Rainwater Harvesting: Installation & Pitfalls - Simon Jones (Even Products Ltd)

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This presentation formed part of the Farming Futures event 'FarmWater Futures'. …

This presentation formed part of the Farming Futures event 'FarmWater Futures'.

30th March 2010

More in: Technology
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  • 1. Evenproducts Limited Rainwater Harvesting Simon Jones tank technologies
  • 2. Evenproducts Limited It’s a RESOURCE...... CAPTURE IT! tank technologies
  • 3. Evenproducts Limited Rainwater Harvesting – WHY? Control of Supply Control Runoff – Attenuation Save Money tank technologies
  • 4. Evenproducts Limited Using the Water Irrigation Livestock Watering Washdown Cooling of buildings Chemical spraying Fire protection Dust suppression tank technologies
  • 5. Evenproducts Limited Installation A modular system........ tank technologies
  • 6. Evenproducts Limited Installation Water Collection & Storage Reservoirs Steel Tanks Underground Concrete Tanks tank technologies
  • 7. Evenproducts Limited Installation Water Distribution Pipework ‐ PE Pumps tank technologies
  • 8. Evenproducts Limited Installation Water Filtration Disc or Screen  UV Ozone tank technologies
  • 9. Evenproducts Limited tank technologies
  • 10. Evenproducts Limited One we installed earlier.... tank technologies
  • 11. Evenproducts Limited Installation details..... Roof area: 15000m² Storage: 1000m² Pipe size: 160mm Tanks: 5 x 7.31/4.57 metres tank technologies
  • 12. Evenproducts Limited Calculating the Harvest.... Roof Area: 40 x 20 metres (800m²) Average Rainfall: 0.8 metres (800mm) This roof can collect 640,000 litres (140,000 gallons) At £1.20 per cubic metre this is £768.00 tank technologies
  • 13. Evenproducts Limited How much does Storage Cost? Water Tank with liner and fabric cover 50m³ £1795 128m³ £3277 288m³ £5864 Payback in under 4 years! (depending on usage) tank technologies
  • 14. Evenproducts Limited Illustration 1 Roof Area: 60 x 40 metres Total: 2400 sq metres Average Rainfall: 800 mm Total Collectable per annum: 1920 cubic metres Water saving at £1.20/m³ £2,304.00 Storage Tank: 128m³ £3,200.00 In line Manual Filter 25m³/hour £200.00 Pipework & Pump £1,000.00 Total Cost £4,400.00 Payback 1.91 years tank technologies
  • 15. Evenproducts Limited Illustration 2 Roof Area: 60 x 40 metres Total: 2400 sq metres Average Rainfall: 800 mm Total Collectable per annum: 1920 cubic metres Water saving at £1.20/m³ £2,304.00 Storage Tank: 288m³ £5,900.00 In line Automatic Filter 15m³/hour £2,000.00 Pipework & Pump £1,000.00 Total Cost £8,900.00 Payback 3.86 years tank technologies
  • 16. Evenproducts Limited Illustration 3 Roof Area: Total: 10000 sq metres Average Rainfall: 800 mm Total Collectable per annum: 8000 cubic metres Water saving at £1.20/m³ £9,600.00 Storage Tanks: 2 x 128m³ £5,900.00 Reservoir: 7200m³ £20,000.00 2 x In line Automatic Filter  15m³/hour £4,000.00 Pipework & Pump £2,500.00 Total Cost £32,400.00 Payback 3.38 years tank technologies
  • 17. Evenproducts Limited Points to consider..... What quality of water do you need... There is  always a cost attached to quality Storing large quantities of water consider  aeration, filtration, algae build up,  evaporation and disease tank technologies
  • 18. Evenproducts Limited The CONS....... Space.... Do you have the space available? Cost ...... Grant funding is next!! tank technologies
  • 19. Evenproducts Limited The PROS Control of water supply Control of water quality Control of runoff Save money.... Short term payback tank technologies
  • 20. Evenproducts Limited Summary Catch Water – It’s FREE! Catch Water – Control Catch Water – Save Money! Catch Water...... There is no CATCH!! tank technologies
  • 21. Evenproducts Limited Here’s one that we made earlier!! Robust construction Withstands wind and snow loads Designed to British Standards (BS 5950, BS 8110) tank technologies
  • 22. Evenproducts Limited tank technologies
  • 23. Evenproducts Limited Water Storage Tanks •Designed to British Standards •Tanks  up to 2,000,000 litre capacity (2000m³) •40% extra safety margin •Water Council Approval •Steel Covers with 2 Hatches •Purlin superstructure •Designed to withstand wind and snow loading tank technologies
  • 24. Evenproducts Limited Reservoirs can have large storage capacity Easy to install Inexpensive solution for large quantities of water tank technologies