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  1. 1. Presentation On Social Marketing Over The Years<br />By: Faris Wright<br />
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONThe ERA of Social Networking<br /><ul><li>Throughout the years there have been plenty of social networking sites that have came, and some succeeded and some failed. Today you will join me as we take a trip to the past and through the journey of successful social networking sites. We will view what made them popular and what people actually liked about them. We will discuss there pros, their cons, and even there future!</li></li></ul><li>Myspace era <br /><ul><li>The first major successful social networking site in my era was myspace. Now like most of the time everything is successful because it’s a first, the originator of it.
  3. 3. Myspace was created in 2003 by a guy name Tom Anderson and became the most popular social networking site in the United States in June 2006.According to comScore.
  4. 4. At the bottom of the myspace logo you notice it says a place for friends, but I actually think that was the problem it began to branch away from being for the people but more focused on the money from advertisers and it started to be less networking going on but more advertising.
  5. 5. MySpace was overtaken internationally by main competitor Facebook in April 2008 based on monthly unique visitors.</li></li></ul><li>Facebookthe history<br /><ul><li>As we all know facebook today its known to be one of the biggest social networking sites ever with over 250 million active users to this day.
  6. 6. Facebook was founded by a computer science major named Mark Zuckerberg and was initially used for Harvard University students to keep in contact with basic information and a chance to meet fellow students and back then it was known as thefacebook.
  7. 7. Facebook then became popular and branched off to other Universities and then was just a college social networking site. With the growth of that it kept growing then to high school and shortly after to the general public with set regional networks.
  8. 8. Once facebook opened to the general public it really started to become a major success it became one of the most used sites as we know it, today based on facebook statistics more than 120 million users log in each day!</li></li></ul><li>acebookcontinued…<br /><ul><li>We all love facebook today because it more personal and you can get an overview of a friend and get to meet and know new people just by sitting at home with the click of a mouse.
  9. 9. Facebook is a more personal site for the people. I think that’s why people like it so much because you get to decide everything and its all about you! You create your profile and description based on your personality.
  10. 10. Facebook has became more successful than myspace because it simplified things and less advertising. It seems that people like things simplified and they are more adaptable to it guess because its user friendly.
  11. 11. Today facebook is losing a few visitors and users because of constant changes and the new era of twitter which is more simplified and more personal, it makes people feel more important.</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Twitter is one of the newest social networking sites and is constantly growing rapidly.
  12. 12. Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets.
  13. 13. Twitter has became successful because it was more simpler to use than facebook and its all about you.
  14. 14. Another component to twitters success if it has a lot of actual celebrities that use it and endorse it just by word of mouth.
  15. 15. People like twitter more than other social sites is because of its simplicity and how personal it is. </li></li></ul><li>twitter Continued…<br /><ul><li>People feel important when there on twitter it makes them feel like people are interested in them because your friends are called followers and your updates are only showed to them.
  16. 16. When I heard the buzz about twitter I thought it was going to be pretty cool so I joined like everyone else just to stay in the social networking loop.
  17. 17. After I joined I didn’t really enjoy it that much there nothing really going on unless someone updates their status.
  18. 18. I then learned about tweetdeck which is pretty cool and makes twitter a lot more fun than the original way. Its like you can view everything on one page, it organizes the tabs for you.
  19. 19. I still personally don’t think twitter is cut out to be what people make it.</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Skype is pretty much a network site that allows you to talk to friends over the net without typing you can also see friends while you talk with a webcam.
  20. 20. Skype is a site that has never blown up to its fullest potential. I say that because it’s a great site and has a the great feature of talking and seeing friends live
  21. 21. I like skype just because you don’t have to do so much typing and you get your message to them with urgency because its live!
  22. 22. Another good thing about skype is its basically like a free phone line because you can call directly to phones without being charged. </li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Youtube is a pretty cool site and I don’t think its social networking site even though some view it as, I view youtube as a public video broadcasting site.
  23. 23. Its used to upload and store your favorite video creations, and see how many people are actually interested in what you put up.
  24. 24. I think that the one unique thing about youtube is it constantly shows how popular your video is because it counts how many different computers view it.
  25. 25. There has been a lot of success with you tube as well as its users, the users have become successful because it helps users get there ideas & thoughts out. If a video gets so many hits companies start to notice and advertise on that video. That’s another good thing about youtube it allows users to make money.</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Ok now blogger this is something way beyond social networking to me, its like it gives people their own custom website.
  26. 26. You can design your blog however you want. You can choose your backround, your info you wish to display and even what applications or boxes you want on there.
  27. 27. This is also a pretty personal site, it lets you just type random gibberish and thoughts about you or whatever you want on there.
  28. 28. You can also post all of your social sites or contact sites thru this one site in its own column.</li></li></ul><li>Blah BlahBlah….<br />Blogger Continued… <br /><ul><li>I really like blogger other peoples blogger because I still haven't had time to get mines together like I want it. I think this takes a lot of time because the designs are endless as how to set it up.
  29. 29. There's always something new or a change you want to add to your blog. It seems like something you have to do everyday just to keep your blog interesting.
  30. 30. Another good thing about blogger is that your pretty much can pass this for a website and get people to view this for info on you, your company, or whatever your blogs main focus is about.
  31. 31. I plan on focusing future time on blogger just because endless possibilities and I encourage everyone to check it out and get involved with it.</li></li></ul><li>The best social network to this day I would have to say is facebook. I think facebook is the best just because of how it grew overtime and its consistency to keep the site updated with new apps. Some apps. we like and some we don’t. Facebook is the best site to me because it’s the only way you can be personal with some one and stay updated on them. I talk to my family more on facebook then on the phone just because you can see how they feel in there status’s, and also see if there free to talk by online status. I also like how its always room to meet new people as long as you don’t hit the friend limit. I am currently on my third facebook page. I know its crazy but my other two got kicked off for misuse of site. Even on this page I am close to 5,000 friends which is the limit and I have 4,773 with like 100 pending. I know its crazy but as of now I don’t confirm everybody just because of the new trend on the site of people making fake profiles or just profiles to be nosey, not to mention the over population of promoters. Through it all I love facebook and I think this has one of the best futures for years to come. <br />
  32. 32. Why is Social Marketing Cool?<br /><ul><li>A social network is a social structure made of individuals (or organizations).
  33. 33. Everybody wants to be apart of a major group and that’s basically what these sites are, and letting everyone join.
  34. 34. Especially when the majority of the population constantly joins you don’t want to feel left out.
  35. 35. Social networking is also a easy way of communicating with others from the comfort of your home.
  36. 36. People use social networks site for many reasons, from job networking, promotions, building friendships, and just staying in contact with friends & family
  37. 37. I encourage everyone to get involved with social networks as we move closer to the future and a world where life happens over the computer.</li></li></ul><li>Statistics<br />MAIN SOCIAL NETWORK USERS: <br />facebook = 250 million users<br />twitter =6 million registered accounts<br />myspace= 125 million users<br />
  38. 38. Conclusion<br /><ul><li>This class has taught me so many new tips and guidelines about social marketing. I’ve learned social marketing is very important not just for personal use but also professional use.
  39. 39. I really enjoyed this summer online class and I plan to use all the features we've learned in the near future. Starting with blogger, I really want to get into that more.
  40. 40. One thing I noticed through out the term was my google popularity, I mean I was already on googlebut with doing all theses sites and online work its like my name dominates the whole first page in search rankings.
  41. 41. In today's world in order to keep up with it you have to have some type of internet interaction, I say that because our world is moving more torward a future of computers and technology. I think I am very educated on the internet and plan to take away what I learned in the MSU New Media Driver Lisence class and put it to use to the maximum of my ability.</li>