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R.A. 8504 R.A. 8504 Presentation Transcript

  • sherazo 2011 1
  • sherazo 2011 2
  • Learning ObjectivesAt the end of today’s session, thestudents are able to: –Explain the significance of RA 8504 –Enumerate important details of the law –Discuss how HIV is transmitted sherazo 2011 3
  • Learning ObjectivesAt the end of today’s session, thestudents are able to: –Define terminologies in section 3 & A.O. 2010-0028 –Summarize the provisions on HIV/AIDS education and information campaign sherazo 2011 4
  • Learning ObjectivesAt the end of today’s session, thestudents are able to: –Name the safe practices and procedures (Art. II) –Summarize how HIV is tested and screened; and the patients counselled (Art. III) sherazo 2011 5
  • Learning ObjectivesAt the end of today’s session, thestudents are able to: –Enumerate the health & support services for HIV-positive individuals (Art. IV) –Discuss how HIV/AIDS is monitored in the Philippines (Art. V) sherazo 2011 6
  • Learning ObjectivesAt the end of today’s session, thestudents are able to: –Explain what is Medical Confidentiality (Art. VI) –Show creatively some acts of discrimination & policies about it (Art. VII) sherazo 2011 7
  • Learning ObjectivesAt the end of today’s session, thestudents are able to: –Discuss what is PNAC; its thrusts and the members of the Council sherazo 2011 8
  • Important detailsSignificanceDefinition of terms sherazo 2011 9
  • Important DetailsTitle: “Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998”Total Section: 52Articles: Nine (IX)Date of Approval: 02/13/1998 sherazo 2011 10
  • AIDS is...• “A disease that recognizes NO territorial, social, political and economic boundaries for which there is NO KNOWN CURE...”• The gravity of its threat demands strong action by the Philippine state... (Sec. 2) sherazo 2011 11
  • sherazo 2011 12
  • sherazo 2011 13
  • Definition of Terms• AIDS – a condition characterized by a combination of signs & symptoms – caused by HIV contracted from another person –Attacks & weakens body’s immune system ; immunocompromised sherazo 2011 14
  • sherazo 2011 15
  • Definition of Terms• HIV Testing – any laboratory procedure done on any individual to determine the presence or absence of HIV infection; –2 types: 1.Screening Test (HIV-1 & HIV-2) 2.Confirmatory Test sherazo 2011 16
  • Similarity: MOT, incurability &chances to progress to AIDSHIV-1 HIV-2• Found around the world • West Africa; increasing cases in the US• Immunodeficiency is • Immunodeficiency faster develops more slowly• Shorter incubation • Longer incubation period period • Less infectious in early• Highly infectious in stages; Much infectious early stages (increase as the virus develops risk of transmission) sherazo 2011 17
  • sherazo 2011 18
  • Definition of Terms• Compulsory HIV testing – HIV testing procedure • Imposed upon a person Lack of consent Use of physical force Intimidation/ compulsion sherazo 2011 20
  • Definition of Terms• Voluntary HIV testing – HIV testing procedure • Individual being tested voluntarily submits himself/herself to such test sherazo 2011 21
  • Definition of Terms• Anonymous Testing – HIV testing procedure • Individual being tested does not reveal his/her true identity –Identifying symbol/ number sherazo 2011 22
  • Definition of Terms• High-Risk Behavior – A person’s frequent involvement in certain activities which increase the risk of transmitting or acquiring HIV sherazo 2011 23
  • sherazo 2011 24
  • Definition of Terms• Informed Consent –Voluntary agreement of a person to undergo or be subjected to a procedure based on full information... Written Verbally Indirectly sherazo 2011 25
  • sherazo 2011 26
  • Definition of Terms• Medical Confidentiality –Relationship of trust and confidence between: XY Any person who has acquired such confidential information sherazo 2011 27
  • Definition of Terms• Contact Tracing – method of finding and counselling the sexual partners of a person who has been diagnosed to be HIV-positive sherazo 2011 28
  • Definition of Terms• HIV Counselling & Testing (HCT) – a.k.a. Voluntary Counselling & Testing –Process that enables a client to make an informed choice about being tested for HIV sherazo 2011 29
  • Components of HCT:• Pre-Test Counselling – done before subjecting to the test –2 Forms: • Client-initiated • Provider-initiated sherazo 2011 30
  • Components of HCT:• Pre-Test Counselling –Client-initiated • Done in a place where privacy could be observed and confidentiality ensured • Bringing of confidant is encouraged sherazo 2011 31
  • Components of HCT:• Client-initiated Pre-Test Counselling • Adult patients: setting is safe and secure Source: AO 2010- 0028 sherazo 2011 32
  • Components of HCT:• Provider-initiated Pre-Test Counselling sherazo 2011 33
  • Components of HCT:• Provider-initiated Pre-Test Counselling sherazo 2011 34
  • Components of HCT:• Post-Test Counselling – process of providing risk- reduction information and emotional support to a person who submitted to HIV testing the time that result is released sherazo 2011 35
  • HIV/AIDS Information andEducation Program (Article I) sherazo 2011 36
  • Information dissemination& Education Schools (Sec. 4) Health service providers (Sec. 5) Workplaces (Sec. 6) For Filipinos going abroad (Sec. 7) Tourists and transients (Sec. 8) Communities (Sec. 9) sherazo 2011 37
  • In schools...As Health service...In the workplace...For Filipinos goingabroadFor Tourists andTransients...In communities... sherazo 2011 44
  • Information on Prophylactics (Sec 10)• Printed in Filipino and English• Contain literature How to use? Efficacy against HIV/AIDS Importance of abstinence & mutual fidelity sherazo 2011 45
  • • Mrs. Yee, a Filipino-Chinese businesswoman commercially sells a newly discovered herb for the treatment of all STI including AIDS. However, month after the opening of the business, a customer reported to BFAD and justified the misleading claims of the herb she is selling... –What will happen to Mrs. Yee? sherazo 2011 46
  • Safe Practices &Procedures (Art. II) sherazo 2011 47
  • • Requirement on the donation of blood, tissue or organ (Sec. 12) –SOP prior to blood transfusion & organ donation Who does the HIV screening on blood? Is donating HIV-positive blood sample possible? sherazo 2011 48
  • • Guidelines on surgical & similar procedures (Sec. 13) –Use of and availability protective equipments: sherazo 2011 49
  • • Penalty for unsafe practices and procedures –Anyone who knowingly and negligently causes another person to get infected with HIV in the course of the practice of his profession through unsafe and unsanitary practice/ procedure shall suffer • 6 yrs. to 12 yrs. (+ fines + revocation of license) sherazo 2011 50
  • Testing, Screening andCounselling (Art. III) sherazo 2011 51
  • Consent for HIV testing...• NO compulsory HIV testing; ONLY voluntary HIV testing is encouraged among high-risk individuals Obtain Written informed consent Person of legal age From parents/ legal guardian (Minor or mentally incapacitated) sherazo 2011 52
  • Consent for HIV testing...• Indirect Consent when: A Person volunteers to donate his/her blood, organ, tissue... a Person has executed a legacy of organ donation Donation is executed sherazo 2011 53
  • Prohibitions on compulsory HIV Testing (Sec. 16) Pre-condition to employment Admission to educational institutions Exercise of freedom of abode Entry or continued stay in the country Right to travel Provision of medical service or any other kind of service (+continued enjoyment...) sherazo 2011 54
  • When is Compulsory HIV testing allowed?• When a person is charged with any crimes punishable by the law• When the determination of HIV status is necessary to resolve the relevant issues (Family code)• When complying with the provisions of RA 7170 and RA 7719 sherazo 2011 55
  • Accreditation of HIV Testing Centers• A.O 2010-0028 HCT Facility – any health facility equipped in providing services on HIV counselling and testing recognized by DOH sherazo 2011 56
  • Conduct of HIV Testing• Performed ONLY by RMTs with HIV Proficiency Training• Uses test kits approved by FDA sherazo 2011 57
  • Conduct of HIV Testing• For Reactive samples during Screening Test: –from patients – STD/AIDS Cooperative Central Laboratory (SACCL) –Blood units – RITM(DOH Circular # 224 s. 2004) sherazo 2011 58
  • sherazo 2011 59
  • Health and SupportServices (Art. IV) sherazo 2011 60
  • Health & Support Services given to persons with HIV:Hospital-basedCommunity-basedLivelihood programs and trainingsInsurance sherazo 2011 61
  • Health & Support Services given to persons with HIV:Hospital-based Afforded basic health services in all government hospitals Optimum medical care Special AIDS wards sherazo 2011 62
  • Health & Support Services given to persons with HIV:Community-based LGU, NGO & other concerned agencies, persons with HIV/AIDS & high risk groups sherazo 2011 63
  • Health & Support Services given to persons with HIV:Livelihood programs and trainings Made accessible & available No deprivation to fully participate in these programs... sherazo 2011 64
  • Health & Support Services given to persons with HIV:Insurance Principle: Access to health insurance is part of an individual’s right to health and is the responsibility of the State & of society as a whole. sherazo 2011 65
  • Monitoring (Art. V)Confidentiality (Art. VI) sherazo 2011 66
  • Monitoring Program• To determine and monitor the magnitude and progression of HIV infection in the Philippines AIDSWATCH AIDS Medium Term Plan sherazo 2011 67
  • Medical Confidentiality• All health professionals, medical instructors, workers, employers, recrui tment agencies, insurance companies, data encoders, & other custodians of medical record, file, data or test results are directed to strictly observe confidentiality in handling of all medical information, particularly the identity and the status of persons with HIV. sherazo 2011 68
  • Exceptions...• When complying with reportorial requirements of HIV/AIDS monitoring program• When informing other health workers directly involved/ about to be involved in the treatment of a person with HIV/AIDS sherazo 2011 69
  • Exceptions...• When responding to subpoena duces tecum and subpoena ad testificandum sherazo 2011 70
  • HIV/AIDS test results are released only to the ff: The person who submitted himself to such test Either parent of a minor child who has been tested Legal guardian for insane persons or orphans sherazo 2011 71
  • HIV/AIDS test results are released only to the ff: Person authorized to receive the results intended for monitoring programs of the Government A justice of the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court sherazo 2011 72
  • Penalty for breaching Medical Confidentiality:• Imprisonment for 6 months to 4 years + fine + revocation of licenses• Disclosure to sexual partners: –Should be done at earliest opportunity possible sherazo 2011 73
  • Discriminatory Acts andPolicies (Art. VII) sherazo 2011 74
  • Penalty for breaching Medical Confidentiality:Discrimination in workplaceDiscrimination in schoolsRestrictions on travel and habitationInhibition from public service sherazo 2011 75
  • Penalty for breaching Medical Confidentiality:Exclusion from credit & insurance servicesDiscrimination in hospitals and health institutionsDenial of burial services sherazo 2011 76
  • Philippine National AIDSCouncil (Art. VIII) sherazo 2011 77
  • • Self-reading assignment –Article VIII to IX sherazo 2011 78
  • sherazo 2011 79