Restore Ontario Place


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40 years of well-intended decisions have drained the life out of Ontario Place. There's a way to restore its original magic.

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Restore Ontario Place

  1. 1. architects: Craig, Zeidler, StrongWhen Ontario Place opened in 1971, it was celebrated internationally as an architectural masterpiece.
  2. 2. architects: Craig, Zeidler, Strong It captured our bold, optimistic spirit...
  3. 3. source: Wiki Commons ...and offered abundant landscaped areas,combined with refreshing links to the water.
  4. 4. Architect Eb Zeidler’s original visionwas to create an elegant, unified and enduring image for this “urban parkland” setting.
  5. 5. photo: Mike Babcock Zeidler’s design connected us with nature and our highest hopes for the future.
  6. 6. “We felt there was a need in Ontario for something akin to a spiritual home.” John Robarts, former Premier of Ontario, speaking on November 3, 1970 at the Ontario Place Countdown Reception
  7. 7. What has happened to Ontario’s “spiritual home”?
  8. 8. City of Toronto Archives Solutions to the wrong questions began to appear in 1980 with the addition of these silos...
  9. 9. City of Toronto Archives ...followed by a frantic downward spiral of de-natured add-ons...
  10. 10. image by Mike Babcock ...until we were left with nothing to nourish our Ontarian spirit.
  11. 11. images by Mike Babcock Today we see disconnected pieces of boring, generic, high maintenance, overbuilt, carbon-eating habitat...
  12. 12. photo: Dan Cronin ...instead of the original serene, uplifting urban parkland.
  13. 13. architects: Craig, Zeidler, StrongThere’s a way to restore the extraordinary magic of Ontario Place...
  14. 14. ...while changing how people think about their health for the 21st century.
  15. 15. This is no time to think small about theroot cause of our deficit dilemma.Let’s face the fact that lifestyle based ill-healthconsumes 40% of Ontario’s annual $50 B healthcare budget. To change our destiny, we can make Celebrating and restoring a heritage site originally created to embody Ontario’s optimism for the future.Ontario Place an internationally recognizedexemplar of active health research and practice—a “spa for the brain and body” where nature,creative play, relaxation, physical activity, healthysocial interaction and lifelong learning flow together. An eye-opening showcase for healthy building techniques…such as reimagining the parking lot.“Take bold action to promote healthier lifestyles...” -TD Economics’ Top 10 Health Reform Proposals “Creating a Path to Sustainable Health Care in Ontario”, co-authored by Don Drummond. Demonstrating advanced urban farming practices...promoting brain health…and calling all ages to action. sources: Solar panel parking concept by Neville Mars, Urban Farm by Bruno Viganò & Florencia Costaon , iStock brain synapse photo
  16. 16. Instead of mindless, passive amusementswhich ultimately lead to boredom,let’s re-create an Ontario Place thatstimulates the brain.
  17. 17. architects: Craig, Zeidler, StrongThe decision to charge admission to public waterfront parklandwas the first in a series of ill-advised choices that drained the lifeout of Ontario Place. Numerous studies over the years were builton self-limiting assumptions. Let’s not use such narrow thinking tomake irreversible decisions that destroy connections with our pastand a healthier vision for our future.
  18. 18. Photo by Tom Podolec from theTorontoist Flickr Pool. To read a further analysis of these ideas please visit: