Farm Renewables Overview: the political and environmental picture - Oliver Harwood (CLA)

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This presentation formed part of the Farming Futures workshop 'Profitable business in a changing climate: Renewables Masterclass' …

This presentation formed part of the Farming Futures workshop 'Profitable business in a changing climate: Renewables Masterclass'

March 22nd 2010

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  • 1. Renewable Energy Event Thanks to our sponsors: • Fisher German • Farming Futures • and of course the CLA
  • 2. Renewable options for rural business Oliver Harwood Chief Surveyor CLA
  • 3. Background • Energy prices on upward trend • Increasing regulation on carbon emissions • Market pull for carbon accreditation • Increasing financial support for renewables = • Market opportunities
  • 4. Oil and Gas supplies
  • 5. Electricity supplies
  • 6. The Rural Menu What works for you (and your banker) ? • Energy efficiency • Wind? • Solar? • Biofuels? • Energy Crops? • Biomass heat? • Hydro? • Biogas?
  • 7. Energy efficiency It is boring, but: • Energy audits and metering • Insulation of buildings • Switching to low energy equipment • Management (cleaning, maintenance etc) • Servicing and settings • Employee training and commitment The cheapest unit of energy is the one you don’t buy
  • 8. Next steps: CLA lobbying • Working with a wide coalition, ten years of lobbying • Energy Act 2008 includes – Double ROCs for microgeneration and biomass CHP – Double ROCs for biogas – 1.5 ROCs for straight biomass electricity • Smaller scale renewable electricity (up to 5MW or three large turbines) from April – arguing about the rates! • New incentives for renewable heat - widescale biomass heat use, and biogas fed into the gas grid from 2011
  • 9. Next steps: CLA Advice Three detailed handbooks • Biomass and woodfuel as an enterprise • Wind farms and wind energy as an enterprise • Biogas: anaerobic digestion as an enterprise Provide background and reference information on the costs and benefits of the technologies. Tailored advice • CLA advice on the legal, taxation, planning, financial support and practicalities of investment in renewables available regionally and in London.
  • 10. Proposed Heat Incentive (1)
  • 11. Proposed Heat Incentive (2)
  • 12. Proposed Heat Incentive (3)
  • 13. Contact Oliver Harwood MA (Cantab) FRICS Chief Surveyor Country Land and Business Association (CLA) 16 Belgrave Square London SW1X 8PQ T 0207 235 0511 e