2012 03-26


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2012 03-26

  1. 1. Update Week of March 26, 2012
  2. 2. Snapshot of Internal Developments and Progress Towards GoalsOperations Updates• Working with the Director of Student Life at Cogswell College to secure an intern who specializes in Unity the premiere 3D game engine• Purchased Unity Pro license and researching team server• Progress towards hiring another engineer• Evaluated top 7 candidates and narrowed down the fieldNetworking Efforts• Established artist and contacts database and networking with local professionalsResearch and Development• FHH attended Game Dojos sessions to enhance current game development• Future session with Gus Tai General Partner at Trinity Venture, Board Member at Trion Worlds and well-known for early stage funding• Obtained advice from Aaron Rich (EchoUser) on the UI/UX frontProgress: Mobile and Desktop• Mobile Pre-Production Progress• (Mobile) Art Progress• (Desktop) Technical Progress CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION
  3. 3. Game Dojos: Designing for Monetization FHH attended the "Designing for Monetization" session sponsored by Game Dojos on Monday, March 26th led by Cynthia Woll best known for her work as Creative Director for Disney Mobile for the high-grossing iPhone game “Where’s My Water?” Important points from the session which confirms that ourv trajectory is on the right track or will influence our game development are: • Combine monetization and design o Use in game currency • Avatar customization as a way to improve player stats • Synchronous vs asynchronous gameplay CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION
  4. 4. Game Dojos: Selling Pixels Rob Carroll from Tapjoy held a Game Dojos sponsored session on Thursday March 29th. Rob worked as a designer and producer for Zynga on top titles like: Mafia Wars, Pirates and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. FHH took away many monetization ideas highlighted below: • Ad types o discreet bannersv • Lite to full conversion o Free game leads to purchase of full version • Level packs to re-monetize paid users • Virtual Goods • Good UI which works in a call to action • App re-engagement strategy Golden Concepts • Temporary/consumable stat bonus with a limited time duration • Make the $10 package a better deal than the $50 package as it encourages people to think "ooh Im getting a good deal!" This strategy gets them to buy CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION
  5. 5. Mobile Pre-Production ProgressCompleted• First all-hands design meeting with game designer Quentin Daniel McCollum• Basic UI wireframes are completedIn Progress• Basic UI wireframes require real image placeholders instead of placeholder images• Work on defining the mechanics behind how dance will be incorporated in mobile game• Focus on details and complexity of avatar customization• Matt (3D artist) is participating in draft 2 to include 3D renders• Decide how much real-time 3D art will be used versus pre-rendered 3D images CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION
  6. 6. UI/UX Development The overlap between all three areas of art, technical development and monetization is UI/UX development. Fantasy Hip Hop is currently finalizing an Art Style Guide which will critical in determining whether or not to seek an industry expert in the field. We obtained free advice from EchoUser which is a Plug and Play service partner. Aaron Rich, VP Operations & Co-Founder looked our UI wireframes and offered advice in the following areas: • Buttons and icon designs • User testing at every stage to determine effectiveness of UI o Seeing if users can attain set goals o Providing users with alternate designs for evaluationCONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION
  7. 7. (Mobile) Art Progress Completed: Upcoming:• Tested avatar customization system in Unity and • First pass on high polygon male character for character avatar. works great • Create city layout of points of interest for mobile game.• Phone meeting with Game Designer Dan McCollum about the visual needs and direction of • Finish game testing latest pc version of POC. the design for mobile game. • UV map all clothing, body, accessories for characters.• Sent rendered shots, UI design files to Dan McCollum for the next stage of the wire frames for • Create textures for male and female character avatars. mobile game. • Create low polygon version of female character avatar for main game play.• First pass on high polygon female avatar model and outfits. • Create low polygon version of male character avatar for main game play.• Created test scene with 15 high polygon characters for performance test for mobile game. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION
  10. 10. (Desktop) Technical ProgressCompleted: Upcoming: • Fixed a memory leak when transitioning between rooms • Look for / track down / fix graphics memory leaks in multithread build on Mac • Tested and posted logs from latest build • Play through multithread build and look for / track down / fix leaks • Ran tests in Performance Monitor to observe memory usage • Get a stable PC multithreaded build • Run more tests in Performance Monitor • Determined consistent memory ceiling • Tracking down one more leak when transitioning between rooms • Solved exe launching issue which enables more detailed debugging • Deal with graphics card and graphics memory issues • Identified Issues • Find and fix any remaining memory leaks • Make conditional citizens and calls appear faster • Discovered we are leaking lots of memory on the graphics card as a result of textures not being freed • Integrate Matts new spiral staircase • Test logout function for memory leaks • Ran several tests on Mac attempting to find out if/ when graphics card memory is freed CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION