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Presentation faqcil 2012

  1. 1. Design.Research & Development.Logistics Engineering.
  2. 2.  ABOUT US. SERVICES: Design. Research & Development. Integrated Logistics Support. ORGANIZATION. PARTNERSHIPS. REFERENCES. CONTACTS.
  3. 3. ABOUT US FAQCIL’s current Core Business has developed its own Design skills, in the fields of Mechanics, Electronics, Chemical and Electrical Engineering (Machines and Plants), as well as Calculation tools which are tailor-made to the customer’s requirements. As a complement to its Core Business, FAQCIL has Integrated Logistics Support for Systems and Equipment by means of R.A.M.S. Analysis, which are derived from innovative probabilistic approaches. FAQCIL pursues real targets of Research & Development activities on its own financing. Patents and scientific publications are also included among its successful outcomes. FAQCIL’s advisory services have been highly appreciated in the fields of Aerospace, Naval and Railway Design for providing original solutions to problems which had been considered insoluble. FAQCIL is able to draw on a skilled team with more than 20 years of experience in industrial and research activities. In line with FAQCIL’s plans to remain in the vanguard of Research & Development, its members work symbiotically with an extremely well-supported and trained team of young talents.
  4. 4. SERVICES: DESIGN In FAQCIL we use the most modern Analysis and Design tools such as: CAD-CATIA (for 2D and 3D designs) D MD-NASTRAN (for Finite Elements Analyses of structural systems) F CFD (for Analysis and Dynamic Simulations) s 3DS MAX (for Design and Rendering PREMIUM QUALITY) i RELYSOFT (for ri-elaborate in probabilistic terms the deterministic elaborations) - SIMPLORER (for Simulation of complex electrical/ electronic circuits). Moreover, “general purpose” tools such as MATLAB and MATHCAD are used. FAQCIL offers simulations of experimental tests of new manufactured products, which ensure a drastic reduction of the "Time-to-Market“.
  5. 5. SERVICES: RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT In FAQCIL we use the most modern Analysis and Design tools such as: XFA-3 (Complete study, analysis and construction of a ULM prototype) s UAS-Medusa (Analysis and empirical study of a UAV prototype) y XFW-3 (Project and construction of a recreational skipper) Holding the international patent for this vehicle r XFA-7 (Complete study, analysis and construction of a micro-glider prototype) s CFD-LB (Development of CDF software by Laticce Boltzmann method)
  6. 6. SERVICES: INTEGRATED LOGISTICS SUPPORT FAQCIL performs Logistics Engineering Techniques by means of the SUITE-CARE and RISK-SPECTRUM tools, by offering continuous support in every phase of the lifecycle of the product: requirements definition, Design, Supply, Maintenance and Configuration Management. By means of Relysoft the Logistics Engineering is combined with Design, performed through MD-Nastran and Simplorer. ILS (Integrated Logistics Support) consultancies offered by FAQCIL are listed below: L Reliability L FMECA/FTA/Event Tree/HAZOP T Safety & Security y Maintainability y Testability y RCM y Integrated Logistics Support t Database t LCC and LORA t Manuals t STTE t Training Courses
  7. 7. ORGANIZATION C.E.O. Legal and financial Patent and advice trademark advice Quality advice TECHNOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENTAL TRAINING PROJECTS PROJECTS Solar and Urban solid waste Aeronautical Nautical Computer wind energy R.A.M.S. activities Maintenance Products Products Services Services Supportability Re-engineering
  9. 9. REFERENCES Projects Customers Training: Subsonic and supersonic aerodynamics. CESDA (Centro de Estudios Superiores De la Advanced aerospaces systems. Aviación) Certification of ULM aircraft: FK 9 PRAIR AVIACIÓ Study of gyroscopic platform aplication FIXVIEW Study of gyroscopic platform for UAS and Defense ANORTEC, S.L. Co-design and Development of MT4 machine TECNUS, S.R.L. High quality Renders 3D, and 4D animations VIRTUAL MINDS FEM analysis of A380 Fancowls elements SMA, S.L. (Sistemas Mecánicos Avanzados) Implantation of Urban Solid Waste tractment MASIAS RECYCLING, S.L. systems Implantation of Urban Solid Waste tractment POL, S.R.L. systems Technical management of R+D projects SISMEFI, S.L.
  10. 10. REFERENCES collaborating for ITALCONSUL: Projects led by the company: Aerospace Projects Customers Vector VEGA (Advanced European Vector): RAMS Analysis of the structures and inter-stage separation systems. CPD (Coarse Pointing Device ): RAMS Analysis of Oerlikon Contraves; (Final Customers: ESA and the structures, mechanical devices and Alenia Aerospazio). pyrotechnic and Sensitivity Analysis of electronic components to ionize radiations for International Space Lab. Satellite ENVISAT: Reliability Analysis of the RF Front End. Satellite AGILE (Monitoring of external radiations: X rays, cosmic rays,…): RAMS Analysis of the mechanical structure of the satellite and Reliability OerlikonContraves; (Final Customers: ASI, Analysis of the thermal protection subsystem, Gavazziand Laben). RAMS of the solar wind. Satellites SAC-Band SAC-C: RAMS Analysis of OerlikonContraves; (Final Customers: Argentinian deploying devices and solar panels. Space Agency, ASI, FIAR and Galileo Avionica). San Marco Scout Launcher: RAMS Analysis of Oerlikon Contraves; (Final Customers: ASI and thermo shield and mechanical devices of release Fiat Avio) and boosters.
  11. 11. REFERENCES in collaboration with ITALCONSUL: Projects led by the company: Defence Projects Customers NH90, EDO and A109 Projects (Sikorsky): RAMS Analysis, Development Logistics of the Launch System and Analysis to the Finite Elements of MES Sono Buoy structures by means of Nastran and Relysoft. M346 Project: Revision of the RAMS documents of AERMACCHI the land-gear and RCM Analysis. Soc. FSAF Program (Future Surface to Air Family), Projects: Fire Control, Launcher, AGIS U23 Computer, METEOR Seeker2009, SAAM-IT, MBDA SAAM-SLV: Safety Analysis.
  12. 12. REFERENCES in collaboration with ITALCONSUL: Projects led by the company: Civil Projects Customers RAM Analysis of High Speed Railway Projects of track sections Florence-Bologna,Rome- Naples,Milan-Bologna and Turin-Milan RAM Analysis of the Florence’s Tramway. ALSTOM IN RETE 2000. Data Input in the Data-Banks of RFI. Census of the Technical Plants and materials for the "Signalling" subsystem along the High Speed Railway Section Rome-Naples. IN RETE 2000 Project, construction of PEGASO maintenance data bank of Civil Works about High Speed Railway Section Rome-Naples. RAMS Analysis of security systems along the GEMMO High-Speed Railway sections Florence-Bologna. PetroliRAM of the Combined Cycle Generating Plant “SERENE”, 50 MW Power (Turbines, Generator , indoor electric system, automation and ENEL, Fiat Avio, General Electric control system). RAM Analysis of the Combined Cycle Generating Plant in “Pietrafitta”, 100 MW Power (Turbines, Generator, indoor electric system, automation and ENEL control system).
  13. 13. CONTACTS Headquarter: FAQCIL Engineering S.L. Tarragona (España) E-mail: Phone: +34 977 22 46 75 Mob: + 34 682 607 707 Italia: USA: Roma (ITALCONSUL, S.R.L.) Illinois (Mr. Adrian Ciotta) Via Frangipane 24, 00184 Tel.: +39 06679188 Mr. Roberto Paggi