per day: 100,000 •Largest number of servers in clustered deployment: 1,000 •Largest number of in-memory transactions per day and per CPU: 14,300,000 •Largest number of persistent transactions per day and per CPU: 3,600,000 •Roundtrip call to a WSDL web service from a BPEL process: 14 milliseconds23
  24. 24. Cloud Computing – www.Intalio.com24
  25. 25. – - - Enterprise - – -25
  26. 26. Openbravo ERP Openbravo Not Community Edition Openbravo Pooyan E-Marketplace26
  27. 27. Openbravo ERP Openbravo ERP ERP27
  28. 28. Openbravo ERP28
  29. 29. Openbravo: the leading web based open source ERP company ERP business reloaded: start selling more and more easily! June 17th, 201029
  30. 30. 30 years of ERP have left us with...30
  31. 31. The ERP landscape today Low adoption rate Community / Partners • Web/ cloud based Difficulty in finding solutions win - easier to the right solution • Partners do not feel their deploy, use and maintain Too expensive/ value is fully recognized by complex pricing & vendors and … • Open communities updates leverage web-based •… see their businesses struggling due to collaboration tools to Complete vendor high drive continuous lock in cost of sales and high required practical innovation investments Dissatisfied with • Additionally there are a large number of midsize • SMBs are current legacy solution firms with domain expertise, ready to build looking for a products/ verticals/ extensions and start their better way to business in the space consume IT 31
  32. 32. IntroductionVision and positioningVISION An ERP in every company. Improve the world’s efficiency! The leading web-based open source ERP for every company Belief 1: Belief 2: Belief 3: Horizontal ERP is a Value comes from Today, openness is a commodity and should advanced functionality requirement for better be free and services products • The most advanced web- • Professional editions which • Openbravo leverages the based open source ERP offer the easiest ways to domain expertise of a product improve profits global community to • Easy to download, to • Because every business is deliver products that install and to start different, Openbravo is easy benefit every company experiencing the benefits to adapt to your business’s • Expanding to every of Openbravo ERP needs, to maximize returns industry and country in the world32
  33. 33. IntroductionOpenbravo: opening the future of ERPCompany Offices in the US, Spain and India and regional partners International Recognition in more than 20 countries worldwide Awards: Funded by top-tier VCs Managed by a leading team of professionals, including Navision founder, Siebel, Oracle, Exact and Baan executives and strategistsOffer Most adopted open source ERP solution: > 1.7M downloads Analyst reports: Most adopted commercial open source ERP product: five market sectors; 150 modules available, and growing Fastest-growing channel: >100 partners in 20 countriesMilestones Publication of code (April 2006) First Partner Program (April 2007) Marketing of Professional Edition (June 2008) New forge and modular product (April 2009)33
  34. 34. The Openbravo benefitsOpenbravo Professional Edition Comprehensive Innovative Cost-Effective Broad, streamlined True web-based open High value at functionality architecture predictable low cost Rich Functional Easy to Use Web App Minimal Upfront Footprint Investment Simple to Extend AdaptOpenbravo Exchange and Upgrade Transparent Pricing Flexible Deployment Scale with Ease Quick Start, High Return Smart Solutions, Real Results Openbravo Professional Edition: the easiest way to improve profits!34
  35. 35. The Openbravo benefits The choice is clear Increased functionality Efficient Implementation Tools Support, maintenance and guarantees Affordable Price35
  36. 36. The Openbravo benefitsGlobal customers in all industries Distribution Manufacturing Retail Services NGOs/ Government "Openbravo ERP has allowed us, for the first time, to have an operation that is 100% integrated and efficient. We now have a single source of information for effective decision making." : Juan Antonio de La Rosa, COO, Lumiméxico 36
  37. 37. Openbravo ERP –Openbravo - - Openbravo Enterprise - - ww.openbravo. com – 37