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Goodwin's Theory Of Music Videos
Goodwin's Theory Of Music Videos
Goodwin's Theory Of Music Videos
Goodwin's Theory Of Music Videos
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Goodwin's Theory Of Music Videos


Published on

By Farai Musamadya

By Farai Musamadya

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Goodwins Theory Of Music Video&lt;br /&gt;Goodwins theory is one way of analysing music videos and their codes and conventions.&lt;br /&gt;There are principles to Goodwins Theory: 16198859540240&lt;br /&gt;<ul><li>Omarion – SpeedinThe artist is featured driving a car as the lyrics are about speeding to go and save his relationship before his girlfriend leaves.There is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals with the visuals illustrating, implifying or contadicting the lyrics.
  • 2. This is whether the visuals are fast paced or slow. Chris Brown “Holla at me” consist of fast paced cuts and dancing also with some shaky cam.The relationship between the music and the visuals with the visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the music. </li></ul>71513701421765&lt;br /&gt;<ul><li>-752475361950Music videos are often constructed by the links between the visuals and the song plus the artist.</li></ul>Ashanti “Rain on me” is an excellent example of a video with links between visuals and the song and artist. As insert on the left shows the title of the song “Rain On Me” on a puddle of rain at the beginning of the song. &lt;br /&gt;The lyrics of the song are very sad and speak about the relationship of the artist. It shows the abuse she goes through and the whole video is based in the evening and night and majority of the time when it is raining linking with the song title also the action from the artist convey the feelings of the song. Denotation of make-up smudged from crying and connotations is upset and tears also symbolise human rain.3971925-733425&lt;br /&gt;<ul><li>4276725327660R &amp; B Hip pop music have the characteristics of showing their wealth through expensive cars and female models (video vixens).Demonstration and establish genre characteristics (e.g. stage performance and dance) 16198859540240</li></ul>-84772542545&lt;br /&gt;1790700125730&lt;br /&gt;Bling aka Jewelery such as long chains, diamond rings, watches and bracelets also play a big part in Hip pop culture.&lt;br /&gt;7200907199630&lt;br /&gt;7200907199630&lt;br /&gt;<ul><li>The demands of the record l7200907199630abel on the artist (e.g. motifs created – visuals created)</li></ul>1619885791972016198859540240&lt;br /&gt;<ul><li>There is frequent reference to the notion of looking and particularly voyeuristic treatment treatment of the female body
  • 3. Intertextual reference
  • 4. 7200907199630
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