Interactive Lecture Using Articulate Presenter, Engage & Quizmaker

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Interactive Lecture Using Articulate Presenter, Engage & Quizmaker

Interactive Lecture Using Articulate Presenter, Engage & Quizmaker

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  • 1. i-Lecture( Advanced )UsingArticulateSoftware
  • 2. i-Lecture Basic vs AdvancedBasic• Record narration & add annotation usingArticulate Presenter• Edit recorded audio using Audio Editor inArticulate Presenter• Preview and publish the slidesAdvanced• Create an engage interaction usingArticulate Engage• Create an interactive quiz by using ArticulateQuizmaker• Preview and publish the slidesBASICADVANCED
  • 3. Learning OutcomesCreate an engage interactionusing Articulate EngagesoftwareCreate an interactive quizby using ArticulateQuizmaker softwarePreview and publishyour slides
  • 4. TopicsPowerPoint – Preparing SlidesCreating Engage Interactionusing Articulate EngageCreating Interactive Quiz usingArticulate QuizmakerPreviewing & publishing i-lecture.
  • 5. Preparing SlidesUse Slide Masterto change theoverall designand layout of thepresentation.Why & how tocreate a slidemaster?
  • 6. Why Use Slide Master?Slide MasterFor i-lecturepublicationThe navigation titlewill be updated andaccording to theslide title.Font style ColorsEffectsPlaceholdersizeTextAlignment
  • 7. Gagne’s Nine Events of InstructionGain attentionState learning outcomesRecall prior knowledgePresent stimulus materialProvide learner guidanceProvide learning activitiesProvide feedbackAssess performanceEnhance retention and transfer123456789
  • 8. i-lectureWrite corecontentIncludeAdditionalMedia (ifnecessary)Presentideas,concepts inEngageCreateknowledgechecks andquizzesRecordNarrationPublishlearningmaterialonlineDevelopment Cycle
  • 9. Using Engage• A rapid e-Learningdevelopment tool todesign interactivelearning activities.• Has over 10 easy touse templates.• Integrates withArticulate Presenter.
  • 10. 1 Process Let users discover the steps of a linearprocess.Use the Process interaction to:Illustrate the steps of a processWalk users through a series of related itemsExplain a workflow or procedureViewSample2 LabeledGraphicThe Labeled Graphic interaction allows usersto identify the key elements of an image.Use the Labeled Graphic interaction to:Highlight details of a photoCall out relevant parts of a graphicExplain features of a software screenshotViewSample
  • 11. 3 Tabs The Tabs interaction allows users to explore agroup of related items.Use the Tabs interaction to:• Walk through a list of related concepts• Identify members of a group• Compare differences among severalobjectsViewSample4 CircleDiagramThe Circle Diagram interaction allows users toexamine the relationship of items in a circularhierarchy.Use the Circle Diagram interaction to:• Show related items within a hierarchy• Organize concepts into segments andlayers• Graphically depict a philosophy orapproachViewSample
  • 12. 5 Timeline The Timeline interaction allows users todiscover the events of a timeline.Use the Timeline interaction to:• Step through a series of periods andevents• Guide users though a continuum• Highlight key milestones in a scheduleViewSample6 Media Tour The Media Tour interaction allows users tostep through a series of related images,video, and Flash.Use the Media Tour interaction to:• Walk through screenshots of a softwareapplication• Create a multimedia tour fromphotographs and videos• Provide a how-to manual from a series ofimagesViewSample
  • 13. 7 FAQ The FAQ interaction allows users to find theanswers to frequently asked questions.Use the FAQ interaction to:• Answer commonly asked questions• Let users search for solutions to problems• Review subject matter in a Q&A formatViewSample8 Pyramid The Pyramid interaction allows users toexplore a hierarchical relationship of relatedconcepts.Use the Pyramid interaction to:• Show relationships within a hierarchy• Compare levels of importance of relatedconcepts• Detail steps in a process or methodologyViewSample
  • 14. 9 GuidedImageThe Guided Image interaction allows usersto examine important parts of an image ordiagram.Use the Guided Image interaction to:• Step through details of an image• Explain significant parts of a graphicViewSample10 Glossary The Glossary interaction allows users toreveal the definitions of words, terms, andphrases.Use the Glossary interaction to:• Define commonly used terms• Explain technical acronyms• Provide understanding of cultural phrasesViewSample
  • 15. Quizmaker Quiz
  • 16. Using QuizmakerAllows you to create quizzes inyour i-Lecture20 different question typesavailableFeedback can be based onquestions or answersAllows for quizzes to be graded
  • 17. Publishing Your i-LectureChecklist before published:Check slide properties (title foreach slide)Insert IMU logoInsert your pictureInsert your email/contactnumber
  • 18. By publishing your slides, youwill be able to listen to thenarration, do theinteractivities and alsoattempt the quizzes.You may preview your i-lecture before you publish it.Previewing & Publishing SlidesClick onArticulate TabClick onPreview Button12Previewing i-Lecture
  • 19. Additional Tips!Learning Games• Often utilized for knowledgechecks.• Enhance the presentation bymaking it more engaging andinteractive.• There are three types of LearningGames:Choices Word Quiz Sequence
  • 20. ArticulateTab1LearningGames2
  • 22. SummaryPrepare SlidesTitle and Slide MasterUse of graphicsCreate an engageinteraction usingArticulate EngagesoftwareCreate an interactive quizby using ArticulateQuizmaker softwarePreview & PublishPreview before publish.Insert IMU Logo,Presenter Info, andPublish.
  • 23. References• Creating Master Slide in PowerPoint• Recording Narration Tutorial• 13 Tips to Record like a Pro• Syncing Animations And Recording Narration At TheSame Time• Publishing a Presentation• E-Learning Licence (Rapid E-Learning)8