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Rainwater Harvesting & Grant Funding - Robin Turney (Robin Turney Ltd)
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Rainwater Harvesting & Grant Funding - Robin Turney (Robin Turney Ltd)


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This presentation formed part of the Farming Futures event 'FarmWater Futures'. …

This presentation formed part of the Farming Futures event 'FarmWater Futures'.

30th March 2010

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Rain Water Harvesting & Grant Funding Robin Turney FAAV MBIAC Managing Director Robin Turney Limited
  • 2. Robin Turney Ltd Robin Turney Limited • Independent Rural Business Consultancy • National Coverage, based in Warwickshire • RDPE Success Across All English Regions • £7.1 Million of RDPE Grant since Jan 2008 • Working with farmers, growers and rural businesses • Grants from £20,000 to £1 million • Packhouses, Rainwater Harvesting, Reservoirs, Farm Shops, Butchery, Anaerobic Digestion Plant
  • 3. Robin Turney Ltd Presentation Agenda • Background on the RDPE • Regional Priorities • Funding Axis Objectives • AWM and Herefordshire County Council • Application Process • Application Requirements • What an Application Should Demonstrate • Developing a Strong Application • Case Studies
  • 4. Robin Turney Ltd Background to the RDPE • Funding scheme to replace DEFRA’s ERDP • Programme open to applications (2007 to 2013) • Total budget £3.9 bn funded by; – Defra £850m – EU £750m European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development – Voluntary Modulation £1.5bn + £800m from Defra • £3.3bn via Natural England & Forestry Commission • £554m via Regional Development Agencies (WMA) • Approximately £60 million per region to spend (Axis 1 and 3)
  • 5. Robin Turney Ltd West Midlands Priorities • Food and Drink • Tourism • Livestock Industry Development • Environmental Technologies • Community Infrastructure
  • 6. Robin Turney Ltd RDPE Objectives Axis 1 • Improving the competitiveness of the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors • Includes supporting, for example – Vocational training / skills - 111 – Modernisation / Renewable energy projects - 121 – Adding value - 123 – Improved Infrastructure / water management - 125 – Making better use of forestry – 122 – Cooperation for development of new products - 124 • 10% of the budget • Delivered by Advantage West Midlands
  • 7. Robin Turney Ltd RDPE Objectives Axis 2 • Improving the environment and the countryside – Entry Level Scheme – Higher Level Scheme – England Forestry Grants. • 80% of the budget • Delivered by Natural England and the Forestry Commission
  • 8. Robin Turney Ltd RDPE Objective Axis 3 • Improving the quality of life in rural areas and encouraging diversification • Includes supporting, for example – Farm diversification (non-ag) 311 – Rural tourism 313 – Rural micro-businesses 312 – Basic services 321 – Village renewal and development 322 – Conservation of rural heritage 323 – Training for micro businesses 331 – Implementing and running LAG’s 421/431 • 10% of the budget • Delivered by Herefordshire County Council and AWM
  • 9. Robin Turney Ltd Funding Schemes Grant is available for larger collaborative projects, in excess of £156,250 total project cost, through the Strategic Investment Grant (SIG), which is managed by Advantage West Midlands (AWM). Grant for smaller projects is available through the Rural Enterprise Grant (REG), which is managed by Herefordshire County Council (HCC).
  • 10. Robin Turney Ltd Rural Enterprise Grant • REG –Small scale diversification and business development projects for the benefit of rural businesses. • A maximum grant of £62,500 • Grant Rate: 40% Eligible Activities include: • Food and Drink • Environmental Technologies • Tourism • Can include rainwater harvesting cost
  • 11. Robin Turney Ltd Strategic Investment Grant • SIG – Funding large scale and collaborative projects to improve competiveness. • Grant rates are set at 40% of eligible cost. Eligible Activities include: • Farm Diversification • Fruit and Vegetable Packing and Processing • Centralised Storage and Processing Facilities for Combinable Crops • Livestock and Forestry • Resource Efficiency on Agriculture and Horticulture Units (new call for bids summer 2010).
  • 12. Robin Turney Ltd Application Process • Submit expression of interest (EOI) • Invitation to submit full application if EOI is accepted • Prepare full application and submit to RDA/HCC • Regional appraisal panels • Offer or rejection letter • Approved projects will have to agree a contract with AWM or HCC • Can’t start work before you receive a contract • REG process 3-4 months • SIG process 5-6 months • Competitive scheme
  • 13. Robin Turney Ltd Application Requirements • Description of the project • Overview of your business • Details of collaboration - farmer groups / supply chain • Details as to why you need grant • Objectives, outcomes and outputs • Social, environmental and economic benefits • Demonstrate need (business growth / remain viable) • Business plan / project viability • Schedule of cost and proposed grant required • Regional fit • Demonstrate value for money • Risk Assessment
  • 14. Robin Turney Ltd Need to Include • All necessary consents including planning permission • Three competitive quotes for all expenditure • Plans / engineering drawings • Landlords approval, security of tenure for 6 years. • Last three years accounts • Letters of support from customers / suppliers • Letter of support from bank / finance terms • Financial forecasts • The project meets current environmental legislation. • Skills suitability – CV for project manager
  • 15. Robin Turney Ltd Developing a Strong Application • Demonstrate economic growth and the creation and security of rural employment. • Demonstrate collaboration among producers or within the supply chain. • Demonstrate environmental benefits through the use of new sustainable technology, reduction of food miles, or the installation of new energy, water and waste management systems. • Demonstrate a clear market need • A well researched business and marketing plan • Demonstrate a need for public funds
  • 16. Robin Turney Ltd SIG – Measure 123 Objective Improve the processing and marketing of primary agricultural and horticultural products through: • Adding value to primary product • Investment in improved efficiency • New technologies • Developing new markets and products • Collaborative projects • 40% grant rate
  • 17. Robin Turney Ltd Strategic Investment Grant Case Study – Western Asparagus Growers, Worcestershire • Investment: Asparagus Grading and Packing Line • Aim of Project: To invest in new asparagus grading, processing and packing line technology • Grant Rate: 40% • Grant Award: £152,000 • Key Outputs: • Employment secured and created in the packhouse • Investment in new technology • 18 grower’s businesses supported
  • 18. Robin Turney Ltd SIG – Measure 125 Objective Increase capacity for winter storage reservoirs and more effective water management. • Development of winter abstraction irrigation reservoirs • Water recycling, water harvesting and treatment Eligible applicants • Farmers, horticulturalists and foresters Grant rates • Up to 40% Grant amounts • No limit
  • 19. Robin Turney Ltd Strategic Investment Grant Case Study – Lidsey Farm Investment: 10 million Gallon Winter Storage Irrigation Reservoir Grant Rate: 40% (£100,000) Aim of Project: To invest in a secure water source for the farm in order to collaborate with local salad growers to produce crops and generate rental income for the business. Key Outputs: •Jobs secured on farm •Jobs created on farm and with local collaborating growers •Additional area of land irrigated •Additional income to local growers
  • 20. Robin Turney Ltd Rural Enterprise Grant Case Study – R H Barnes & Son • Investment: Farm Shop and Butchery Expansion • Aim of Project: To relocate the existing farm shop and install a new butchery facility and kitchen to meet the increasing demand for locally produced goods. • Grant Rate: 40% • Grant Award: £41,000 • Key Outputs: • Employment secured and created within the business • 20 supplier businesses supported • Increased shop turnover and profitability • Incorporated rainwater / grey-water harvesting
  • 21. Robin Turney Ltd Case Study – Silvermist Nursery • Investment: Rainwater Harvesting System, Storage Reservoir and Irrigation Gantry • Aim of Project: Harvest, store and re-use 18,000 cubic metres of rain water from 3 hectares of new glasshouse to irrigate brassica plants. • Grant Rate: 40% • Grant Award: £135,000 • Key Outputs: • Jobs secured & created at Silvermist Nursery • Volume of water harvested, stored, treated and recycled • Additional volume of plants produced through glasshouse expansion
  • 22. Robin Turney Ltd Questions Robin Turney Cadle Pool Farm, The Ridgeway, Stratford upon Avon, Warkwickshire, CV37 9RE Email: Tel: 01789 299300 Mob: 07720 899944