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Fostering Safety Culture in Malaysia by Ir Johari
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Fostering Safety Culture in Malaysia by Ir Johari


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Factors affecting safety culture amongst employees in fast food restaurant

Factors affecting safety culture amongst employees in fast food restaurant

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  • 1. FOSTERING SAFETY CULTURE IN MALAYSIA Dato’ Ir Dr Johari bin Basri Director GeneralDepartment of Occupational Safety and Health, Ministry of Human Resources
  • 2. The OSH Journey…2005 - 2011 - 2016 -2010 2015 2020 2
  • 3. Justification… The explosion killed 11 workers and injured 16 others; another 99 people survived without serious physical injury.Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosionApril 20, 2010 3
  • 4. Justification… 4
  • 5. Accident and fatality rate - Where it happened Number of accident reported according to time of accident, Jan-May, 2010-2011 14,190Jan-Mei, 2010 8,935 Bekerja 451 Perjalanan Penyakit khidmat 13,705Jan-Mei, 2011 9,922 597 Source: SOCSO
  • 6. Accident and fatality rate- WorkplaceNumber of work related accidents reported according to age group, Jan-May 2010-2011 Source: SOCSO
  • 7. Accident and fatality rate- Commuting Number of commuting accident reported according to age group, Jan-May 2010-2011Source: SOCSO
  • 8. What is Safety Culture?Measures and practices undertaken to preventand minimise the risk of Safety loss of life, injury anddamage to property and Safety Culture environment A set of deep seated values, attitudes, percepti ons and practices that guides the safety and health behaviour of the Way of life; the management and staff of an organisation customs, beliefs andattitudes that people in a particular group or Culture organisation share
  • 9. Safety Culture Maturity Model Develop Engage all staff : Consistency & fight co-operation & complacency. GENERATIVE commitment OSH is how we do business round here Realise importance PROACTIVE of frontline staff we work on the & development of personal problems that we still find responsibility CALCULATIVE we have systems inManagement place to manage allCommitment hazards REACTIVE Safety is important, we do a lot every time we have an accident PATHOLOGICAL who cares as long as we’re not caught Increasing Trust / Accountability Increasingly informed
  • 10. Safety Culture DOSH 2016-2020 Preventive Safety Culture • OSH awareness • National Framework on OSH (customers, stakeholders, employ • Implement OSH Preventative Program ers, employees) • Strategic Alliance • Enhancing leadership • Focused group • Tripartite collaboration • R&D • OSH MS DOSH 2011-2015 Self Regulation •Increase tripartite collaboration •Enhancing Leadership •National Framework on OSH •R&D •Preventive Culture •OSH MS in Focused sectors •Strategic Alliance •Focused sectoral Safety Culture + DOSH OSH Ownership Decent Work2005 - 2010•OSH Practitioners & services •R & D•Strategic Alliance •Enhancing Leadership Implementation mechanism : ‘OSH Ownership’•Focus - Agri, SME, BC •Regulate OSH MS Standard setting Enforcement Promotion 10
  • 11. Aim and Objective: To build a safe , healthy and productive pool of human capital by creating, cultivating and sustaining a safe and healthy work culture in all organizations throughout Malaysia“Now, we are in action mode, whereby we must identify the kinds of actions and methods we shouldadopt or do. I want this mentality to be translated into seriousness and commitment on out part in orderto realize the people’s needs and bring about a major transformation to our country.” …Prime Minister 04/09/2009 NST
  • 12. OSH MP 15 Strategies Strategy 1: Fostering and Enhancing Government Leadership and Practices Government promotes a high level of workplace health and safety performance, and has excellent health and safety practices in its own workplaces (13 PROGRAMS) Strategic 2: Preventive Work place Safety Cultures Reducing Work-related fatality and injury rate down by 20% and 30% in 2015. (6 PROGRAMS) Strategic 3: Industry Leadership and Community Engagement Industries lead improvements in workplace health and safety practices, and there is strong support for workplace health and safety in the wider community. (7 PROGRAMS) Strategic 4: Develop strong partnerships locally and internationally Internally there will be strong correlation between/amongst OSH practitioners and the Government. Externally, more bilateral agreements on OSH will be implemented. (3 PROGRAMS)
  • 13. Government’s Approach Strengthen legal framework Promotion andfacilitation of OSH A Standard Setting Awareness and Safety CultureMulti-agencies Strategicco-operation E B enforcement National OSH Strategy Enforcement Increase OSH D C Generation and practitioners dissemination of local examples
  • 14. Approach:Standard Setting & EnforcementFactories & Petroleum Machinery Act (Safety Measure) 1984 Act 1967 (Act 302)(Act 139) Industry Codes Of Practices, Guidelines, Administrative Orders Provisions for securing the safety, health and welfare of workers including others persons at work
  • 15. Approach:Promotion Engage stakeholders Educate and raise awareness Recognise and reward good practices
  • 16. Engage Stakeholders - Linkages Between Workplace and Tripartite Group Ministry of Health National Council for OSH OSH Administration & Enforcement Accidents / injury/ poisoning & - Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) diseases Regulations Inspections Enforcement Monitoring Directions Information ICOP,Guidelines Audit 13 DOSH State Offices Compliance Inspection and Advice Research and Advisory Support - National Institute of OSH (NIOSH) Training Monitoring Information ResearchMinistry of Human Resources - Universities GOOD OSH SYSTEM AND RECORDS IMPLEMENTATION - OSH Manual Social Partners - Audit Records MEF CICM MSOSH - Safety Plan MTUC MBAM MASHO - Compliance Records CIDB FMM MOSHPA - Monitoring Record SOEM MIHA - etc. Workers Social Security (Compensation) Administration - Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) Administers workers social security protection for workers Occupational Safety Health against the contingencies of employment injury including Services commuting accidents, occupational diseases, invalidity and - OSH Laboratories death. - In-plant - Group Services - Private OSH 16
  • 17. Educate and Raise AwarenessOSH Activities & Programs
  • 18. Recognise and Reward Good PracticesAppreciation & Award
  • 19. Approach:Facilitation Capacity building Compliance support Safety culture establishment
  • 20. Capacity BuildingTraining Program
  • 21. Compliance Support for SMEs Quick Wins Big Wins Transformation “OSH improvement as an integral “To sustain SMEs as a main driven “To assist SMEs industries parts of the organization’s value economic growth through self-become more safer, productive & system” regulation approached” competitive” Threshold - Develop competent OSH skills & expertise - Introduce new - OSH Ownership initiatives - Compliance support to - Self Regulation OSH legislation - Safety as a part-PPE Subvention - Compliance of OSH of business- OSH Consultation best practices - Established pro- pro-- Audit - Incentive & recognition active policy,- Inspection scheme for good OSH continual- Low cost improvement performers improvement &- Disseminate OSH info. - Industry-led OSH- Nation Wide outreach program prevention Registration - Estimate & reflect the concept real costs of accident - Safety Culture and promotes a business case for good OSH management - Research on SMEs 21
  • 22. Compliance Support Activities for SMEs • Increase Productivity DOOR NATIONAL EMPLOYERS • Competitive edge TO • Improve company • Secured DOOR National image • Reduce attrition of Economic worker Interest • Reduce dependence • Reduce accidentPROMOTIONAL EMPLOYEES • Reduce diseases on foreign SERVICES workers • Better working condition • Decent work SOCIAL • Improve morale of / wages PARTNERS, workers • SpearheadingUMBRELLA NGOs, Economic • Active advocate of Growth TRADE OSH • SustainREGISTRATION ASSOCIATION, • Increase number of OSH practitioners employability EXERCISE SAFETY • Inculcating • Less compensation PROFESSINAL • Industrial Harmony OSH Culture
  • 23. The linkages of Safety Culture to EconomicTransformation Programme (ETP) Competetive Private Sector as Engine of Growth Productivity & Gov. as an Innovation Effective through K- Facilitator Economy High Income High Income Advanced Advanced Economy Economy Creative & Innovative Human Quality of Life of Capital with 21st. an Advanced Century Skill Nation Inclusiveness in Bridging Development Gap 23
  • 24. The linkages - How OSH MP15 contributes to ETP Strong Partnership Locally & Internationally1. Promoting Private Investment Government Leadership & Partners Industry Leadership & Community Preventive Workplace Culuture2. Growing Human Capital Engagement3. Improving Business Environment4. Investing In InfrastructureETP ENABLER OSH MP ST1 ST2 ST3 ST4
  • 25. The linkages - How OSH MP15 contributes to ETP ST1 Fostering and Enhancing Government1. Promoting Private Investment Leadership and Practice • partnership with private sector to ensure delivery (C0-created-ETP &2. Growing Human Capital OSH MP) • Improving business environment - deregulating the efficiency of government - improving the efficiency of government3. Improving Business Environment operation (Task force on EPPs) • Facilitating the growth of the sector through enabling action that support the4. Investing In Infrastructure EPPs and the business opportunities - Reducing compliance costs through compliance supportETP ENABLER OSH MP 15
  • 26. The linkages - How OSH MP15 contributes to ETP ST2 Preventive Workplace Culture1. Promoting Private Investment • Strengthen the capacity of government to influence OSH outcomes • Sustainability of growth2. Growing Human Capital - growing human capital - building domestic capabilities (quantity & quality of OSH Practitioners)3. Improving Business Environment • Integrity of OSH system • Facilitate OSH training, research and information services4. Investing In InfrastructureETP ENABLER OSH MP 15
  • 27. The linkages - How OSH MP15 contributes to ETP ST3 Industry Leadership & Community1. Promoting Private Investment Engagement • Building strong capabilities to better manage OSH • Industry-led OSH outreach programmes2. Growing Human Capital by related associations • Driving improvement through large organisations (GLCs, MNCs) on vendor,3. Improving Business Environment sub-cons, supplier • Establish the practice of including OSH performance in contracts (supplier & sub-contractors4. Investing In InfrastructureETP ENABLER OSH MP 15
  • 28. The linkages - How OSH MP15 contributes to ETP ST4 Strong Partnership Locally1. Promoting Private Investment & Internationally • Strong correlation between/ amongst OSH practitioners & the government • Facilitating the growth of the sectors2. Growing Human Capital through enabling actions that support the EPPs. - EASE of DOING BUSSINESS3. Improving Business Environment • Regional collaborations e.g. ASEAN- OSHNet, OIC- OSHNet, APOSHO • ILO, EU, JICA and WHO4. Investing In InfrastructureETP ENABLER OSH MP 15
  • 29. Strategic Map : OSH MP - 15 Towards Safe, Healthy & MP- Productive Workforce 1 Malaysia, People First, Performance Now Community “Enhance Self-Regulation” Value Better quality of Safety, Health & Safety Culture life Welfare(Deliverable)Stakeholder Safer and Fair Quality OSH Capable & Injury Decent Work Systems, Practices Value Workplaces Free Agenda Promote excellence in & Processes Workforce OSH management Reduced Reduced practices occupational accident Direct and Indirect Financial & diseases rate Allocation OSH costs Business Operational Financial 125.369 61 millions 67.5 47 millions millions Value for money millions Financial monitoring 300.869 OBB Financial/Budget Mgmt System millions Towards Self-Regulation Excellence Initiative 1 : Improve Initiative 2 : Initiative 3 : Initiative 4 : Infra- Infra-Structure Compliance Implementation of Enhancing OSH Management A) Forensic Lab Support for SME OSH MP15 System in Private/Public Sector B) DOSH Facilities C) ICT FacilitiesOrg. Capabilities & Value Innovation Develop competent Adequately OSH Assess OSH Effective OSH tools OSH skills & Resources & information systems performance expertise Create greater Communicate OSH knowledge & Effective OSH awareness of good responsibilities & communications OSH practice accountabilities 29
  • 30. Conclusion OSH Performance (OBB) Stakeholders, •reduced by 20% NGO andFatality rate (15.9 to 12.7 per Industries 100,000 workers) Preventive Safety Culture •down by 30% (6.0Accident rate to 4.2 per 1,000 workers)
  • 31. People learn from their mistakesPeople avoid making the same kind of mistakesby sharing the lessons learnedWhen mistakes occur people take responsibilityfor them Website/Portal : 31 Email :