Music Video Proposal Media Planning


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Music Video Proposal Media Planning by Farai Musamadya

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Music Video Proposal Media Planning

  1. 1. MusicVideo Proposal<br />Nash<br />“Still Feel The Same”<br />
  2. 2. “Still Feel The Same”<br />The song is based on a guy talking about his relationship with his girlfriend. They broke up and now he’s thinking back on the time they were together. He realises that he still loves her and is trying to find out if she still loves him.<br />Plot<br />He talks about how he can’t stop thinking<br /> about her ever since the last time he saw her.<br />He talks about how they used<br /> to talk till late on the phone.<br />He also misses the way they used to walk in the park together.<br />But the most important question is – Does she still feel the same?<br />
  3. 3. Location<br />Possible Locations:<br />Window Pale in the house: This could be used as he looks <br /> outside reminiscing about the<br /> past with his girlfriend.<br />And various locations in the house where they spent time together...<br />In the Park: This location is mentioned in the lyrics and could <br /> support the lyrics. Its a place were most couples go<br /> for walks or play games etc. <br />Northolt Hills: This place is great as it has a nice view could be one <br /> of the places the couple used to go to. <br />Car scene: Couple standing in front of the car!!!<br />
  4. 4. Treatment - Proposal<br /><ul><li>The song start with the lyrics “There ain’t anything changed but the time and date” which I want a close up of the male and there would be cuts of different scenes with the different times they shared together. Each scene will have a date on it to show the different days leading up to the male singing to the song.
  5. 5. When it gets to the beginning of the 1st verse the male singer will be sitting looking outside the window (reminiscing) and singing the song with a shot of the girl e.g. capturing her face ) close- up of her. Then more flash backs of them together in the locations to be used in the music videos.
  6. 6. To show that they are not together I want to film the couple in different locations with him at his place and her at his.
  7. 7. A Clock and A Calendar will be really important textual references and act as symbols of the song e.g. every flash back will have a time and date on it “There ain’t anything changed but the time and date”.</li></li></ul><li>The Couple<br />
  8. 8. Continued...<br /><ul><li>The Music Video needs to be able to portray the connection and the love that the couple</li></ul>shared in the scenes. The body language is really important which is why I am going to use a<br />real couple which will be easy to film as they will be comfortable with each other ( eye contact<br />and flirtatious behaviour and a little kissing).<br /><ul><li>Because the artist is singing about the past as they are not together I would like to</li></ul> capture that they are not together using split screen of the couple in their own space with<br />the male on his own and the girl on her own. <br /><ul><li>The ending of the song would be the two reconciled together and him proposing to her and a shot with great emphasis on the ring (close –up ) and ending in slow motion with the couple in each others arms and smiling....</li></li></ul><li>Mise-en-scene<br />Props: Car (Mercedes) showing the status – R&B male artist status <br /> Sunglasses (couple)<br /> Picture Frame (couple) <br /> Theme colour between couple (clothes)<br />Locations: House ( window pale, bedroom, sofa etc)<br /> Park / Bedfont lakes <br /> Northolt Hills<br /> On the car<br />Example video:<br />
  9. 9. Farai MusamadyaSt Pauls Catholic CollegeCandidate No: 5296<br />