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Fun viral marketing case by game company Fantastec: how to raise massive media interest for a startup company? How to get more than thousand job applications for one job? All this with a budget of zero euros!

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  • Recording of the webinar is available here:

    PS: Juha, I loved your presentation. It was not only informative but very funny too :)
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Fantastec viral marketing kakushin webinar

  1. 1. Kakushkin group webinar 20 November, 2013 Viral Marketing: How to raise massive interest in a startup company? Juha Väisänen CEO, Fantastec Ltd. Finland
  2. 2. Contents •Who is he? Where does he come from? •Fantastec & learning game revolution •What is viral marketing? •Viral marketing case: •How Fantastec – an unknown startup - became a internet phenomenon, got massive media attention & thousands of job applications? All this with a budget of 0 euros! Polar Heroes game character Banker Squirrel helps to learn the value of money
  3. 3. Juha: Background •Two University degrees: Economics (Marketing) and Education •Energetic innovator, marketing professional, humour producer, learning expert... •Now combining all previous: CEO, Fantastec Ltd.
  4. 4. Epilogue: Finland… The country with the most beautiful nature in the world….
  5. 5. Finland… ….where your mother is beautiful….
  6. 6. Finland… ….and your father is rich.
  7. 7. Finland… ….well, not really. A small nation with limited financial resources and extreme conditions.
  8. 8. Finland… • This is how our staff lives
  9. 9. Finland… • The most typical reasons why an employee is absent from work: • Lazy • Drunk • Polar bear attack
  10. 10. Finland… • To be honest, Finland is a great country with very strong ICT expertise, a well-managed society and a happy nation • OECD (PISA tests): The best education system on the globe • Several very successful game companies • Rovio (Angry Birds), Supercell (Clash of Clans & HayDay)…
  11. 11. Fantastec & Edutainment game revolution!
  12. 12. Fantastec: Mission & passion! Fantastec powers children’s happiness and creates great value for parents with fun and educational games
  13. 13. Polar Heroes: World’s first comprehensive and fun game based learning solution •Fun and educational for kids, valuable for parents •Primary market: 4-9 yrs kids + mid class parents Secondary market: schools •Multiplatform: Online, mobile, smart TV apps
  14. 14. Multiplatform example: Bunny math race for IOS, Android & Win mobile devices •Fun and fast mobile racing game •Race with a cute bunny and win a massive load of carrots for your bunny •Race is based on petting your bunny and challenges which develop kids math skills See the trailer and try the game here: /
  15. 15. Testing principles
  16. 16. What is viral marketing?
  17. 17. Viral marketing •“Marketing your business with things that can get passed around the Internet, such as social media and emails” •Traditional viral channels; word of mouth (users, customers, influencers, media…) •Cost effective, yes! •Easy? Definitely…not.
  18. 18. Viral marketing •Research: “Virality is driven by psychososiological arousal. Content that evokes high-arousal positive (awe) or negative (anger or anxiety) emotions is more viral” •Feelings: Happiness, anger, laughter, love… •Things to take into account; shareability, media, audience, momentum, etc. •“See this cute baby seal? Buy our product or it will be killed”
  19. 19. Viral marketing Case: Fantastec How can you do marketing with a budget of zero €? How can you get massive media attention for a startup? How can a startup get over 1000 job applications for one job?
  20. 20. Starting point •Game developer and programmer needed •Problem: an unknown startup company •Problem: Fierce competition for best talents (Rovio etc) •Problem: no money for recruitment campaign •But… We are not doing this with big bucks, we are doing this with brains…and big heart!
  21. 21. Goals of marketing campaign •Publicity for Fantastec •Raising awareness and interest among potential employees •Brand building: An energetic, talented and fun company – That’s Fantastec!
  22. 22. Recruitment campaign: Action! •Job ad on Finnish employment office (very concervative) web pages …job ad with a strong humoristic twist and reverse psychology •”Fantastec is a tired and grey game company. We are looking for village idiots and foolish daydreamers”…
  23. 23. Content samples 1/3 •We wanted to attach a picture of a hard working employee. We couldn’t find one so here is a picture of our office kitchen.
  24. 24. Content samples 2/3 •We offer the support of a spineless organisation and miserable bonuses like only slightly used bus tickets •You will get a Commodore 63 and internet connection, so you can enjoy your work day on Facebook •Our morning meetings may be anaemic, but in return, team gatherings include a sufficient amount of alcohol •On Fridays, we leave work early, but we compensate this by coming to the office later on Monday •Work experience as a CEO of Rovio is a benefit
  25. 25. Content samples 3/3 •The truth was also revealed: •To the point! This company doesn’t need idle tweakers, but top talents with a great sense of humour and creative spirit •Show your potential by sending an application, a CV and a picture of your grandfather wearing his wife’s underwear. •Please inform us about your desired amount of salad
  26. 26. What happened?
  27. 27. Humor portals… •For example Naurunappula (engl. Laugh Button): almost 30 000 viewers •The first comments were wondering if it was a real job or just a parody ad •Then somebody sent an application and told others that he got a response
  28. 28. Blogs react…
  29. 29. Facebook and Twitter buzz…
  30. 30. The press wakes up! Dozens of articles For example: Second largest Finnish newspaper Aamulehti; print and online news article
  31. 31. Tekniikka & Talous: a two-page article Largest tech related newspaper in Finland
  32. 32. A blogger translates it into English…
  33. 33. So what? • Applications from all around the globe • Over 1000 applications for one job • National record: the largest number of applications for one job • Altogether almost 2000 job applications – and we still get several every day! • Dozens of co-operation inquiries • Articles in several Finnish newspapers • Now over 300 000 people know Fantastec
  34. 34. Fantastec brand • The Fantastec brand was built • Humoristic, laid-back and energetic people • An agile, joyful company • The core of brand image: That’s Fantastec! Fantastec Spirit!
  35. 35. The craziness continues… – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! – Looking for Tech lead and art designer; almost 1500 social shares within few weeks:
  36. 36. Viral marketing: Summarizing • • • • Company policy, culture, resources… (media) relationships Best practices Plan (takes time!) • Ask help from experts • Goals? • Audience? • Main message, style and context? • Channels, media? • Organising: Who, what, why, when, what resources? • Test, iterate, improve • Measure the results and learn
  37. 37. That’s all, folks! Fun is our business …and our business is FUN! Test Fantastec games at: Juha Väisänen CEO, Fantastec Ltd