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MTV Case

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Farhan mtv

  1. 1. Presented By : Akshat Farhan Anirban SidInstitute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR)
  2. 2. • Originated by efforts of Warner Communication and American Express in 1981.• Introduced concept of Music videos which revolutionized the industry.• Introduced artists like Michael Jackson & Madonna which benefitted both MTV & artists.• Distribution boomed drastically by investments in Advertising like Rockstars endorsed the brand by “I want my MTV”.• Long-form Programs were launched to hold viewers for longer time.• The offering of MTV changed from “Music to Pop Culture”.• “Think & Act Locally” was adopted and cleared that MTV was not in business of importing & promoting American Culture.• The market was Niche Segmented and offering for different audience was introduced.• Educational and informative programs were shown at crucial times.
  3. 3. Music Trendsetting Youth Lifestyle Interactive Popular cultureRefreshing Lifestyle Entertainment Global Rebellious Dynamic Innovative
  4. 4. Cultural relevance.Changing with times. Career launcher. Differentiated Resonance International youth & offerings. cultural icon Feelings Judgment Rebellious. Trendy. Performance Music video. Imagery Reality, Informative Youthful. Cool. Interactive Salience Music, Culture , Entertainment .
  5. 5. Sources of brand equity• Brand awareness – First ever 24 hour music channel – Rock star endorsements – Unconventional promotions & Contests – MTV.com• Brand image – Music videos revolutionized the industry – Trendy, Popular & Cool• Over time- – Shift from music to culture but retained core values – Reality TV, Web, Long form programming, thinkMTV, interactive media – Globalizing with focus on local trends – Trend setter, youth icon – Certified kingmaker
  6. 6. Role of music Music was MTV’s building block and it’s original USP. Strong association with the target group. Used the music video to change the industry Established themselves as opinion leaders throughaward shows and recognitions Brand awareness through endorsements by popular musicians Platform to upcoming talents. Ex- MTV coke STUDIO. CSR- music concerts for charity efforts Shift to long form programs retained focus on music genres and artists. From a music channel to a channel about pop culture. Internet- foresaw threat of online piracy and offered legal music downloads Globalization with aim of promoting music, not American culture- focused on local music genres and talent
  7. 7. MTV Online• MTV.com launched in 1994• 18 million hits per month by 2005, #1 music site• Websites for each international channel, content designed for the local market• URGE- Tied up with labels to provide legal song downloading service• MTV Overdrive- Online broadcasting targetted at non cable subscribers• MTV 360- Attracted current viewers- previews of popular shows, clips of global events etc• Internet acquisitions- Neopets, iFilms, Atom Entertainment
  8. 8. Positioning within network Channel Target Offering MTV Youth Music, entertainment, lifestyle MTV2 Adults Music 24/7 Nickelodeon Children Animation, comedy, adventure Comedy Central Adults Comedy 24/7 Spike TV Men Comedy, movies, sports Nick @ Nite Family Classics TV Land Family Dramas, westerns BET African-American Music, news, entertainment Showtime Men/Adults Movies, boxing LOGO LGBT Current issues Noggin Pre-schoolers Educational The N Pre-teens Educational
  9. 9. Brand Portfolio• Highly focused- targeting youth segment• Contemporary, trendy, hip• Slightly overlapping- Cannibalization• Combine Nick@Nite and TV Land- focus on classic programming• Make Showtime exclusively movies– remove Boxing• Exclusive sports channel- sportsmen interviews, bios, greatest matches, rookie spotlight• Merge Nickelodeon and Noggin. Air pre-school offerings on a smaller commercial-free time slot• Slowly phase-out videos from MTV to MTV2- play only billboard hits on MTV• Introduce technology-focused show on MTV highlighting latest in consumer electronics
  10. 10. The way 2 GO• Tie-up with celebrities to provide first-look at new albums, movies, shows etc.• Customized content to cellphones- info about local music concerts, celebrity appearances, tickets etc• Provide forum for aspiring talent- upload audio and video tracks• Tap growing smart phone market- provide applications/wallpapers/screensavers• Social media integration- linking MTV account and Facebook account• Bundling MTV channels for cable subscriptions• Offer content on latest platforms- X-Box 360 and Playstation3• Perks for registered members- concert tickets, lucky draw competitions
  11. 11. The way 2 GO• Online streaming- tie-up with youtube to provide original videos• Scope for digital marketing and advertising revenue• Brand extensions to headphones, music players and other merchandise• Programming in regional languages• Keep ahead of the times, explore new areas- new genres, online gaming, sports• MTV VJ Academy