Profit from places - How To Find Offline Customers


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Whilst many of us spend out time focusing on the Internet to make money we
are missing a big opportunity that is literally sat on our doorsteps. By stepping
away from the Internet and heading out of your door you can find lots of people
who will be very willing to pay you good money for your knowledge.

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Profit from places - How To Find Offline Customers

  1. 1. Profit From Places Presented By Samuel Mowe Of
  2. 2. DisclaimerThe publisher has made every effort to be as accurate and complete as possiblein this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent atany time that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly changingnature of the Internet.While all attempts have been made to verify information in this report, thepublisher accepts no responsibility for errors, omissions or contraryinterpretation of the subject matter within. Any perceived slights of specificpersons, peoples or organizations are unintentional.This book is a step by step guide to generating free traffic. In practical advicebooks like this there is no guarantee of results, traffic or income. Readers arecautioned to rely on their own judgement about their individual circumstancesand abilities to act accordingly.This book is not intended to be used as a source of legal, business, accounting orfinancial advice. All readers are encouraged to seek services of competentprofessionals in the legal, business, accounting and financial fields.All Rights ReservedNo part of this report may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever,electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by anyinformational storage or retrieval without express written, dated and signedpermission from the author.© Samuel Mowe 2
  3. 3. Table of ContentsIntroduction..................................................................................................................................................................4Taking Stock Of Your Skills..................................................................................................................................................................6Pricing Your Services..................................................................................................................................................................8Finding Customers................................................................................................................................................................10Approaching Customers................................................................................................................................................................22Creating A Website................................................................................................................................................................24Additional Services................................................................................................................................................................25Customer Service................................................................................................................................................................27Working Smart, Not Hard................................................................................................................................................................29Conclusion................................................................................................................................................................31Resources................................................................................................................................................................33© Samuel Mowe 3
  4. 4. IntroductionWhilst many of us spend out time focusing on the Internet to make money weare missing a big opportunity that is literally sat on our doorsteps. By steppingaway from the Internet and heading out of your door you can find lots of peoplewho will be very willing to pay you good money for your knowledge.There are a lot of smaller companies out there who can’t afford to hire a full timeIT person and are desperate to improve their business. By selling them awebsite you are helping them to overcome some of the challenges facing thesesmaller companies by helping them to improve their customer reach and providea higher level of customer services.There are a lot of these companies that are desperate to get themselves onlineso they can reach out to more customers and have an asset working for themaround the clock instead of just through business hours.The Internet allows many companies to expand their geographic customer reachfrom their local area to literally the entire planet! For smaller companies thiscan be a life saver, particularly in the current tough economic climate.These companies don’t have the knowledge themselves to get online and don’tknow what they are doing. They are wary of trusting an outsider in case theyare out to scam them, but by contacting them and providing them with a highclass service you will find that they will be happy to take on your services if youknow what you are doing.Offline marketing is a great way to very easily find extra cash when you need it.You can literally go out tomorrow and sell several thousand dollars worth ofbusiness to local companies who are desperate to take on your services.© Samuel Mowe 4
  5. 5. This program has been designed to show you how you can make money fromselling Internet services (not just SEO or website designs) to offline clients nadpocket a good amount of cash from it.Unlike other programs, this one will show you how to interact with yourcustomers and how to make good money from them whilst providing them withan excellent service. You’ll learn how you can create a residual income fromoffline marketing and free up your time to help you live the dream.Amongst other things you will learn how to … • Take stock of your skills and what you can sell to offline companies • Price your services for maximum sales • Find and approach clients to maximize your chance of making a sale • Meet with your clients and talk to them to ensure your success • Create a client website • Monetize your sales further with additional services • And much moreThere are a lot of opportunities in the offline world and by taking some actionyou could earn a lot of good money from it. Follow through this course and youcan make some excellent money from offline marketing.© Samuel Mowe 5
  6. 6. Taking Stock Of Your SkillsThe first thing you need to do is to decide what services you can sell people.You may be wondering what you know and what you can sell, but you will besurprised by how much you know and how much you can do with what youhave.You don’t need to know everything in order to make money as an offlinemarketer, all you need to know is more than your clients and where to get theinformation you don’t know.This is where a lot of marketers fail on offline marketing is they think they needto know everything in order to succeed – you don’t. Even a fledgling Internetmarketer will know enough to create a website for a client and market itsuccessfully, and if they don’t then they can very quickly learn.These companies need to get online but they also need to make being onlineprofitable for them. And that is where you come in. You provide them a serviceand show them how to profit from the Internet and they will pay you money witha smile on their face.The key is for you to show them the Return On Investment (ROI) that they canget from a website and how they can profit and improve their business from theInternet. When you can show them how their website can make money they willlove your service and keep coming back to you.There are many things that you can sell to them to help them make moneyincluding: • A website • Updating an existing website • A customer mailing list (autoresponder) • SEO Services to get their website ranking • Domain names© Samuel Mowe 6
  7. 7. • Website hosting • Facebook fan pages • Social networking support • Pay per click campaign managementCompanies will buy this and much more from you if, and only if, you candemonstrate the value of what you are offering them. It is up to you to showthem the benefits to their business, and this is going to make sure you makemoney.The Internet can help them to increase their customer base by reaching out tomore customers and improving their customer services through information,rapid response, autoresponders and more.Once they realise that a website isn’t just there to look pretty and is there tomake money they will be very interested in your services. Many of thesecompanies know that the Internet is where people spend money but they don’tknow how to use it.You are the expert and can show them how they can leverage a website and theInternet to reduce their advertising costs, increase their profits and improvetheir customer relationships.As more and more people are turning to the Internet not only to makepurchases but to look for information, companies that aren’t online are missingout on potential customers.If you take some time now and write out all the things that you can do and allthe services you can offer then you can start thinking about pricing and how youcan get in touch with these companies to sell them your services. Remember,this is something that has a huge profit margin for you!© Samuel Mowe 7
  8. 8. Pricing Your ServicesOne of the many things that people struggle with when offline marketing ispricing. They struggle to set the prices right because they don’t know how muchtheir knowledge is valued by people who don’t know.It’s important that your price is right for your clients. This does not mean yousell your services very cheap, but you have to reflect the value of your servicesto them. The price you set reflects your costs (both direct and indirect) and thevalue of your services to your clients.If what you are offering makes your clients money and improves their businessthen they will be happy to pay for it. If it doesn’t, then they will not.Unfortunately there is no standard pricing formula you can use as the pricedepends upon many things including your geographic location and thecompetition in your area. The market in downtown Manhattan will bear higherprices than a rural community in the mid west.You need to have an understanding of the economy and competition in your areain order to set your price properly. You can check out the competition in yourarea to see what they are charging and that will give you an idea of what youcan charge. You can often phone your competition as a potential client to get anidea of the prices they charge.One of the important things is to ensure that you do not rip them off. So long asyou are honest and open and provide them with a good service then they willnot regret taking on your services.Some people are selling simple five page websites for around $500 andsometimes more and often they are charging $250 plus for an autoresponder.Whilst these prices don’t represent the actual cost of the services they do© Samuel Mowe 8
  9. 9. represent the value of the knowledge in your head and the expertise you arebringing to the table.Other services that can make you good money include setting up and managingFacebook fan pages. This is a very hot subject at the moment and a lot of smallcompanies can benefit from having these pages created for them – particularly ifyou are going to work to add fans for them.At the end of the day the price of your services will reflect the value that theyget from your services as well as the strength of competition in your localgeographic area.You don’t want to advertise your prices on any of your promotional materialbecause you want some flexibility in your pricing and to be able to “do a deal” toseal a contract. Sometimes offering a years free hosting and domain nameregistration (which costs very little) will help you to get a deal worth hundreds oreven thousands of dollars.By having some room for negotiation you can ensure the companies you aredealing with get good value and you earn a decent amount of money from them.Sadly there is no standard pricing formula so you are going to have to work itout a little through investigation and trial. Remember you can always ask whatother quotes the companies you are approaching have received in order toensure you get an accurate price.© Samuel Mowe 9
  10. 10. Finding CustomersThe key to succeeding with offline marketing is having the right price and havingthe right customers. Actually finding people to sell services to is where manypeople fall down and struggle, so this chapter is designed to help youunderstand where you can find good quality customers without too much hardwork.Marketing offline does mean that you have to deal with real people, often face toface and over the phone. For some people this is something that they strugglewith, but if you can do it (and it’s not hard when you get to it) then you will findoffline marketing to be very profitable indeed.If you aren’t comfortable dealing with people yourself in person or over thephone then you need to find someone who is and engage their services as abusiness partner in this.The best way, by far, to find clients is through word of mouth. The next fewsub-sections will give you some more ideas, but personal referrals are the bestway.You can also advertise locally in newspapers or on somewhere like Craigslist oreven in trade publications or other local publications, e.g. Church magazines,etc.Of course, there is nothing to stop you looking through the yellow pages to findclients though you don’t know how big they are from their advert, but you couldapproach anyone that doesn’t have a website on their advert as a potentialclient.Driving around local business and industrial areas is a good way to find clientsbecause you can directly see the companies and walk in to get contact details, ifappropriate. At the very least you can get company names and phone numbersfrom your drive by.© Samuel Mowe 10
  11. 11. Make sure that when you are approaching these companies you are professionalat all times. This means in your appearance, how you talk to them and how youinteract with them. You are your business and if you are unprofessional you willfind you struggle to get business. Looking the part often helps massively, somake sure you look like a professional when you meet with potential clients.When you talk to them make sure you talk to them in their language and not intechno-babble because you will put them off. You may understand a lot of theseterms but it is meaningless to them. If you can explain what you can do and thebenefit in language they can easily understand and relate to them you will find iteasier to get the sale.With some creative thought and a professional approach you will find offlinemarketing remarkably easy. You can literally go out tomorrow w and sellthousands of dollars worth of business much easier than you thought. Finding Customers Through Friends And FamilyYour friends and family know other friends and family who you do not know.You should make sure that your friends and family know all about your businessand are willing to tell others about it. Chances are that unless your onlinebusiness is pornography, most of your friends and family will be glad to help youwith this endeavor.A great deal of business is had by word of mouth. Think about it - when was thelast time you needed some work done on your car or on your house? What didyou do to find the person to do the work? Most people will turn to friends andfamily and ask them if they know anyone who does this type of work. There isno better marketing than viral marketing. Word of mouth does better than anyother type of advertising. So it sure pays to get your friends and family in onthe act.Make sure that you talk to your friends and family about your business andexplain to them exactly what services or products you provide for others. Besure to tell them that you are successful in this business and how much othersare enjoying what you have to offer. Friends and family are just like anyoneelse - more apt to proudly proclaim about a successful business than one that© Samuel Mowe 11
  12. 12. they think is a failing enterprise. Be sure that you give them your businesscards and then ask them to do just as you do, and give your cards out to otherswho may be interested in your services.Your friends and family will probably not be as diligent about giving out yourcards and discussing your business as you are, but if you continue to talk aboutyour business with them, without making it the central topic of everyconversation that you have with them and never asking about them, they aremore inclined to help you get customers. When they hear of someone who canuse the services and products that you provide, they can give them yourinformation or your card. This is how you can spread your marketing efforts.You can even encourage customers that you have had in the past to do thesame. One way to get others to listen to what you have to say is throughtestimonials from other customers. You can offer discounts to customers whobring in any business. You can even use this tactic on your friends and family aswell. You can provide them with something for free in order to get them tobetter promote your business. Cable companies do this all the time by askingyou to get friends and family to join up by offering you free cable for a month.You can use this same marketing tactic for your online business.Another way that you can get friends and family into the act is to have themhost a party where you can explain your business to others. This is similar tohostess parties that are still used today to sell a variety of different productsthat are usually part of a multi level marketing plan. Again, when you makeyour pitch to those at this party, you should always stress that you are offeringsomething that can help them. Take the focus off of your business and put itonto others. One of the oldest and still used phrases in the marketing world isthat success is gained through helping others get their needs filled. You neverwant to come off like a carnival barker when you are trying to promote abusiness, especially when you do so at a function that is hosted by one of yourfriends or family.Make sure that everyone you know understands what you do and how you canhelp them achieve what they want. The more people you know, the better yourbusiness begins to grow. Not only does this help your business, but it also helps© Samuel Mowe 12
  13. 13. you as well. Too many people who have online businesses complain that theyfeel insulated from the outside world as they work on promoting their productsonline. Everyone likes to feel connected to other people and marketing yourproduct in this way, continuing to gain more friends and business associates, isone of the best ways to not only attain success for your online business, but alsoto broaden your horizons with others.In some cases, you may find that you can share marketing tips with others whoare also in business. You can provide them with what they need by way ofcustomers, such as sending clients over to them, and they can do the same foryou. Most successful business people network in this way, especiallyprofessionals such as doctors and lawyers. No matter what type of onlinebusiness you have, you can use social networking off line as a means to promoteyour business.It starts with friends and family and then goes on from there. The more peoplewho know about your business, the more chances you have of acquiringcustomers. Remember to keep in touch with existing customers and offer themincentives so that they can also recommend you to others as well. Once youlearn how easy viral marketing can be, especially offline, you will start to see avast improvement in your online business. Spreading The Word Through GroupsAnother way that you can use offline promotional tactics to promote your onlinebusiness is to join groups of people who you consider to be your target market.Your target market are those individuals who are likely to want to purchase yourproducts or services. You should know your target market before you even startmarketing your online business so that you do not waste time in marketing tothe wrong people. While you want to get to as many people as possible for yoursales, there are some people who will not have any use for your product, whilethere are others who are looking for what you have to offer. You want to makesure that you know who you are marketing to before you even begin yourmarketing strategy for your business.© Samuel Mowe 13
  14. 14. Some online businesses can market to just about anyone. They have a productor service that just about anyone can use and, in the best scenarios, actuallyneeds. In other online businesses, however, there is a niche created. Only acertain group of people will be interested in buying your products or using yourservices.If you have an online business that sells hot new ring tones of the latest music,your target market is not the local senior citizens in the area. In the samerespect, if you sell products for seniors and older individuals, you do not want topromote them at the local high school event. You need to know just who isgoing to be most likely to want to buy the products or services that you offer inorder to know whom to direct your marketing efforts.There are many groups, most likely in your area, that you can join where youwill be able to meet people who will be interested in what you have to offer. Youcan also go to sites like where you can view different groups in yourarea. If you, for example, have an online travel business, you can join a meetupgroup for those who like to travel so that you can help them get the travelinformation that they need so that they can get to their destinations.You can also look through groups through your local community centers as wellas churches. Many groups discourage promoting business through these socialgroups as they are formed for the purpose of social interaction and not for thepurpose of trying to solicit business. However, you can make use of thesegroups just by meeting others and causally mentioning what you do for a living.One of the first things that people usually ask one another is what they do for aliving, so you would not be out of line in mentioning your online business at anysocial group. You should never look as though you came to the group solely forthe purpose of trying to procure business, however, as this is in bad form andwill most likely turn others off, even if they might like what you have to offer.You never want to come off as you are selling something when you join a socialgroup, either online or offline. You always want to participate in the group,make friends and then mention to your friends what you do for a living. Do notcome off like the salesman, come off like the friend.© Samuel Mowe 14
  15. 15. There are also other groups that you can join for business owners who are likeyourself such as trade groups. Trade groups are those that get together likeminded business owners and get them to network with one another. When youjoin a trade group, the objective is to network with others by not only looking forbusiness for yourself, but also looking to help them attain business as well. Ifyou have a trade group in your area that pertains to the type of online businessthat you have, you should join in.Trade groups are also a good way for you to pick up more tips on how to marketyour business better, learn new trends within your business and offer youvaluable insight as to how you can get your business to grow. You should neverbe insular when you have an online business, or any other business for thatmatter. Business ideals are always growing, there are new products andinnovations offered on the market every day and it is important to keepinformed as to what is going on in your business.You can find trade groups in your area by reading a trade magazine or evengoing online and looking for these groups. Interacting with those in person intrade groups is often more effective than just interacting online with others inthe trade You tend to find those who are more serious about their business andwho have attained a level of success when you join trade groups.One of the most important things that you can do to promote your onlinebusiness is to meet with as many people as possible off line so that you can tellthem about your business, learn about different trends in your business, newlaws that may affect your business and gain more customers. You can do this allby joining groups. Not only is this a great way for you to grow your business,but it also gets you out of your house, away from your computer and gives youthe opportunity to meet others.So many people who have online businesses complain that although they lovethe idea of working at home and making their own hours, they do not like theidea of being insulated from society. By joining both social groups as well astrade groups, you not only help your business to flourish, but you are alsohelping yourself as well. Promotional T-Shirts And Gifts© Samuel Mowe 15
  16. 16. One way that you can advertise your online business off line is to usepromotional gifts such as T-shirts, cups and hats. These are easy enough to getand less than you think to have printed up, especially if you use an onlineprinter. There are several good online printing companies that can help you getwhat you need when it comes to your promotional gifts.Before you order promotional gifts for your online business, you first shouldhave a logo or some sort of design that others will recognize. You can get a logoin a number of different places, even hiring a graphic designer to design a logojust for you. There are sites online for just about everything, including thosethat offer inexpensive and custom logo design. You are better off to have yourown logo design rather than a design from others so that it is yours exclusively.As your business continues to grow, you will want customers to associate thelogo with your business so that you can build your brand.After you have your logo, you can then decide what you want to purchase whenit comes to promotional gift ideas or items. One of the most popular items thatyou can get with your name and logo on it is custom pens. People are alwayslooking for pens, they are relatively inexpensive to order and can be given out tocustomers without it costing you a lot of money. If you are looking for apromotional item that is inexpensive and will portray the name of your business aswell as other pertinent information, you can get promotional pens at an onlineprinter. You normally have to order the pens in bulk and have a variety from whichto choose.Another cheap item that you can get is a magnet bearing your business card.These are relatively inexpensive and you can even make these up on your owncomputer, although you usually end up saving money when it comes to time andink if you just have them printed. People are always looking for magnets to holdup things on their refrigerators. You can always be in their thoughts if you givethem a magnet that they will most likely keep in plain sight all of the time.When they want your business, they will not have to look far as they will havethe magnet. Best of all, these are so cheap to have made that they will hardlyput a dent in your advertising budget.© Samuel Mowe 16
  17. 17. T-shirts are another way that you can advertise your online business. You cangive T-shirts to clients as well as to friends to wear. The great aspect about T-shirts is that they are worn all of the time, attract attention and tend to getpassed around. When one person gets tired of wearing a T-shirt, they usuallygive it to charity or to another person who will then wear it. You can give T-shirts bearing the logo and information about your business as gifts as well asfor promotional events.Hats are yet another promotional item that you can use to advertise your onlinebusiness off line. People like hats of all sorts and you can get anything fromcheap visors to golf hats with your logo printed on them. Other items includedrinking bottles, cup holders and even can openers. There are many optionsthat you can choose from when you opt for promotional items that are printedwith the name and logo of your business.When you choose to purchase these items at an off line store or printer, youoften have to go through a sales person for the items. If you skip themiddleman and go right to the printer, by using an online printing company,however, you can usually save quite a bit of money. You should consider buyingyour promotional items online and having them shipped to you rather than usethe services of an off line store that will usually end up costing you more money.Another aspect about using an online printer to print your promotional items isthat there are many sites that are interactive and can actually let you see whatyou are getting and what it will look like before you have it printed. This is agreat way to avoid surprises and get the items that you want delivered right toyou the way that you imagine them to be.You can use promotional items as gifts, to give to charity events or simply togive to customers, depending on what they are. They are one of the best waysto make an impact off line when you are trying to advertise any business, be itan off line business or online business. You can have your website put on yourpromotional items as well as e-mail address.Another item that you may consider is a car wrap. This is a bit more costly thantraditional promotional items like T-shirts and pens, but it can get the word outabout your business every time you go out. This consists of large decals that© Samuel Mowe 17
  18. 18. cover your car and turn it from an ordinary car into an advertising machine. Thegood thing about using the car wrap is that you tend to get a lot more exposurein this way.Billboards and park benches can also be rented if you are looking to market youronline business. However, one of the best ways that you can spread the wordabout your business to others without it costing you a lot of money, and makeothers happy at the same time is to make use of promotional gift items that bearthe logo and website of your online business to market your business off line. Joining The Chamber Of CommerceOne way that you can also market your online business offline is to use yourlocal Chamber of Commerce. This is an organization that is found in just aboutall cities and towns and usually costs a nominal fee to join. Not only should yoube part of your local Chamber of Commerce, but you should also participate inany events that the organization holds.Most Chamber of Commerce events are held so that local people can get a feelfor the local businesses. People are encouraged to shop local and want to get toknow those businesses in the area that can supply them with the goods andservices that they need. Just because you have an online business and not astore in the town does not mean that you cannot join the Chamber ofCommerce.When the Chamber of Commerce has events, you should attend and have adisplay so that others who visit the event can learn more about your business.Be sure to have a professional display that will leave no questions in the mindsof individuals as to your business and how it can help them.You should also be sure that you have plenty of brochures on hand so that thosewho are interested in learning more about your business can take them withthem. At most of these events, little bags are given to those who attend so thatthey can collect items from the various vendors.People like to get free items such as pens and key chains, so this is the perfecttime for you to give out your promotional products to those who visit the event.© Samuel Mowe 18
  19. 19. Most of the local Chamber of Commerce events are free to the public and areusually very popular. You should be sure to realize that they are most oftenvisited by those who live in the community, feel strongly about shopping in thecommunity and are adults as well as people with children. This is not an eventwhere teenagers usually frequent, so if you have a product that is marketedsolely to young people, this may not be for you. However, bear in mind thatthose young people have parents and grandparents who visit these events andmay be interested in finding out more about your business so that they can getgifts for young people.You tend to get a whole dynamic range of people who attend the Chamber ofCommerce events in your town. It can be a good way to meet other businessowners as well as spread the word about your own business. There is no sellingat these events. This is strictly a chance for people to get to know you, learnsomething about your business and then decide if they want to use your goodsor services in the future.The more often people see you around and the more familiar they get with yourbusiness name, the more trust you will build for your business within yourcommunity. It is usually a good idea to join the Chamber of Commerce andattend events whenever you can so that you can give your business theexposure that it needs in order to grow. You can also join the committee thatsteers the events and come up with some ideas of your own.Chamber of Commerce committees are organized by local business owners andare usually always looking for some sort of input that will give their businessesmore exposure in the community as well as get people to shop local. If youhave an online business that caters to local business owners, you should notonly join your own local Chamber of Commerce, but others as well.In some communities, there are several Chamber of Commerce organizationsthat you can join. They have them for the county, for the state and even for thelocal area. Take a look at the local Chamber of Commerce first and see whatyou need to do to sign up. Find out how many events they have each year andwhat you can do to help. Remember, the more people in town who know about© Samuel Mowe 19
  20. 20. your business, the more potential customers you will have who want to purchaseyour goods or services. Getting Publicity Through NewspapersOne way that you can get publicity for your online business is through your localnewspaper. Most newspapers have a variety of different ways that you canadvertise and promote your business either for a fee or for free. Some of theways that you can use your local newspaper to promote your online business arethe following: • Classified Ads • Sales Positions • Events • Goodwill missionsThe most logical place to start to advertise is in the classified section of yournewspaper. You probably have different newspapers that are delivered to yourdoor as well as subscription newspapers in your area. The best newspapers inwhich to advertise are those that are free. These are often called shoppers andconsist mostly of classified ads. People still read the newspapers and still lookfor these classified ads. Not all businesses in the area advertise online.One thing that you need to know when you place a classified ad is that the moreoften people see the ad, the more they will come to know your business. Youshould not expect to get a barrage of calls or visits to your website based uponone ad. For this reason, you should sign up to place the ad on a regular basis.The more people see it, the more familiar they become with your business andthe more they trust it.You can also place classified ads for help wanted if you are looking for prospectsfor an MLM business. You can expect to receive more calls for these type of adsthan you can if you are simply selling something. Many online businesses willuse the ads as a way to get people to come to a seminar or meeting so that theycan learn more about the business. This can be an inexpensive way to getpeople to attend your promotion about your business without going through theexpense of seminar. It can also give you one on one time with a prospect.© Samuel Mowe 20
  21. 21. You can also place events ads in the paper or press releases. These are usuallyfree. Press releases must be written in a way so that they look like news. Theyshould be timely and inform the public of something that is coming up, or a newproduct or service that is available in the area. The best part about placingpress releases in your local paper is that they are free. You must be sure toword them carefully so that you can make sure they get into the paper. Thepapers will usually reject anything that smacks of a sales pitch. For this reason,you may want to hire a professional copy writer to write your press releases foryou so that they can get into your local paper.In addition to classified ads, job ads and press releases, you can also do a goodwill act for someone in the area and have it written up in the paper. Many localpapers are always looking for human interest stories. If you do an act ofgoodwill in the name of your business, you can notify your local paper that youare doing this charity work and ask that they cover the event. You can get agreat deal of publicity for your business in this way and also build up goodwill inyour community on behalf of your business.You should look for local papers that have a wide circulation and are usuallymailed out to residents free of charge. Most people enjoy getting these papersand will read them simply because they are free. You can get quite a bit ofmileage when you take a look at your local newspaper and see what they can dofor you by way of helping you with your business.© Samuel Mowe 21
  22. 22. Approaching CustomersWhen it comes to approaching your potential customers, you need to do it in theright way. It’s no good you turning up and speaking to any old Joe because thelikelihood is they do not have the authority to make a decision on whether or notto buy your services.You need to identify who the right person is at the company for you to speak to.With a small company this could well be the owner and is unlikely to be an ITdirector as they won’t have one of them. You are looking for whoever is incharge and will sign the check for your services.You can either walk in to the offices to find out who to speak to or you canphone them up. Once you know who the right person is then you can approachthem by phone or with a mailing. Having something personally addressed tothem is going to get more attention that something addressed to “The personwho signs the checks” which will just get binned.If you start by sending them out a mailing then you want to follow it up a fewdays later with a phone call where you can explain the benefits of your proposaland make an appointment to demonstrate and to show them how they canbenefit from what you can do for them.The face to face meeting is going to help you a lot in selling it because you canmeet them and demonstrate how they are going to benefit from what you areoffering them.Focus on what’s in it for them throughout the meeting and show them how it canimprove their business and help them make more money and improve theirrelationships with their customers.You are going to profit by them making a profit so you need to focus on how thisis going to improve their business. You can do this by understanding what they© Samuel Mowe 22
  23. 23. want to achieve from engaging you. This may involve you interpreting whatthey are after and guiding them a little because they don’t fully understand thetechnologies or know what they are after.This is a good opportunity for you to upsell other services or package them in toa bundle to provide them with great value and you a recurring income.When you come out of the meeting with an outline agreement you want todocument and return it to them as soon as possible. This is your protectionpolicy because it outlines what you are going to deliver, when you are going todeliver it and how much you are going to charge them.This means that if they change their mind on what they want or they start tryingto add things in to the contract you have a good position to negotiate from. Italso means that if you deliver it and then they say it wasn’t what they wantedyou have a document to prove it was.Make sure they sign a copy of this agreement and send it back to you.Agree the deadlines and milestones with them and make sure they aredocumented and you stick to them. Ensure there is enough time for youcomplete the work.Make sure you keep in contact with them whilst you are working on theirproject. You don’t have to phone them every day, but agree to speak once aweek just to update and ensure everything is going ok.Once you have delivered the project and shown them how to use it (rememberthe training can be chargeable) then you need you need to keep in contact withthem afterwards and sell them other services and products and provide themwith support. This is your opportunity to help them make the most of theInternet and for you to continue to earn from them whilst providing value tothem.© Samuel Mowe 23
  24. 24. Creating A WebsiteWhen it comes to creating a website for them you need to really use Wordpress.It is the ideal platform because it is easy to use and install, can be expanded andcustomized very easily and is optimized for the search engines.The other advantage of Wordpress is that it is very easy for them to use andupdate. This means they can add and edit content without having to ask you todo it all the time. It depends on your business plan but you may want to chargethem a maintenance fee each month for doing the work on their website. It’s apersonal preference.You will need to get a theme designed that is customised to meet theirrequirements. You can find designers on many of the freelancer sites who willcreate you a theme for under $100. Make sure that the company is happy withthe theme and that you can employ the designer to make any tweaks.It needs to make their requirements and look good for their customers. It hasto be good looking, not cluttered and easy to navigate around. You don’t want awebsite which is confusing or hard to read. Think about the target market aswell and ensure it looks good for them and is usable by them. If their targetmarket is older people than you will need to use larger fonts. A youngeraudience will require a trendier website.By using Wordpress you can reduce your costs and make it easier for you to setup and maintain the website. It’s going to streamline your business, which isvery important for when you start getting more clients in.© Samuel Mowe 24
  25. 25. Additional ServicesA website and Google places is one thing you can sell your customers but thereare many other things that you can sell them as well. Some of these can be soldat the time you are selling the original project but many of these can be soldlater on after a successful project.In some cases, people will want to try out your services and see how good youare before committing to further services. With some customers you will findthat they will give you a small piece of work as a tester and then when youprove reliable they will give you additional work.When you complete a project you want to keep in contact with your client eithervia a newsletter or regular mailings. This gives you the opportunity to sell otherservices not just by selling but also by educating. If you send out usefulinformation to them that will help them improve their business, telling themabout technologies and the like they could use then they are likely to get incontact to buy these services from you.This keeping them informed is a great idea because they will be interested innew developments and services that could help them make more money andwork better with their customers. Remember this is very important to thembecause it is how they make money and if you can help them make money thenthey will pay you good money.There are many new software and services coming out all the time that couldbenefit your customers and so it is your responsibility to help them to improvetheir business by keeping them up to date and providing the best services.By demonstrating how these new services and software and help them to makemore money you will find it easier to sell to them and make money from it. Youare their expert and so you need to work in that role with them and guide themto use the technology at their disposal in the best way.© Samuel Mowe 25
  26. 26. You also need to watch out for legislation that affects your customers – that isalso a great opportunity to make sales and provide additional services.Sometimes they will need additional work done to ensure they are up to dateand meet their legal obligations.A newsletter is a great way to keep in contact with your customers and educatethem. It’s quite easy for you to do and one newsletter will suit pretty much allyour clients. The aim is for you to offer valuable advice which will help them toimprove their business.Don’t forget to ask your customers to recommend your services to their friendsand colleagues. These referrals are valuable for you because they are going tomake a big difference in getting good business. A personal referral like this isworth a lot in the eyes of a new customer and is going to help to get you thesale. Always ask for the personal recommendations as they will make a bigdifference to your business.© Samuel Mowe 26
  27. 27. Customer ServiceOne of the main things that can make a difference in making sales is havingoutstanding customer service. People love to receive great service and if youget known for your customer service then you will find that people will be veryhappy to do business with you.Excellent customer service can make a big difference when it comes to gettingbusiness. People love to buy from people they like. Always ensure that you arepolite and professional at all times. All of this is going to help you get referralsfrom your customers.If you can explain the technology and the Internet in simple to understandlanguage then it will help you significantly in making the sale. These companiesdon’t want someone to come in and baffle them with science. They wantsomeone who can come in and talk to them in a language they understand. Thisis going to make you very popular and help you to make your sales.One thing to avoid is the temptation to do things for free. Your customers aregoing to push their luck and try to get you to work for free. It’s the nature ofcompanies and even the multi billion dollar companies do this!By all means do a little bit of work to help seal the deal but don’t go overboardbecause you will find yourself being taken advantage of. Free services can helpyou to seal the deal, so always remember there is a place for them.Set yourself up with a dedicated phone number and email address for yourbusiness and ensure the phone number is only used for business.Set yourself up a website for your business but don’t put any prices on it – makesure that it has lots of information about your services and how they can benefitpotential clients but avoid pricing because it will give you some flexibility innegotiating price with your customers.© Samuel Mowe 27
  28. 28. Make sure there is a lead capture on your page and offer a free report withvaluable information in it to your prospective customers.Taking some time to set your business up properly and taking these steps isgoing to help you succeed. Looking professional is a big part of succeeding witha business model like this and having the website and phone number is going tohelp you significantly.© Samuel Mowe 28
  29. 29. Working Smart, Not HardIf you really want to turn this into a full time enterprise that makes you a lot ofgood money then you need to start thinking about working smarter and notharder. This will allow you to increase the amount of money you make whilstyou work less.The first way to work much smarter is to pay for good quality leads. You caneither buy leads from companies that sell them or you can hire people to postflyers and leaflets and recommend potential clients.Eventually if you are going to take this seriously you will want to look to hiresome sales people who are paid a commission. Depending on the size of yourbusiness this can either be on a full time or part time basis.You can also outsource the website creation and marketing work which gives youa lot more time to focus on building a business. You can find good qualityfreelancers for a decent price on somewhere like ODesk, Elance and Freelancer.However, you are going to have to manage them to ensure that deadlines aremet so make sure you build in some slack time to account for a delay fromthem. Remember, if they fail to deliver they lose a few bucks whereas youstand to lose a lot more if you lose your client.You will be working much smarter by creating standard templates for website,letters, newsletters, mailing and much more. This will save a lot of time andhelp significantly in speeding up your processes.Remember that you are not limited to what you can do when it comes to sellingservices. You can sell pretty much any service with outsourcers. Before youcommit to a price for anything you are not sure of you can always tell yourcustomers that you will speak to your team and get an exact price, timescale© Samuel Mowe 29
  30. 30. and get back to them later on. This means you go find a freelancer and find outthe details and use them to do the work!By outsourcing you free up a lot more of your time and you can gain manyopportunities you would have to otherwise turn down because you can’t do ityourself. It will help you to increase your profits.Always think about automation and outsourcing to help free up your time, butnever at the expense of customer service and satisfaction. By working smarteryou can have more free time to enjoy your profits and less time spent working.© Samuel Mowe 30
  31. 31. ConclusionOffline marketing is a great way for you to make money outside of the Internet.Listing local companies on Google Places with a website is a great service tooffer because these companies want to reach out and expand their customerbase. They also want to improve their customer services and ability to interactwith their customers.Smaller companies are desperate for this information and will pay top dollar forsomeone to do this for them. However, these companies can’t afford to hire afull time person to do the work and are often worried about being scammed andripped off. By providing them with a reliable and affordable service, you will findthat you are going to be in high demand.You need to approach your customers with a professional service that deliversresults at a great price and you will find that you will do very well.There are plenty of services that you can sell both on the front end and at thebackend. By demonstrating the value of your services you will find that you canmake the sale and sell many other services to your client.So long as you keep thinking about what is in it for them and offer good valueand service you will find that you will do well as an offline marketer.You now have all the information you need to start approaching companies andmaking money. By giving excellent service that helps them to make money youcannot fail to make money.You can go out now and find some companies to approach and offer them theservices we have talked about in this program. It is entirely possible for you towalk away tomorrow with thousands of dollars of business from approachingsmall companies.© Samuel Mowe 31
  32. 32. There is huge potential in the offline market and more and more companies arelooking to get online. They understand the potential of the Internet but arestruggling to use it to benefit their business.By helping them with their website and with Google Places you can get themonline, get potential customers to their website both locally and globally andenjoy becoming an offline marketer.If you take today then you will be able to add another stream of income to yourbusiness and one which takes you away from the Internet and the constantstruggle to get websites ranking at the top of the search engines. Many peopleare enjoying offline marketing and making a good profit from it and you could betoo. To Find Out More How To Profit From Places Please Click On The Link Below And Access Your Free Video Training Moduels Worth £97© Samuel Mowe 32